What methods of synchronization are there

Synchronization between your phone and PC is done online or using a direct USB cable connection. Online connections are not always stable, but with their help devices located in different parts of a city or even a country can receive and transfer files. A simple example of synchronization is Google Drive. It is used both from a phone and from a laptop or tablet, the only condition is confirmation of accounts on all devices and the presence of the Internet.

The most popular programs for connecting Huawei to a computer, in addition to those described in this article:

  • AirDroid. used for file sharing, as well as for controlling an Android device using a PC.
  • TeamViewer. used for direct control of a PC using a smartphone and vice versa.
  • SambaDroid. used for data exchange, working without a physical connection. Uses a Windows local area network to exchange information.

The most stable way of synchronization is connecting Honor and Huawei smartphones to a computer using a USB cable, the risk of losing connection in this case is minimal. Lost connection occurs if you disconnect the device or break the cable while transferring data.

HiSuite program

HiSuite is the official smartphone and PC synchronization software developed by Huawei. It is compatible with the entire line of smartphones, including the latest models Honor 9, 10, View 20, Huawei P20 Lite, P20 Pro and P30.

Instructions for installing the program on a PC:

connect, huawei, computer
  • Go to the official website consumer.huawei.com.
  • Select the version for Windows or Mac, wait for the download to finish.
  • Unpack the downloaded archive.
  • Run the file.exe.
  • An administrator window will open with a question about the permission to install the program, click “Yes”.
  • After returning to the main window of the installer, select “Next”, and then “Download”.
  • Click “Start”.
  • On your smartphone, click “Allow connection”, you can select “Always connect to this PC” so that your device always turns on through HiSuite first.

After that, with new connections, the computer will automatically link with the phone.

Computer “explorer”

For example, I will analyze the connection of Huawei P20 Pro to Windows 10. When the phone is connected, the “Explorer” application is loaded immediately. A new dialog box opens the smartphone drive. The disc name is usually the same as the model name of the connected device. After the window appears, you need to double-click on the disk with the left mouse button, when it opens, you can freely move files.

If the explorer did not open:

  • With the left mouse button, double-click on the icon “This computer”.
  • Expand the Devices and Drives panel if they are not initially displayed.
  • Open a disk with the name of the phone, often a smartphone icon is displayed instead of the standard disk icon.

The File Explorer application for your PC is the primary way of exchanging information between your phone and your PC. It opens immediately after connecting the smartphone using USB on Windows 10; on older operating systems, additional drivers may be required.

Drivers for connecting to a computer

Installing drivers to detect Huawei is required if, for some reason, the PC does not see the gadget. On Windows 10, installation occurs automatically, the user can transfer data from devices immediately after establishing a connection.

To install or update the USB port drivers, you need to:

  • Hover over the This PC icon or other, depending on the version of Windows.
  • Right click on the icon.
  • Select the “Control” menu item by double-clicking the left mouse button.
  • In the left menu, select “Device Manager” with one click of the left mouse button.
  • In the window that appears, select the section “USB controllers”.
  • Find the port marked with a yellow exclamation mark, left-click on it twice.
  • In the window that opens, select the “Driver” tab.
  • Select the menu item “Update driver”.
  • Select “Search automatically for driver updates”.

If the automatic search for drivers does not return results, then use the search on the PC. Before launching it, you need to download the appropriate installation files from the Internet and give them open access. During the check, the corresponding files will be found and installed.

What you need to connect

To connect Huawei to a computer via USB, you need drivers to establish a connection, Android and a microUSB or USB Type-C cable to it. The cable is included with the phone and is used to charge the battery. Modern flagships are equipped with a Type-C port, as new standards of moisture protection IP 67 and IP 68 have been introduced. Budget devices or outdated models use microUSB.

How to connect Huawei phone to Windows 10 Pro Desktop

How to connect Honor and Huawei to computer via USB

There are many reasons for synchronizing a smartphone with a PC, the main one is the exchange of files or the transfer of any information unilaterally. Next, we are going to take a look at several ways of how to connect Honor and Huawei to a computer via USB. You will also learn about 3 additional programs that will help you establish a connection with a PC.

Ways to Connect Huawei and Honor Phone to PC via USB

There are two main applications for a computer, thanks to which you can synchronize devices: using Windows Explorer and through HiSuite. Honor on Android OS can connect using universal programs from any other developers, but no one is responsible for the operation of such applications.

The use of such applications may lead to illegal distribution of personal data of the owner of the smartphone, damage or complete loss of files, reset of the phone book or messages, and other difficulties.

System requirements (for installation on a PC):

Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7 32 / 64bit Free hard disk space: about 500mb RAM: 1gb

Huawei Problem to turn on USB Development

Supported Screen Resolution: 1024x768pix, 16bit

Connecting your phone to your computer

It is carried out with a standard USB / MicroUSB cable (included in the phone package), when you connect for the first time, the computer installs drivers for the phone. It is undesirable to interrupt the installation of drivers or disconnect the phone before its completion. After installing the drivers, the “charge only” mode is used. To change the mode, you need to open notifications (lower the curtain) and in the notification “USB connection established” press the Files button or the Photo button to enable the corresponding mode.

What is the shutter is a pull-down panel with the Notifications and Icons tabs. To open the shutter, you need to pull down the top edge of the screen. The shutter will look something like this:

In all modes, the phone is charged from the USB port of the computer. Most computer USB ports are capable of delivering a current of up to 0.5 A, this is half what the standard adapter (1A) produces, so charging from a computer usually takes longer. For faster charging, it is better to use an AC adapter than a USB port on a computer.

Charge only mode

In this mode, data exchange between the computer and the phone does not occur. At the same time, the phone is still visible in the computer:

Displaying Honor 4C in Windows 8 Explorer in “charge only” mode

The phone itself is shown with the CHM-01 icon, but when you open it there are no folders or files.

In addition, the HiSuite CD shows the installation files for HiSuite. Android Smart Device Manager. Huawei’s smartphone software. Clicking on the icon launches the HiSuite installation. I repeat, you do not need the HiSuite program to view the phone files, everything works without it.

Disconnecting your phone from your computer

Everything is simple here. I disconnect the USB, and it turns off. In this case, the phone remembers which mode was selected at the time of disconnection, and the next time USB is connected, it immediately switches to the same mode. This is convenient because you do not need to lower the shutter and select a mode. But it may turn out that I need to charge the phone from someone else’s computer, in which case it will make all the phone folders on this computer accessible, which is not very good. Therefore, I usually put it in “charge only” mode before disconnecting the USB cable.

How to connect Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD 3G to computer via USB

Welcome to droidium.ru. In this manual, we will show you how to connect Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD 3G via USB to a computer or laptop like a USB drive. Currently, all Android devices (phones, smartphones and tablets) can be connected using a USB cable.

If something doesn’t work out for you, ask a question in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. So, how to connect Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD 3G to your computer via USB. Before connecting, remember to install all computer motherboard drivers required to connect your device to your computer via USB.

How to connect Huawei to computer via USB

Copy Movies from PC to Honor Phone

I also use a standard explorer to copy movies. The peculiarity is the limitation of the file size. you cannot copy a file larger than 4 GB (for Honor 4C). Also, when you start copying, a Windows message may appear prompting you to recode the file. this is not necessary. After copying, you can use the built-in player. the Video application or you can install VLC for Android from the Play Market.

How to connect Huawei to computer via USB

If you are faced with the question of how to connect Huawei to a computer via USB, you can use the simplest and most convenient method. The steps to be taken are as follows:

  • Take the USB cable that comes standard with Huawei;
  • We connect to a computer;
  • The phone connection drivers are being installed;
  • Phone connects.

Thus, the user can quickly identify his gadget on the computer. After that, it is often given the opportunity to transfer files and perform other equally important tasks. It is important not to interrupt the installation of drivers on Huawei, because later some difficulties may arise when you try to connect the gadget to the PC again.

connect, huawei, computer

Connecting Huawei to PC via USB. HiSuite Utility

Almost every one of us is periodically faced with the need to connect our smartphone to a personal computer. This is primarily necessary for transferring files, as well as for recharging the phone in an emergency. However, not every new owner of such a device can figure out how to connect Huawei to a PC. In this article, we will look at all the available ways to accomplish such a task.

How to connect Huawei to PC using HiSuite

The second way is to use the HiSuite utility, which helps to perform many useful operations. In particular, with its help, you can open the synchronization of contacts, activate access to photos, as well as access to all files in general. This takes into account both those files that are stored in the device’s memory and those that are located on the MicroSD card. over, this way you can read and edit messages, and in general use the basic options of the smartphone.

To activate the connection of the Huawei phone to the computer using the specified program, you will need to download an archive with files to install the program. After that, you need to set the USB Debugging Mode in the communicator settings. On the PC, install a program that will launch the utility necessary to quickly connect Honor Huawei honor.

Thus, it is possible to quickly display all the necessary data on the screen of your personal computer. The actions that the user can perform using such a utility are broader than with a simple connection of the smartphone through the explorer. At the very least, the synchronization process is much simpler here: in personal synchronization a PC can be much easier than in standard mode.

Charge only mode may be activated when a smartphone is connected. So the gadget will not transmit data to the personal computer, but it will be recharged. In addition, the computer can display information about what he saw the Huawei.

Also, the user of the utility will be able to set the “photo” mode. It is the most convenient for transferring photos from an SD card (by the way, in this option, you can only work with it).

Possible problems and solutions

There may be some problems when connecting your Huawei smartphone to the PC. For example, if a user tries to establish a connection in a standard way when connecting through a standard conductor, it happens that the system simply does not see Huawei. In this case, the installation of the specialized utility HiSuite almost always helps. It helps to establish the optimal connection between the gadget and the personal computer, so that it turns out to perform not only standard operations, but also get wider opportunities.

You can always try to reinstall the drivers, because the ability to display the gadget on the screen depends on them. If this does not help, the most rational thing is to try to connect the smartphone to another personal computer.

In some situations, problems arise due to incorrect operation of the wire. If the cable is damaged, it is worth replacing it with a new one, because you will not be able to achieve significant success when working with it.