Honor USB connection

To make such a connection, you can use the charging cable. The connection is very simple. Insert the end of the micro USB cable (for example, if you have an Honor 7a) or USB Type-C (in the case of Honor 10, 20, 30 or 40) into the connector of your smartphone, and the other end of the cable into the USB connector of the TV.

In this case, the following window should appear on the smartphone:

connect, honor, samsung

You must select the item “File Transfer”.

After that, you need to go to the TV menu and open the device connected via USB. Your Honor smartphone will appear as a regular flash drive or external hard drive.

Some TVs may automatically open the contents of the smartphone after connecting it. For example, if you connect Honor to an LG TV, you can immediately watch a video or photo without going into additional menu items.

To reuse an already connected phone, press the “Input” button on the remote control (for LG). Samsung and Sony TV remotes have a similar button called “Source”.

How to connect an Honor smartphone to a TV?

Connecting a smartphone to a TV will allow you to watch a photo or video on a large screen, broadcast your favorite game, stream or video from YouTube. In this article, we will show you how to connect your Honor phone to your TV.

The manual is suitable for most Honor models, including 7a, 9x, 10, 20, 30 and 40, as well as for all modern TVs. LG, Samsung, Sony and others.

There are several ways to sync your smartphone with your TV. Depending on the means used to connect, they can be divided into 2 groups:

In the content at the beginning of the article, you can go directly to the connection method you are interested in.

Like the connection method that you like the most (you can do this right after its description). At the bottom of the article there will be a final rating of the methods that our visitors like the most.

Honor HDMI connection

You can pair your Honor phone and TV via HDMI if you have a special adapter (in this case, you will also need a separate HDMI cable) or an HDMI / microUSB or HDMI / USB Type-C cable.

Connection is reduced to connecting devices via a cable and / or adapter and selecting the appropriate signal source on the TV.

Some budget smartphones, such as the Honor 7A, may not support MHL technology. In this case, it will not be possible to establish such a connection.

Honor wired TV connection

The main condition for making the connection is the presence of a cable (adapter) and a corresponding output from the TV. Honor smartphone can be connected to TV via:

Wireless connection

This view is mainly used when you need to broadcast the image from Honor to your TV. Connection possible using WI-FI Direct or Mirror Share (wireless projection).

Honor’s WI-FI Direct connection

If the TV belongs to the Smart TV category, it can be synchronized with the phone via WI-FI. To do this, do the following in the phone menu:

  • Go to settings
  • Select “Wireless networks”.
  • Then the item “WI-FI”.
  • In the window that opens, click the three dots located in the upper right corner.
  • In the drop-down list, select “WI-FI Direct”.
  • In the list that appears, select the TV to which you want to connect and establish a connection with it.

For example, this is how the Honor 20 Pro connects to a Sony Bravia Smart TV

Mirror Share (wireless projection)

Wireless projection is available on almost all smartphones with Android version above 4.4.2. Therefore, even the budget models Honor 7a, 8 and 9x have such an opportunity.

Important! To connect Honor phone and TV using wireless projection, they must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

The connection is configured as follows:

  • Go to the settings and find the screen mirroring item (on different TV models it can be called differently. “Broadcast”, “Wireless connection”, “Image connection” or something similar)
  • Activate broadcast by moving the slider to the ON or ON position.
  • Open phone settings
  • Select “Wireless networks” (in some versions of Android. “Other connections”)
  • Open the item “Projection”
  • Activate wireless projection, after which the name of the TV to which you can connect should be displayed below. Click on it.

Now you can stream video, photo or gameplay from Honor to TV.

USB cable

This is a traditional option that is completely suitable for all types of devices. You can connect an Honor and Huawei phone to a TV set via USB, if the developer has foreseen it.

To do this, you need to open the main options, and go to the About phone section. Next, you need to find the Firmware version column and click until the appropriate notification arrives.

After that, the user needs to open the section for the developer and start the USB debugging mode.

Connect your phone to a TV set via a USB cable and use it for your own purposes.

If your smartphone or tablet is running Android 5, 4

Press the Source button on the TV remote control and select Screen Mirroring from the list of signal sources. If you have an N, M, Q, LS or K-series TV, skip this step and go to the next.

Open the menu on your phone or tablet.

Select Screen Mirroring (All Share Cast).

The phone / tablet will start to find the TV set. Choose a TV set from the list.

The phone / tablet will start connecting to it.

After connecting, an image from the phone or tablet will appear on the TV screen.

Mirror Share

Not everyone has heard of this method, so let’s start by analyzing what it is all the same. Translated from the British Mirror is a mirror, and the very phrase Mirror Share means a mirror broadcast to a TV monitor. This feature is available on Huawei phones starting from mid-range models after the emergence of Android 4.4.2. But if you find specifically such a function on another phone, then be prepared for the fact that they are called differently everywhere. To check if Mirror Share is available on your device:

  • Lower the curtain with a swipe from top to bottom;
  • Open the full menu;
  • There should be an icon labeled Wireless Projection;
  • If you found it, click on it and check all the available items on it.

If there is no such function, then it will be unrealistic to design the screen. It is unrealistic to download a benign version of this tool from third-party services.

Next, we consider a step-by-step annotation on how to connect Huawei and Honor to a TV set using Mirror Share:

  • Open the menu on the TV;
  • Go to the Broadcast section;
  • From there navigate to the Image Connection tab;
  • Activate the process by moving the slider or checking the box;
  • Make sure the TV and phone have access to the same Wi-Fi network;
  • Open options on your phone;
  • Lower the curtain;
  • Open the Projection option;
  • Turn on this tool;
  • Start searching for devices and wait for the process to finish.

This process usually takes up to a minute. If the Wai-Fai signal is weak, the search may take up to 5 minutes.

If your smartphone, tablet or TV does not support Screen Mirroring

Use the Smart View software to transfer pictures, music or to a TV set. The files must be located in the internal memory or on the phone / tablet memory card. The program even works with iOS.

Wirelessly streaming with Apple TV AirPlay

A third generation TV set-top box from Apple is currently the most comfortable solution to show content from a mobile iOS device on a TV set. Connecting an iPhone / iPad with a streaming device is quick and easy, the display quality is very good thanks to the support of the 1080p format. The latency is approximately half a second, so you can even play not very lively games from time to time.

Can I use the remote on my Honor phone permanently?

This does not pose any danger to the devices, therefore, yes, it can be used instead of the ordinary one. Options are cached to save time on reconnection.

Which is better: cable or Wi-Fi?

Now, not many people remember that most of the phone models did not have such a high-speed Wi-Fi module, and manufacturers, seeing the need to transfer content to TV, equipped their devices with a special output chip via HDMI. For example, the LG 2X phone had a separate Micro HDMI port on the upper edge for these purposes and made it possible to transmit to the TV set everything that was happening on the phone display in a unique quality.

LG Phone 2X has a separate Micro HDMI port for connecting to a telef

Now this connector is a thing of the past, and it has been replaced by a universal USB-C and several more convenient methods of connecting a phone to a TV set.

How to connect Huawei and Honor phone to computer via USB cable

Now there are 2 programs that allow you to perform the synchronization function using USB:

If the 1st option is standard and is used to connect all phones without Hisuite, then the 2nd is designed specifically for Honor and Huawei phones.

Earlier, you need to activate a special option in the phone:

  • Go to Settings-System-About phone.
  • Click on Build Number a couple of times.
  • After the appearance of the inscription You are a developer, go back to the System tab.
  • Go to the For Developers section and activate the USB Debugging function.


You can only connect this way if you have an HDMI cable. For pairing you need:

  • install a special application on the mobile;
  • wait until the system completes the installation;
  • run the program and click on Check MHL.

Expect results. To check the connectivity of a specific phone model with a specific TV model, enter the corresponding request on the Internet. You can clarify the information if you read the instructions, which are provided in paper form when purchasing gadgets.

6 Ways to Connect Huawei and Honor Phone to TV

We propose to consider the 6 most popular connection methods. To select the best option, we recommend testing each of them. The optimal option is determined after analyzing the capabilities of TV and mobile models. To avoid difficulties before testing a new option, it is rational to reboot the devices in use.

Smart TV Box

Smart-set-top box Smart TV Box will allow you to make multiplayer with a regular TV. The methods are determined by the features of the model and its price. Through the attachment, you can view programs from absolutely any site.

  • remote controller;
  • special application;
  • mouse.

For a Huawei smartphone, as a multiplayer or a flash drive, you need to apply the standard instructions for connecting devices to Smart-TV. The sequence of actions performed differs, depending on the specific model.

Wi-Fi (SmartTV only)

This connection method is possible if you purchase a SmartTV. To connect via Wi-Fi:

  • go to the “Settings” section;
  • open “Wireless Networks” (wireless display);
  • select Wi-Fi Direct;
  • wait until the system finds the device and provides an opportunity to connect.

Choose your TV model carefully so as not to broadcast personal data to your neighbors’ gadget. From now on, with this option you can use your mobile gadget as a multimedia device.

This method is only suitable for Smart. Please note that this amplification option consumes electricity on the phone. But a large number of connectors allows you to turn on charging in parallel.

Chromecast (for TV without Wi-Fi)

If you use Google Chromecast, then you can make Smart from a regular TV or significantly increase the capabilities of a new model. To do this, connect the media player via HDMI, configure via Wi-Fi. Transfer pictures from smartphone to PC wirelessly.

What is the best way to sync your phone with TV?

The choice of a particular method is determined by the user. as it is convenient for him. And also on the configuration and capabilities of the gadgets used. For example, the phone does not support OTG. Then you have to sync over Wi-Fi. If the TV is old, then except, as with the help of wires, it will not work in any way to synchronize the devices. If the TV is a new model, then many people prefer to use the wireless method. Considering that the previously set settings are remembered by the gadget.

How to Connect Honor and Huawei Phone to TV via USB, Wi-Fi and HDMI

“How to connect Honor and Huawei phone to TV?”. an actual request when a user wants to watch his favorite movies, play games on huge displays, or charge a mobile phone. Connection options are not complicated and varied. The settings are understandable at an intuitive level and even beginners can do it. We tell you in detail how to sync Honor and Huawei smartphones with any TV.

Why connect your smartphone to TV

At first glance, it is not immediately clear why such devices should be connected to each other. But connecting a smartphone to a TV is necessary for different situations:

  • output to a larger display of the included video from a smartphone from any site;
  • viewing photos and videos on the big screen;
  • broadcasting games;
  • using a smartphone as a PC;
  • operation instead of a TV remote control;
  • other goals.

Synchronizing your smartphone and TV will help you watch your favorite TV shows (movies, entertainment videos, etc.) on the big screen. For comfort on a smartphone, select a resolution so that the picture is displayed on TV with high quality (taking into account the significant increase in inches).

Photos taken or uploaded on Android are clearly more convenient to watch on TV. This will allow you to take a closer look at the frame, highlight the unfortunate moments. Gamers have no idea that a smartphone can be used as a joystick or steering wheel in different games. Try it, it’s really convenient.

Not all phone models allow them to be used as a PC, but by connecting a mobile gadget with a TV, you can significantly increase the functionality of your smartphone. A telephone instead of a TV remote control is an available feature for each model. An infrared port is sufficient for activation. If it is not there, then replacing the remote control with a phone will not work. There are other possible purposes of such synchronization, which the user can determine while testing the synchronization of gadgets. Read about connection methods below.

With an HDMI cable

This method of synchronizing the phone and the wide screen turns the smartphone-TV bundle into a single computer and allows you to view all files from your phone on the TV screen. Some phone models have a mini-HDMI connector, but this is rare. If your phone does not have this, you will need an adapter: for example, a USB Type-C to HDMI cable for more expensive smartphones is suitable.
The very process of connecting a gadget to a monitor is simple. It is enough to connect the devices with a cable.

Mirror Share technology

Translated from English, the phrase Mirror Share means mirroring, that is, mirroring the screen of a smartphone on a TV or computer monitor.
This feature is available on almost all phones, starting with mid-range models, after the release of Android 4.4.2. But each manufacturer will call this function differently.
To check for Mirror your gadget:
lower the curtain on the phone screen with a swipe from top to bottom,
open the full menu,
find the “Wireless projection” icon and check all the available menu items.

If there is no such function, then the broadcast cannot be installed.
Step-by-step instructions for connecting Honor or Huawei to TV via Mirror Share:
1.Open the menu on the TV.
2.Next, select the item “Broadcast”, “Image connection”, “Wireless connection of the device” (the name of the tabs may differ depending on the menu).
3.We activate the broadcasting process. As a rule, this is switching the slider from OFF to ON.
4.Connect TV and phone to a common network (for example Wi-Fi).
5.Open the settings.
6. Find the “Device Connection” tab and click on “Projection”, activate this function.
7. We start the search for the device and wait for the completion of the process.

Via Wi-Fi

A prerequisite for connecting a smartphone using Wi-Fi is the Smart-TV function on the TV.
To connect:
1. Open TV settings, turn on the Wi-Fi function.
2.On the phone we find “Settings”. the tab “Wireless networks”. “Wi-Fi”. “Wi-Fi Direct”.
3.After scanning the available devices, select the required one and connect to it.

Via USB cable

The classic way that suits almost all types of gadgets. It is possible to connect an Honor or Huawei phone via a USB cable if the TV has a corresponding USB input. Most modern TVs, even inexpensive ones, have a USB input.
To connect you will need:
TV with USB input.
Android smartphone.
Type-C / USB or microUSB / USB cable
Attention! If your TV has an input for USB 2.0, then the cable must be appropriate. At the same time, the USB 3.0 input is more universal and is suitable for both the first cable and the second.

The device connection algorithm looks like this:
1.Connect the cable to the phone and to the USB input of the TV.
2.Click on the screen of the mobile phone in the window that appears, the item “Use as a memory storage device (as USB)”.
3. In the menu on the screen, we find the item “USB devices” (as a rule, this is the Source button) and in the drop-down menu we click on the phone model.
You can control the screen using the arrows on the remote.
Please note that the menu differs in different TV companies, so you will have to study the instructions or delve into the settings.

Ways to connect Honor and Huawei to TV

The most common ways to synchronize a smartphone with a TV are only 6:
1. USB cable connection.
2.Using an HDMI cable.
3. Configure access via shared Wi-Fi, but this is only possible with SmartTV.
4. Option Mirror Share, which allows you to create a high-quality projection.
5.Chromecast for TV.
6.Smart TV Box.
The choice of connection method depends on the mobile phone model and the capabilities of the TV itself.

Chromecast (for TV without Wi-Fi)

This is a wireless connectivity technology from Google. To use it, you need a proprietary Chromecast set-top box.
Chromecast is a media player that connects to a monitor via HDMI and configures over Wi-Fi. After that, it will be possible to view the photo gallery, hold presentations and even play.
How to connect:
1. We turn on the media player to the outlet and to the TV.
2. Download the Google Home application on Android.
3. Go to Google Home, and find the device you need there and connect to it.
4. Establish a connection by checking codes on two devices: Honor or Huawei and a TV.
detailed instructions on connecting Android via Chromecast can be found in the official Google Help.

How to connect an Honor or Huawei phone to a TV

The question “How to connect a phone to a TV” arises when people want to use their smartphone not only for communication and social networks. Having made friends with the phone with TV, you will have the opportunity to broadcast movies on the big screen, hold work presentations, view photos from vacation or elementary recharge of the device.
The process is simple and has several options. The article describes the most common ways to connect a smartphone to TV.

Why connect a phone to a TV

After syncing your smartphone with TV, you can:
transfer YouTube videos to the TV screen, watch movies from any site in good quality. Today, when the picture quality of TV is as realistic as possible, it is much more interesting to watch your favorite movies or YouTube interviews on a wide screen;
watch videos and photos taken on Android on the big screen. Even the smallest details can be seen on a large monitor and, importantly, in good resolution;
broadcast games. The most favorite item for real gamers is the ability to transfer the game from the small screen of your Huawei or Honor to the wide screen. This makes the details more visible, the effects and graphics look more realistic. In this case, the smartphone is used as a joystick or steering wheel, if today you are a racer in “Need For Speed”;
use a gadget instead of a PC. Such an opportunity is not provided in budget smartphones Honor or Huawei. But for owners of a mid-range phone and above, this function is available. Read the instructions for your gadget to learn about additional options.

Methods for connecting Honor smartphones to TV

Modern technologies allow you to connect your smartphone to the TV in any convenient way. For the wireless option, you need to make sure the TV has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Chromecast or Mirror Share. If the wired connection method is selected, then you need to check for the presence of HDMI or USB connectors on the TV.

How to connect Honor to Samsung TV

To connect your phone to a Samsung TV, you can use the Screen Mirroring option, which mirrors the screen of devices on a Samsung TV wirelessly:

How do I cast honor 7a to my TV

  • Open the “Source” window using the remote control;
  • select “Screen Mirroring”;
  • go to settings on your smartphone;
  • find the Smart View option;
  • To start searching;
  • select the name of your TV from the list of devices.

After the connection is established, everything that happens on the phone screen will be broadcast on the TV screen. Older Samsung TVs most likely do not have this technology. Therefore, you can use other connection methods.

Features of connecting smartphones to TVs

Different TV models have their own connection characteristics: some devices support only VGA cables, others. HDMI. To connect your smartphone to the TV correctly, let’s try to figure it out.

Chromecast for TV without Wi-Fi

The following step-by-step instructions are similar to the Mirror Share connection method:

  • Connect devices to a shared Wi-Fi network.
  • Using the application on the phone, configure the module, connect it to your TV.
  • If everything is done correctly, the image will begin to be projected onto the TV.
  • If this does not happen, you should check if the module is connected to Wi-Fi, if the wires are in good condition, if this TV model supports broadcasting.

Via HDMI cable

Disconnect both devices. Then connect them with an HDMI cable and turn them on one by one. Most often, the broadcast starts immediately after connecting. In some cases, you will have to configure everything manually.

If your phone does not have a suitable connector for such a wire, you can use an adapter.

To make the setting yourself, you need to pay attention to the port in which the wire is connected. Near the connector there is an inscription. HDMI, HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3. Then you need to go to the TV menu and select the HDMI port where the wire is connected.

On the phone, you should also open the settings, go to the USB settings and select the same cable as on the TV. After that, the broadcast should start.

If the image does not appear on the screen, then you should check the health of the wires and connectors.

Mirror Share

This feature is available on Huawei devices. It can be activated if the smartphone and TV are Huawei products. The option icon is in the top notification bar. After activating the function, you need to connect to TV.

To do this, you need to do the following on your TV:

  • Open the main menu and go to the Network section.
  • Find the “Image Transfer” tab (it may have other names, or be referred to as “AllShare Settings”).
  • Activate the “Screen Mirroring” option.
  • Connect your phone and TV to a single Wi-Fi network.
  • On your smartphone, go to “Settings”, to the “Mirror Share” tab and search for devices.
  • Click on the name of the desired TV.
  • After that, the synchronization of images will be performed.

For convenience, the phone should be held horizontally, then the picture will not stretch and blur.

Via Wi-Fi

It is possible to connect the device via Wi-Fi only if the TV has this option. For this you need:

  • open the settings on the phone;
  • go to the Wi-Fi section, click “advanced settings” and select “Wi-Fi Direct”.
  • In the TV settings, do the same operations;
  • then in the search find the name of the smartphone;
  • connect.

If connecting for the first time, the user will have to enter the password that is set on the Wi-Fi of the smartphone. The next time the devices will be paired automatically, you will not need to enter a password.

After that, the screen broadcast should start. If this does not happen, you should check if everything was done correctly, re-enter the password or restart the gadgets.


If you sync your Samsung phone and display, you can:

  • Play mobile games that will be displayed in full screen. By pairing a mouse, keyboard or gamepad via Bluetooth, you can build a semblance of a console for Lite versions of games.
  • Watch movies, videos, photos and other sources of information running on your phone.
  • Search for information on the Internet through the phone, looking at the display of a larger diagonal.
  • Control content on TV via smartphone.

Let’s take a look at all the possible wireless pairings. There are many ways to connect Samsung Smart TV with iOS and Android phones.


While the previous options are based on Wi-Fi Direct (pairing two devices using one router), Miracast allows you to pair two devices directly, regardless of the network from which they receive Internet.

The only condition is that both gadgets must support Miracast technology. To sync:

  • Activate Mirakast on your TV device.
  • In the gadget on Android, lower the curtain, enable the corresponding option.
  • In the new screen, click “Start”.
  • After detecting the gadget and pairing with it, a stable connection will be established.

There will be a delay. it is especially noticeable during dynamic scenes of a movie or game. It is difficult to achieve perfect synchronization wirelessly, especially in high definition. If you need a stable, high-quality picture without gaps, connect the TV to your Android device via a cable.

Wired connection

Create a wired connection to duplicate your smartphone screen with minimal lag on your Samsung TV.

DeX station

There is a special accessory that allows you to connect Samsung Galaxy phones (j5, j7, a7 or other line) with any TV. The accessory is called: “Dex-station”. Works in two variations:

  • The smartphone duplicates the image on the screen with a large diagonal.
  • The smartphone is used as a mini PC, and the “Dex” shell appears on the screen.

This accessory connects to any TV via HDMI cable. It is a hybrid phone docking station combined with TV-Box functions for large displays.

  • Use an HDMI cable to connect the station to the TV.
  • Place the phone on the stand by connecting it to the MicroUSB port.
  • On TV, select this station as the source.
  • On an Android device, specify the type of displayed information. “Duplication”.

MHL to HDMI adapter

If both devices support MHL technology, they can be connected using an MHL to HDMI adapter. In this case, the devices can be of any company, not just Samsung. The adapter can also be called HDTV.

  • Plug the adapter into the Micro-USB port of your phone.
  • Use a quality HDMI male-to-male cable to connect the adapter to the TV.
  • Connect power using a detachable Micro-USB cable. You can connect to the 220 network, you can also connect to a portable battery.
  • Turn on the TV and select the playback source. via the desired HDMI port.

YouTube broadcast

YouTube allows you to duplicate the playback of videos on the TV screen. For this:

  • Open the YouTube app on your smartphone. Click on your account icon and go to “Settings”. Click View on TV.
  • Connect both gadgets to the same Wi-Fi network. If the mobile does not see Smart-TV, do manual pairing by clicking “Connect manually”.
  • On TV in a similar application, ask for the code. Enter this code on your smartphone and click “OK”. Two devices will make a stable connection.

If both devices are ready to connect, a corresponding icon will appear in the application.

How to Connect Samsung Phone to Samsung TV: 5 Actionable Ways from Hamster

You can display information on a Samsung TV from a variety of sources. The smartphone was no exception. The article discusses the issue of connecting a phone to a Samsung TV.