How to display photos and videos on the TV with iPhone (iPad)

With the advent of modern, “smart” TVs, users have many questions about the display of image from mobile devices to a large TV screen. In this article we will consider several ways by which you can display an image from the iPhone, or iPad on a TV on a Wi-Fi network, without wires.

Agree, it is convenient when you can display photos on a large screen on the screen in several presses on the screen, or video from your iPhone, or iPad. And also, you can send music to the TV, and listen to it through the speakers of the TV, or the home theater connected to the TV. Or display a video from YouTube on the TV screen, and manage playing with iPhone.

How To Mirror your iPad / iPhone on a LG TV

There are two working methods in which you can transmit the image from the mobile device from Apple to the TV:

  • Apple TV is a separate, small device that connects to the TV. And already with the iPhone, or iPad via Apple TV, you can broadcast photos, videos, or even completely broadcast everything that happens on the screen of a mobile device, or computer.
  • Use the DLNA technology connection. The main plus of this method is that everything can be done without Apple TV. All we need is a TV and iPhone, which are connected to one network (to one router). To display the video, we will use free applications.

Now we will consider both options in more detail. As for Apple TV, in this option we will not delve into all the details, since I don’t have Apple TV, and you most likely also have this prefix, you would hardly get to this one page. Most likely, you need a free, or budget decision, to which the purchase of Apple TV definitely does not apply.

Through the HDMI cable

Connecting a tablet computer from Apple via HDMI is the easiest and most common way to display the image on TV by wire.

Connect iPhone to LG Smart TV. Airplay (2021)

According to the HDMI, the display of the mobile device is completely duplicated on the large screen, so the image with the iPad will have the same resolution as the tablet display. Also on the TV screen there will be an identical tablet orientation of the display and brightness level.

Important! Despite the fact that the resolution through the HDMI cable will be the same as on the tablet, it will probably look worse. This is due to the fact that TV does not have a retina pixel compaction technology, and it is on the devices from Apple.

You can connect the iPad to the TV only if it is an iPad 2 or a newer model. There is no hdmi entrance on the tablet body, so you will need an adapter.

Need a multi-port digital AV-adapter sold in Apple stores. It has 3 entrances, including HDMI. On the back there is a cable input in the Lightning device of the device.

connect, ipad, smart

By connecting the HDMI cable to the TV, and the other side to the adapter, you need to connect the adapter to the tablet. After that, it remains only to switch to the HDMI signal on TV, on which what is happening on the gadget is already duplicated.

If the black frames are visible during duplication, open the TV settings and switch to the 16: 9 format.

Wireless connection

Modern technologies gradually carry the abundance of cords and cables for a stable connection. The era of IR ports has long gone, modern technologies of contactless data transmission have appeared. Today, to connect the iPad to the TV, you can use one of the technological methods and there is no magic in this. Let us consider in detail each of them, as well as all their pros and cons of.

Using a common Wi-Fi network

Connecting an iPad to a TV via home Wi-Fi has become easy thanks to special connecting programs available in the application store. Consider one of them in more detail.

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To connect you will need the Belkin MediaPlay, home Wi-Fi, and a wireless port on TV, downloaded on the iPad.

  • Set up on a home TV access to Wi-Fi.
  • Launch the above application on your iPad;
  • Open the settings.
  • Turn on the item: “Show Or Hide the Visual Indicators at the Edge of the Screen”.
  • Using the program, open the site through which the broadcast will be.
  • Open an additional menu and find your TV in the Display Device panel.
  • Roll all the extra windows and click on the “Beam” button.
  • If there is no such button, reboot the site and try again.
  • Connection is installed.

In the pluses of this method, you can definitely put free. Minuses are the side of unstable software, which can bring at the most inopportune moment. There is also a case of a TV incompatibility with programs for broadcasting.

Through the video device Apple TV and AirPlay

The Apple TV prefix, released and designed to synchronize the TV with iPad, gained great popularity. She works on the principle of AirPlay, allowing not only to display the image using a wireless connection, but also:

Naturally, the prefix has its main advantage, contained in preserving the excellent quality of the image transmission. And the main drawback: a high price compared to other methods of translating data from iPad on TV.

In order to watch television using Apple TV take 5 simple steps:

  • Connect the prefix, tablet and TV to one Wi-Fi.
  • Apple TV connect with your HDMI TV connection.
  • Activate the AirPlay function on your iPad.
  • On the AirPlay settings panel, find the model of your TV and select.
  • In the TV source, indicate the HDMI port.
  • And the last touch: turn on the iPad video recovery.
  • Everything is ready to work with a large screen.

In fact, this method has no minuses, except for its high cost. The prefix allows you to work with an iPad through a large screen at any time, as well as synchronize other devices with your TV. In this case, high quality connection is preserved.

Google Chromecast

Alternative TV prefix from Apple Synchronization Method. It will require:

For a stable connection, you need to perform several important stages:

  • Connect Google Chromecast to the HDMI port and reboot the TV.
  • Download Googlehome from AppStore. Install and run.
  • After starting, click on the “Start”, “set up” buttons.
  • Open our account on Googlehome.
  • We turn on the Bluetooth connection.
  • The program will find Google Chromecast.
  • We synchronize, click on the TV “confirm”.
  • The code will appear on the TV screen, enter it in the program.
  • The broadcast has been successfully started.
connect, ipad, smart

The minus is actually one. this is the inability to transmit the image as higher than Full HD, according to some sources 720 HD. Despite this, the prefix is ​​an excellent alternative for those who want to quickly and inexpensively get a stable daily iPad connection to TV.


In fact, the technology of hacking the iPad, followed by its transformation into a useless hard drive. After using Jailbreak, you can freely transmit and look at any files to other devices. Add new capabilities for your iPad for your iPad. But at the same time you will get several significant disadvantages:

  • Applications prohibited in the official store, which will make it possible to expand the iPad functionality.
  • Free installation of pirate analogues of premium applications.
  • Early models can be used with any SIM cards.

Hack your iPad or not, decide only for you. The procedure is illegal and pirate. so we definitely do not recommend it to you. But as part of the review they could not pass by and not tell. support TVs AirPlay

At the beginning of 2019 (this is a few days ago, at the time of writing this article), news appeared on the Internet that some TVs will receive support for AirPlay 2 (as well as iTunes). This is an official statement from Apple. Why did they do this, I don’t understand. After all, it turns out that if you have a TV with AirPlay and iTunes support, then there is no need for Apple TV. It will be possible to duplicate the screen, broadcast music, or start watching videos and photos from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac on TV right away. Without additional devices. And it’s very cool!

At the moment, it is known that AirPlay 2 support will receive TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio. Of course not all TV models. A list of televisions has already been published in which the support of AirPlay 2 will appear. Some TVs will be released in 2019, and in some (2018 models), support for this technology will appear after updating the firmware.

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Perhaps later information will appear about other manufacturers and models. The news is good, we will observe this topic. If some TVs really receive support for AirPlay 2 and iTunes with firmware updates, then I think this will happen in the near future.

Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев how you connect your iOS devices with a TV, which method of described in the article you use, and what do you think about the AirPlay function and the iTunes service in the TVs listed above.

connect, ipad, smart

Wireless video transmission from iPad to TV

The question familiar to most users, how to connect the iPad with a TV through a wireless network can be solved in different ways. The most popular are the options that are described below.

By Wi-Fi

The wireless way to transmit information to Wi-Fi Direct and the Miracast protocol developed in this way that they will not require the inclusion of TV devices and mobile equipment in the common network by a router. They can independently establish a connection with each other through p2p. There is only one condition. support for technology by all gadgets. If it does not have it in TV, you can use adapters (donlloles) inserted into the HDMI connector. Their approximate price is 50 dollars.

Wi-Fi Direct, unlike the Miracast Protocol, is simplicity of configuration. Data exchange is made on the principle of a mirror copy of the picture. Most often the TV and the tablet are independently synchronized. Wi-Fi Direct technology allows you to transfer video as FullHD.

  • In the Smart TV in the parameters we go to the Network menu, and find the Miracast column.
  • Further, in the settings of the mobile device, you must go to the “parameters” and activate the Wi-Fi Module.
  • In the “screen” menu, find the “wireless display” column and install the runner in the “inclusive” mode.
  • Click in the menu that appears the name of the TV, confirm the request for the connection.
  • On TV will have a copy of the iPad display display.
  • To turn off the connection, in the parameters of the mobile device you need to click on the TV model again and confirm the action.

Possible problems and ways to solve them can be seen on this

Apple TV and AirPlay

To install the iPad connection to the TV via AirPlay, you need to buy the Apple TV prefix, it is connected by the usual “HDMI. HDMI” cable. The prefix is ​​installed directly near TV. The main condition for the exchange of information is to connect with the common Wi-Fi network.

IPAD connection to AirPlay through a router:

  • Connect the console with the TV, and include its food wire in the outlet;
  • In the parameters of TV, select the signal source-HDMI connector;
  • Connect the prefix and iPad by Wi-Fi network;
  • Click on the Home icon on the iPad, a multitasking menu will appear;
  • Switch to the right to go to the screen adjustment screen and brightness, where select AirPlay label;
  • In the list of devices, find the prefix and install the flag;
  • The Mirroring Count will appear, it is activated by moving the runner to the right side.

A mirror display of the iPad display will appear on the TV.

information can be viewed on the following

Google Chromecast

This equipment greatly resembles a small USB flash drive, while connecting to television equipment not using this port, but HDMI cable. In addition, for the device to work, you need a socket. The device is set up with iPad thanks to special software, then the user has the opportunity to send audio and video from a tablet on TV thanks to Wi-Fi.

Immediately after the presentation by Google, this equipment has many satisfied users. This indicates the reliability and excellent performance of this technology. Let the Google Chromecast do not fully solve the iPad with the TV using the Uzbek port, but this makes it possible to get rid of unnecessary cables without observing the delays at the same time during the video with the iPad.

But this connection method will be able to ensure the shows of the image only as 720 pixels. Therefore, if the model of TV devices has large sizes, they advise you to choose a company adapter from Apple.

You can see more about the connection on this

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Google Chromecast

IPad connection is made through HDMI input. This is how wireless content of content takes place, including online video. The equipment supports FullHD.

  • Connect the gadget with the TV using the corresponding connector;
  • Set down the device using the Google Home application.
  • In the iPad browser, you need to install a new function. To do this, go to the application menu;
  • Now the content that is open in the iPad browser can be transmitted to TV.

Wireless connection

The most practical way to synchronize devices. There is no need to purchase and connect wires and other additional equipment. Allows you to expand the possibilities of synchronization, but is mainly available on TVs with a SMART platform.


Using AirPlay technology, you can transmit the contents of the smartphone, run streaming video or duplicate the iPhone screen on the LG TV with Smart technology support. It is important that television equipment support AirPlay technology.

To view the smartphone screen on the TV, you need:

  • Connect devices to a single Wi-Fi network.
  • Find on a smartphone in the control menu item “Repeat of the screen”.
  • Select the Smart TV TV from the list.
  • A password will appear on the TV screen, which must be entered on the iPhone. After that, the screen will begin to display on the TV.

To stop transmitting the screen, enough in the “Repeat of the screen” menu to choose the position “Stop repetition”.

All Smart TVs LG are built-in Wi-Fi Module, so connecting the iPhone to them will not be difficult:

  • Install the special application LG Smart TV equipment. This program is free.
  • For iPhone download from Apple Store IMediaShare application.
  • Connect both devices to a single home network Wi-Fi.
  • Mark in the main menu of the program “Show Or Hide the Visual Indicators at the Edge of the Screen”.
  • Choose a media content that is planned to view from the TV screen.
  • To start playing, press the “Bearning” button.

According to the same scheme, you can synchronize devices using Twonky Beam application on the iPhone.

Apple TV

This method of wireless synchronization involves the presence of special equipment. Apple TV prefixes. Connection to it is carried out through Wi-Fi.

Before setting up, it is important to update operating systems in devices to avoid errors.

  • Go to the Apple TV menu, find the “Settings” item, then “Remarks and Devices”.
  • Connect the iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network as Apple TV and bring both devices closer to each other.
  • The notification “Create a couple” will appear on the iPhone.
  • Next, you will need to enter a PIN code that appears on the TV screen. In order to not need to enter a PIN code every time, go to Apple TV security settings and remove the “AirPlay password” item.

That’s all, check the connection of the devices by launching any video or photo on the iPhone.

Google Chromecast device

If the TV does not have an adapter Wi-Fi, then you can use the additional equipment of Google Chromecast, which looks like a flash drive.

  • Google Chromecast equipment insert in the HDMI TV slide.
  • Download Google Home program on your phone.
  • Connect devices to a single Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the iPhone application. In the settings menu, indicate your Google account.
  • The application automatically searches for the device on and ready to work. It is necessary to find LG TV in the list of found devices and click “Next”.
  • A code will appear on the TV screen, which must be entered into the application on the smartphone. After that, synchronization will occur.

With Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a small device from Google the size of a USB flash drive, which is connected to LG television receiver or other brand via HDMI. To broadcast the image, this gadget should be connected to the Wi-Fi network, and you will need to download the Google Home app from the App Store. After fulfilling all these conditions, the user will be able to transmit any media content in a resolution to 1920×1080 to a large display.

Conclusion to connect iPad to the TV can be several ways. It can be a wireless connection or connection via cable. The user can choose the most suitable solution for himself, depending on his needs.