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Connect via button

You can connect headphones to your Samsung phone using the button. On most gadgets, it is alone, located on the case, is responsible not only for turning on the headphones, but also shows the connection status, the remaining battery charge, monitors the current mode.

To monitor the state of the headphones, the operation of touch sensors is provided. Various signals indicate the status of the headphones. Double-tapping and holding the sensor means switching to manual pairing mode of the headphones with the phone via Bluetoth. Learn more about setting up Samsung Galaxy Buds.

To synchronize to a smartphone, the following algorithm is followed:

  • Hold the power button for a few seconds.
  • In the setup menu, select the Bluetooth item.
  • The search technology is launched, after which the existing and previously paired devices (list) will appear.
  • In the list that appears, find the Buds or Pods configuration, then tap on one of them.
  • To disconnect, press the indicated keys again or select the Bluetooth deactivation option.

Why headphones won’t connect to Samsung

The reasons why you cannot connect wireless headphones to your Samsung phone are shown in the table:

Usually, it is not possible to correctly connect Bluetooth headphones to the phone for those users who have previously connected several more wireless devices to the smartphone.

The Level Active headset is waterproof, equipped with P2i nano-coating that completely covers the inner surface of the headphones, allowing you to actively train, spend time in nature, without worrying about moisture penetration into the accessories.

How to Connect Wireless & Wired Headphones to Samsung Phone

Modern devices make it possible to listen to your favorite audio files or other audio information at a distance, without using a cable. Connecting your headphones to your Samsung phone correctly can help you get the most out of your gadgets.

Bluetooth pairing of headphones and phone

To connect headphones, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device. Hold the corresponding icon for a long time to launch the settings menu. Activate the switch near the “Disabled” sub-item.
  • Includes Bluetooth to discover paired devices.
  • To avoid the formation of compatibility in automatic mode, select the section “Parameters for increasing accuracy”.
  • Turn off the wireless headset, put the headphones in “visible” mode.
  • Press the search button, wait for the desired device to appear in the list, click on it for compatibility.
  • If everything is done correctly, information will be displayed that the headphones are active, they can be used.

Connection error, how to fix

It is not always possible to connect headphones through the Settings menu, which may be due to additional subscribers or gadgets connected to a single channel. At the same time, user pairing occurs with errors or delays, which is fraught with the complexity of information identification by the standard system.

To understand how to do this in such situations, you need to pay attention to third-party programs. Utilities such as Scanner or Pair will help organize connections and unload the smartphone OS. If there are problems with the synchronization of the left and right segments, it is recommended to put the Bluetooth headphones in the case and wait for deactivation. After that, the devices are taken out of the box, the turn-on procedure is repeated.

Instructions for getting a normal wireless headset connection with resetting the connection settings:

  • Insert both elements into the charging slot, take out back after a few seconds.
  • Fix the power key for a few seconds.
  • After resetting the connection, insert the headphones, wait for the sound notification of the connection.

Setting up wired headphones

Wired Samsung has a teardrop shape or is made in a vacuum design. The main purpose of such devices is to listen to music by connecting to a phone, laptop or PC via a mini jack 3.5 mm or micro USB.

There are two ways to set up wired headphones:

  • Via microUSB connector. This method is relevant for most operations. Including microphone or headphone setting. You need to connect to a PC or smartphone, select the sound menu, adjust the noise, bass, volume at your discretion, not forgetting to save the adjustments.
  • A familiar mini-jack with a 3.5 mm jack. The most common type of connector for wired connections. Through it, not only any wired headphones are connected, but also different types of speakers.

Samsung positions the headset for a smartphone as a sports accessory that does not cause discomfort, has a long battery life (at least 4-5 hours), is safe and reliable. Indeed, the original Samsung wireless earbuds live up to expectations. In addition, the user can listen to test messages, control the workout using the smart Samsung SHealth app.

With the constant use of a wireless headset and other headphones, you need to remember that prolonged listening to audio files at high volume is fraught with negative reflections on the hearing organs and the correct operation of the devices used.

How to connect Honor wireless earbuds to your phone?

How to connect Honor and Huawei wireless earbuds to your phone via Bluetooth?

  • turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone;
  • turn on the headphones by holding the main button for a few seconds;
  • find your Sports AM61 on the phone in the list of devices available for connection and establish a connection.

How to Connect Samsung Wireless Headphones to iPhone?

All you need to do is turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and open the protective case. Your device will automatically detect them, and a pop-up message on the smartphone screen will let you plug in the headphones immediately.

How to connect wireless headphones to Android?

To complete pairing, you need to perform the following actions on your smartphone:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Point to the line “Bluetooth”.
  • Move the slider to activate the wireless module.
  • Tap on “Search for devices”.
  • In the list, indicate the name of the headset model with which you want to connect.

How to connect Samsung headphones to iPhone?

Connecting Samsung Wireless Headphones to iPhone

  • Go to iPhone options, find the “Bluetooth” section.
  • Turn on the signal. Also launch the accessory.
  • Wait while the mobile finds the connected device.
  • Click on the name of the gadget that appears in the list. If the setup is successful, the sound will begin to be transmitted to them.

How to connect Honor headphones to Samsung?

In our case, Honor headphones are used, the power button on which looks like this:

  • Press and hold.
  • Here. the section “Connections”.
  • Click on the Bluetooth line.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and see available devices for pairing.
  • Connecting.
  • Ready.

How to connect Honor Bluetooth headphones to your phone?

  • Connect Honor Sport AM61 to the first phone.
  • Unplug your headphones.
  • Press and hold the headphone power button (“O”) for more than 5 seconds to turn it on and enter Bluetooth pairing mode.
  • Open the list of Bluetooth devices available on your first phone and connect it to the headphones.
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How to charge i12 Tws earbuds?

To turn off the i12 TWS earbuds, simply put them in the charging case. In order to charge the earbuds, put them in the case and press the button, after which the earbuds will start charging. The battery of the case is enough for 2-3 headphone charges.

How to connect wireless earbuds to Samsung phone?

Actually, the site already has an article on how to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to an Android smartphone. However, in that article, a Huawei smartphone was used as the device. In Samsung and the One UI firmware, the interface is slightly different, so we will devote a separate article to it.

What do you need? The headphones themselves, and the Samsung smartphone. At first it will be more convenient to turn on the headphones, for which find the power button on them. In our case, Honor headphones are used, the power button on which looks like this:

Press and hold. For our example, the following is relevant: when you press and hold the button for a few seconds, the red and blue LEDs start blinking alternately. the headphones are available for search.

connect, headphones, samsung, phone

Turn on Bluetooth and see available devices for pairing. The headphones are called AM61. We tap on their name.

Now is the time to test the performance of the headphones. To do this, open the application for playing music. We use AIMP player.

Music played over the headphones. Great, everything works.

The devices will be automatically paired and the headphones are ready to use. The Quick Access Toolbar displays a message about the connected device:

In general, there should be no connection problems.

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How to connect a wireless speaker to a Samsung phone

Be sure to fully charge the speaker before connecting and press the Bluetooth connection button on it.

Go to the “Bluetooth” settings by sliding the top curtain and holding the corresponding icon, or go to them in the settings. Then turn on Bluetooth itself.

After searching, click on the Bluetooth speaker and enter the pairing code if required. If you do not know it, then try four zeros and see if it is indicated on the box or in the instructions.

Interesting! So that the call does not go to sound through the speakers, you can change this parameter here in the settings.

How to connect wireless earbuds to Samsung phone via Bluetooth

Fully charge the earbuds no matter what brand they are or whether you have done it before, so if problems arise, we can understand that it’s not about charging. After that, press the Bluetooth enable button on them.

Open the “Bluetooth” settings, for this, go to the settings in the appropriate section or unfold the upper curtain, hold down the corresponding icon until the menu opens. Enable the function.

After searching the list of found devices, click on your Bluetooth headphones to connect to them. If you are asked to enter a password, do it, often it is written on the box or on the headset itself. Try. 0000, more often this is it.

Immediately after that, all the sound will go through the headset and you can safely listen to music and use the microphone if it is also built-in.

How to connect wireless earbuds to Samsung phone

You can quickly connect wireless headphones to a Samsung phone due to the competent implementation of this function in the devices of this manufacturer.

How to pair Airpods to Samsung Galaxy J3/J5/J7 2016 model

Usually all models of wireless headphones and speakers are supported, so there shouldn’t be any connection problems, and if there are any, it will be easy to solve them too.

The previous article was about how to unlock a Samsung phone. Today we will look at how to connect a wireless headset and speaker to a Samsung smartphone or tablet.

If you have connection problems

This manual is suitable for all models of headsets and Bluetooth speakers. Do everything as described above, regardless of the headset model and its shape. Everything should be in working order.

Turn on Bluetooth on your phone (Android)

Go to the Bluetooth settings on the phone and turn on Bluetooth: upper curtain → hold down the Bluetooth icon → turn on Bluetooth.

Or through the settings: main menu → settings → connections → Bluetooth (set to On).

How to connect Wireless Bluetooth headphones to Samsung Phone

The name and location of items may vary depending on the shell and version of Android.

How to connect multiple headphones to 1 smartphone?

Modern versions of Android allow you to connect multiple wireless earbuds to one phone. But the sound can only go to one at a time. But you can quickly switch between them. It will be possible to simultaneously transmit sound from one source to 2 or more pairs of headphones after the massive introduction of Bluetooth 5.2.

In the meantime, some companies have their own experience. For example, Samsung. Their flagship smartphones (and even tablets) can connect 2 pairs of Galaxy Buds and listen together.

How to connect Wireless Headphones to Android Phone (Samsung)

And, of course, you can connect several headphones to one phone with a wire. This requires, for example, a splitter (splitter adapter). Or, like Marshall: we connect the headphones to the phone via Bluetooth, and the second headphones to the first regular wire (3.5 mm).

How to connect wireless headphones to another phone?

The above is an instruction on how to properly connect the headphones for the first time. If they have already been paired with another phone, then the instructions are the same, but there are nuances:

  • If there is a paired phone (laptop, TV) within the Bluetooth range (about 10 m), then the headphones are connected to another phone (with which it was previously paired) automatically. And in most cases, connecting another device will not be possible. Checking this moment.
  • The headphones must be disconnected from the connected phone. To do this, in the list of Bluetooth devices, click on the name of these headphones and confirm the disconnection. It is not necessary to unpair the headphones. Another option is to simply turn off Bluetooth on the phone with which the headphones are paired.
  • Usually after that, the headphones will automatically go into search mode. All that remains is to connect them to a new phone.
  • If the headphones themselves did not go into search mode or did not connect to another source, but still do not go into availability mode automatically, we force them to be transferred, as indicated above.
  • If none of the above helps, you need to reset the headphones to factory settings. How to do this is written in the manual for a specific model. Usually this is holding the power button for a long time (10-15 seconds). After that, we follow the basic instructions.

There are models with multipoint function. the ability to simultaneously connect to 2 phones. How to connect headphones to a new phone in this case? Exactly the same: we transfer them to the accessibility mode forcibly and connect. After that, the headphones will connect to two phones: a new and an old one.

How to connect wireless headphones?

Let’s figure out how to connect wireless headphones to a phone (on Android). These instructions for connecting Bluetooth headphones are relevant for ANY models: classic Bluetooth headphones (full-size or on-ear) and TWS headphones (in-ear and Airpods-type in-ear).

Before connecting your wireless headphones, be sure to charge them and turn them on.

Connecting wireless TWS headphones to the phone, differs from full-size / overhead, only by switching to pairing mode.

    Connecting wireless headphones to the phone, for the first time, is more difficult than the second and subsequent times. This is done for safety from hacking and third-party connections of left-hand devices to your phone or headphones. In the 2nd and subsequent connections of Bluetooth headphones, you will need no more than 5-10 seconds. Turn on Bluetooth on the phone and turn on the headphones, after which they connect automatically.

How to connect wireless headphones. video if you are too lazy to read:

We connect any TWS headphones:

We connect any wireless headphones:

How to connect wireless headphones i9, i11, i12. to the phone

How to connect i9, i11, i12 Chinese wireless earbuds to the phone? Some Chinese TWS earbuds do not turn on automatically when removed from the case, you need to press the buttons.

Connecting i7s Wireless TWS Earbuds:

  • We take out the Bluetooth headphones from the case.
  • We turn on 1 earphone by holding the power button on it. Before the indicator starts blinking, there is sometimes a voice notification of switching on.
  • After switching on, press 2 times, short pressing the power button.
  • Turn on the 2nd earphone by holding the power button on it.
  • After switching on, press 2 times, by short pressing the power button on the 2nd earphone.
  • Then the 1st earphone is connected to the 2nd earphone.
  • 2nd earbud remains blinking, in pairing and search mode. This earphone is active and it is he who connects to the phone.
  • We take the phone and turn on Bluetooth in the upper curtain. By pressing the Bluetooth icon or through the settings, go to the Bluetooth settings.
  • I7s headphones should be displayed in the list of available devices.
  • Click on i7s and connect i7s wireless headphones.
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To turn off the i7s headphones, just turn off 1 headphone by long pressing the on / off button. After turning off the 1st earphone, the 2nd turn off automatically.

Video on connecting wireless headphones i7s

Instant connection. NFC, proprietary application, Google Fast Pair, “magic” on compatible phones

Sometimes you can hardly think about how to connect headphones to a smartphone. There are additional options for this. Some are more convenient and faster than the standard version, but some are no better.

  • NFC. If your phone and headphones support NFC, then there is no need to think about how to enable pairing mode on the headphones. We just activate NFC on the phone and bring the headphones close to the phone. The place with NFC on the headphones is marked with a special icon (usually on one of the earcups for full-size or on the case for TWS). On the phone. usually the top side of the back cover.
  • Branded application. It may be able to connect headphones even if they are not paired with a phone. All you need to do is turn on Bluetooth. But rarely is it faster than a regular algorithm.
  • Google Fast Pair. Supported by some headphone models and available on Android smartphones with Google services. When the headphones are turned on and next to the phone, an invitation window appears (almost “magic”). A pair of touches and headphones are paired. And linked to your Google account.
  • “Magic” on compatible phones. Popularized by Apple. When the headphones are turned on and close to the phone, a beautiful animation window appears. You just need to confirm the pairing. After that, with each connection, an animation also appears. Usually this method is available between the phone and headphones from the same manufacturer (Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.).

Choosing wireless headphones:

In the Bluetooth settings on the phone. search for and connect Bluetooth headphones

We search for devices in the Bluetooth settings on the phone and select your Bluetooth headphones in the available devices (pairing).

The phone may additionally ask for connection when pairing for the first time. Click “Yes”.

Usually, headphones in available devices are named something like the official name on the box. But sometimes the Chinese budget TWS (no-name and minor brands) can be called strange: just a Mac-address (numbers and letters separated by colons), hieroglyphs or a name that is not related to the “name” of the model. Sometimes it makes sense to “pierce” several available options.

Only very old or strange models in the last step require you to enter a pin code. If this happened to a friend, the standard one is 0000 or 1111. Or it is indicated in the documents. How do I connect True Wireless headphones to my phone? As you can see, it’s easy.

Need help connecting Bluetooth headphones and soundbar at the same time

I need help. I have a Samsung TV model QN75Q65FN that I am trying to use with a Bose soundbar and Bose wireless headphones. The soundbar connects via the HDMI arc and works fine by itself, and the headphones, when selected in the sound settings (bluetooth), also work fine by themselves.

When I try to use both, I can’t get them to activate at the same time. If I use multi-out in the accessibility section as suggested in the previous post, the sound will come out from the TV speakers, but I cannot get it to come out of the soundbar Are there any suggestions on how to get both to work at the same time? Both can work independently of each other, but I need them to work at the same time. Does anyone have any help on how to get them to work in tandem?

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Wireless technology really makes our lives easier and better. Their skillful use will allow you to enjoy music and communication without interrupting your main activity. All devices of the new generation are provided with a simple and user-friendly control system, so connecting them is always simple and quick.

Set media volume sync

Synchronization of media volume. it’s a little ingenious tweak that comes with your Galaxy device that allows you to adjust the volume of your Bluetooth speaker or headphones directly from your phone and vice versa. This not only ensures that your paired devices stay on the same page in regards to audio output, but also gives you additional the ability to use one device to control the volume when out of reach.

If not enabled, the volume buttons on the headphones will increase or decrease the volume of the headphones. but the volume at the bluetooth output of your phone will remain the same. This is especially annoying when the volume on your phone is set to low because the headphone volume will never get high enough unless you also turn up the volume on your phone.

To enable this feature, open the quick settings menu on your Galaxy phone and press and hold the Bluetooth icon to go to the settings page. Now click on the three-dot menu button and select “Sync Media Volume” from the pop-up window. From there, just click the switch at the top of the page to enable this feature.

Please note that your Bluetooth speaker or headphones must also support media volume sync for this feature to work. It is very easy to check this. press the switch as highlighted above and if your headphones are not compatible, the switch will automatically turn off and inform you with a prompt.

RESOLVED: How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Samsung Smart TV ? TV

The HU6900 does indeed support BT. Here is a link to the user manual. It explains how to connect BT devices

The NU6900 may or may not have BT capabilities, depending on where it is sold. Here is the link to the user manual. It explains how to connect BT devices if your specific model has one.

If BT settings are missing on TV, here is a video showing how to connect 2 BT headphones to BT adapter connected to TV’s RCA audio output jacks.

The BT transmitter dongle in the video shown below with the link to Amazon is not currently available from them, so here is the direct link to the supplier.

Other alternative BT transmitters may be available, I have not tested.

Most BT transmitters with BT Ver. 4.1 or later supports multiple connections, and you’re in luck that your headset model supports multipoint and. which means they can connect to the same BT source at the same time. Many BT headsets do not have this, so only one headset will be able to connect to the BT source at a time

You will need to change your TV audio settings to route audio to the TV’s external RCA audio ports, away from the TV’s internal speakers.

Tip 5: Improve Bluetooth audio performance with custom codecs

If your Galaxy device is running Android Oreo, it now has several audio codecs that you can choose from to improve your Bluetooth headphone experience.

In a nutshell, codecs are used to compress digital audio streams like ZIP files. The Galaxy uses the standard Bluetooth codec by default, but some Bluetooth audio devices have more advanced codecs that improve sound quality if your phone supports them.

For example, Sony’s proprietary Bluetooth codec, LDAC, is considered one of the best codecs due to its high audio quality support. However, it has limited hardware support and is not available on as many pairs of headphones and speakers as its more popular counterparts, SBCs and Qualcomm atpX.

However, the Oreo audio codec can be easily changed from standard SBC to AAC, aptX, Samsung HD, or LDAC. To try a different codec, activate Developer Options on your device, tap Bluetooth Audio Codec, then select a codec from the list. For more information, be sure to check out the following guide.

information: Improving Bluetooth audio on your Galaxy S9 with custom codecs

Image by Jeff Springer / Gadget Hacks

There is no doubt that Galaxy smartphones will become more advanced and have new Bluetooth enhancements as future models are released, so we will definitely update this list and add new tips as they become available. Until then, feel free to leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев below to let us know your favorite Bluetooth settings.

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Cover, screenshots and GIFs by Amboy Manalo / Gadget Hacks.

Tip 3. Install a separate app sound

One of the biggest problems you will face when watching media on Bluetooth headphones or speakers. these are audio interruptions from other applications. Every time you receive a notification, the music becomes almost inaudible for a few seconds. Luckily, your Galaxy phone will help you. it allows you to isolate the application from everyone else and play its sound exclusively through Bluetooth speakers.

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This is a truly brilliant setting. The bottom line is that as long as you are connected to Bluetooth speakers or headphones, only audio from one specific app will play over Bluetooth. The rest of your phone‘s audio will continue to output from the built-in speakers as usual.

To give it a try, go to your phone settings and tap Sounds & Vibrations. You will find the setting here. the aptly named Separate App Sound. Select this option, then click on the toggle switch when on this page to enable this feature. Click “Select” in the prompt that appears to confirm your choice.

It’s time to choose which app you want to play on your Bluetooth device, so either tap on the target app or Add App to manually add it, then select Bluetooth Device to assign the app to your speaker. or headphones.

This is a great workaround for the notification interrupts I mentioned. All you have to do is select your favorite music app, then any sounds your other apps make will come out of your device’s speaker and not interrupt the Bluetooth stream.

How to connect headphones on Android?

It’s easy to connect Airpods to your Android phone. Also turn on Bluetooth on your phone, then open the charging case cover. Press the button on its back and wait for the charge indicator to flash white. The headphones will appear in the list of available devices, connect to them.

How to find Samsung BUDS?

You don’t need to buy new Galaxy Buds if you lose them, and the Galaxy Wearable app makes it easy to locate them. On your phone or tablet, open the Galaxy Wearable app. Tap Find My Headphones and then Get Started.

How many Galaxy BUDS are charged?

Each Galaxy Buds comes with a 58mAh battery, which is enough for a little more than 5 hours of continuous music playback. Headphones are charged through a special case, which also has a built-in 252 mAh battery. The latter is enough for another 7 hours of listening to music.

How to connect wireless earbuds to a Samsung tablet?

If you’re familiar with tablets, here’s a simple algorithm:

  • Turn the headphones into pairing mode
  • Enter the Bluetooth settings menu on the tablet, with Bluetooth turned on
  • Find the name of the headphones in the search area for new devices and click on them

How to connect wired headphones to your LG TV?

How to connect wireless headphones to your LG TV

  • Go to the menu “Bluetooth” → “Bluetooth headset” → “OK”. Press the green button.
  • Select your headphones in the list of found ones and click “OK”.
  • Enter the PIN code (you can find it in the instructions for the headset, usually 0000).

How to reset Bluetooth headphones?

Unplug your wireless headphones, either full-size or over-ear, to reset. Then press the three buttons simultaneously (Call, Volume and Mute) and hold for 3-5 seconds. Wait until the indicator light flashes red or blue 1 time.

What to do if the phone does not see the wireless headphones?

Bluetooth is not enabled in the phone / tablet

Go to the phone settings and make sure that Bluetooth is activated and the device visibility time is set correctly. Visibility time is set in advanced settings.

How Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Work?

How do such wireless headphones work? The principle of operation here is the same as for IR headphones: a radio transmitter is connected to the sound source, which broadcasts a signal to the “ears”. The communication range is quite large (up to 150 m, that is, more than that of Bluetooth 5.0), but interference may occur in urban environments.

How to connect headphones to a Samsung phone?

How to connect Galaxy Buds to Samsung smartphone

All you need to do is turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and open the protective case. Your device will automatically detect them, and a pop-up message on the smartphone screen will let you plug in the headphones immediately.

How to connect wireless earbuds to Samsung phone?

To complete pairing, you need to perform the following actions on your smartphone:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Point to the line “Bluetooth”.
  • Move the slider to activate the wireless module.
  • Tap on “Search for devices”.
  • In the list, indicate the name of the headset model with which you want to connect.

How to connect wired headphones to your phone?

  • Turn on the headphones and Bluetooth module on your smartphone.
  • Go to the phone menu, find the Bluetooth tab, enter it.
  • You will see a list of devices that are within range of the signal.
  • Click on the device name. the smartphone will try to establish a connection with it.

How to connect Huawei Bluetooth headphones?

  • First you need to open the notification panel. To do this, with a swipe, the user needs to lower the curtain down.
  • Select the “Bluetooth” icon. If you want to enable or disable the function, then you need to click once.
  • Press on Bluetooth while holding your finger for 2 seconds.
  • The Bluetooth setup menu will open.

How to connect headphones to a phone via Bluetooth?

Go to settings and turn on Bluetooth; Make your smartphone visible to other devices; Turn on your bluetooth headset and; Hold the main key on the headphones to search for a smartphone device (this is either the main power key, or a separate key for pairing, always see the instructions for your Bluetooth headset);

How to connect Huawei headphones?

Place the earbuds in the charging case and do not cover it. Press and hold the button on the charging case for 2 seconds until the internal light flashes white. On your smartphone, go to Bluetooth settings, find the name of the headphones in the list of available devices and click on it to connect the headphones.

Connecting Galaxy Buds

Samsung branded headphones can be connected either as described above or through the special Galaxy Wearable software. Some smartphones have it installed by default, but you can download it from Google Play Store or Galaxy Store.

    Launch the application, select a suitable device from the list

and provide Galaxy Wearable with the required permissions

On the next screen, click “Continue” and give additional permissions. access to the calendar, SMS, etc.

Galaxy Buds can report notifications that come to the device, as well as read their contents. If you are interested in such a function, first we allow them to read the notifications, and then we provide access to them on the smartphone.

We read the brief instructions for using the headphones and tap “Got it”. The device is ready for use.

Unlike a standard connection, the Galaxy Wearable app gives you more options to customize your buds.

Headphone connection

You can connect any wireless headphones to a Samsung smartphone using Bluetooth technology.

    We turn on the pairing mode on the headphones. As a rule, there is a special button for this on the case.

On the Samsung device, open “Settings”, then “Connections”, tap “Bluetooth”,

When the headphones are displayed in the “Available devices” block, click on them and confirm the connection request.

connect, headphones, samsung, phone

After pairing, we find them among the connected devices, tap the gear on the right and, at our discretion, enable the parameters of their use.

Solving connection problems

If you encounter problems during the connection process, please refer to the recommendations posted on the Samsung support page.

    Make sure the headphones are charged. The charge level can be displayed in different colors by a special indicator. Check this information in the instruction manual. If there is no indicator, just connect the device directly to the mains for 20-30 minutes, as they will charge more slowly through a computer or laptop. Insert Galaxy Buds correctly into the slots of the charging case and connect to the charger.

Check the Bluetooth connection. There should be no more than 10 meters between devices. If the headphones are not listed among the available devices, turn them off and back on again to re-pair. Return the Buds to the charging case, close it and reopen it. Restart the “Bluetooth” function on the Samsung smartphone.

Check for software updates on your Samsung Smartphone. Read more about this in a separate article on our website.

To update the Buds headphones, launch the application, scroll down the screen with the settings and tap “Headphone software update”.

If the suggested solutions do not help, contact the service center or write to the Support of the device manufacturer for additional assistance.

In addition to this article, there are 11,998 instructions on the site. Add to your bookmarks (CTRLD) and we will definitely be useful to you.

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