How to connect iPhone to Hyundai TV

Those who use the prefix for the Apple TV TV do not ask the question how to connect the iPhone to the TV. Because the image of the image from the iPhone on Smart TV is made through AirPlay literally two steps and does not require any additional programs. But Samsung, LG, Sony, or Philips TV owners to display photos or transfer video from the iPhone to TV, you will have to install an additional application. For example, to watch a movie or to duplicate the screen.

iPhone 12: AirPlay to LG Smart TV Wirelessly (Screen Mirror)

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Connection iPhone to Wi-Fi TV to transmit video

Guests come to me very often. And to show your friends some photos from the latest trips, it is much more convenient for this to use a large TV than a small iPhone display. To do this, you can use the function of repeating the iPhone screen. In addition, if you connect it to TV, you can also lose music through its speakers or even watch movies, including directly with YouTube.

So, in order to display a video or photo from the iPhone to the TV, the following is necessary:

  • TV should be able to get rid of your home router. It doesn’t matter how you do it in a cable, or by Wi-Fi, or through TV prefix on Android. The main thing is that he is on one local network with iPhone. I already talked about all ways to connect TV to the Internet.
  • The TV must have support for DLNA or Miracast. We will use them to broadcast the video. In modern Sony, Samsung, Philips, LG or any other with Smart TV, it is already built into the shell. If you have an obsolete model, then you can easily connect a prefix on Android to it, where all modern technologies also work by default. Or the simplest mirakast adapter.

To connect the iPhone to the TV, you can use two Miracast and DLNA technologies.

  • Miracast (AirPlay on the iPhone) serves to duplicate the screen on a large monitor. Everything that you see on your phone will be accurately displayed on the TV.
  • DLNA is an opportunity to output only videos, photos or music from iPhone on TV screen.

There are a lot of models of such adapters. I use Rombica Smartcast, which is universal and works with all of the above technologies. That is, it can both simply display a video or photo on the TV, and duplicate the screen.

To do this, just connect TV and the phone to the same Wi-Fi network. Pull in the iPhone by the lower curtain and select the repetition of the screen

How to connect any iPhone to LG Smart TV TV

New technologies oriented to the future, as well as the ability to synchronize different devices among themselves, led to the fact that more and more users began to connect their iPhone to LG Smart TV. After careful testing, we were convinced that the following methods allow guaranteed to broadcast the iPhone screen on the TV. As a result, the user may enjoy viewing different mobile content on the big screen.

Option 1. Using the LG TV Plus program

This is one of the best software tools for mirroring the iPhone screen on LG TV. In addition, the application has other useful features for synchronization with most TV models with webos support.

  • When you connect both devices to one Wi-Fi home wireless network, you need to make some settings.
  • Turn on TV and go to the “connection manager” or “source”. In the proposed list of devices, select “Smartphone”.
  • At the next stage, the system will invite the user to choose a connection task. Most likely, the points will be displayed. “General access to the screen”, “General access to the contents”, “Television management”.
  • Having chosen the point you need, the window will open with the offer to “knit” the device. You need to start the installed application on the iPhone and select “Pair Now”.
  • After a successful ligament, it will be possible to view photos and videos, listen to music and much more on an “apple” device, and all this content will be broadcast on the TV screen.
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Option 2. Using the Mirror for LG Smart TV program

This software tool was designed by Airbeamtv BV and is available for download in the APP Store company store.

Follow the link and start the installation. Please note that the application is compatible with new versions of iOS, starting with 11.

To connect the iPhone to the LG TV, you need:

  • Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi wireless network.
  • Find the installed application in the phone menu and run it.
  • The search for the TV will begin. The procedure does not take much time. After a few seconds, the name of your LG will be displayed on the iPhone screen. Click not him.
  • A system message should appear on the TV that a new device is trying to connect to it. Using the remote control or buttons on the case, you must confirm the click of the “allow” or “accept” button.
  • Next, you need to add to the “control panel” iPhone button “Writing screen” and enable “access in programs”. To do this, go to the “settings” menu, open a section called “control point”. Opposite the “Access in Programs” option, set the switch to the “inclusive” state. Then, here, open the item “Configure the element.control “and in the list of available, select” Writing Screens “.
  • Return to the Mirror for LG TV program and scroll through the windows with instructions. After that, find and activate the “Notifications” option in the settings. This is necessary so that you can always see when the iPhone connects to your LG TV and when it turns off from it.
  • After these steps, the program will automatically redirect to video hosting YouTube. You will be able to test the work of broadcasting the screen from the iPhone to the TV, choosing any video you want to watch.
  • On the smartphone, open the “control point”, press and hold the “screen recording” button.
  • A pop.up window will appear in which select “Mirror LG TV”.
  • On the TV screen, the contents of your iPhone screen should begin. Sometimes there is a slight lag, but no more than a few seconds.

Option 3. Using IMediaShare tool

  • By launching the application, you will see a list of several available functions. For example, “Photo from the photophone”, “Video from the photophone” and others.
  • Let’s say you choose the first option. After the window is opened, all your iPhone folders with photos will be displayed. Go to any of them and click on one or another photo.
  • The system will offer to choose the screen. “My Apple or“ TV ”device”. Select the name of your LG and in a few seconds the picture will be broadcast on TV.

Other available functions in the IMediaShare program work on the same principle.

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Option 4. using the digital media player Chromecast

Chromecast is one of the best options for streaming video and even a mirror display of the screen of your iOS device on LG TV.

For a bundle of devices, you just need to connect to the same Wi-Fi network. This will allow you to open applications or broadcast videos, display photos and play games on the phone that will be broadcast to TV via Chromecast.

  • Connect Chromecast to LG TV.
  • Download the Google Home application to your iPhone. Install and run it, then click “Configure the new Chromecast”.
  • To connect, click the “Account” icon in the lower right corner of the phone, then select the “Mirror device” in the “Additional parameters” section.
  • Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi server.
  • Wait until the iPhone finishes the search for the TV, then click CAST Screen / Audio.

Option 5. connection via USB

Using this conjugation method, the iPhone will also be charged. But the disadvantage is that, therefore, the smartphone is connected as a drive. That is, you can translate only the contents from the memory of the device. And transmit, for example, Viberi calls or a live broadcast of some kind of sporting event, you will no longer be able to. However, the method is completely working and in some cases will be relevant for you.

How to connect iPhone to LG TV via Wi-Fi

The easiest option is through an access point or “by air”. Since all modern TVs and phones are equipped with an appropriate module, there will be no problems. Setting Guide:

  • Download and install on TV free software LG Smart Share;
  • On the iPhone, download the Twonky Beam software;
  • On iOS, open the Bim Cons and Choose the point “Show Or Hide” with a tick;
  • Next, open the video that you want to broadcast on the screen;
  • turn on;
  • The flow of the video will go after the “Beaming” is displayed on the display.
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Using this method, make sure that both devices are connected to one access point.

Airpay (repeat)

Airpay (repeat) is a technology that is used to stream file transfer and broadcast on a device. In 2022, it is found in many smartphones, tablets, media pages.

  • Connect the iOS and Apple TV/Smart TV to one wi-fi;
  • Select on a mobile device a record that you want to display through AirPlay;
  • Click on the square icon with a triangle below;
  • Among the proposed options, select the name of the device to which you translate the file;
  • Wait 5-10 seconds before starting;
  • To stop, press the square icon with a triangle below.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a modern media player whose work is based on a smartphone connecting to TV. It is wireless, and is connected “by air”. He caches the video stream that is transmitted through it, and reproduces again at any convenient time. Memory size depends on the model. starts from 8 GB. Connects to the home network. Compatible with PC, IMAC, MacBook, IPAD, IPOD Touch and iPhone. Replaces the control panel, as it has an infrared sensor and a debugging module.

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is also a small digital media player, which is installed near the TV. This is an analogue of Apple TV from another manufacturer. Through this device, it is possible to start the broadcast of the video up to 1080p. The gadget is compatible with any devices at the access point, parameters-Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2.4 GHz/5 GHz).

Apple TV prefix

This option of synchronization is possible if there is a special prefix to the TV from Apple.

Advice! Before installing it, you should update all operating systems on connected devices. This is done in order to prevent possible failures and errors.

To connect the iPhone to the LG TV through the prefix, the following should be performed.

  • In the settings of the Apple TV menu, click on the remote controls and devices.
  • Make a phone connection to the same Wi-Fi network with which the connection of the prefix is ​​established, and then make the approximation of the devices.
  • After the report of the proposal of the creation of a paired connection, it is confirming it.
  • Then the PIN code will be shown on the TV screen, which must be duplicated on the smartphone. If there is no need to enter a password every time, then you can abandon it by removing the checkplace from the security menu item to request a password.

After performing all the above actions, try to run any video on the phone or open the picture, thereby checking the correctness of the connection.

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Advice! The owners of the Apple TV prefix should be installed on your iPhone Apple TV Remote application. This will conveniently control the gadget, including using the keyboard on the smartphone to enter search queries.

We use Apple TV

Apple Smart setting allows the “apple” gadget to connect to any TV. He plays an intermediary role, equipping AirPlay with a proprietary protocol, which was discussed earlier.

To use the IPhone-TV-TV trio, you need to carry out a number of actions:

  • The prefix joins the TV by means of the corresponding Inteime (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth).
  • The iPhone is installed and launched, which controls the work of the AirPlay prefix.
  • The conjugation passes through the “Repeat of the screen” button in the application.
  • The phone is looking for a prefix installed in the house by home wi-fi.
  • AirPlay Mirroring notice appears. Activate the found device by introducing a code that displayed on the TV screen.

It is important to remember that the following coherent sessions pass at an automatic level.

The mentioned player interacts with phone models no older than the fifth generation. The main condition: the presence of high.speed connection (3G, 4G) and the updated latest version of iOS.

Connection options

As a rule, the methods of conjugation of devices largely depend on the hardware capabilities of the phone and TV.

  • If there is a conventional TV-free, which does not have a wireless module, then the connection will be made exclusively through the cord.
  • Smart TV TVs is possible in wireless type through Wi-Fi Module.
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It is worth noting that the smartphone model also affects the connection method, but not as serious as the hardware of the TV. Many phones are equipped with different ports for synchronization, so when buying a cord, first of all, you need to look at the type of connector. Of course, in extreme cases, you can purchase an adapter, but there is nothing to have extra costs.

How to connect iPhone to TV via Wi-Fi

To connect your phone to TV via Wi-Fi, it is necessary that the TV support Wi-Fi Direct technology. Before performing the procedure, be sure to read the instructions for your TV. Ideally, if you find specific instructions for Wi-Fi Direct, but if your TV has a Smart prefix, most likely everything will work as it should.

IPhone screen broadcast on a TV without wires.

First you need to connect the TV to the Wi-Fi home network. All TVs are different, so it is difficult to give universal instructions. In general, she will look something like this:

  • We go to the settings.
  • Next, click on general settings, network.
  • Then select a wireless connection method.
  • Next, TV will offer to choose a Wi-Fi network, select a home network.
  • Enter the password using the remote control.
  • Click ready.

Next, we connect to the same Wi-Fi network on the iPhone and broadcast the screen of our phone on TV. Everything is much easier here:

  • We go to the settings, wi-fi.
  • Next, select the same network as on the TV (important).
  • We connect to it (enter the password, if necessary).
  • Next, we move to the iPhone to the control point (the pile from the right upper corner for the iPhone X and older or the swipe from the bottom for the iPhone 8 and younger).
  • Click on the icon with two screens and select the TV.
  • Ready.

First, we are convinced that both devices were connected to one network, and only then we look at the control point.

How to screen mirror iPhone to a LG Smart TV

Now you can easily broadcast your smartphone screen on your TV. There are not so many scenarios here, but show photos from the vacation. the very thing! Well, you can also play, although it seems much more convenient for me to connect the iPhone to a computer.

If the screen of the screen does not appear in the window of your TV, then TV does not support this chip and you will have to act in the old fashioned way. Don’t be scared, everything is simple there.

Wending connection

The main condition for the implementation of such a decision is the presence of the necessary connectors and support the selected connection technology. HDMI connection provides complete duplication of the image and sound from a smartphone on a TV panel. Connection via USB makes it possible to connect a smartphone to TV like a flash drive.

Through the HDMI integer

Modern TVs are equipped with several HDMI ports. If the smartphone is equipped with a port of Mini HDMI, then by means of HDMIMINI↔HDMI cable, physical connection is easily performed. It is more difficult to implement the connection of devices when the phone does not have the right connector. In this case, you have to purchase a special transition adapter and use the HDMI↔HDMI cable.

  • The cable is connected to the TV and the phone. It is important to remember the number of the port on the TV panel.
  • In the TV menu, as a signal source, you need to select the port corresponding to the physical connection.
  • The connection between the devices is installed automatically.

Via USB. port

USB connection is used to transfer files to Smart TV memory or playing photo collections and films. For physical connection, a standard integration is used, which is included with a smartphone. Communication configuration consists of two steps: choosing a USB signal source on the TV and the “connect as a flash drive” on a smartphone mode and the mode.

On some models of the LG brand TV, support for USB device is impossible. Despite the fact that the connector on the device’s body is provided, the phone is not connected, since the port is marked with the symbols “Service Only” or “Remote Control”. Such a port is intended exclusively for diagnostic or repair work and blocked for other connections.