How to connect an iPhone to smart-TV

TV viewing has always been a fascinating occupation, however, with the development of electronic equipment in it more and more SMART functions are applied. Partially we are talking about the built-in features, partly. about those provided by the prefix. Part of the additional functions can be implemented by connecting the smartphone to the television receiver.

One of the most famous is the use of a software remote control that is implemented as an application on the phone. To implement this and other possibilities it is necessary to communicate with the TV. To do this, you can use in several ways.

Of course, the specified functions can be implemented using specialized equipment. But it should be noted that it will be more expensive and not always implementation will be better.

It should also be borne in mind that actually modern iPhones are full computers. On them, for example, you can view movies and serials, however, on the big screen it is much more convenient. Thus, the connection to the television receiver will help more comfortably use some capabilities of the iPhone, among which, for example, you can note the seen on the Internet, listening to music tracks or reading e-books.

Using iPhone is largely individual. If there are plans, for example, collective watching of movies, it is better to organize using it on a TV, passing a signal from a smartphone. A similar situation may occur if several people will play video game.

Another reason for the use of the connection under consideration is the use of a television receiver for video links. To do this, there are publicly available software, but if you broadcast the image to the big screen, the communication will be more impressive.

Through the HDMI cable


Connecting a tablet computer from Apple via HDMI is the easiest and most common way to display the image on TV on the wire.

HDMI display mobile device is completely duplicated to a large screen, so the image from the iPad will have the same permission as the tablet display. Also on the TV screen will be identical to the tablet orientation of the display and the level of brightness.

Important! Despite the fact that permission through the HDMI cable will be the same as on the tablet, it will probably look worse. This is due to the fact that there is no Retina pixel seal technology on TV, and on apple devices it is.

Connect iPad to a TV only if it is iPad 2 or a model newer. On the tablet package there is no HDMI input, so the adapter will need.

Need a multi-port digital AV adapter sold in Apple stores. It has 3 entrances, including HDMI. From the reverse side there is a cable entry to the Lightning-connector of the device.

By connecting the HDMI cable to the TV, and the other side to the adapter, you need to connect the adapter to the tablet. After that, it remains only to switch to the HDMI signal on TV, which already duplicates what is happening on the gadget.

If the black frames are visible when duplicated, open TV settings and switch to the 16: 9 format.

Other nuances:

Mirror for Samsung TV and Mirror for LG TV can be useful if you have Smart TV at home.

If you would like to watch the video on YouTube or climb on the Internet on the big screen, these applications will greatly cope with such work. If you are a gamer or simply do not tolerate the delay in a couple of seconds, then applications are hardly arranged.

Possible connection methods

Using additional equipment and software, you can connect tablet and TV.

To start broadcasting video, the following device and television communication options apply:

  • USB connection;
  • Using Apple TV consoles;
  • Connection using an HDMI cable;
  • connection using a VGA cable;
  • Connection via W-IFI;
  • Google Chromecast.

In older TV models there is no possibility of connecting to Wi-Fi network (only if you buy a Wi-Fi adapter or Google Chromecast). To connect iPad to such a TV, consider other methods that are also described in this article.

Using USB Intees

Reliable way to connect iPad to most TVs. using a USB cable. This option is available for Apple’s tablet owners, with the exception of iPad 2, it is impossible to transmit files between this device and TV. Communication need a USB cable, which is standard.

It is important to know! With this method of synchronization, you can use the tablet only as a drive.

To connect, you need to insert the cable with one end in the iPad, and the other. in the USB connector on the TV. When connecting, a corresponding message will appear on the display, after 2-3 seconds of the device successfully synchronized. With incorrect connection, the compound may not take place. In this case, you need to specify the USB signal source.

Using Apple TV Prefix

Many products of Apple products do not want to spend money on additional devices. Apple TV prefix with ease justifies the tools spent.

Additional advantage. support for AirPlay function. With its help, the content of mixed type is displayed on the screen, including with a sound playback (connection via USB is not in all cases makes it possible to watch video with sound).

Another function AirPlay. Control of Content Personalization. On TV You can listen to audio and watch videos from personal playlists service iTunes.

In order to connect iPad to the Samsung, LG TV and other models, you need:

  • Go to Apple TV menu, find the [Settings] section, then [Remote Controls and Devices]. From the list select [“Remote” and “Devices”].
  • IOS device closer to Apple TV.
  • Click on [Create a couple].
  • Enter PIN on the device. It is displayed on the TV display. You need to look at Apple TV Security Settings. If the requirement is set to request a password for AirPlay, then in this case the password will need to be entered each time AirPlay.
  • Check Connections Devices in Apple TV.

After all iPad actions will be connected to TV. By analogy, the gadget is connected and to other models.

Using HDMI cable

The advantage of iPad and iPad MINI tablets is that you can connect the digital signal decoding adapter. So, possibly with the iPad look at the TV video in HD quality, using HDMI cable data exchange.

The adapter was developed for all manufactured tablet models. iPad and iPad mini passed to tele-screen video with quality up to 720p (during the release of tablets such a quality satisfied users). Subsequent models are already able to transmit a stream of media authorization to 1080p. In short, the iPad connection scheme via the HDMI cable is as follows:

  • Connect the adapter to the tablet. To do this, use the Lightning Digital AV Adapter adapter.
  • Install the connection between the cable and TV with HDMI connector.
  • Using the remote control, go to the TV source menu. Select used HDMI port. The number is written near the device connector.

Connect the cable can not directly to TV, but to one of the additional receivers already connected to it. It can be a satellite disk receiver or other, with a free HDMI connector.

To check the functionality of the Connect, the user opens the file (video, photo) from the gallery. With the correct connection, the file is displayed on the screen.

Application of VGA connector

Another option to transfer the image from the iPad to the TV. use the VGA cable. This method is less popular and convenient.

The main problem is that it is possible to connect to the VGA connector on TV only using a special Apple Lightning to VGA adapter, which will have to buy additionally. Another drawback of such a connection. the VGA adapter is capable of transmitting only an image in order to hear the sound, you need to additionally connect speakers using sound connector or content with the speakers of the gadget itself.

Connection via W-IFI

You can also connect iPad to a TV via Wi-Fi. Among the standard software on iPad there is no software for creating a TV connection, so users need to additionally download one of the following programs in the App Store: IMediaShare. Twonky Beam. The TV device must recognize AllShare and DLNA. Modern Smart TV support these technologies. South Korean companies SAMSUNG, LG and Japanese brand Panasonic stand out by their developments.

After that, follow the following actions:

  • Connect the TV to the W-IFI network;
  • include the program on the tablet;
  • Find online your TV and confirm synchronization.

The described connection method is possible if there is a router. Better This option is suitable for displaying photo and video content on TV display.

Device Chromecast

Very convenient and worthwhile device Google Chromecast and Google Chromecast Ultra. Looks like a plain flash drive that is inserted into the HDMI port of the TV. Using Google Chromkaster, you can synchronize your TV with a laptop or tablet. You can start the computer / tablet browser, and it will start on TV, or turn on the movie. Setting and connecting occurs as follows.

How to display an image with iPad on a TV via HDMI

Wireless Connection Methods are available for Smart TV. To connect the iPad and simple flat TV, you can select HDMI, USB cable. In rare cases to broadcast video to a kinescope or old version TV from popular brands, tulips may need “Tulips”. Consider all options how to display an image with iPad on TV.

  • Purchase Digital AV Adaptor adapter required to connect equipment.
  • Connect iPad with adapter or cable. Connect another end to tv.
  • Take a remote control. Go to settings. Select the source of the HDMI signal.
  • The TV screen will show the tablet display. It remains to find the desired photo, video and click on Play.

Important! Owners of iPad 2 and above do not need additional utilities for the screen mirror mode. The optimal format that can be set in the connection settings. 16: 9.

Google Chromecast

To connect, you can use not only the console from the company, but also a special additional device from Google. Google Chomecast. This device in appearance is no different from the usual and familiar flash drive, however, it has many advantages. Connection occurs right through HDMI:

  • To begin with, the required adapter must be connected to the Internet and TV;
  • After that you need to configure through a special utility. She downloaded through an additional store from Apple;
  • Now that all the necessary parameters are adjusted, the user can be displayed on the screen using the Internet. As a rule, the delay is minimal. Possible within a few seconds.

This device is a really reliable transmitter that will help withdraw the necessary content in HD. quality. Such a chip costs about 50 dollars. The price depends on the seller.

Why connect your smartphone to the TV?

An ordinary TV without accessing the Internet has an extremely limited functionality. it can only be viewed by television programs on available channels. However, this narrows the possibility of choice, the quality of television content continues to decline. If you figure out how to connect the iPhone to the TV, you can significantly expand its capabilities. The user becomes the following feature:

  • View all sorts of films and videos with YouTube. They can be found on the big screen, enjoying the quality of the image and sound. In this case, the TV is used as a monitor to which the picture is passed.
  • Internet seen. You can visit any sites, view pages in social networks, search for the necessary information and display it on the big screen.
  • Video calls using modern messengers. On the TV screen will be displayed a clear picture, it will make communication with friends and loved ones much more pleasant.
  • Conducting business video conferencing, which is especially important for office staff.

Is it possible to connect the iPhone to the TV if at home is the usual model with outdated possibilities? There will be no problems with the connection, because for this you can use in several ways.

Preparation for connecting TV to smartphone

Before using any ways to connect, it is recommended to update the firmware installed on the TV to the latest version. To do this, go to network settings and run an update with download from the official site. If the device does not have its own Internet access, you can download the desired software version from official sources on the USB flash drive and install. Updating the firmware allows you to open maximum synchronization capabilities with other gadgets, as well as get rid of accumulated errors. As a result, the connection will pass without problems, there will be no accidents and failures.

If you fulfill all the requirements of instructions when connecting a smartphone and a TV in various ways, but do not achieve the desired result, you need to call a specialist. It is extremely undesirable to try to independently establish software from untested sources or put any unofficial utilities on the phone. This can lead to serious damage to the smartphone and television.