The laptop has one entrance for headphones and microphone, what to do?

As a rule, in this case, the user faces a headset connector (combined). Thanks to this connector, manufacturers save space on the laptop panels (and the number of wires). It differs from the standard so that the plug for connecting to it should be with four contacts (and not with three, as with the usual microphone connection to PC).

In a laptop, only one headphone and microphone connector

Look carefully on the laptop panel (usually on the left and right, on the side). sometimes there are such laptops, where the output for the microphone on the right side, for headphones. on the left.

By the way, if you pay attention to the icon next to the connector, you can unambiguously identify it. On new combined connectors, the icon is “headphones with a microphone (and, as a rule, it is just black, not marked with any colors)”.

Conventional headphone and microphone connectors (pink. microphone, green. headphones).

Headphone Connector with microphone

The same plug for the connection is as follows (see. Picture below). He with four contacts (and not three, as on ordinary headphones, to which everyone is already accustomed).

Plug for connecting headphones with microphone.

It is important to note. that some old headphones (for example, Nokia, who came out before 2012) had a slightly different standard and therefore in new laptops (published after 2012) may not work!

How to connect conventional headphones with a microphone to a combined connector

The best and cheapest option is to buy an adapter for connecting conventional computer headphones with a microphone to a headset connector. It is located within 150-300 (on the day of writing an article).

His advantages are obvious: it takes little space, does not create confusion with wires, a very cheap option.

Adapter for connecting conventional headphones to the headset.

IMPORTANT: When buying such an adapter, pay attention to one moment. you need one connector to connect the microphone, another for headphones (pink green). The fact is that there are very similar splitters intended for connecting two pairs of headphones to PC.

2) Option 2. External sound card

This option is suitable for those who, in addition, a problem with a sound card (or does not suit the quality of the playing sound). A modern external sound card provides a very and very decent sound, with extremely small sizes.

It represents the device, the sizes of which, sometimes, not more than a flash drive! But the headphones and microphone can be connected to it.

Advantages: sound quality, quick connection / disconnection, will help in case of problems with a sound card.

Cons: The cost of 3-7 times higher than when buying a conventional adapter; There will be an excess “flash drive” in USB port.

3) Option 3. Connection directly

In most cases, if you connect a plug from ordinary headphones to a combined connector. they will work (it is important to note, the headphones will be, and the microphone. no!). True, I do not recommend doing so, it is better to buy an adapter.

connect, headphones, laptop, need

What headphones are suitable for a headset connector

connect, headphones, laptop, need

When you purchase you need to pay attention only at one moment. on the plug to connect them to a laptop (computer). As already mentioned in the article above, there are several types of plugs: with three and four contacts.

For a combined connector. you need to take headphones with a plug, where four contacts (see. Screenshot below).

Headphones with a microphone (note: on plug 4 contacts!)

How to connect headphones with a combined plug to the usual computer / laptop

For such a task there are also separate adapters By the way, note that on the plugs of such a connector there was a designation, what a plug for headphones, which for the microphone. Somehow somehow came across such Chinese adapters, where there was no such designation and was literally “method” samples to re-connect headphones to PC.

Where to insert a plug to connect headphones

After determining the audio connector, insert the plug into the end of the headphone cable inside the computer. As soon as it is done, Windows must automatically recognize the headphones and send the sound to them. In addition, depending on the audio account, which is equipped with a PC, a message may appear in the lower right part of the desktop indicating the success of the operation.

After establishing the connection, if you need to adjust the volume of the headphones, press the speaker symbol located in the lower right corner of the taskbar (next to the system clock) and move right or left. Depending on whether you want to increase or decrease the sound level, the cursor on the corresponding adjustment band is attached to the field that appears.

Still using this check box, if necessary, quickly change the audio device from which the sound is played. To do this, press the arrow in the upper right corner, select the device of interest in the menu that opens, then press the “Default” and “OK” buttons to confirm the changes.

Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Windows 10

I think it is better to do everything step by step. So it will be more clear, and it’s easier for me to write instructions.

1 First you need to turn on Bluetooth on our laptop, or PC. If it is not yet included. If enabled, then the notifications panel should have a blue icon. And if it is not, you can open the notification center and turn it on by clicking on the appropriate button.

But it can not be done, but immediately go to the parameters and activate it there.

2 Open Start and select “Parameters”. Go to the section called “Devices”. See Screenshot.

3 On the Bluetooth tab and other devices, turn on the wireless adapter (if it is disabled). and click on “Adding a Bluetooth or another device”.

4 Turn on the headphones. The indicator should flash in blue (this means that they are available for search). If not blinking, then the headphones are connected to another device. Disconnect them. Or locate the button with the “Bluetooth” icon on the housing and click on it (you can click on and hold). It all depends on the specific model.

5 In the window on the computer, select “Bluetooth” and our headphones will appear in the list of available devices. Just click on them.

Must be “connected” status, or “connected voice, music”.

6 Our headphones also appear in the list of connected devices. If you click on them, you can turn off, or connect, as well as delete them. Then you can re-connect, as I showed above.

After turning on the supply of headphones, they must automatically connect to the computer. I have so, without any additional settings. But the sound can automatically not go to headphones. It needs to be switched in playback devices. Now I will tell you how to fix it. Make so that after turning on the headphones, the sound from the computer is automatically played through them. And after the disconnection. through the speakers, or the built-in laptop speakers.

Automatic Sound Switching on Bluetooth Headphones

Update. After the next update of Windows 10, the settings have changed a bit. To open the menu, which is shown below, after pressing the right mouse button, select “Sounds” and go to the “Playback” tab.

Or select the “Open Sound Open” menu and install the required device for entering and outputting the sound in parameters.

Chooses as an output device, or input (if you have a microphone headphones and you need it) your Bluetooth headphones.

Further click on the headphones right and select “Use Default”.

connect, headphones, laptop, need

That’s all. When I turn on my headphones, they automatically connect and music begins to play through them. When I disconnect, then speakers. Very comfortably.

Possible connection problems

Let’s consider several frequent problems:

  • Problem: There is no Bluetooth button in the computer settings and partitions in the parameters. Solution: You need to install the driver on the Bluetooth adapter. Check if it is in device manager. You also need to make sure that there is an adapter on your computer. On stationary computers there are usually no. You need to use external, which will be connected via USB.
  • Problem: the computer does not find headphones. Do not connect to the computer. Solution: You need to make sure that the headphones are included and accessible to search. The headphs indicator should flash in blue. Disconnect them and turn on again. They should also close from the computer. You can try to connect them to another device. For example, to a smartphone.
  • Problem: Headphones are connected to a computer, but no sound. Do not reproduce sound. Solution: Set the default status in the Windows 10 settings. How I showed above.

In some cases, you will need to install drivers, or a program that can be downloaded from the manufacturer of your Bluetooth stereo headset. In my case there was no problem, everything works like a clock. If you can’t do something, write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

For phone

Next, you must open the phone settings, go to the “Connections / Bluetooth” tab and check that the checkbox stood in “Enabled” mode (“Enabled”. in English.). Cm. Example below.

Note: Bluetooth settings on the phone Do not close until the end of the pairing with headphones.

For laptop

You need to click PKM on the Bluetooth icon in the tray (if there is no, or after clicking it does not happen. then read it) and choose the option “Add device. “. Aggravate. Wireless device.

How to connect headphones and microphone to computer: we understand the connectors

All modern computers, almost always equipped with a sound card: either it is built into the motherboard or is a separate fee. It is only important that on the panel of your PC (if there is a sound card) there must be several headphone and microphone connectors. For the first usually used green marking, for the second. pink. Sometimes the name “Linear output”. Often over the connectors, in addition to color, there are also thematic pictures that will accurately help you navigate.

By the way, on computer headphones, the connectors are also marked with green and pink color (usually so, but if you take a headset for the player, then there are no marks there). But the computer to everything else has a long and high-quality wire, which is much longer serve, well, and they are more convenient with long listening.

Next, it remains only to connect a pair of connectors: green with a green (or a green connector with a linear output on the system unit, plus pink with pink) and you can proceed to a more detailed device setup.

By the way, on laptops headphones are connected in the same way. Usually the connectors take the left or from the side that looks at you (in front, sometimes called). Often, many scares excessive stiffness: just for some reason the connectors are more tight and some think that they are non-standard and headphones do not connect.

In fact, everything is just just connected.

Combined connectors began to appear in new laptop models (they are also called headset) to connect a headset with a microphone. In view of it, it is practically no different from those who have already become familiar with pink and green connectors, perhaps only in color. it is usually not marked (just black or gray, under the color of the case). Next to this connector drawn a special icon (as in the picture below).

For more information about this in the article: / u-noutbuka-odin-vhod

Headphone Connection: Highlights

The most common classic computer headphones with a microphone have two plugs: green and pink (see. rice. 2). Green is to transmit a signal to headphones, and pink. For microphone.

Actually, if you look at the rear wall of the computer’s system block. then you will see 3 color connector they usually always standard: pink (for microphone), blue (linear input for connecting audio devices), and green (linear output for headphones, speakers, etc.).

By the way, such connectors (as in fig. 3) may not be if you do not have an audio card on the PC. How to find out its model and define whether it is installed, you can from this article.

Actually, if everything is so there. you just need not to confuse the colors and connect the plugs in the right connectors. All simple.

As for laptops. they do not always be marked with color: often just drawn headphone or microphone icon.

By the way, note that more new laptops. the headroom is found (see. rice. 4). T.E. If classical audio outputs 2, then when you deal with a headset connector. it is 1 (on it a characteristic icon, see. difference in fig. 4)!

If you have classic computer headphones, and on a laptop is installed as such a headroom connector, you have several outlets:

  • Buy a special adapter (see. rice. 6). It is not expensive, sold in many computer stores;
  • buy a small audio card connected to the USB port (there are also cheap options);
  • You can buy new headphones (or change with someone);
  • If you do not need a microphone. you can try to connect the green plug from headphones to the headphone connector. In most cases, headphones will work with you (although it is not recommended to do so!).

By the way, note that the plug on the headphones has 4 contacts (plug on classic headphones. has 3 contacts). Even on this basis, you can easily determine what kind of headphones buy.

Another article to help you!

One input for headphones and microphone in a laptop. how to connect them

On the expensive (most often studio) headphones set Jack plug (on classic headphones Mini Jack). If you have on your computer / laptop there is no jack connector, you can buy a small adapter with a Jack on Mini Jack (see. rice. 7) and quietly use these “ears”.

If you have one linear output for headphones and columns

Sometimes they ask me how to be, if you need to connect headphones, and the columns to the computer, and it also has one linear output (t.E. one audio connector) on the rear wall of the system unit. I’ll try to give a couple of recommendations on this.

On many columns there are special audio connectors for connecting headphones. When you connect headphones to them. Sound in the columns will disappear. It can not work very convenient if suddenly the plug will accidentally go out of the nest (especially if it is in the evening when everyone slept ✌). So see. second option.

Audio connector on headphones connecting

You can connect speakers and headphones in parallel to the audio connector (splitter, cm. Screenshot below). The use of a sploon, in my opinion, has its advantages:

  • The sound simultaneously goes in the column, and into the headphones;
  • If you do not need speakers. just turn off them (so if even the headphone plug will fly out of the socket. there will be no noise from the speakers!);
  • Question price. Kopeck.

Use the front panel on the system unit

On some system blocks, on the front panel, there are additional multimedia connectors (if there is no such panel. it can also be bought, many service centers are easily connected to it). Actually, headphones and a microphone (and much more useful) can be easily connected to such a panel.

What if Windows does not find the desired Bluetooth device?

Most often the system does not see any specific device that we want to connect. It happens that no device does not find. At the same time, for example, a telephone, tablet or other computer detects a Bluetooth device and connects to it. In Windows 10, it looks like this:

Infinite search for devices. Pay attention to the message, photo above: “Make sure your device is turned on and available for detection.”And this is a very good advice.

1 To make our laptop, or PC can detect the necessary device, it will certainly be turned on and is in the search mode. Almost on each device (headphones, mouse, column) there is a button that translates the device into connection mode. Makes it visible to other devices. Usually it is a separate button with Bluetooth icon. Which you need to press and hold for a few seconds (the indicator does not start flashing).

Sometimes this feature performs the device’s power button. In my mouse, for example, this button is signed by “Connect”. After activating the connection mode, the device should actively flash indicator.

This means that the device itself is available for detecting.

See the instructions for your device. It is exactly written there how to translate it into connection mode.

2 Perhaps the device is already associated with a computer. But for some reason it does not work. In this case, in the Windows settings you need to find this device (it will be in the “Conjugate” status) and delete it.

After that you need to activate the connection mode on the device (in my case on Bluetooth headphones) and connect it again.

3 Do not everyone know, but on the same Bluetooth headphones (I think that on all) you can make a reset settings. They are disconnected from all devices with which they were conjugate and they will have to connect again. Sometimes it helps solve the problem with the detection of wireless headphones on the computer. On my JBL headphones, as far as I understand, reset the settings is made as follows:

  • Turn on headphones.
  • Activate the connection mode (indicator starts flashing).
  • Press and seconds 5 hold the magnification button and decrease the volume. Several times instead of a blue indicator flies white.

On Sony’s headsets, for example, you can reset the settings using two buttons: Power Buttons and Pause / Start Buttons. They need to hold and hold 7 seconds.

Of course, on different devices, different manufacturers and T. D., This procedure can be performed in different ways. For example, long retention (seconds 30) connects the connection mode. You need to look at the instructions and google information.

4 In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, Alexander wrote about the problem when the new laptop on Windows 10 does not see the Bluetooth mouse, and later shared his decision. He was helped by the following actions (you can try to immediately execute the second paragraph. If it does not work, then 1 and 2.):

  • You need to press the Win R key combination, enter the Services command.MSC and click OK. After that, to find the Bluetooth Support Service, open its properties and set the start type: “Automatically”. Click “Apply”. Restart your computer.
  • Go to “Parameters”, in the “Bluetooth and other devices” section and go to the associated parameters “Other Bluetooth Options”. A window will open in which you want to check the box near “Allow Bluetooth devices to detect this computer” and click “Apply”. Try to connect your device.

After connecting the device, remove this tick in the settings. To other devices see your computer. Meaning new devices that have not yet been connected.

How to distinguish a headroom connector from classic

To begin with, I want to show how the headroom is designated on the laptop housing. If earlier there were 2 inputs (at a minimum): On one microphone icon was drawn, on the other. headphones (see. photo 1); then when using the headset connector. you will have a combined icon, and only one (see. Photo 2).

A laptop. Microphone and headphone jack

If such an icon on the case of your device is. then you are 100% dealing with a headset connector. Naturally, the usual computer headphones with the microphone you do not connect to it (such as on probably, these are the most common headphones for PC).

Purely theoretically connect ordinary headphones to the headset can. However, in some cases, headphones work incorrectly!

If you buy new headphones for a laptop and do not want to get to the “Losak”. pay attention to the headphone plug. For the headset connector, it should be 4 contacts (see. photo 4 and 5)! If there are 3 contacts on the headphones. then they are for the classic (and all familiar) audio entrance.

4 plug contacts (for headset connector)

3 plug contacts (for normal audio input)

Do not work Bluetooth headphones in Windows 7

Including service and sound setup The problem is not always solved. Very often, the computer does not see the headphones at all, an error appears when connected, or just Windows 7 cannot install drivers on the plug-in device and, respectively, the headphones do not work. The system does not see them as source for sound output. This problem wrote a separate article: Bluetooth headphones do not reproduce sound from a laptop. Not displayed in Windows Playback Devices.

It means the problem is that the system could not pick up and install the necessary driver that “showed” Windows 7 how to work with headphones, or a column that we connected. I think it is due to old iron and drivers. In the system itself, it may not be a driver for a new device that has happened much later than the system itself (which, by the way, is no longer supported by Microsoft).

Main Solution. Update Adapter Bluetooth Driver

The new version of the adapter driver can be a driver for that device that we cannot connect. So I had with connecting airpods. After updating the driver, the software for all components in the connection process was installed and headphones earned.

I am still often asked, they say where to download the driver on Bluetooth headphones and what. I answer. nowhere. Driver for a specific model of headphones can not be downloaded.

Open the Device Manager and on the Bluetooth Radio Module tab Open the Bluetooth Module Properties. I have it called before updating the Generic Bluetooth Adapter driver. Opening its properties and on the Driver tab, see the development date and version.

We see that a standard driver from Microsoft is installed. And designed in 2006!

Need to download and install a new version of the driver. Where? How to do it? We have a specific device: laptop, or USB adapter. If it is a laptop, or the same adapter, then it has a manufacturer, model. over, a wireless module has a special manufacturer in a laptop and it also has a model. As a rule, the manufacturer of a laptop, USB adapter, wireless module have a website where you can download the driver.

For example, in my laptop Wireless Module Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160. Through the search I go immediately to the page of this model on the Intel website and download the driver on Bluetooth. He is there 2019 release. Feel the difference?

Note that the driver is for Windows 7. You can download the driver from the manufacturer of the laptop. If you know the model of the wireless module, it is better to download from the manufacturer’s Wi-Fi / Bluetooth manufacturer.

As you can see, the name of the adapter has also changed. Well, the driver is already from 2019. All devices are connected without problems, all drivers are installed. The laptop saw and plugged the mouse that did not see before that.

Additional solutions

  • Install all updates for Windows 7.
  • Use BlueSoleil Programs. I checked her, but I did not like her. As far as I understand, it sets its drivers, completely replaces the adapter and menu (icon) in the tray. Perhaps in some situations it can be useful when connecting Bluetooth headphones. For example, when you can not find a new version of the driver for your adapter. Maybe someone will be more convenient to work with this program, I do not know. It is more convenient for me through the Windows 7 menu.
  • Install Windows 10. Especially if the manufacturer recommends Windows 10 for your computer and on the site there are drivers only under this system. From my own experience I can say that problems with connecting Bluetooth devices (including headphones) to Windows 10 much less.

Big article, a lot of information, I hope nothing missed. If you have any information on this topic, solutions, your own experience. Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. If the article did not help. describe in detail your problem.