connected the speakers to the laptop and there is no sound. what to do?

When using a laptop, it is often found that the quality of the integrated speakers does not satisfy the user. View movies or listening to music through a set of additional speakers significantly improves their perception.

Regardless of the type of connection. wireless, USB or audio connector, computer speakers are easy to configure and provide a decent sound quality of a portable device.

Connecting wired speakers

Choose a set of speakers for a laptop. If a laptop has a USB connectors or headphone jack, most of the wired speakers can be connected to them.

    Most computer speakers have a small audio 3.5 mm connector (mini-jack 1/8 “, suitable for smartphones, players, PC audiocarts) inserting into a standard headphone socket. The columns of this type are usually connected to the power supply;

Audio connector 3.5 mm, which have most columns

Columns with USB connector and conventional audio connector

Place the speakers in the workspace. Most of the columns for PC have the “Left” (L) designation (L) or “Right” (R) (right) on the rear or bottom of the device.

We place speakers correct

If the speakers are equipped with a subwoofer, you can put it for the system or half.

Subwoofer place for the system or half

Reference! It is important to take into account that wherever the columns, sound and feeding cables should be convenient and safe to get the corresponding connectors on the laptop.

Reduce the volume of speakers to a minimum. usually it is done by turning the volume control on one of the speakers until it stops to the left.

Reduce the volume of speakers to a minimum

Left-click on the sound icon on the bottom bottom of the desktop. Adjust the volume at about 75%.

Click the left mouse button on the sound icon on the bottom bottom of the desktop

Using the slider, adjust the volume at about 75%

When you click on the “Mixer” option, different sliders will appear, use a slider with the “Applications” inscription (“Applications”).

Click on the “Mixer” option

In the Slider with the inscription “Applications” (“Applications”) adjust the sound by 75%

In the list of laptop, connect the audio connector cable (USB or 3.5 mm connector) to the appropriate port on the laptop.

We find a small connector with a picture of headphones or speaker, connect the connector from the speakers

To connect, do not use the microphone pattern connector

Important! Do not connect the speaker plug to the nest with a microphone pattern located in the picture on the left!

To connect USB speakers, use a free USB connector on a laptop

Insert disk with drivers that comes with USB speakers

Turn on the columns with the “On.”Usually located on the rear panel of one of the loudspeakers. Sometimes the power button is combined with the speaker volume control.

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Turn on the column with the corresponding button responsible for nutrition

Important! If the columns have a power cable, connect it before turning on the speakers.

If you have a power cable, connect it to the network

Play audio on a laptop. streaming music, CD, video on YouTube and T.D.

Play any audio on a laptop

Find a convenient listening volume, slowly turning the volume control in the speakers until it is reached.

Adjust the volume of the speakers on the speakers for a comfortable listening

Reference! If nothing is heard from the speakers, make sure that the speakers are correctly connected to the laptop and to the outlet.

Setting the switching of speakers in Windows

If when playing audio sound is heard, but it goes through the dynamics of the laptop, and not through the speakers, you need to change the sound switching settings manually.

Press together the “WinR” laptop keys (“Win” is located on the left of Alt).

When you may need an adapter

The adapter may be required if the special nest is missing / broken or the required connector is busy. For example, if the PC broke a mini jack, then its owner will need to purchase a USB adapter on columns.

For MacBook owners, you may need another USB-Lightning adapter, as Apple technique only supports USB-C, and for older versions, these computers need an adapter on Lightning.

In the case of wireless connection, the adapter may be required if it is already included with the device.

How to connect a Bluetooth column to PC with Windows 7

The principle of connecting a portable device to a laptop with Windows 7 will not be fundamentally different, but the sector search will be needed to do through the “Control Panel”. Here in the category “Devices and Printers” will need to check whether Bluetooth is correctly configured: the detection features must be a daw, and all permissions must also be given for connecting the “blues” devices.

Control Panel “Devices and Printers” “Parameters Bluetooth” “Parameters”

In the “Devices and Printers” menu, click “Adding Bluetooth Device”. Search is activated, and after some time the name of your portable column will appear on the screen. First we click on the name, then click “Connect“. In case of successful interface, the column will give a signal (sound).

As with the 10th version, there may be a situation where you need to make changes to the parameters of the device for playback. That is, the speaker must become a device for output by default.

The most common conjugation option

How to connect a column via Bluetooth to the phone? Such an opportunity is in every smartphone, tablet or laptop. That is why the method is universal and does not require additional wires. However, the battery consumption rate is several times higher than under standard methods.

To connect the Bluetooth version does not play a role, but can affect the action radius or energy consumption. The procedure is easy to perform when the device is equipped with an NFC chip. It is enough to attach a column to the smartphone to make settings and transmission.

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If there is no chip, then you need to enter the properties manually. Enough:

  • Enable, then an alert appears in the notification panel on the smartphone;
  • Go to Bluetooth section. Next “Settings”;
  • activate the Bluetooth channel and click “Search”;
  • Among the devices we find and select columns;
  • We are waiting for a successful conjugation.

Such manipulations must be made only for the first time. However, even he may fail.

How to install and connect a speaker with wires directly

Connecting any external acoustic system to PC is carried out through the audio card. On it, as a rule, there are the following ports:

  • Audio Out (marked in green). to output stereo sound through headphones or active columns (with built-in amplifier);
  • Audio In (marked with red or pink color). to connect microphones or devices with which the sound will be recorded (converted from analog to digital to save in the form of a file);
  • Line In (marked orange). linear output, in most cases it is used as an additional when connecting acoustic systems of type 5.1 (if the sound card supports such a function).

That is, to connect the active column to the PC just to connect it to the output of 3.5 mm. Audio Out. Naturally, it is pre-installing a sound card driver (if it is integrated into the motherboard, then software is supplied on the installation disk to it).

Speakers without amplifier directly connect to the output of the sound card categorically prohibited! Because of the high resistance, it causes a critical high load on the audio chip, which is why he instantly fails (less often it is accompanied by extending capacitors responsible for “aligning” sound). In this case, the connection is properly carried out as follows:

  • External amplifier connects in the time Audio Out PC. As a rule, for this you need a cord of type “3.5 mm. by 3.5 mm.”(According to the papa dad scheme). In some amplifiers, a cable “3.5 mm RCA “(tulips with red and white tip). It is necessary to double-check that the cord is connected in the amplifier precisely to the inteeis with the audio in inscription (that is, the sound with PC goes to the amplifier, and not vice versa).
  • Passive columns are connected to the amplifier. And it is on it that the initial adjustment and configuration of the sound is performed.

All manipulations should be carried out on the devices off (both PC and amplifier). And before turning on them, it is recommended to thoroughly reheese, whether everything is correctly connected. Quite often, amplifiers are equipped with a large number of identical ports, but with different functional. In this case, the AUDIO OUTs are used on PC and AUDIO IN in the amplifier!

There are also acoustic systems in which 3.5 mm. Connector is not provided. They are connected to the PC via USB. In technical terms, these are the same active columns, but the sound card is also built within them. In Windows 10, when they are connected, the operating system automatically disables the built-in audio chip. But in Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, it usually has to do. Performed as follows:

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Windows with two active sound cards can also work, but such a configuration often causes malnimedia players, other applications. And before setting up acoustic speakers on a computer with Windows 7, it will not be superfluous to check for the availability of fresh drivers for sound card. Especially if the connection is carried out through the adapters of type 6.3 mm. by 3.5 mm. (connector 6.3 mm. Preferably occurs in microphones, studio acoustics).

How to enable and adjust sound in columns on PC and laptop

If it is physically connected, but there is no sound anyway, you need to click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the screen and check if it is not turned off. Here you can adjust the volume.

Wider adjustments are carried out in the “Dynamics Properties” window, in which we pass through the “Sound” option in the control panel. In this window, you can adjust the sound, adjust the volume.

When using a fixed computer, the dynamics are often embedded in the monitor. There are also sound adjustment tools.

How to configure sound?

When the speakers are properly connected and the latest versions of the drivers, the lack of sound can talk about the system disconnecting audio devices. In this case, the audio setting in Windows 7 is carried out through the control panel. To do this, enter the “Control Panel”. “Equipment and Sound”. “Sound”.

In the appeared window, sound devices must be displayed. If there are no, they are simply disabled.

To display disconnected devices, you must right-click in the window, where the device must be listed, and select the “Show disabled devices” in the menu. After that, Windows will display the devices available in the system to which drivers are installed.

In the screenshot, it can be seen that the device is displayed in gray, that is, it is currently not involved. This is also said and the inscription “Disabled” under his name. So it should be connected. For this it is necessary:

After such manipulations, the device will be displayed in green, and the inscription “Disabled” will disappear. To immediately check whether it was possible to configure the sound or not, you can right-click on the device and select the “Check” item.

If the speakers work, a beep will appear, which means the setting has succeeded. Thinner sound quality settings can be spent by pressing the “Properties” button in the displayed speaker. However, setting up with standard Windows tools does not allow to achieve the desired audio quality, for this use utilities designed to work with a sound card of a particular model. Such a utility can be found on the drive with drivers or on the Internet, on the manufacturer’s website.