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How many devices can be connected to OKKO?

Registered spectators of the online cinema, having their own account and personal account, can watch a movie, a series or a show from different gadgets. Information, how many devices can be connected to OKKO, appears when registering a new user. At least one, maximum five. This is enough for a family of several people. A great option for leisure without debate, when dad wants to view a sports match, mom is a series, and children are cartoons or fashion. And you can start viewing on one device, and finish on the other.

connect, okko, phone

So, we determined that in total 5 devices are connected. You can attach smartphones, computers, tablets, laptops, netbooks, TVs with Smart TV function, PlayStation 3, 4 or Xbox game consoles. It is not necessary to connect one gadget of each species by one gadget. It is permissible to use several smartphones, tablets, TVs for viewing. The main thing is that their total number does not exceed five pieces.

If you need to connect another gadget, and the limit of places for connecting is not yet exceeded, this can be done through the account. The previously connected gadget is turned off there, a subscription is issued, a promotional code is inserted. The number of connected units is reported in the settings. We will figure out how to connect and enter Okko from different devices through your personal account and not only.

Is it possible to watch movies in OKKO for free

Service users often ask a question how to watch movies online for free. Unlike many similar services, OKKO provides new users with a two.week free trial viewing period. To do this, you need to go to the OKKO website.TV, register an account, select a subscription to the “Optimum” tariff plan and watch your favorite films 14 days without payment. If you decide not to connect the tariff after the trial period, you must untie the bank card and leave the account.

Another way to watch online films and TV shows is to activate the promotional code for free.

The service catalog has a section “Watch free”, which includes videos about travel, art, entertainment programs.

Features of viewing and connecting OKKO on TV

By connecting the OKKO application, the user gets access to a huge number of series and films, including new. Nothing else needs to be sought on the Internet: as soon as a new film or series is released, the user will be able to immediately download it to his TV.

Now there are no more advertising, you can watch TV shows for hours and not a single advertising unit will spoil the impression of your favorite film. You can watch films on any device and for this it is not necessary to have constant access to the Internet. You just need to pre.upload the film and it will be available while the subscription is valid.

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The peculiarity of connecting the application is that several tariffs are offered to choose from the user:

  • Lite. connecting up to 5 devices, access to viewing world and our cinema, series, tariff cost within 200
  • Optimum. up to 5 devices, access to world hits, cinema, series, programs for children, science and education, plus constant updating of the assortment. Cost. almost 400
  • Premium combines LITE tariffs and optimum, plus access to channels such as the series of Amediathek and Super Hit,

In addition to the proposed tariffs, there are several consideration options, for example, you can make it only for a month. You can also rent films, then the cost is lower, and content will be available within two days.

Как скачать Плей Маркет на Телевизор!

How to connect OKKO on LG TV?

The OKKO application for televisions with the Smart TV function appeared in 2011. OKKO on TVs is designed to watch movies and TV shows online. Many users prefer to install the Okko application on the TV. The application opens up access to quality content to customers. All TV channels are available in HD format. Sitting at home on the couch, you can feel like in a movie theater, and a high.quality sound and a clear picture helps in this. But we draw attention to the fact that the quality of the video content depends on the technical capabilities of the TV.

Consider how to connect OKKO on LG TV. To begin with, if the application is not in the list of installed, it must be installed on the LG TV. How to do this. we will analyze below:

  • On the control panel, click the button with the image of the house and fall into the main menu.
  • We select the official store LG Content Store in the list of applications and go into it.
  • In the search bar with the image of the magnifying glass, we introduce “okko” and click “Install”.

To start using the application, you will need to register on OKKO or log in if you have been registered earlier. You can connect up to five devices to one account on OKKO. The list of connected devices is displayed in the settings.

Further, new users can either try a free viewing period for 7 days, or a month of subscription for 1 further will need to pay the tariff at full cost. You can do this in one way:

In the application you can draw up several subscription options. Users are offered packages to watch a particular film or complex options. In particular, you can arrange:

A one-time purchase involves a purchase in Full HD or in SD-format. And you can buy a video forever, or you can take it for 48 hours.

When making a package for a month, the video will be available in Full HD format, while the subscription includes a special list of films. There are several options for subscriptions, such as: world cinema, for children, Russian series, etc.D. The full list of subscriptions can be viewed on the OKKO website.

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Package subscription includes several subscriptions to the list of television channels. The user receives a more favorable cost than when activating separately.

In the Okko application, you can watch a movie before going out in the cinema. In order not to miss the release of the film, click on the “pre.order” button. Before the premiere you will receive a notification of the release of the picture. In order not to lose the film and watch it in their free time, in the section you must click on the “Remember” key.

connect, okko, phone

Activation OKKO

Activation. makes it possible to enter the system and use all the capabilities of the portal for free (since the subscription of the Sberpraime is paid). You can activate the OKKO platform as follows:

  • Go to the OKKO website;
  • Find the “Settings” tab, and then “enter the Sberus of ID”;
  • We must wait for a notification that comes to the phone or email, after which the subscription is considered activated.

Important! Do not forget about promotional codes. They can be introduced both at the stage of connection of Sberpraim, and at the stage of activation of the service.

How to connect to the Okko cinema on TV?

You can connect to the account on the site of the site up to five different devices. Starting watching the video on one of them, just continue to watch it at the other without stopping. The gadget is binding through the personal account. Click “Enter” on the main page of the site to log in to the system, or click on the image of the gear in the upper right corner to go to the settings (if already authorized).

Next, go to the “My Devices” section and click “Connect“.

Act according to the proposed instructions: install the application on a TV with a Smart TV function, or go to it from the console, go to the settings, then to “My devices” and “connect”. A five.digit code will be indicated there. enter it in the field on the site.

After that, you can enjoy watching video content on TV or prefix!

Advantages of the OKKO cinema

In order to appreciate all the advantages of the online cinema, you need to get acquainted with the capabilities that the user of the application will receive by paying a monthly subscription.

A lot of novelties of cinema

As soon as the cinema nine appears in a wide box office at the DVD media, the film can be immediately downloaded to your TV. Previously, various torrent trackers were used for this, but on modern days they are banned. The OKKO program is arranged in such a way that users always provide access to the new film, and that a person is interested in seeing. There is no need to stay on the Internet for a long time in search of an interesting film. It is enough just go to the OKKO application, and in the section with information to choose your favorite movie.

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No advertising

Users of torrent trackers can say that there will be no advertising before and after downloading. But this is not true. While a person will download files from the Internet, applications will automatically download to his browser. If you do not have time to press the refusal in time, then the advertisement will come constantly. A large number of windows will also come up. On the Internet, advertising will haunt the user everywhere. If you use the legal service OKKO, then there really will not be advertising. Going to the page, a person can easily choose a movie you like, and enjoy watching without advertising in Fullhd.

Offline viewing

Users are afraid to give money to the OKKO online service, because they are afraid that without connecting to the Internet they will not have access to watching a movie. The manufacturers have long solved this problem: films can be saved in offline mode, and then watching, anywhere. The cinema will be available until the uploaded film is removed from the existing memory of the TV or portable device. This function will also disappear when the assignment of the subscription will stop.

View on any device

Having bought the OKKO program, it can be used not only on the large TV screen, but also on the tablet or phone. The user gets the opportunity to download the application for any device, keep his password, and continue watching from the smartphone, even if he started on TV. OKKO mobile applications will provide all the same services as on TV. You can watch a movie in Full HD format. If, instead of dubbing, it is necessary to connect subtitles. not a problem. You also do not have to set them up, since they do not move a few seconds ahead or backward. This is a common problem that users are faced with downloading films on a computer. Having paid money for the service, the user receives a convenient good service and a high.quality image for any device.

How to install Okko on Smart-TV

Many people prefer to watch movies and TV shows on TV. But the OKKO application is available only on models of devices of the following brands:

The TV must be equipped with a Smart TV function. In this case, it is enough for the user to open an application store, enter the word “okko” in the search and click on the download button. The program will boot, after which you can freely control subscriptions and watch your favorite pictures.

If the SMART device works on the Android platform, then you can download the OKKO films HD on Google Play.