How to connect Mi Fit bracelet to iPhone?

Introduce the desired nickname, the date of birth, weight and growth when you first start “Mi Fit”. Press the new screen on the MI Band line to start synchronization of devices. Wait 1-2 minutes until the iPhone is looking for a pairing device, and then select the last. Confirm the pairing by clicking the button on the bracelet.

  • Open the MI FIT application and pass the authorization with one of the proposed methods.
  • Make sure the Bluetooth is on your device.
  • On the screen with your profile, click Add Device, and then select Bracelet.

The importance of Mi Fit

Before proceeding to troubleshoot, it is important to know whether the process is well done.

  • Open the MI FIT application.
  • Enter your MI FIT account. If you do not have it, you can always create a new account in the MI FIT by clicking on the “Create Account Now” button in the application.
  • As soon as it is done, you will see the screen on which you will be asked to choose the device you want to connect. Choose a strip and bring the Xiaomi bracelet to the phone to tie it.
  • Xiaomi application will ask you to confirm the interface request on the Smart bracelet. Click on the icon in the shape of the letter “V” on the bracelet to complete the process.

It is through this application, after it is synchronized with the MI Band, we will be able to manage what notifications we get, control our dream data, be able to remotely find our device and much more.

Of course, whenever you encounter problems with Mi Fit, you should see if the expected update on your mobile phone, which eliminates these failures.

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Whether it will be indicated from whom the call or just what the call is back or came SMS? Thanks.

If you choose English as the main on your smartphone (all menus is in English), then the Mi Fit appears the display of the call name (in any case, it is exactly that the modified version of the application, which for the iPhone there is no).

Hello. Smartphone via Bluetooth connects to the bracelet, but the Mifit program does not see it. What could be the problem?

Good afternoon. What a smartphone model? Now the MIFIT application supports smartphones not older iPhone 5S (iPhone 5 is not supported) with an installed operating system not lower iOS 9.0. Another problem if Mi Band is not new, maybe the fact that the bracelet is already tied to some other account.

Mifit application is not compatible with this device. iPhone 5 what to do? Tell me please.

Unfortunately, now install Mifit can be installed on smartphones not older iPhone 5S with an installed operating system not lower iOS 9.0.

Hello, I can not install the program on iPhone 5. Writes: “Does not match the device”.

Good afternoon. You need to install the Mifit application from the App Store clicks here.

Hello. Tell me, please, what to do if on the iPhone 5S writes “failed to find a bracelet”, but a pair in the Bluetooth settings finds.

Good afternoon. Here are two options: 1. In the Bluetooth settings, it does not really find it, but simply shows the previously saved device. You can check by searching with the help of another smartphone that has not yet been “seen” of this bracelet. 2. If he really finds a bracelet, but the program is buggy and does not want to connect with him, then the decision is one thing. more carefully try to search for the apartment Mi Band on your own.

Can I connect this bracelet to iPhone 6S with iOS 12?

Can I connect to iPhone 5? Thanks ?

Hello! I can not connect Mi Band 3 C iPhone 6S Plus. Bluetooth does not see him. What to do?

Good afternoon! Miband 2 new from DNS, no fake signs. Tried to create an account through the application, does not give after the selection of the country.”No connection”. Created an account on the site. When entering the application writes “Failed to log in”. I tried on three different devices with iOS and Android. Even and also “failed to log in”. For 6 hours.

Good afternoon. Try to install some kind of VPN on your smartphone. Recently, due to the actions of Roskomnadzor, such problems arise when authorized in Mifit.

Dmitry, Thank you! Installed Thunder VPN on Android, the application works. What time is it lost because of them!

I, too, with DNS the problem is the same. I’m thinking to go to them say that yourself connected or changed.

Please tell me what you need to do if I did everything right on all items, that is, I downloaded the Mi Fit application, registered and as soon as it comes to connecting the bracelet itself, I knock me out a mistake and writes “Check if the bracelet is not discharged or what it is far located”.

It seems that the phone does not see the bracelet. What is your smartphone? Need no lower iPhone 4S. Bracelet new? If not. it must be untied from the old account. And, of course, when coupled, the bracelet must be charged and located next to the phone.

Why my iPhone 5 does not download the MIFIT application?

Judging by the description of the AppStore, the iPhone 5 smartphone is no longer supported by the program. To install the application, you need an iPhone 5S or newer, as well as iOS not lower than version 9.0.

Help me please. Downloaded on the iPhone 5SE my program, created an account, but for the second day I can not enter the program, writes “Could not log in. Send error logs and help us discover the problem?”And one more window pops up” Authorization Error “. What am I doing wrong?

It is difficult to say, but an authorization error means that the login or password is entered.

VPN will help you. But for connecting the bracelet of this little. In the program with the help of VPN came next

Good afternoon. Tell me whether it will work with iPhone 4? I want to buy, but I’m afraid you don’t drive with the device! Very worried!

Hello. Fitness Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2 will not work with iPhone 4, as the phone has an outdated modification of the Bluetooth 2 wireless communication module.1, but the version 4 is already installed in iPhone 4S.0 And with him the bracelet will work.

Good afternoon! Tell me, good people, on the synchronization of the MI Band 2 bracelet with iPhone 6 (I also tried with the iPhone 5 and with Samsung). The problem is that the phone simply does not see through Mi Fit and another one of this unfortunate bracelet. Created a new account, but if there was a binding to the account of the former owner, as far as I understand, a message would be highlighted, such as “The device is already synchronized with another phone”. Yes, and Bluetooth himself does not see him. OK, read the advice! I downloaded the NRF Connect application, it finds a bracelet and connects to it. At this time, with the help of Mi Fit, I also try to connect with the bracelet, but he still does not see him! At the same time, through the settings in the phone and on the bracelet screen itself, it can be seen that the connection is set (via the NRF Connect), but it is no sense from this. Go through the Bluetooth settings in the bracelet is also not possible. just writes that it is connected and all. If you turn off the bluetooth on the phone, the bracelet is sad provinces 3 times and show the bluetooth icon on the screen, they say the connection is broken, but you do not worry. All these operations have not tried on other phones, because they are not mine, but it seems to me that everything will be also. On the advice on some site almost induced the tracker itself in the screen of the phone while trying to synchronize the effect of zero! Question! Maybe this is due to the update of the application of some or maybe something with the firmware of the gadget itself? Or just throw this damn bracelet?

Good afternoon. In the event that the bracelet is tied to another account (via MI FIT), you simply will not be able to encourage it to your own, since it will not appear in the list of available devices, and accordingly, and does not report what is already tied to another owner. But here is the fact that in the Bluetooth list it is missing. this is another question. Maybe this is not a mi band, but its copy and in the list of devices it is displayed somehow otherwise? Look at this article, I tested the original and fake. For “Copy” it took to use another application.

How to restart Mi Band


If you cannot pair the devices, you need to re-open the parameters on the bracelet and start the “Reset Settings” function.

Registration and authorization in Mifit

After the application is set, you should open it and logged.

Naturally, if you go to it for the first time. create a new account.

If earlier it was necessary for this that the MI account was required, now it is enough to have a Gmail mail, an account in or, low-use in our territories, WeChat.

At the end of registration, fill your personal data (name, gender, date of birth, growth and weight) and the minimum number of steps that you would like to pass throughout the day (the recommended value is 8000 steps).

It is worth noting that filling the data about yourself should be as accurately as possible, since the calculation of calories burned and the distance traveled.

How to connect mi band 2 to iphone

MI FIT is a formal program that carries out the bracelet. There is a synchronization process with a gadget, and the application displays all its data. It is possible to configure the functioning of the bracelet using the program to its discretion. Download and install it in two ways.

Installing Mi Fit

The picture code is in the instructions for the device. You can count the code using a special program. It can be found and installed on the phone, downloading from the application store. Such an option to read code is present in iPhone 10 iOS 11.

QR code contains a link to the MI FIT application. It needs to download and install on your phone.

If you use the application store, the procedure will be as follows.

  • Open “App Store”.
  • Write Mi Fit or Mi Band.
  • Open by clicking on the Mi Fit inscription icon.
  • Download.
  • Press “Open” (open).

After installing the MI FIT, you will need to open it and step by step to perform the steps below.

Account registration

After opening the application requests permission to send notifications to “Allow”, “Agree” (agree) and “Sign in” (Login).

If the account has already been created

If registration is already there, you need to fill the appropriate fields and log in to the application.

If the account is absent

  • “CREATE MI ACCOUNT”. The field is at the bottom of the page.
  • Choose a country and code.
  • Enter mobile phone number with operator code. International Code of the country is not required.
  • In the “PW” field, enter your personal password. It must contain from 8 to 16 characters, consist of the letter of the Latin alphabet and numbers.
  • “ENTER VERIFICATION CODE”.In an empty field, enter the captcha. symbols from the picture. It is located opposite this line. Symbols may include letters and figures, both in the upper case and in the lower. Need to be attentive and accurate to display all characters.
  • «OK»
  • In the “ENTER VERIFICATION CODE” field, enter a four-digit code, deleting before this inscription. He will come to SMS, where there will be a confirmation of MI Account.
  • “Next”.
  • “SIGN IN”. Entrance to the app.

The next action will enter personal data.

Important! All personal data described above must be true.

Relying on them, the application conducts analysis of data readable from the bracelet (counts spent calories, monitors heartbeat, pulse and t.D.).

Then, after the introduction of personal parameters, it will be necessary to choose the daily number of steps. The default number recommended by the program itself. But other options are also offered from which you can select any parameter at will.

Next, you should enable permission to all categories of health programs installed by default in the iPhone.

Turn on Bluetooth

Mandatory action will be activated bluetooth on the phone. With it, the fitness bracelet is first conjured, and then synchronized with the iPhone. The application collects and analyzes all device data. You can activate Bluetooth yourself or the application will propose to turn it on during the connection.

Phone Synchronization with Mi Band 2

As soon as the number of steps be installed, the program will be prompted to select the device with which it will need to work:

You will need to select MI Band and the synchronization process with the phone will begin.

For this, the fitness bracelet should be kept next to the iPhone. After detecting the telephone device, the bracelet will publish a characteristic vibro signal. Need to press the bracelet control button.

As soon as the MI Band synchronization process with iPhone is over, you can configure it to your discretion.

Read more about Settings Xiaome Mi Band 2 using the MI Fit application Find out on Mi-Hand.Ru

At what distance the gadget should see cellular

The fitness bracelet is originally designed to work in a snap to the smartphone. So, its functionality expands repeatedly. But for stable operation, the device must be kept in close proximity to the phone.

Since the bracelet has small dimensions, during its design, the work space is maximally saved. This leads to the need to use the most compact parts, often reduced power. Therefore, the Bluetooth transmitter is used quite weak.

These two phones can be connected to a sufficiently large distance, sometimes 10 or more meters, the tracker should be from a smartphone close enough.

On average, a distance to a pair of meters is allowed, sometimes a little more, but it all depends on the specific device.

Installing Mi Fit

The picture code is in the instructions for the device. You can count the code using a special program. It can be found and installed on the phone, downloading from the application store. Such an option to read code is present in iPhone 10 iOS 11.

QR code contains a link to the MI FIT application. It needs to download and install on your phone.

If you use the application store, the procedure will be as follows.

  • Open “App Store”.
  • Write Mi Fit or Mi Band.
  • Open by clicking on the Mi Fit inscription icon.
  • Download.
  • Press “Open” (open).

After installing the MI FIT, you will need to open it and step by step to perform the steps below.

Is it possible to change the bracelet with Android on the iPhone?

The question that many ask yourself is preparing to move from one mobile operating system to another, is whether they can transfer all the data from their sports bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band. This question is the same answer as when moving from Android to iOS or vice versa, because if we are going to save all data without problems. Fortunately, Xiaomi is responsible for saving all the data in our account, and we only need to worry about changing the anti-wasteopia and using the same e-mail account to access MI Fit.

Before that, we must make sure that all data on the bracelet is synchronized on our old mobile phone so that we cannot do anything in the process. To do this, we enter Mi Fit and spend your finger down to update the application. As soon as it is charged 100%, we will be able to enter the parameters of the bracelet from the application, and we will touch the cancellation of communication. The next step will be the installation of MI FIT to a mobile phone and its installation, as we have seen at the beginning in the new operating system we switched to.

After we entered the same account, we will have all the data that we had on Android or iOS, and we will continue to cancel them to continue to use everything we have already used. But we cannot forget to reconfigure notifications. aspect that is not saved when moving from one smartphone to another. It also happens with the setting of our release, because the covers that we could get from external sources will not be available in iOS, and we will have to resort to their re-installation if we want to use them. The process that we can repeat as many times as it takes.