How to tie Mi Band 3 to another phone?

On the phone you need to turn on Bluetooth, install the MIFIT program from the market, start the application. After that, go to the “Profile” tab and press the “Add device” button. Try connecting the device, for this, bring the Mi Band bracelet to the smartphone and shake it.

  • Turn on Bluetooth in your smartphone.
  • Launch the installed application and wait for the discovery of the bracelet.
  • As soon as the bracelet is found to connect to it.
  • Click on “Restore settings”
  • Ready! You can tie a bracelet to your smartphone.

Without Mi Fit

So, with the simplest way we figured out. Now it remains to tell about more complex. Mi Band 3 is attached to the account through the MAC address (a unique combination of letters and numbers). If you change this combination, then the application recognizes the tracker as new and without problems synchronizes with it.

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Thanks to the program posted on one well.known forum, in 2017 it became possible to untie Mi Band 3 from the phone even without access to Xiaomi accounting. To do this, use the “diagnostic” utility.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on the phone.
  • Open the application and wait for the discovery of the bracelet.
  • Connect to it, select “Restore settings”.
  • Press the button on the tracker to confirm the discharge.

Attention! All the statistics stored in the “capsule” of Mi band will be lost, the device will return to the state “out of the box”.

There are numerous confirmations that if you put Mi Band 3 in the freezer for several hours, this will lead to a complete reset of settings. But we do not recommend this, since the device can fail.

If the user provides all evidence that he is the owner of the bracelet (check, box, etc.e), that is, the probability that Xiaomi will help restore access to the account.

How to connect a fitness bracelet to another phone?

On the phone you need to turn on Bluetooth, install the MIFIT program from the market, start the application. After that, go to the “Profile” tab and press the “Add device” button. Try connecting the device, for this, bring the Mi Band bracelet to the smartphone and shake it.

connect, band, another, phone
  • We go to the smartphone settings;
  • In the menu, select the item “Mi account”;
  • We go to the account and click on the “Exit” button at the bottom of the screen;
  • The system will ask the user information about what data needs to be deleted and which is required to save on the phone;

Riddown through the Support Service

This method is relevant if you want to untie the Mi Band 3 bracelet from the phone without phone.

  • Contact the official support service;
  • Provide employees with a check received upon purchase, as well as packaging and available documents for the device;
  • Take advantage of access to the Mi Fit account to perform a fraud of a fitness bracelet.

If your bracelet is buggy, then the Xiaomi Mi Band to factory settings may help reset to the factory. After its implementation, the device will return to its original state and all malfunctions and glitches should disappear.

How to increase the brightness of the screen on the bracelet Mi Band 6

The brightness of the Fitness Brass screen is regulated in its own menu. To do this, go to the “Settings” section, select the brightness parameter and add it by pressing the plus sign. But immediately give advice on how to set the night mode, because with high brightness the screen light can irritate you at night. This will already need the Mi Fit application. From the “Profile” tab, open the main menu of the Smart brace and find in it the “Bracelet Settings” section. It contains the function “Night mode”. In the “inclusion” schedule subsection, set the beginning and time of the end of the period, which will be considered night. According to his occurrence, the clock will automatically switch to a decreased brightness mode.

REDMI Band Full Review. Mi BAND 4C Global Edition

If you decide to tie a smart bracelet to another phone, then you first need to untie it from the previous smartphone. To make such a frave, run the Mi Fit application on the old smartphone, click on the “profile” tab “Mi Smart Band 6” Fitness Branch, scroll through the menu and find the “Connection Restriction” line there. It should be disconnected, since when it is turned on, the gadget will not be able to connect to another phone. Now, at the very bottom of the menu, find the “Disable” button and click it. Confirm your action and wait until the damping occurs. Keep in mind that the fitness bracelet will be dropped to the factory settings, that is, all your settings and all the data stored on it will be deleted. You will have to take all the steps that you performed when the Smart shirt is first connected from the box.Now you can connect the bracelet to the new smartphone. If you forgot how to do this, the “Instructions for connecting and setting up the Xiaomi Mi Band 6” fitness bracelet will help you. Please note that before performing the cutting of the device, the bracelet and the phone must be associated.

Registration in the application and issuance of permits

After installing and starting the application, it will offer you to register. Some programs work without registration, but in limited mode, since it is still about your personal data like weight, age, growth, which will be needed to calculate some characteristics during training. Some applications request a phone number, others allow registration by mail, through and other services. Pass the registration from the phone and, if necessary, write down the login and password. If the application requires a Chinese phone number, try to register in it not through a smartphone, but through the site (there are available registration options through e.mail).During the registration or after it, the application will ask you several permits. Usually this is the adoption of a policy of confidentiality and other agreements, as well as permission to access the location, to your photographs, contacts and other information. Give all the necessary permits so that your bracelet can fully cope with different tasks. Most of the branded Chinese applications today have already been translated into Russian, so you will not have the need for deciphering hieroglyphs.

After installing the desired application, turn on the bracelet and make sure that it is charged, or charge it. On some models of trackers or in the applications themselves, an instruction for connection immediately appears, which will help you take the necessary steps. At the beginning, at first, many devices offer to choose the language, so do not miss this step so as not to search for this setting in the menu in Chinese.If there are no instructions, add the device yourself. Typically, for this you need to click on the plus on the application screen and select “Add”, select the “device” tab, find the “Add device” line on the main screen or “Profile” tab or something similar. Then the type of smart things is selected (hours, bracelets, sneakers, vacuum cleaners, etc.) and a specific model. If you do not see the model of your fitness tracker in the list, select the option “My device is not”, update the list, click “Add manually” or something similar.After this, the application will begin to search for a clock by Bluetooth, so this module should be turned on on your phone, and the clock and phone should be nearby. As soon as the application finds the phone, there will be a proposal to confirm the conjugation on the clock. Click the box and the connection will be established. In some models of bracelets, you need to scan the QR code burning on the screen of the fitness bracelet. In this case, the scanner will start in the application, and you will have to place the clock screen with the code in the window of this scanner.


The method is based on the assumption that Mi Band 2 is not connected to a specific phone due to Bluetooth impairedness. It is best to first check the guess by connecting to another device or transferring files through this wireless technology.

connect, band, another, phone
  • Initially, a consistent shutdown/turning on Bluetooth is simply performed.
  • An attempt to synchronize is repeated, if it turned out to be unsuccessful, then Bluetooth turns off and the smartphone is rebooted.
  • After rebooting, the connection is repeated, if again unsuccessfully, then these two unsuccessful attempts are the reason for the transition to the next method.

Mi band 3 why it is not connecting to mobile

Cloning applications

For those who still want to tie several tracks to one smartphone in the official program, there is one working method. cloning programs.

The instructions below are suitable for smartphones based on Miui, that is, Xiaomi devices.

  • Open the settings and in the “Applications” group, select “Cloning” item.
  • Find the desired software in the list and activate the switch.
  • For cloning Mi Fit will need to make a copy of Google services.
  • A shortcut with a new application will appear on the telephone desktop (it will be highlighted with a yellow icon).
  • To bind several bracelets to different Mi fit, you will need several accounts.
  • Connect one account and one bracelet to each application.

Now you can unload data from Mi Band 1.2 or 3 to one smartphone, but in different accounts.

Owners of phones from other manufacturers will have to use utilities to clone applications.