How to connect blutooth devices / speakers / hometheatre to Smart TV

How to connect a phone to a TV: 3 simple ways

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No matter how sophisticated your phone. He has one significant drawback: his screen is quite small (especially for a number of tasks). And in some cases there is a need to connect it to TV, for example, for:

  • viewing photos or videos on the big screen;
  • opportunities to work with web pages on the Internet (with their full versions, and not “compressed” for mobile devices);
  • play various novelties of the game design (you can add to this also a joystick);
  • viewing the phone memory, copying some files from it, etc.D.

In this note I will offer several simplest ways to conjure TV and phone, to implement the above ☝ (of course, we will talk about modern devices. ).


How to establish a telephone screen (Android) on a laptop or a Wi-Fi computer.

With Wi-Fi

With the help of this option, the connection is more comfortable due to the absence of wires. The content is also controlled at a distance, and this is much more convenient.

This is the most convenient method of connecting the gadget to TV for a number of reasons:

Important! This method implies the presence of a Wi-Fi adapter. If it is not, purchase separately and attach it through the HDMI wire.

You can not check whether the wireless module for TVs with a Smart TV option has been installed. It is present in all the latest generation.

connect, music, phone

Wireless connection is carried out through miracast. This standard is needed to duplicate files from the Xiaomi mobile phone on the TV screen. There are applications that perform similar function.

  • Visit the “settings” of the apparatus, click the item “Wi-Fi”.
  • Find the section “Additionally”, find the option “Wi-Fi Direct” there.
  • In TV, also open “settings”, find the same section there and activate it.
  • Turn on the mob. wireless communication device, find an accessible network to establish an connection. Further, the devices are synchronized with each other.


This is the transfer of a multimedia signal via a wireless network, approved by Wi-Fi Alliance. To use this method, it is required that both TV and the gadget have this standard.

  • Go to file settings, visit the section “Network”. Find the inscription “Miracast” and include the relevant options.
  • Open mob installations. ZTE gadget or tablet. Here, click the subparagraph “screen”, then. “Wireless Monitor”.
  • In the new window, click “Turn on”. You can also translate the swipe to the “Turn on” position. So, the procedure for searching for a device with the standard from the list available is activated, select the name of the required TV.
  • Next, a message should be displayed that the device with the Android OS is successfully connected. After a couple of minutes, the mob display should be displayed on the TV. gadget.
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This mode is used to view multimedia content. It is also possible to “sow” on the Internet, read e.books or listen to music. The method has a certain drawback: the image is displayed on the screen only after a few seconds.

Through the standard, it will not be possible to play Action format games. If you want to watch movies or listen to music, Miracast is a suitable connection method.


The ClockWorkmod Corporation program answers the question of whether it is possible to connect Android to the TV, positively. The principle of playback is significantly different from Miracast. There is no dubbing display here.

The application allows you to include music, watch multimedia content. The image is displayed on TV by pressing the corresponding key.

Setting the program is easy: Streambels will find TV for synchronization. After establishing the contact, you can use the application.

WIDI. technology invented by Intel. Full name. Wireless Display (wireless display). The developers initially thought to create an analogue of the Miracast standard, but subsequently this technology became compatible with it.

In terms of characteristics, the technology is similar to MiRakast: Full HD video and voluminous five.dimensional sound are also reproduced here. The principle of operation is also similar, but wireless technology is not so popular for mob. devices. It is usually used on PC that support Intel.

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This is the development of the American company Apple. If you have gadgets on the Android platform, then the only available function is to listen to audio recordings.

connect, music, phone

The company is very jealous of its own inventions and does not allow competitors to reproduce multimedia content with Android OS through its devices.

Using Miracast-Wi-Fi Display

If your TV is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, you can connect a smartphone to it via Miracast. Most smartphones with fresh Android versions have its support, so you will not need to install any additional applications.

Depending on what your smartphone you have, Miracast can be included in the settings menu. Display. Wireless display (broadcast) or wireless networks. Additionally. Wireless display. But in order not to suffer with the search, you need a menu item, it is easier to drive a “wireless display” in the line of searching for smartphone settings.

Wi-Fi Direct

To use this method, you not only do not need any additional gadgets, even the presence of a wireless Wi-Fi network in the house is not required. We need only a smartphone and a TV compatible with Wi-Fi Direct.

Activate the Wi-Fi Direct function on TV, after which it will create his own Wi-Fi network. Turn on the Wi-Fi Direct mode in the smartphone in the “Wireless Network” menu. “Wi-Fi”. “Expanded settings” and select the network of your TV. For all its simplicity and unpretentiousness, this method of connection does not differ in high speed, so it should be used only when all other options for working with the TV are not available.

This is another way to connect a smartphone to a TV that does not require any expenses from the user. You will need only DLNA support TV. True, unlike the same Wi-Fi Direct, you can’t do without a Wi-Fi home network.

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Turn on the DLNA function in the TV menu. Install your TV on your smartphone as a player, run the standard Android gallery and open the desired media file. The downside is that this function does not support the screen broadcast, everything is limited to conventional media files.

DLNA does not ensure the universality of the content display. it conveys only music, photos and some video file formats. In this case, the image resolution depends on the receiving device.

If something went wrong

If the user has something wrong with the plan, then he can contact the table below. It gives all the main points in order to deal with the problem in one way or another.

Problem Decision
The TV does not see the phone and vice versa. Check whether the same versions of the devices at the TV and the phone. If Bluetooth itself is not supported by each other, then such a connection is impossible.
When connecting, it issues an error. Try to restart both devices to fix all errors. If the situation is repeated, then the help of a specialist is necessary.
Does not give out sound. It is worth diagnosing malfunctions. To do this, you should see if the Bluetooth connection supports the TV, you should also try to connect other devices.

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SlimPort is a standard for transmitting high.quality images from a smartphone on TV. This standard supports the video with a resolution up to 4K. SlimPort is a technology similar in device with MHL. SlimPort is required to transmit data:

  • Special converter, as well as support for the device of this standard.
  • It is necessary to purchase a HDMI cable, converter and prepare a mobile device.

The advantage of using this technology is the ability to convert the image from the device not only with the output in HDMI, but also in VGA and DisplayPort. On the market, adapters with different connectors are implemented, as well as universal converters who have both HDMI and VGA at the same time. A large number of connectors allow you to connect the phone to old monitors, TVs and other equipment.

Wireless ways

In addition to wired methods of connection, there are wireless ways. They are much more convenient, since they do not require connecting wires. The user does not have to buy additional headsets in the store, spend money on them. It is worth considering in more detail each option.

Wi-Fi Direct

If the Wi-Fi Direct option is equipped with a phone and haier, then you can use this modern technology. This is one of the most practical and simple ways to create a connection between the TV and the phone, as a result of which to connect one device to another. It is worth noting that without creating a local network it is impossible to carry out this manipulation:

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Now you can broadcast any image from the phone.


This is another technology. In general, Miracast was created on the basis of Wi-Fi Direct, but at the same time the developers made additions for convenience. For example, you can create 3D files. You can also display a large volume content:


This method is especially popular for Apple phones, but at the same time you can install on all devices. First you need to install Apple TV on the Haier TV. By the way, this method is very suitable for connecting the phone to use musical content. Often include music with it.

To begin with, we are convinced that the iPhone is connected to the network, and there is Apple TV on the TV. After that, on the iPhone we open the control point and select “Repeat of the screen”. So you can easily and simply reproduce content, turn on the music.

Creating a DLNA network

For remote phone access, you can use DLNA technology. It is that the TV and the phone must be connected to one network. You need to activate the function on the TV, then open the gallery and select the required file. Dahla go to the menu and select the player. Tap on the name of the TV.

Through the technology Miracast

Miracast is a technology for duplication of an image that allows you to duplicate the entire process on the TV from your device. In this case, no cables are required, everything is carried out on a wireless network. It is only necessary that this technology be on the TV and smartphone. As a rule, in most modern smartphones it is. She was introduced from Android 4.2.

Consider the connection on the example of the LG TV.

  • We go on TV in “Menu”. Next, we find a “connection manager” there and in the general list we select “smartphone” or “tablet”. Now you need to select the “General access to the screen” tab. As soon as you click, see the inscription Miracast. Click on the start tab. Everything, on the TV, the setting is over.
  • We proceed to activation of technology on our smartphone. We go to the “Settings” and we are looking for the item “”. There will be a widi item here. Click on him. In the list you will see your TV already. Click on it and wait for the device to connect. As soon as the conjugation is installed, you will see a smartphone duplication on the screen and you can run games, applications, go online, etc.D.

It will also be possible to connect a gamepad, for example, either a keyboard, and make a full computer out of your Android smartphone.