Fitness bracelet problems

The inability to connect the tracker to a smartphone appears in the following cases:

How to connect Mi Band 3 to the phone

After finding the application, click “Install” and then “Open”. If such an application is already installed, it must be updated to version Mi Fit 3.4.4 or higher, since this is the first version with firmware in Russian.

Then in the application you need to log in or register if you do not have a Mi Fit account yet. You can register via email or phone number. The registration process itself should not cause any difficulties, everywhere you need to follow the prompts of the application, and everything will work out.

After registering and logging into the application, you will first of all be asked to enter your personal data: gender, age, height and weight. It is then recommended to set a goal for the number of steps. Next, the program offers to choose from the list of devices that you will connect. We find “Bracelet” in the list and bring Mi Band 3 to the smartphone to start synchronization. As soon as the bracelet vibrates, you need to press the touch button on the screen. Everything, Mi Band 3 is connected, and ready to set up and use.

In the same way, the bracelet connects to smartphones running the iOS operating system.

OS and Bluetooth requirements

Representatives of the fifth generation of Xiaomi bracelets connect to two operating systems. Android 6.0 and higher and iOS 10.0 and higher. Trackers support Bluetooth 5.0.

The version of the Mi Fit application does not matter, but it is best to download the utility with all updates from the Play Market or App Store to avoid problems in the future.

We enter the Mi account

If an account has already been created, then you need to select “Sign in” and bring the bracelet to the phone in order for Android to identify the device and synchronize with it. In this case, be sure to turn on Bluetooth.

If there is no account, then after opening the application you will need to register and follow the steps described below.

  • Find the inscription in the lower left corner “Create Mi Account” and click on it.
  • In the field “Country / Region” select the country of residence.

Then you can choose 2 options for registration:

  • Through a mailbox;
  • By phone number.

If you choose the last option, then enter the phone number in the appropriate line and enter the application. When registering via a mailbox, continue with the following steps.

  • Enter email in the “Email” field.
  • Click on the line “Create Mi Account” highlighted in green.
  • In the field “Enter password” you need to enter a password. It must consist of at least 8 characters (8. 16), contain letters (Latin alphabet) and numbers;
  • “Re-enter password”. repeat the previously entered password.
  • In the “Enter code” field, you need to enter a captcha. the code from the picture shown opposite this line. When entering the code, you should be careful, as it must be displayed exactly.
  • Next, you need to press the line “Submit”, highlighted in green. “Check your mailbox” and activate your account.
  • Enter email into the line “Email”.
  • In the line “Password” enter the password that was entered earlier during registration “Sign in”.

Then the program will offer to enter personal data.

  • Name.
  • Floor.
  • Year and month of birth.
  • Growth.
  • The weight.

All of the above parameters must be true.

Based on the entered data, the program analyzes the information read from the fitness bracelet (calculates the calories burned, heart rate, pulse, etc.).

After entering all the parameters, you will be asked to select the number of steps that you need to go through daily. The default recommended number of steps is 7000.

Unlocking the screen

Through Mi Fit, you can set up unlocking your phone through a connected device. This is done through the “Screen unlock” menu item. To activate this function, it is necessary that the phone is near the bracelet, the unlocking distance is set (close near and far).

Practice shows that the set value “Nearby” allows you to unlock the phone, which is picked up by a person wearing a fitness bracelet.


Make sure the bracelet is genuine and not a fake. Mi Fit app only works with originals. Read about how to distinguish the original from the fake in our section “Answers”.

What watches and fitness bracelets do you need the Mi Fit app for?

Without exception, all generations of Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelets are paired with smartphones using this application. Also, some smart watches produced under the Amazfit brand, such as Amazfit Bip and Bip Lite, work with this application.

Choosing a fitness bracelet

After setting the number of steps, the application will prompt you to select a device of your choice:

  • Mi Band 2;
  • Libra;
  • Smart Shoes;
  • Others.

We choose Mi Band 2, now the bracelet will be synchronized with the phone. It needs to be brought to Android as close as possible. After the smartphone finds the bracelet, you need to press the button depicted on the bracelet and the process of binding the fitness tracker will be completed. After that, you can configure the use of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 at your own discretion. How to correctly build various settings can be found on the website

Method one

This method is based on the assumption that the watch is not synchronized with a certain smartphone due to the fact that Bluetooth does not work. This guess is very simple to check: you need to try to connect the tracker to another smartphone, as well as transfer files from one phone to another. This will give you the opportunity to know if the guess is correct. We act according to this plan:

  • First, just turn off and then turn on Bluetooth;
  • We try to connect again, if it doesn’t work, turn off Bluetooth and restart the phone;
  • Then we try to synchronize again, if it didn’t work out. feel free to go to the next method.
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How to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Sports go to the masses and more and more people are engaged in gyms, and even just run on the street. Today, in order to make their workouts as effective as possible and monitor the most important indicators of the body’s health, many people buy fitness trackers with a different set of functions and capabilities.

How to pair MI Band 3 with Mobile phone in Hindi | MI Band ko kisi aur mobile se connect kaise kare

And now the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet came out, which can not only count steps and distance traveled, but also track sleep indicators, running speed, count heart rate and pace. In addition, its additional features are that the bracelet notifies its owner about an incoming call, SMS or notification from the application, and you can also connect an alarm clock that will go off even when the smartphone is completely disconnected.

To synchronize with an iPhone or Android phone, the Mi Band 5 bracelet uses a Bluetooth connection and an application called Mi Fit. However, users often face a problem when the phone does not see the Mi Band 5 bracelet. In this article, we will find out why this type of problem occurs and what to do about it.

Mi Smart Band 4. How To Setup And Unboxing | How To Connect Mi Band 4 With Phone # Mi Smart Band 4

Method two

This method is based on the assumption that the bracelet has already been connected to a specific phone. In the event that the Mi Band bracelet simply refuses to connect at some point or the previously created connection is lost, proceed according to the following plan:

  • Open the Mi Fit app on your smartphone;
  • Go to the “Profile” tab and tap on our bracelet in the list of connected devices;
  • You will see a notification that there is no connection with the bracelet. turn the page down and click on the “Disconnect”. “Ok” button;
  • Close the Mi Fit application completely (in the task manager), and then restart it and try to connect the gadget to the smartphone again. After the LED indicators on the bracelet start blinking, select the type of connected device in the program.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is now connected to the phone. Since synchronization occurs with the same Mi account, you should not worry about the safety of your data. all previously collected statistics will be saved in your account and will continue to be collected after the bracelet is successfully linked to the phone again.

How to connect Mi Band 5?

After you have already received the new Mi Bend 5, you can proceed to connecting it. First thing you need to do is download the Mi Fit app from the Play Market. After you have installed the application, launch it and log into your Mi-account to sync all data. And don’t forget to turn on Bluetooth.

The main screen will open, where in the upper right corner, you will find the plus sign, click on it.

Next, a window will open with a choice of the type of device. Since Mi Band 5 is a fitness bracelet, to connect it, you need to select the item “Bracelet”

Next, the search will begin, where you will need to select Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5. Done, you have connected a fitness bracelet.

The phone does not see Xiaomi Mi Band 5

What to do if the phone does not see the Xiaomi Mi Band 5? If, when trying to sync, your smartphone does not find the Mi Band bracelet, proceed as follows:

  • Remove the installed version of the Mi Fit program.
  • We find on the Internet and download one of the previous versions of the application and install it on the smartphone.
  • Turn on Bluetooth, and then connect the bracelet to the computer via the USB cable included in the kit.
  • We launch the already installed old version of the program, and then disconnect the bracelet capsule from the cord.
  • If everything is done correctly, then in 90% of cases these actions lead to the fact that the application begins to “see” the bracelet using
  • Next, install the latest version of the Mi Fit program (we do not delete the old version yet).
  • We make a new synchronization through the latest version of the program, and after the tracker is successfully connected, you can delete the old version.
  • Done! You have connected and synchronized Mi Band 5.

Mi Band 5 does not connect to smartphone

The first thing to do when such a problem arises is to check if the bracelet is charged and restart your smartphone, however, if this does not help, go to one of the methods described below.

The above methods for solving the problem with connecting Mi Band 5 to almost any smartphone, be it iPhone, Xiaomi. Redmi or some other, in 99% of cases help to solve it. However, if these methods did not help, then you should think about the fact that the problem is probably in the performance of the fitness tracker itself, or in its originality. The originality of the bracelet can be checked immediately after purchase. If he does not want to sync, you may have a fake in front of you.


This is a huge selection of watch faces for Mi Band 5. There are watch faces for every taste. Screensavers are divided into categories: nature, space, holidays, celebrities, etc. The choice of languages ​​is also extensive. Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese multilingual. Watchface installation is carried out in a few clicks. The only condition is the presence of Mi Fit on the smartphone.

MiBand5. Watch faces for Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Navigator for Mi Band 5/4/3, Bip and Cor Price: 69,00 ₽

Tools Mi Band

The program is designed for deep customization of notifications and calls. You can create a template for an individual contact or for all numbers, filter SMS by a specific word, enable reminders. Sleep on the Go option will wake you up with a gentle vibration after a short nap.

The software doesn’t work without Mi Fit. It is also paid. 295 rubles.

Mi Heart Rate (for the third version of bracelets)

A convenient program that allows you not only to configure all the basic capabilities of the Mi Band 3 tracker, but also to make a high-quality Russian flashing. The application can be called an improved analogue of the original Xiaomi utility for the Russian-speaking population.

Attention! You will need to pay approximately 3 to download the translation.

Correct setting of Mi Band 5 (new)

After synchronizing the gadgets, the user opens up many possibilities of Mi Smart Band 5. It is possible to make settings both on it and through the application. Consider what changes can be made.

The mobile device or application may also crash intermittently. In this case, the problems are as follows:

  • Bluetooth does not work. You need to go to the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone and delete devices that have not been connected for a long time. Then you should restart the phone, and with it Bluetooth and GPS.
  • The phone does not see the tracker. Clear Mi Fit app cache in phone settings.
  • Check the work of 3 main points: Wi-Fi (mobile Internet), Bluetooth and GPS.

The inability to connect the tracker to a smartphone appears in the following cases:

Best Apps for Mi Band (2021)

Today we will look at what applications are there for Mi Band bracelets on Google Play.

It took me several weeks to try all of them on myself and choose the application that suits my goals best.

  • List of applications
  • Which application to choose
  • Comparison

Briefly about what Android applications for Mi Band from Xiaomi are at the moment:

  • Mi Fit is the official app for Mi devices.
  • Mi Band Master is an alternative option for working with the application. It is able to work with all versions of the bracelet, as well as with the original Mi Fit application. Has many additional settings that significantly expand the functionality of the bracelet.
  • Mi Bandage is another alternative option to expand the functions of your bracelet. Also works in conjunction with Mi Fit. Configuring notifications, button interaction (music, calls, launching applications, search assistance, Tasker), heart rate measurement, alarms, timer / stopwatch, interaction log, heart rate, walking and sleep graphs.
  • Mi Band Smart Alarm. a smart alarm clock for all Mi Band.
  • Notify Fitness for Mi Band is a shareware application for those people who want a little more from their Mi Band.
  • Mi Band 2 MusicCamera Control. music switch with Mi Band.
  • Mi HR with Smart Alarm. continuous heart rate measurement.
  • Mi Ban 2 Amazfit Selfie. turns the button on the Mi Band into a remote control for the phone’s camera.
  • Tools Mi Band. setting up notifications for the bracelet.
  • Find Mi Band. search for a lost bracelet. This thing helped me a lot when the bracelet accidentally fell off my hand and it was not clear where to look for it. But Mi Fit has a built-in search function, so it doesn’t make sense to install anything else.
  • Vibro Band is some kind of pornography, but maybe there are people who really need it. With this program, you can use all the vibration capabilities of the Mi Band for relaxation and enjoyment.