Xiaomi AirDots how to connect both earbuds to the phone?

The stylish Xiaomi Air dots wireless headphones are compact, lightweight and functional. The unique device can work without interruption for up to 4-5 hours. The main thing is to know how to properly connect both Xiaomi headphones.

How to connect both Xiaomi earbuds?

Each Xiaomi AirDots earbud is equipped with a dedicated touchpad located on the outside of each device. This allows you to quickly connect the headset to the phone. The process of connecting a device to Android and iPhone is the same.

Consecutive steps on how to connect wireless headphones to a smartphone:

  • Take both devices and hold down the panels at the same time until a purple-red flicker appears. This process will reset the previous settings.
  • Place the earbuds back in the charging case. There the headset should sync. The right earphone is activated first, since it is considered the main one. Its readiness for use is indicated by a pale purple blinking.
  • Then go to Bluetooth settings on your phone. There you need to select the headset you need to connect, which is usually designated “Mi AirDots BASIC_R” (you can change this name yourself). Next, the smartphone needs to be connected to the right earpiece, and it is already connected to the left device.

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You can increase the operating time of the Xiaomi headset by connecting only one earphone. The procedure is fast and does not require any special skills. To do this, in the Bluetooth settings, you need to select the left or right device, which is designated “Mi AirDots BASIC_L” or “Mi AirDots BASIC_R”, respectively.

At first, the indicator will search for a pair, which is indicated by the corresponding flashing of the indicator. But after 15 seconds, the flickering will slow down and one earbud will start functioning on its own. Next, the device will connect to the phone.

How to pair Xiaomi AirDots headphones?

In some cases, it is not possible to connect two Xiaomi headphones at once. Usually this situation occurs when the left device loses the right one, which is the master in this pair.

How to connect a wireless headset to each other:

How to pair Redmi Airdots with Iphone 7 or Iphone 7 plus

  • Disconnect two devices. To do this, you will have to simultaneously clamp the touch panels on the devices. The shutdown is indicated by a red color on the indicators.
  • Turn on your headphones. To do this, hold down the touchpad again for half a minute. First, the indicator will light up white, and after 10-20 seconds a red-white light will appear, which will flash a couple of times.
  • Reset the settings. You will have to hold the touchpad again. The system should go out for a few seconds, then blink a couple of times, after which you will have to set up the headphones again.
  • Charge your headset. In the charging case, the devices will start syncing. After that, take out the headphones and connect to the phone.

Xiaomi wireless headphones have some operating features that will have to be taken into account when connecting and setting up devices. When the headset is discharged, the indicator is red. Full charge is indicated by white light.

The touchpads will help you turn on, turn off, set up the headset, but you cannot use them to adjust the volume. To find out the percentage level of charge, you will have to go to the Bluetooth settings.

Switching devices off and on is accompanied by comments in Chinese. This is a normal process, so there is no need to worry about possible breakdowns. Headphones do not turn off automatically when removed from your ears.

The average operating time of the headset is 2-5 hours. Much depends on the air temperature (the colder, the faster the devices lose their charge). To fully charge, you need to put the devices in the charging case for 40-50 minutes.

To pause the music, you need to “hit” the body once. Double tap will help you connect with the voice assistant. If you need to take a call, press it twice. A single tap will help you drop an incoming call.

Dualshock 3.4 and Wii U Pro

Probably not everyone knows what Dualshock 3.4 and Wii U Pro are. Dualshock 3,4 are for Sony Playstation consoles, and Wii U Pro is for Nintendo Wii consoles. Surprisingly, they can be connected to an iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth, although this requires a jailbreak. Read about it below.

How to connect Dualshok 4 to iPhone / iPad?

At first, it might seem like connecting a PlayStation 4 controller is overwhelmingly complicated. But Apple made it so that you spend a minimum of your time on this and immediately start the gameplay.

  • take your device and go to Settings;
  • go to Bluetooth, turn it on if it is off (leave the screen active);

To turn it off, you just need to turn off Bluetooth on your iPad or iPhone.

Another point that you need to know, not all games support this kind of control. Fortnite became the first of the games, and if you are a fan of it, then rather connect everything and play your favorite game on your favorite gadget.

How to connect a PlayStation 4 or Xbox controller to iPhone and iPad

With iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, Apple added support for PlayStation 4 and Xbox gamepads to the system. This will make iPhone and iPad great gaming devices and improve the gaming experience on them. Below we will show you how to connect a gamepad to an iPhone or iPad.

As a reminder, the iPhone or iPad must be running iOS 13 or iPadOS 13. All games support PlayStation 4 and Xbox gamepads, so playing on your smartphone or tablet will be more convenient anyway.

How to connect PS3 DualShock 3 controller to iPhone and iPad on iOS 7 [instructions]

Game controller for iPhone and iPad is very handy at times. In addition to interesting cross-platform projects, which were not always successfully sharpened when ported for touch control, games are presented on iOS 7 in which the gamepad opens a new control scheme, more accurate and convenient.

As you know, the seventh edition of the “apple” OS received official support for game controllers. As a result, developers have the opportunity to adapt games for joystick control.

Logitech, SteelSeries, Signal and others have already presented their solutions. But what can compare with console joysticks, “sharpened” for competent control in games? PS3 DualShock 3 in this sense is a more optimal solution. over, with the help of the new tweak, the controller can be easily connected to mobile devices running iOS 7.

How To Connect Wireless Headphones to IPhone (2019)

  • Jailbreak iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can find out how to jailbreak here.
  • PS3 DualShock 3 Wireless Controller.
  • SixPair or SixaxisPairTool for Mac and Windows respectively.
  • Installed tweak Controllers for All.

Which Apple Arcade games support the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controller. and how to connect it to your iPhone or iPad

Along with the release of iOS 13, Apple launched Arcade with exclusive games for a monthly fee. It is available in Russia for 199 rubles a month and offers users 54 games, the list of which will later expand to a hundred.

Many of the projects created for Apple Arcade work with controllers from Playstation 4 and Xbox One. with the advent of iOS 13, they can be connected simply through Bluetooth settings, like wireless headphones, or accessibility options.

How to connect Xbox One Controller to iPhone and iPad

Unfortunately, you can’t use any old Xbox One controller. You will need a Bluetooth compatible model made for the Xbox One S (Model 1708) or an Elite 2 controller.

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth on iPhone or iPad, stay in this tab;
Step 2: Turn on your controller, press and hold the connect button on the back until the light on the Xbox button starts flashing rapidly;
Step 3: Xbox Wireless Controller will appear in the list of available BT device, click on it and connect.

All about gamepads for iPhone and iPad

iOS is a fairly popular mobile gaming platform. While some are quite “small” toys, other gamers want to see something more on their iPhones and iPads. various emulators, ported versions of games and larger projects. It is more and more difficult to limit the touch buttons and sticks, and here full-fledged gamepads for iOS come to the rescue.

In the present, there are several types of gamepads that can be connected to an iPhone or iPad, and the way they are synchronized with mobile devices may differ slightly from each other. In general, several types can be distinguished:

  • iCade;
  • universal gamepads;
  • MFi controllers;
  • Dualshock 3 (4) and Wii U Pro.