iPhone 13’s: How to AirPlay to LG Smart TV (WebOS)

How to connect iPhone to a Smart TV

A small iPhone screen diagonal does not allow you to really enjoy watching the film. In this case, it is much more convenient to watch a movie on the big screen of the device, to which you can connect the phone.

The most popular connection of the phone to the TV using Wi-Fi connection. In order to connect a smartphone in this way, it follows:

  • make sure that TV supports AirPlay;
  • Make sure that the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or later version is used;
  • 2-generation Apple TV or later;
  • The Wi-Fi network provides a stable and high-quality connection.
  • Open the control center on the device, press the AirPlay Mirror Display, select the necessary Apple TV or other device that supports the AirPlay 2 function.
  • The Apple TV device will broadcast the full screen of the connected apple phone. To do this, connect Apple TV to the TV via HDMI spare port, and then connect Apple TV to a wireless network. Select the corresponding entrance on the required TV and make sure that the apple TV home screen is displayed.

What are the connection options

You can connect the TV with a smartphone using a special wire, as well as an adapter. The most convenient option is the use of wireless networks-connection via Wi-Fi. All three methods are easy enough. Presentations, video files and photos will be available for viewing on a big screen online.

This option is the simplest, it can be used on any LG TV model and on an old iPhone. However, in this case, it will be necessary to mess with the wires and additionally purchase certain equipment, without which there will be no connection between electrical appliances. Such equipment, for example, includes an adapter.

If you connect via USB, it will be possible to watch video files or photos on the big screen on the big screen on the phone memory card. With this connection option, it will not be possible to establish an online broadcast or make high.quality videos through Skype.

Important! From the positive aspects of such a connect, one can highlight that all the time the iPhone will be charged through the tv power supply.

To establish a connection via USB, you need to first purchase a cable with a certain number of connectors:

  • In iPhone models, the first fourth cable consists of thirty contact connectors;
  • Starting with the fifth version, a special Apple Lightning cable is used, which costs two to three times more.

The connection of the iPhone to the LG TV is very simple.

  • One end of the wire should be inserted into the port for the charger, and the other in a special nest on the TV.
  • Make sure that TV discovered a new external device.
  • Enter the TV settings menu, select a necessary item with a USB mode from the signal source.

Using this option of connecting smartphones from users, it became possible to display on TV as high.quality digital signal, you can convey the image with very good clarity. This is especially true for watching films and other video files that have Full HD format.

In this case, you must first check whether your LG TV is a special connector of the same name. If it is present, then proceed to the next step. buying an adapter of one of the types, Digital AV or Lightning AV. The first is suitable for iPhs of the first four versions, the second for the iPhone 5, 6 and other fresh versions.

Setting up a new connection through this cable also does not cause any trouble, everything happens by analogy with the USB cable, as described above.

Connection of the phone via USB

USB cable (Universal Serial Bus). a universal approach responsible for synchronization of the gadget and TV. To use the specified cable, you need:

  • If TV works, turn off.
  • Connect the Apple smartphone to the TV via Micro USB. In the latest models it is Lightning, in older phones-30-pin.
  • Turn on the TV. In the menu select settings. In parameters, set the image display with USB.
  • Wait until the process of synchronization.

The USB-integse allows you to use a mobile phone only as a memory drive. To view something, you need to download the required media content in advance.

This is an excellent option for demonstrating images and video from a gallery on a display with a larger diagonal. Suitable for presentations, conferences. However, it does not allow you to view clips, games and films in real time.

Wireless connection

The conjugation of devices using a wireless connection is calculated exclusively for Smart TV TVs. It is very convenient to use a Wi-Fi module, but this method has a number of disadvantages. Firstly, the constantly turned on the unpromus adapter quickly discharges the phone battery. Secondly, in the case of slow speed, the functioning of the formed network will be unstable.

When the SMART TV function has a corresponding module on the TV with support, when connecting devices, you will not need to use any wires. Of course, the conjugation through the Wi-Fi network can be called convenient, however, when connecting, it is worth taking into account the mass of the nuances.

connect, iphone, smart
  • Before the setting process, the user will need to install a special application on the TV.
  • If we are talking about TV-device LG, then you will need to download the program “Smart Share”.
  • It will not hurt to install specialized software on a mobile phone. For more reliable synchronization, you can use the Twonky Beam utility.
connect, iphone, smart

To connect the devices, the following actions should be performed:

  • Open the program.
  • On the application desktop, install the flag opposite the “Show Or Hide Visual Indicators” function.
  • Find the file required for display and specify the source of playback (TV).
  • Press the graphic key “Bearn”.

You can also use another connection method. To do this, you need to download the IMediaShare program from the App Store store.

The principle of synchronization is absolutely identical. The user will need to turn on the utility on the phone and indicate the source of the TV. The main thing is to indicate data from the wireless network at the beginning of the work. If the TV supports the Direct Wi-Fi function, then it is not necessary to use a router to connect.

In this case, the user should go into the TV settings, select a section with networks and start the appropriate tool. Next, the system will find the phone, after which you can dock the devices.


This technology is designed for transmitting information from a smartphone in TV with support for SMART, duplication of screens and launching stream video content. The main condition for stable functioning is the presence of AirPlay technology on the TV.

The synchronization procedure does not take much time. This will need to take the following actions:

  • Connect devices with one wireless network.
  • In the phone settings, find a tool that provides a repeat display.
  • In the list that appears, select your TV.
  • A protective code will appear on the TV display, which will need to be entered into the phone.

If all conditions are met, then at the end of the content of the phone, display on the TV screen. To turn off the connection, just go to the screen repetition section and click “stop duplication”.

Apple TV

One of the most effective interfacing methods, the use of Apple TV technology, however, in this case, you will need to separately purchase the corresponding prefix. As in previous methods, the connection will be carried out through a Wi-Fi network, but it is worth considering the fact that devices are not higher than 4 series for synchronization. As for the prefix, any model that supports wireless connection is suitable for work. Before starting the joining, you will need to update the software on all devices.

If all conditions are met, then you can proceed to the procedure:

  • Turn on the console, then connect it to the TV.
  • Coasting the smartphone and the Apple TV prefix through a single wireless network
  • On the phone twice press the “home” button, and then go to the phone settings, the brightness control unit and volume.
  • Indicate the AirPlay technology.
  • In the list that appears, select an affordable connection option.
  • Press the tool shortcut, after which the contents of the phone move to the TV screen.

Apple TV prefixes are highly worth it, so it is recommended to purchase such a device in a specialized store. It is also worth clarifying the seller whether this model maintains a connection with the existing TV.

Google Chromecast device

As it turned out earlier, some TV models do not support the function of wireless communication or a Wi-Fi module simply fails. In this case, you should not be upset because the Google Chromecast equipment can come to the rescue. The device resembles an ordinary flash drive to the appearance. What steps will have to be taken to conjure devices:

  • Install Google Chromecast on TV via HDMI port.
  • From the official store App Store, download the Google Home application to the smartphone.
  • Connect devices with a single wireless network.
  • Open the downloaded program on the phone, and go to the settings.
  • Indicate your own Google account.
  • After an automatic search, the system will open a list of supported devices on the screen, among which you need to choose your TV-type.
  • Indicate the protective code from the TV screen to the mobile phone program.

How To Connect iPhone to LG Smart TV (Wireless)

With the correct execution of the described steps, the technology will create a connection between home gadgets.

Connection via analog cable

This option affects the quality of the picture, it will be slightly lower than when connecting through other options. You will have to use one of the cables: composite, component, VGA. There are no particularly complicated requirements here. just carry out debugging, and turn on.

There is a USB cable in almost every house, and today almost all modern TVs are produced with such a connector. Therefore, just connect them with each other, and choose a playback format on the phone.

Using HDMI cable

In this case, the use of a special cable will be required. The HDMI Inte Wee should be provided on the TV. To attach this cable to the smartphone, you need to use an adapter with miniUSB.

  • First set up the TV. Previously, the cable must be attached to the smartphone through the adapter, and the other end to the nest on the TV. There may be several of them. You need to remember the number of the one to which the connection was performed.
  • Using the TV control panel, you need to select a tab in the settings in which you can choose a signal source. You need to indicate the input of HDMI to which the cable was connected.

After that, the image tuning on the screen will start automatically. As a result, you can see the image of the mobile phone display.

The advantages of this option include:

  • The ability to recharge the phone in parallel mode using a USB connector.
  • On the TV screen you can see the image from the display in the smartphone.

The disadvantages of this option include:

This method is considered the simplest and most convenient.

Wireless connection

Synchronization of the work of a smartphone and a TV receiver without wires is carried out through the Wi-Fi adapter. Modern LG Smart TV panels and Android smartphones support this technology. You can synchronize the phone with the TV using different Wi-Fi connection options.

Using Wi-Fi Direct

This option is suitable for TV panels with built-in wireless adapter and support for Wi-Fi Direct function, which is responsible for the search for networks for connecting. On mobile gadgets with Android OS, this function is supported from 4 versions of the system and above.

To tie the device by the air, no connection to the router is required. All manipulations are performed in the settings of the TV receiver and smartphone. The order is as follows.

  • Activate the desired command (Wi-Fi Direct or additional settings) in the “Wireless Network” settings in the settings.
  • On the TV in the “Network” section, enable the function of searching for networks.
  • After the Smart-TV system will determine the devices available for connection, their list will appear on the screen. You need to select the name of the smartphone and initiate the connection.
  • Wait for the signals from a conjugated smartphone on the TV.

Important! It is recommended to monitor the level of charge of the mobile phone battery. Wireless communication quickly plants the battery.

The technology does not work on old TV models and mobile devices.

Through Miracast

Miracast connection connection suggests that the TV panel and mobile gadget are connected through the router to the home network. To connect to the LG TV using this option, the following sequence of actions is performed.

  • In the settings block of the Network TV panels, you need to open the Mirakast item and turn on the function (we transfer the toggle switch to the “ON” position).
  • In the settings of a mobile device, you also need to enable a similar function. If it is not provided by default, you should download and install the Miracast-Wi-Fi Display program from the application store.
  • Smart-TV will determine the phone as available to connection. It is necessary to confirm the synchronization of the devices and wait for the connection.

Important! In order for the picture to be displayed on the TV panel at full screen, it is necessary to install the smartphone horizontally.

Smart Share (only for LG phones)

For wireless communication of the LG brand, there is a proprietary technology Screen Share/Smart Share. For synchronous work, the TV and the LG brand smartphone should be part of one Wi-Fi network. Implement the connection is simple: it is enough to activate the Screen Share function on both devices, wait for the phone to determine and confirm the connection.


Take advantage of the wireless connection with TV LG. For this:

  • Install SMART TV software;
  • Download such an application to your mobile phone;
  • Use the same Internet wireless network;
  • Put a mark near the desired item in the “main menu”;
  • Select Video for viewing.

Click the Bearning key and watch any video content.

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