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How to connect a phone to LG TV

Connecting a mobile device to the TV will first expand the functionality of the equipment. The smartphone will become like the projector through which the signal will be transmitted, while the picture will be shown on the large screen of the television transmitter.

How to connect iPhone / iPad to TV? WITHOUT Apple TV and APPs.

  • play video and audio files, view photos and other content from the phone, project data on a large monitor;
  • run games, messengers, social networks and other applications installed from the market;
  • located on the Internet, visit various Internet resources;
  • conduct and view presentations, demonstrations, read literature on the TV screen in electronic format;
  • talk on the Skype transmitter display and listen to music.

The user can connect to TV using Wi-Fi, then the information will be transmitted through the air. In other cases, special cables and intenses will be required.

You can install an application on the phone, which will make it a remote control. Then it will be possible to control actions on the screen using your mobile device. For LG TVs, the LG TV Remote program is downloaded, there is both Google Play and the AppStore.

What gives the iPhone connection to the LG TV

How to connect a laptop to a TV via wi-fi

By connecting the phone to TV, you can significantly expand the set of options by default LG proposed. So, instead of the standard list of television channels and the use of stationary players, you can start and complete the screen duplication at any time. in fact, your iPhone turns into a projector from which a broadcast is going on. At the same time, both devices retain autonomy: during playback the gadget does not turn off.

The output of the picture on a wide screen will allow you, in addition:

  • Use the Internet recrecer, in particular-open sites with streaming video broadcasting, select data for download, conduct correspondence.
  • View presentations, all kinds of demonstration videos, even read e.books.
  • Launch any mobile applications that your iPhone supports. These can be games, special programs, for example, to prepare drawings, messengers and other applets.
  • Finally, connecting the iPhone to the LG TV will allow you to enjoy full-format viewing of videos, slide shows, photos stored in the gadget memory. The broadcast begins in automatic mode. the main thing is that TV supports the codec used.
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Among other things, you can always connect additional equipment to LG, including various touchpads, sensory tablets, keyboards and even joysticks. All these devices can make the use of the TV even more comfortable.

The first of the connection options described below is to use wires for synchronization. They provide the best quality transmission quality, however, take place on the floor or require installation on the wall. Wireless technology allows you to do without lifting cables, but it requires a stable Internet connection. In addition, temporary loss of communication cannot be excluded. So, let’s start with the most reliable ways- using HDMI and USB-goals.

Additional options

Analog cables are the most affordable alternative to iPhone users. High quality cannot be achieved without an adapter, but this option has its place because it is the cheapest.

  • Composite (bells). One end is connected to the TV, the other to the smartphone. On the TV, turn on the receiving audio and video signals, on the iPhone turn on the mirroring (settings);
  • Component (tulip). Used for iPhone versions above 4. The connection method is identical;
  • VGA. Lightning adapter VGA (Apple) is required. Suitable for models running iOS 5 or later.

Important: the longer the cable, the more convenient the mirror display. Before buying, check the availability (4-5 m). After connecting to the TV, install the signal source. with iPhone. In addition, connect the lightning charger to the adapter or phone.

The easiest way to display the image of the iPhone screen on TV is to duplicate the screen. Apple TV proprietary console is organically related to smartphones of the same company using AirPlay. But if you do not have it, then you can connect a Miracast adapter to the TV. With it, you can display a picture from absolutely any device-via Intel Widi from a computer or laptop on Windows, from MacOS macs or Android Smartphone.

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There are a lot of models of such adapters. I use Rombica Smartcast, which is universal and works with all of the above technologies. That is, it can both simply display a video or photo on the TV, and duplicate the screen.

connect, iphone, smart

To do this, just connect TV and the phone to the same Wi-Fi network. Pull in the iPhone by the lower curtain and select “Repeat of the screen”

We use Apple TV

Apple Smart setting allows the “apple” gadget to connect to any TV. He plays an intermediary role, equipping AirPlay with a proprietary protocol, which was discussed earlier.

To use the IPhone-TV-TV trio, you need to carry out a number of actions:

  • The prefix joins the TV by means of the corresponding Inteime (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth).
  • The iPhone is installed and launched, which controls the work of the AirPlay prefix.
  • The conjugation passes through the “Repeat of the screen” button in the application.
  • The phone is looking for a prefix installed in the house by home wi-fi.
  • AirPlay Mirroring notice appears. Activate the found device by introducing a code that displayed on the TV screen.

It is important to remember that the following coherent sessions pass at an automatic level.

The mentioned player interacts with phone models no older than the fifth generation. The main condition: the presence of high.speed connection (3G, 4G) and the updated latest version of iOS.

Connection options

As a rule, the methods of conjugation of devices largely depend on the hardware capabilities of the phone and TV.

  • If there is a conventional TV-free, which does not have a wireless module, then the connection will be made exclusively through the cord.
  • Smart TV TVs is possible in wireless type through Wi-Fi Module.
connect, iphone, smart

It is worth noting that the smartphone model also affects the connection method, but not as serious as the hardware of the TV. Many phones are equipped with different ports for synchronization, so when buying a cord, first of all, you need to look at the type of connector. Of course, in extreme cases, you can purchase an adapter, but there is nothing to have extra costs.

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Connection options

The conjugation of the iPhone and the computer is available in two ways:

In the first case, a person needs to get special cables to connect devices. The second wires will not be needed at all, but the technical equipment of the TV receiver will play an important role.

In order for the iPhone connection to the TV is performed quickly and gives the user a lot of interaction capabilities, it is recommended to use receivers with the Smart TV function.

And if the model and technical equipment of the LG TV is a priority fact that determines the type of connection, then the IPhone release date fades into the background. In the case when a person has in the hands of the iPhone 5 and the older version, he may not worry about the success of the operation. It is much more important to pay attention to the TV itself, its wired and wireless intenses.

How To Mirror Your iPhone to a LG TV

Next, we will analyze all the available methods of connecting iPhone to LG. In some cases, the use of additional equipment will be required, but, as a rule, it is enough to have access to a Wi-Fi network or a complete Lightning cable.

How to display photos and videos from iPhone on TV to watch movies?

What to do if your TV or prefix does not have support AirPlay? We will work through DLNK. To connect the iPhone to the Samsung, Sony or LG TV TV, you need to install a separate application. You can find many of them in the AppStore, but I personally use TV Assist.

Then this video will begin to play on your TV directly with your iPhone.

In the same way, you can post photos or music that is on your iPhone.

connect, iphone, smart