Easy ways

There are two ways to connect any wireless headset to iPhone:

The process of connecting Airpods is not time-consuming and comes down to a simple instruction:

  • First, the user must turn on Bluetooth. To do this, swipe the screen from bottom to top (in locked state),
  • Click on the icon of the same name,
  • Turn the device on,
  • Airpods will automatically be connected to the smartphone.

If the wireless headphones are not from Apple, then the device must be connected via settings:

connect, iphone, bluetooth
  • Take the earbuds out of their case and turn them on if necessary.
  • Wait for them to connect to each other.
  • Then go to “Settings” on your phone and select “Bluetooth”.
  • Turn on Bluetooth.
  • Search for other devices.
  • Find the name of the gadget in the list of available devices, and start the connection.

Once the headset is connected, the user can exit the settings and play music. If the device is connected correctly, you will see an icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Some models transmit battery charging information.

Connecting used or found Airpods

If you happen to use used headphones, or worse, you found them on the street, and they most likely worked with another phone under a different Apple ID. Now we need to reattach them to our device.

connect, iphone, bluetooth

It is mandatory for Apple devices to be linked to an Apple ID.

Usually before selling, they are unlinked from this system. However, this does not always happen, and then there may be a problem.

If this happened with the Airpods, then follow the following sequence of actions:

  • Remove the phone from the lock and as close as possible align it with the open case of the headphones.
  • At this time, the phone should display an animation window. Most likely, there will be a device conflict and the screen will show “Not your Airpods”.
  • After that, press “Connect” with your finger.
  • After the actions performed in point 1, the system will prompt us to press and hold the button on the case. Perform this request.
  • After a while the process of “Connecting” the headphones to the cell phone will begin. Then everything happens exactly as in the first part of the article.

If you are using multiple Apple devices, have the same Apple ID and have iCloud logged in, then all Airpods will be available on both devices.

The process of switching between headphones will take place in the “Control Point”.

Used or “forgotten” device

If you have purchased a used accessory, however, or it has previously been used with a different Apple device (more importantly in this case, under a different Apple ID), the connection algorithm will be slightly different.

  • Bring the open case with the headphones as close as possible to the iPhone (unlocked and on the home screen). Wait until the window with animation appears. Most likely it will say “Not your Airpods,” tap “Connect.

If you have more than one Apple device, use the same Apple ID on them, and log into iCloud, the connected Airpods will be available on any of them. You can switch between playback devices in “Control Panel.

Connecting Airpods to Windows 10

You can click on the corresponding icon in the tray and select “Add Bluetooth device”, or go to “Settings”. “Devices”. “Bluetooth and other devices” tab.

Leave the options window open, take our Airpods, open the case, and on the back of the case, press the round button for three seconds. Hold it down until the light inside the case flashes white.

In Windows Settings click on “Add Bluetooth or other device” and in the new window select “Bluetooth“.

The computer should see our AirPods. Click on them and the connection process will start immediately. When finished, just press the “Done” button.

You’re all set! Windows will now send sound to our wireless headset. Their status in the setting: Airpods. “Connected voice, music”. There you can also manually disable or remove them. After uninstalling you will need to reconnect.

Take them out of the charging case, put them in your ears and enjoy the music. You can only use one earphone.

When we hide both headphones in the case and close it, the headphones are automatically disconnected (the connection status is “Pairing”) and the sound starts playing through the speakers of the laptop, or the speaker system. As soon as we open the case with Airpods, they automatically connect to the computer and the sound goes to the headphones.

Setting the microphone, work as a headset

In this respect it is the same as with the other Bluetooth headphones. In Windows 10 I was not able to set up the Airpods so that I could listen to music in good quality (Stereo) and still have a working microphone.

In the sound settings you can select the input and output device. If you select “Headphone Airpods”, the headphones will work in headset mode.

If you connected Airpods to communicate via Skype, you can specify the settings directly in the program settings. Choose these headphones as microphone and speakers.

But then the system will not play sounds through headphones. You need to put all the settings back. You might be able to set it up differently. You can share with us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

In general, things are far from ideal in this regard. If just listening to music, watching movies, etc. д., then yes, everything works fine. But to set up the microphone. you’ll have to tinker. Yes, and it is not a fact that everything will work.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to your iPhone

With the innovation from Apple, many users have decided to switch to a wireless version of the headset, that is, you can easily take and connect your device using Bluetooth. Wireless headsets are a great replacement for the standard headphone connection. Apple has made it inconvenient that the user can now only charge the phone or listen to music through a wired headset. Much easier to use Bluetooth headphones, which can also be connected to your iPhone.

View headphone battery level

LED on the case helps to judge the level of battery charge. If the earmolds are placed inside the box, the green light on the LED indicates that the battery is fully charged, while the orange light shows that the charging cycle is incomplete. You will hear a single and double beep to warn you if the battery is low, just before you turn the device off.

The owner can visually see the charging level of a bluetooth headphone on the screen of a paired iPhone, iPad or MAC computer. It’s enough to bring the box with the “ears” to the device, open the lid and wait until the screen displays a picture showing the battery level of the box and the headphones.

What wireless headphones work with iPhone?

All kinds of. Absolutely any Bluetooth headphone will work with iPhone. And it does not matter if it is Airpods Pro Max, or Chinese headphones from AliExpress for 5 dollars. they will connect and work with your smartphone. Also it does not matter the version: iPhone 5, 6, iPhone SE, 7, 8, XR, 10, 11, 12, or iPhone 13. you can connect any Bluetooth headphones. In any case, when buying you can always check this point with the seller. In the characteristics of the online stores, the same on AliExpress, or on the official site of the headphones manufacturer usually indicate compatible headphones with Apple equipment or not.

We are talking about different formats of headphones, they connect like regular headphones (in the photo on the left). and TWS, when the two headphones are separate and connect to each other via Bluetooth (in the photo on the right).

I use Airpods 2 with my old iPhone X. Before that there were first generation Airpods and JBL E45BT. Just as many times (while writing articles for this site) had to connect popular Xiaomi Redmi AirDots, cheap Chinese i7s, i11 and several models from other manufacturers. All of these headphones have no problem connecting to the iPhone and work fine (as far as possible, but that’s a question for the headphones).

I showed you the process of connecting wireless headphones to your iPhone in this article: How to Connect Wireless Headphones to Your Phone.

In the process of connecting, many people encounter a problem where the iPhone does not see Bluetooth headphones, and begin to think that the headphone is not compatible with their iPhone. This is usually not the case. I wrote about solving this problem here: Why the phone doesn’t see wireless Bluetooth headphones.

connect, iphone, bluetooth

Airpods Pro

The AirPods Pro headphones differ from their predecessors not only in form factor, design and the presence of noise cancellation, but also in a slightly redesigned control. The latter is not directly related to the setup, so let’s move on to the main topic and first briefly review the parameters common to all models.

As with the 1st and 2nd generation Airpods, you can change the name for the Pro model, enable “Auto Ear Detection” and determine how the microphone will work. automatically or only in one of the earbuds. You can also disconnect the accessory from your iPhone and forget it, should the need arise. We discussed these options in more detail in the previous part of this article.

Noise cancellation control

The noise cancelling feature of Airpods Pro can work in one of two modes. “Active” or “Transparent. If you do not need to use both of them, you can turn them off. These options are available in the headphone settings, and can be controlled by pressing and holding the sensor on the headphone body. The default switching is between active and transparent mode, but if required, you can add muting to them or replace one with the other.

  • Go to the Airpods Pro settings.
  • In the Airpods Touch & Hold block, first select the earpiece whose settings you want to change (left or right), and then make sure that “Noise Management” is activated for it.
  • “Noise Cancellation” blocks out external noise;
  • “Permeability” allowed external noise;
  • “Off” disables the previous two modes.

Note: If “Noise Management” is selected for both the left and right earpieces, changes to the settings, that is, the switchable modes will apply to both. To find out which noise cancelling options are used, go to the main settings section of the accessory. paragraph of the current instructions).

Fitting in your ears

Airpods Pro, unlike its predecessors, feature not only external microphones, but also internal ones. After the headphones are placed in the ear, they take special measurements to determine the tightness of the fit of the ear cushions. The latter come in three pairs. sizes S, M, L. The first time you connect an accessory to the iPhone, you can adjust the settings a second time using the appropriate menu option.

Next, tap “Continue,” run the test, and wait for it to complete. If the attachments you are using fit your ears well, you will receive a notification, after which you can close the window (the “Done” button in the upper right corner). If not, you need to select a different size and run the test again.

Hidden settings

In addition to the basic settings, AirPods Pro has some non-obvious, hidden settings that can be used to more precisely define the touch speed and delay between touch controls, as well as to activate the noise cancellation function for a single earpiece. To access these features, do the following:

  • Open “Settings” and go to “Universal Access”.
  • In the “Physical and Motor” block, locate “Airpods.
  • Press Speed. Three options are available. default, slow and even slower.
  • Press and hold Duration (“Press and hold duration”). There are also three options available. default, short and even shorter.
  • Noise Cancellation with One AirPod (“Noise Cancellation with One AirPod”). If you activate this switch, the noise cancellation feature, provided it is enabled, will work even when only one earphone is in your ear.

What to do if the Airpods do not connect to your iPhone?

Sometimes the iPhone doesn’t see the Airpods at all, or they don’t connect automatically after pairing. Sometimes there are connection errors as well. For example, “Connection failure,” or “These are not your Airpods.”.

  • Remove the headphones from the list of connected Bluetooth devices on the iPhone (forget the device).
  • Reset your Airpods and re-pair them.

I would even say that these are the only solutions you can try to fix various problems with Airpods.

How to Pair Airpods with iPhone 7. Bluetooth