How to connect a USB printer over a network

Let’s consider several ways to connect a USB printer over a network.

For example, we have 2 or more computers on a local network, a printer (Canon MF 4400) is connected to one of the computers (for example, a server) via a USB port.

Task: connect this printer to a second computer via a local network.

The printer connected to the server must be “shared” (enable sharing), for this in the printer properties, select the “Access” tab and check the box next to “Share this printer”.

It is also necessary to check if file and printer sharing is enabled.

In Windows XP “Network Connections”. “Properties”. “Microsoft Network File and Printer Sharing Service” must be installed and ticked.

In Windows 7 “Network Control Center”. Change advanced sharing options

On a computer where you need to install a printer over the network, select “Devices and Printers” from the “Start” menu (for Windows XP “Printers and Faxes”), in the window that appears, select “Add Printer”.

Next, you must choose to install a network printer.

In the “Search for available printers” window, select the desired “shared” printer.


If the device is not found, then you must click the “The required printer is not in the list” item and in the window that appears, select the “Select a shared printer by name” item and enter the computer name and printer name in the field, for example:

\\ server \\ Canon MF4400 Series UFRII LT and click “Next”.

In the next step, click the “Next” button.

At the last step of the installation, you need to make sure that the printer is installed, to do this, click the “Print Test Page” button, if the page is printed, then the printer is successfully installed.

How to connect a PlayStation 4 gamepad to a PC?

When Sony first rang out that the DualShock 4 joystick would be Windows compatible, gamers across the Internet greeted the news. Unfortunately, simply connecting it to a computer and starting to play will not always work. Although the PlayStation 4 controller is recognized by Windows, existing games may or may not work automatically with it.

Windows supports the use of the PlayStation 4 gamepad for PC, but since Microsoft has its own console, they officially support only their controllers, and dual shockers will have to dance a little with a tambourine.

What you need to connect?

  • The controller itself.
  • Standard USB cable.

After connecting the gamepad. It will be recognized by the system and you may even be able to use it in some applications and games (for example Steam and some toys).

If you just connect the device to the computer, then the set of Some functions of the joystick will not work, such as:

  • Touchpad (but works like a button),
  • Gyroscope,
  • Vibration,
  • Built-in microphone and speaker,
  • Headset jack.

How to get your gamepad to work properly?

You only have one option here. Use special software, namely:

  • Drivers;
  • Joystick emulator (Xpadder).

It should be understood that when connecting a PlayStation 4 joystick for PC, you need only one of two options, which one. You decide. Let’s take everything in order.

1) Dualshock 4 drivers for computer

In most cases, using a modern operating system such as Windows 10 drivers will NOT be required and the joystick will be recognized automatically.

However, this may not always be so smooth, and for such cases when the gamepad will not be recognized or will be recognized with errors, there are at least two drivers:

over, the second grew out of the first, when it was still at the testing stage. You can download the drivers using the links above, or by visiting the official support threads: one, two.

In addition to the drivers themselves, you need to check if the following components are installed on your system and, if necessary, install (or update) them:

  • Microsoft.NET 4.0;
  • Visual C 2010/2012;
  • Latest version of DirectX;
  • Latest official version of Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller Driver;
  • Administrator rights.

Before installing all components, you should close all applications and games that can use the controller. Also, if you installed the driver for Dualshock 3 before. It should be uninstalled. If you want to use the gamepad via Bluetooth, you need to install the Corresponding drivers for it.

DS4Tool installation procedure:

  • The archive contains the Virtual Bus Driver folder with the ScpDriver.Exe file. Install (this is the driver itself).
  • After installing the driver, run the ScpServer.Exe file (located in the root of the archive).

After the installation is complete, connect your DualShock 4 to your computer via USB or Bluetooth. Keep in mind USB is a much more reliable choice as some Bluetooth chipsets may be supported by this software. The controller is recognized by the application (ScpServer), and in most cases functions identically to the Xbox 360 device. However, some games have compatibility issues, so you may need to check the Hide DS4 Controller box.

Clicked on the “Settings” button, you can open a window with Multiple sliders. Here you can change the color and intensity of the DS4 lightbar, switch it to the battery indicator, adjust vibration and enable the touchpad to control the mouse pointer.

You can watch this video to make it clearer:

Earlier driver versions were available at the time of the video creation, so there is such a discrepancy in size. The author talks about

700KB, when the current version is already more than one megabyte. Please be aware that work on the application is ongoing. Currently, you need to manually launch the program every time you want to launch the game. This will probably be fixed in future updates.

2) Using the joystick with the Xpadder program

First, let’s figure out what kind of software it is. Xpadder. This is a joystick emulator program for your computer. At the moment, it supports several hundred controllers from different manufacturers, which makes it absolutely universal in terms of use. And of course, for our dual-shock from PS4, it is suitable.

This method has two distinct advantages:

  • Not necessary drivers;
  • You can customize each joystick button for yourself.

But there are disadvantages too:

  • It will take a lot of time to understand the essence of the application and configure everything as it should;
  • The program is officially paid (but you can very easily find a free version).

Configuring Xpadder for Dualshock 4

The video below shows the setting for the Xbox joystick, but since the program is universal, the described steps are also suitable for your DS4.

I also advise you to read this article, which also provides a very detailed description of the Xpadder program settings for working with Dualshock 4.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a laptop or PC

If you have a desire to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your laptop or computer equipped with an appropriate adapter, it is not very difficult to do this, provided that Bluetooth is working properly and is NOT turned off (for example, by a keyboard shortcut to turn on airplane mode).

This manual details how to connect Bluetooth speakers to a laptop with Windows 10, 8.1 or Windows 7, as well as some additional nuances that may be useful. Just in case, a separate instruction on the topic What to do if Bluetooth does not work on a laptop.

Bluetooth speaker connection process in Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7

The process of connecting the speaker to a laptop or PC via Bluetooth looks almost the same as connecting to a phone:

  • Put the speaker into pairing mode: on some speakers you need to turn on the speaker, then press and hold the Bluetooth button, until the blue indicator flashes (for example, on JBL, Harman / Kardon), on some. hold the power button in the same way after turning it on. There are other methods: for example, for a Yandex column, you need to say: “Alice, turn on Bluetooth”.
  • Next step: right click on the Bluetooth icon in the notification area and click on “Add Bluetooth Device”.
  • If there is no icon, but Bluetooth is enabled, you can go to the Control Panel. Devices and printers. Adding a device. And in Windows 10 also in Settings. Devices. Adding Bluetooth or a second device. Bluetooth.
  • After clicking on “Add Bluetooth or Second Device. Bluetooth ”in Windows 10 settings or“ Add a device ”in the control panel will start searching for new devices, including Bluetooth. Select the desired device (sometimes it may be displayed without a speaker name, but simply as “Sound” or “Audio”).
  • Usually PIN-code for connection is NOT requested. But, if asked, try 0000 (four zeros), if not. look for instructions in the column.

Upon completion, you will receive a Bluetooth speaker connected to your laptop. In the future, as long as it is paired with this laptop, the connection will be made automatically (until it is paired with another device).

Perhaps, in order for the sound to begin to be output through it, you will need to go to the sound parameters and select the output device, or do this in recording and playback devices (see How to enter Windows 10 recording and playback devices).

Speakers with a built-in microphone can also be used for communication: you will need to turn on the device by default on the “Recording” tab, and for some programs, for example, Skype. adjust the microphone settings in the program.

Possible problems when connecting a Bluetooth speaker to a computer

As a rule, the connection itself, provided that the Bluetooth adapter is guaranteed to work and is turned on (let me remind you, you can accidentally turn it off with a keyboard shortcut or in the Windows 10 notification center, check it) is very simple. However, the following problems are possible:

  • Bluetooth audio lags behind. Details on this topic. What to do if the sound lags behind in Bluetooth headphones (the same for speakers).
  • After connecting the Bluetooth speaker to the laptop, its connection (Pairing) with the phone may be broken and the entire connection process will have to be repeated, that is, it will not happen automatically.

How to connect a computer to a computer

Hello, today I will tell you how to connect a computer to a computer. Consider two connection options, via cable and Wi-Fi.

connect, computer

Why is it needed?

If you want to play a network game over the network, or you want to transfer a large amount of data from computer to computer, or maybe you just need to GRANT Internet access to one computer through another? All this can be done without any problems, and now, I will tell you how.

To begin with, we will analyze both methods of connecting a computer to a computer, namely using a cable and via Wi-Fi. And then we will look at how to configure the functions we need (games over the network, on the Internet, file transfer).

Connecting computer to computer via cable

First, let’s talk about the cable, to connect a computer to a computer, you need a cross-over cable. this is a cable compressed according to the computer scheme. a computer, not a computer. switch. You can see the twisted pair compression scheme here, in the second column of the picture. Schemes for creating a cross-over cable are given. Most modern network cards will be able to work on a regular cable, which is designed to connect a computer to a switch, they were “taught to see the trick”. But it’s better to play it safe and buy / make a cross-over cable.

We insert one end of the cable into the network card of one computer, and the other end into the network card of the second (into any one, if there are several of them).

The connection has been made, we will NOT configure anything yet, since different settings may be required for different purposes.

Consider connecting computers via Fi-Wi

As the name suggests, it is clear that your computers / laptops must have a Wi-Fi adapter: either built-in or a USB adapter. no difference.

In this scheme, one computer should act as an access point, and the other will connect to it.

We create a wireless network on one computer running Windows 7. Understanding the principle of creating a “computer. Computer” connection, you can configure it in any operating system.

First, go to “Control Panel” = “Network and Sharing Management”, and then, in “Wireless Networks Management”.

Now we add a new network

Choosing a computer-to-computer network

Enter the “Network name” and “Security key”, Check the box “Save the parameters of this network”

Now we can observe a new network that is waiting for a connection

But you must understand that if you use this Wi-Fi adapter to connect to the Internet, then this connection will be inactive until you Disconnect the “computer. Computer” network we created.

After creating this network, you can connect to it from any device with a Wi-Fi adapter. But, if a device running Windows XP acts as a client, then you will have to turn off authentication and encryption on the computer (with Windows 7) on which the network was created, since Windows XP does not support the authorization method used in Windows 7 (WPA 2).

And so, we considered two ways to connect one computer to another, but now they need to be configured for specific needs. In the further description of the settings, the term “network adapter” will be used by which I mean both a regular network card and a Wi-Fi adapter, there are differences in the settings, and what you will configure depends on how you connected two computers.

Setting up a local network between two computers

If we connect one computer to the second in order to play games over the network or transfer files, or for other purposes that do NOT imply access to the Internet of the second computer:

On the computer, assign the IP addresses to the network adapter, the subnet mask, and leave the other parameters blank. And we assign the IP addresses to the network adapter of the computer and the same mask as for the first computer. How to register IP addresses.

Now you can play network games or use any network programs for data exchange, for example, chat or 1C Accounting.

You can use a standard Windows service to organize file sharing. “Server”, on how to set up Windows file and folder sharing. But, for more advanced users, it will be better to use an FTP server, what it is and how to configure it is described here, and in more detail here.

In order to provide the second computer with Internet access

Let’s consider two methods: using standard Windows functions and using a proxy server.

The standard method is the fastest and simplest, but it has no rules, additional settings and restrictions. You can read about setting up this method here. B do not forget that for this method to work, Windows Firewall must be enabled, in how to check and manage Windows services.

A proxy server is much more convenient, a huge number of rules and capabilities settings will allow you to manage users and their traffic in any way you want. How to set up a proxy server.

Well, we considered the issue of connecting one computer to the second and solved all the tasks for which, in fact, we connected computers.

How to connect phone to computer via USB cable?

It is not uncommon for a user to transfer files from their smartphone to their computer and vice versa. It is clear that modern technologies allow you to exchange files between devices wirelessly, but sometimes this opportunity may simply not be available. And that’s when you have to use a USB cable.

The essence of the work of a smartphone and a desktop in conjunction boils down to the ability to exchange, transfer and store certain files. So, you can easily transfer and also save any media files, audio, images, various documents and game files. This is especially useful when you need to free up phone memory for better performance and keeping files safe.

It’s not difficult to connect your phone to your computer. information transfer is as simple as possible. Using a USB cable for THESE purposes. the classical method, which is also the safest. Everything that’s needed. it is to connect the cable to the USB port of the computer and work with the smartphone as with a regular USB flash drive. True, sometimes some smartphones may require installation of additional utilities for multifunctionality. Even such popular and famous smartphone models like Apple iPhone need to install iTunes. There is nothing wrong with this, such programs provide the user with a safe transfer of information. In the case of iTunes, the program, in addition to performing file exchange between the smartphone and the PC, allows you to sync audio and video.

If you don’t like Apple products and you own an Android smartphone, file transfer can also be easily done using a USB cable. In the storage mode, users can easily work with data, copy them not only to the flash card in the smartphone, but also to the built-in memory of the device. Often, a smartphone saves photos taken with its camera to the built-in memory, thereby clogging it up and reducing the performance of the device itself. In order not to rummage around in the smartphone’s memory, looking for unnecessary files, it is better to save photos on a PC.

How to connect your phone to a computer via USB

So, after the user inserts the USB cable into the PC, the smartphone will prompt him to choose the connection type. The selected mode can be saved if necessary so that the system does not ask the same question every time you connect. Further steps depend on the operating system installed on the PC. If the user is running Windows XP, then he will have to find a USB driver for the model of the smartphone used. However, sometimes the driver can be stored directly on the smartphone and the device itself notifies about it. If such a window appears, it is enough to name it and run the installer itself (Setup).

If you are the owner of a PC running Windows 8 or Windows 10, then you are really lucky, because these platforms automatically install the drivers it needs. After installing all the necessary drivers, the smartphone will only need to be reconnected to the computer via USB and opened to “view files”. Keep in mind that files downloaded from the Web to a smartphone are usually stored not in a memory card, but on the Android OS itself in the Download folder. this is where documents and files downloaded from the Internet are usually stored.

If you need photos from the device’s camera, look for the “DCIM” folder. All screenshots are stored in the Pictures folder (as a rule, there is a separate folder with the same name in it). Otherwise, the files are very easy to find: audio files. in the Music folder, video clips. in Video, and documents. directly in Documents. If you cannot find the file you need, open it in the smartphone itself and Examine its properties. It is there that the so-called path to the file is usually indicated, which should be followed on the PC through Explorer.

The computer cannot see the phone via USB. what to do?

Sometimes, despite all the manipulations, the connection of the phone to the computer via USB does NOT want to be established. We have collected the most popular reasons for this incident and ways to overcome them.

  • It is trite, but the cable itself can be damaged. Try using a second USB.
  • The computer port to which you connected the smartphone may not work, in this case, try to establish a connection through a different connector.
  • If the cause of the malfunction lies in the USB port of the smartphone, it will be revealed when you try to connect to a second computer. she will be unsuccessful.
  • When connecting to a desktop with Windows XP, you may need MTP (Media Transfer Protocol), the necessary software can be downloaded for free from the official Microsoft website.
  • If your phone is protected by a pattern or password, the mobile phone must first be unlocked.
  • You may need to install (or update) the USB driver on your computer, this procedure can be performed through the “Device Manager” by automatically searching for updated drivers.
  • If the phone is connected to the computer in “Charge only” mode. Change settings.
  • Another reason why the computer does not see the smartphone when connected via USB: the “USB-modem” item is activated in the device, you can disable it in the network settings.
  • It happens that the cause of the problem cannot be found, but simply restarting the phone and computer removes the connection problem.
  • If all else fails, try activating Debug Mode on your smartphone when connected to a computer via USB, it can be found on your mobile device in the section for developers.

Another way to deal with the problem. this is to reset Android settings, but in this case you will lose valuable data from the internal memory of the device (applications, sync, accounts, etc.), data on the memory card may also suffer.

Connecting iPhone to computer and laptop without cable via Wi-Fi

IPhones of the latest modifications have completely replaced any laptop or stationary PC. Global changes have taken place in the modern world. Every second person buys a smartphone, which is equipped with additional functions. It is not very convenient to perform some actions using new generation smartphones. Many people like to read articles, blogs, news. small screen strains eyesight. This article provides examples of how to connect iPhone to computer via Wi-Fi. This procedure does not require special skills, you just need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and perform all the steps step by step.

Apple developers have explained to users how to sync iPhone to computer via iTunes over Wi-Fi. This is a standard way that allows you to exchange content between a computer and a mobile device. This media library is a universal repository that contains all media files. Apple specialists have released smartphones that are capable of distributing wireless Internet. By organizing the distribution, users can connect the PC to the Internet and continue to perform their tasks on the device, using a more comfortable keyboard, as well as a large screen.

How and what data can sync iPhone to computer via iTunes over Wi-Fi

After the developers released iOS 5, the process of sharing iPhone data with iTunes has become much easier.

Note! You can also put your smartphone on charge by relying on automatic wireless syncing.

To take advantage of Wi-Fi sync, the system allows you to update iTunes. Users can install version 12. To carry out this procedure, go to the settings by opening the “File” menu. “Updates”. Initially, you need a firmware to install the latest version of iOS5 on your smartphone. If the process is completed successfully, you can easily control your computer and smartphone using a single wireless network. Once you’ve learned how to properly connect your iPhone to iTunes over Wi-Fi, you can easily save the following:

  • Photos;
  • Music;
  • Podcasts;
  • Books;
  • Playlists;
  • Built-in browser bookmarks;
  • Contacts;
  • Calendars;
  • Backups.

To connect iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, click once on the device. Then the “Overview” tab will open. You need to go down to the bottom and tick the “Sync with this iPhone via Wi-Fi” box. At the bottom, you should find the “Apply” item. It is possible to synchronize with the introduction of a special cord. Once the process is complete, the cable can be removed from the device. First, you should check if the computer and smartphone are connected to the network.

Wireless sync is tested when it starts. To perform actions, you must:

  • Go to the settings section. Selecting the item “General” in the menu will appear the inscription “Synchronization with iTunes via Wi-Fi”.
  • To complete the action, you have to click on the “Synchronize” option. After that, the process will resume, and a status bar with the usual count of synchronization steps will appear on the screen. At the top of the screen, the user will notice a sign indicating a successful process.

Important! Synchronizing iPhone with a computer via iTunes wirelessly Wi-Fi starts in automatic mode always, especially when you need to connect to a power source while using your smartphone. To ensure the full operation of the mobile device and computer, a single wireless network is required. In addition, iTunes must be running.

To download and install the application, you need to visit the official resource of the App Store. When syncing occurs, the app is added to your iTunes library automatically.

Instructions for connecting iPhone to a computer or laptop via Wi-Fi (photo)

To connect the device to a PC via Wi-Fi, you need to use a USB adapter. This essential accessory comes with your iPhone. ITunes must be installed before connecting your device to your computer. With the help of this library, you can identify the model of your device. Accordingly, the selection and installation of the necessary drivers is much easier.

Initially, you need to take a smartphone and connect it to a USB port on a computer or laptop. Managing settings won’t be difficult anymore. The user will have to go to the “My Computer” section. At this point, a new smartphone will be added. The contents of the drive can be loaded onto your own PC. The list includes pictures, videos, music and more.

Note! The owner of the iPhone automatically gets access to restore / update the firmware, synchronize files and personal data, create backups, download new photos, videos and music.

The computer and i-device are connected via a Wi-Fi network. To do this, you need to use a router to which all these devices are connected. To configure a wireless network, you need to perform several steps:

  • Connect your smartphone using a USB cable;
  • Select iTunes Libraries;
  • Disconnect the device from the USB cable and connect to a wireless network;
  • Connect to Wi-Fi on PC;
  • Open libraries on your computer.

Connect via USB cable if you need initial setup or firmware of the device.

Note! In all other cases, users choose wireless sync.

You must have a Windows PC or MacBook OS X to complete the iPhone to computer connection process. These devices must have one free USB port.

How to connect other Apple devices to your computer via Wi-Fi

To connect additional devices to your computer via Wi-Fi, use the settings. If a modem is installed in an office or at home, its mode is in effect, which allows distributing mobile data from a smartphone, iPhone or iPad. This happens when there is no access to the Wi-Fi network. To properly configure the mode, the user will have to go to the “Settings” section by selecting “Cellular” or “Settings”. After that, you should select the “Modem mode” option, then you must click “Enable”.

Important! If you have any problems setting up your mobile data “Modem mode”, you need to contact your cellular operator. When the user explains his problem, the specialist will be able to solve the problem, explaining step by step how to perform the actions. Difficulties associated with the lack of modem mode are sometimes discussed. Accordingly, the user will have to choose a certain tariff, which will open up quick access to the Wi-Fi network. If this method does not help, you will have to go to the nearest branch.

Another option for connecting to the device is being considered. The modem mode is functioning via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. When the smartphone connects to an access point in tethering mode, a blue icon lights up. This line indicates the number of devices connected to a single access network. To see how many devices are connected to a single network in modem mode, you need to determine the operator’s services and check the iPhone model.

If other devices successfully connect to the hotspot via Wi-Fi, you can only use the cellular data network. Typically, the internet connection is through the host device.

To connect, you need to do the following:

If you need to connect to the device via modem mode, the user needs to select the “Settings” option, then go to the “Cellular” section, click on “Modem mode” or “Settings” and “Modem mode”. The mode must be enabled. After successfully completed actions, you should check the Wi-Fi password, as well as the name that is indicated on the mobile device.

Note! Until the process is complete, you should not close the page.

After that, the device that you want to connect is selected. Initially, you will have to open the “Settings” option, Wi-Fi. A list of iPhone or iPad appears on the screen. Then you have to click on the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to. If necessary, enter a password for the modem mode.

  • Bluetooth connection

To check if the iPhone or iPad connects, you should go through the “Settings”, to the Bluetooth section. It is not necessary to close the window. Then the user must follow the requirements of the Mac or PC to properly set up the Bluetooth connection.

Tethering supports Wi-Fi connections over Bluetooth on Mac, PC, and more. To connect another iOS device, the user will have to use a Wi-Fi network.

The first step is to make sure that the latest version of iTunes is installed on your Mac or PC. Then you should take your iPhone or iPad and connect it to your computer. To do this, you can use the USB cable, which is included in the kit.

Possible problems when connecting iPhone to computer and laptop and ways to solve them

All modern devices that operate on iOS can easily do without a computer. But there are cases when you need to transfer certain data to a PC. In this case, you need to Read the basic rules for connecting an iPhone to a computer. Due to lack of experience, many users may experience certain problems when connecting iPhone to computer.

Most often, your iTunes library crashes. That is, it is impossible to connect the device, even following the manufacturer’s instructions. In practice, many reasons are considered. The main mistake is the trusted connection mechanism. This may be due to the storage of keys on both smartphones for subsequent authorization.

Important! To resolve the problem, you need to pay attention to the operating system OS X. If the iPhone cannot connect to the Mac, you need to completely clear the contents of the special Lockdown system directory. Initially, the user will have to disconnect the smartphone from the computer using the [cmd] [shift] [G] key combinations.

These actions can be done through the settings. That is, the “Go to folder” folder will initially open, then you need to go to the “Go” section. All data will have to be sent to the address: / var / db / lockdown /. After that, a graph with one or several files will open. They need to be removed instantly.

Once the process is complete, you need to pair your smartphone. The gadget connection depends on the installed system. For Windows, the steps are the same. The only difference is here. display of hidden files. To do this, go to the “Control Panel” section from the “Start” menu, and then to the “Folder Options” section, where on the “View” tab you need to find the parameter of the same name. As for the address, it differs for different versions of Windows.

IPhone users prefer to distribute the Internet to their computer via Wi-Fi. Since wired internet looks even preferable. This can more economically consume battery power. This provides a higher connection speed.

PC connection

In many, such a need arises quite often. This may be necessary in order to control a work or home computer from anywhere with Internet access. Now technology has reached such a level that it is NOT difficult. Therefore, there are many ways to connect to remote computers. We will consider the most convenient of them.

In what ways can you connect to a remote computer?

First, you need to decide what we are going to do on the remote computer and choose the best way to access. In addition, you need to consider the possibility of such a connection. not everywhere and not always it is possible to connect to a remote machine.

Controlling the graphical shell of a remote computer

There are several ways to connect to a traditional desktop.

RDP. Remote Desktop Protocol

Microsoft Remote Desktop Control Protocol. The ability to use it is built into any Windows. Including a client of connection to a remote desktop.

It’s easy to set up. The best option for managing Windows machines. shows the best performance and convenience.

For linux there is a Remmina client and an Xrdp server. mediocre performance.

Remmina. contains errors that create perceptible inconvenience in use. However, in the absence of options and if necessary, a completely working solution.

With regard to security. encryption is built into the RDP protocol.

VNC. Virtual Network Computing.

Free analogue of RDP. However, it uses a different principle, it works through the old protocol RFB (remote framebiffer). Without encryption, for security, you need to use encryption using the second protocols. It is usually used to manage unix hosts, where graphical shell management is needed. This is rarely necessary, since nix-systems have a very powerful text-based console interface, which provides absolutely complete control over the OS. Often used in virtualization systems to connect to the graphical console of virtual machines.

Has Windows implementations, both client and server.

Third Party Programs

This is, first of all, the most popular Teamviewer and the lesser known Ammyy Admin. There are others that don’t make sense to mention. Very convenient software, which, however, has significant drawbacks. Chief among them you are using this software. you essentially provide access to your data to the developer of this software.

It is not known exactly what these programs work on. They also have extremely low performance, especially if you have a mediocre internet connection. The most important plus. does not require any knowledge to organize a remote connection: downloaded. set. provided the identifier and password. connection established. It is enough that both parties have access to the Internet. Users do not need to know the topology of networks, do not need to know any ip-address, ports and protocols.

Why do I paint it as an advantage of this method. because all the other methods described here assume the need to know the address, ports and protocols. And here it is easy and fast. It is perfect for the simplest tasks like diagnostics, monitoring or prompt execution of simple actions. But I would NOT wish the enemy to try to fully work through teamviewer 🙂

There are others, but they are specific, and we will NOT remember them here.

Controlling a remote computer via a text interface. command line


The oldest and simplest network control protocol. Allows you to manage anything through the command term. At the moment, as a rule, it is used only as a diagnostic and debugging tool. Also, simple network equipment is usually controlled via telnet when needed. for example modems. Few people know, but many home routers allow telnet connections. Has security concerns due to its simplicity.

Rlogin. practically the same as telnet. Used (rarely) on UNIX.

SSH. Secure SHell

This is something without which the existence of the modern Internet would be unthinkable. Although the average user usually has never heard of this, but this is the most optimal and effective way to control remote computers.

Used in system administration. The essence. providing access to control command line, text-based interface through a secure encrypted connection. Again, the average user is not in the know, but 95% of all servers that make up the Internet, in principle, are controlled via SSH. Therefore, if you are really interested in the topic of remote control. you cannot pass by this. However, there are downsides that push the technology into the background:

First, for an ordinary user, controlling a computer through a command term is difficult.

Secondly, because of This, it will not be possible to manage a windows machine without tweaks, due to the scarcity of its command line and the absence of SSH by default.

However, ssh allows you to do other things that will be very useful for an ordinary user to configure access to a remote computer. This tunneling is encrypted. SSH allows you to create tunnels and use any of the protocols described here.

Netcat. raw network connection

This is generally exotic. No encryption and no standards or limits. As simple as a wheel. Allows you to do anything, including remote access. Wilds of system administration, hacking and breaking. Quite difficult to use, rarely used. However, I couldn’t mention.

What you need to connect to a remote computer.

It is necessary that there is a connection between them. For example, if a user needs RDP access to control his home computer, then he must somehow get direct access to the port on which the RDP server (service) launched on the home computer is available. Literally speaking, you need to somehow be able to access port 3389 on the remote machine. Or 5901. if it’s VNC, and 22 if you need to connect via SSH. (These are the default ports, which can be different if necessary and desired). And this is where the second part begins. how can this be done.

Make port forwarding (NAT and PAT)

This is done on firewalls or servers. For example, if this is a home computer and it is connected to the Internet through a router. you need to configure the settings for NAT on your computer in the router settings.

You also need to know the external IP address of your network. We will NOT be able to describe it here, since there is no one specific way. Since the conditions for connecting to the Internet, devices and providers are different for everyone. But the general scheme is the same as in the picture. Usually, you can easily find port forwarding instructions for your device.

VPN. Virtual private network

Has many implementations and variations, for example Hamachi. But the essence is the same. Internet floor is created “local” network. Accordingly, each device that turned out to be in it has its own “local” IP-addresses and they have a direct connection with each other.

This allows you to “see” and connect to the desired ports directly. Thus, using the method entails certain difficulties and requires some knowledge. The best option. create a VPN yourself. When using third party services like Hamachi. the way is basically the same as using Teamviewer.

SSH tunneling

In fact. allows you to build a VPN without the use of complex software and equipment, without the use of third-party services. However, it requires an external connection point. (Details about SSH tunnels)

However, the need for a connection point is also required for the two methods described above. And when connected via teamviewer or hamachi. there must be one. servers owned by these companies. The connection will be made through them. This is the only way, and nothing else. That is why, speaking about teamviewer, we say that you are giving access to your data to no one knows who. Of course, it is extremely unlikely that someone will use this data, but such a possibility exists.

What is meant here by connection point. it is a device with a known external IP address. You’ve probably heard of dynamic and static external IPs. So, to connect and control a remote computer, in fact, it does not matter whether it is dynamic or static. For example, a home router usually has a dynamic external IP.

It is important to know it, but statics or dynamics. absolutely indifferent. It also makes a big difference where it is located. on the client side, on the server side, or somewhere in a third place, as a separate server. It is important that both parties have access to each other in one way or another. directly, or through the third point.


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Connecting Huawei to PC via USB. HiSuite Utility

Almost every one of us is periodically faced with the need to connect our smartphone to a personal computer. This is primarily necessary for transferring files, and also for recharging the phone in an emergency. However, not every newly minted owner of such a device can figure out how to connect Huawei to a PC. In this article, we will look at all the available ways to accomplish such a task.

How to connect Huawei to computer via USB

If you are faced with the question of how to connect Huawei to a computer via USB, you can use the simplest and most convenient method. The steps to be taken are as follows:

  • We take a USB cable, which is standard with Huawei;
  • We connect to a computer;
  • The phone connection drivers are being installed;
  • Phone connects.

Thus, the user can quickly identify his gadget on the computer. After that, it is often given the opportunity to transfer files and perform other equally important tasks. It is important NOT to interrupt the installation of drivers on Huawei, because Subsequently, some difficulties may arise when you try to connect the gadget to the computer again.

How to connect Huawei to PC using HiSuite

The second way is to use the HiSuite utility, which helps you perform many useful operations. In particular, it can be used to open the synchronization of contacts, activate access to photos, as well as access to all files in general. This takes into account both those files that are stored in the device’s memory and those that are located on the microSD card. over, this way you can read and edit messages, and in general use the basic options of the smartphone.

To activate the connection of your Huawei phone to a computer using the specified program, you will need to download an archive with files to install the program. After that, you need to set the USB Debugging Mode in the communicator settings. On a PC Install a program that runs the utility required to quickly connect Honor Huawei honor.

Thus, it is possible to quickly display all the necessary data on the screen of your personal computer. The actions that a user can perform using such a utility are broader than with a simple connection of a smartphone through a conductor. At the very least, the synchronization process is much easier here: in personal mode, it is much easier to synchronize a PC than in standard mode.

Charge only mode may be activated when a smartphone is connected. So the gadget will not transfer data to the personal computer, but it will be recharged. In addition, the computer can display information in what he saw the Huawei.

Also, users of the utility will be able to set the “photo” mode. It is the most convenient for transferring photos from an SD card (by the way, in this option, you can only work with it).

Potential problems and solutions

There may be some problems when connecting your Huawei smartphone to the PC. For example, if the user tries to establish a connection in a standard way when connecting through a standard wire. it happens that the system simply does not see Huawei. In this case, the installation of the HiSuite Specialized Utility almost always helps. It helps to establish an optimal connection between a gadget and a personal computer, so that it turns out to perform Not only standard operations, but also to get wider opportunities.

You can always try to reinstall the drivers, because the ability to display the gadget on the screen depends on them. If that didn’t help either. the most rational way is to try to connect the smartphone to a second personal computer.

In some situations, problems arise due to the incorrect operation of the wire. If the cable is damaged. it is worth replacing it with a new one, because you will NOT be able to achieve significant success when working with it.