How to connect TWS headset (wireless headphones) to phone, laptop

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Quite an interesting statistic: 1 in 10 has a problem with wireless. Many people think that they were sold a defective product and would like to get their money back. ). #x1f440;

But the headphones are not always faulty! In some cases, the fault is caused by small “nuances”. About them (and how to properly connect TWS-headset to the phone) and will be today’s post. #x1f44c;


Now on sale quite a lot of headsets: AirDots (from Xiaomi), JBL, Huawei Freebuds, i7s, i9s, etc.д. I want to note that this note is of general nature (based on TWS Aceline LightPods) and should be “up-to-date” for most models of devices.

How to connect wireless headphones to your Xiaomi phone?

We have already told you about how to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to Huawei/Honor and Samsung smartphones. In this article we use a smartphone Xiaomi and connect the headphones to it. Yes, the essence of the process does not change, but the interface devices are different, so this article is more than justified. Let’s go.

Taking wireless headphones. The model is not important. Plugging in. In our case the Honor headphones are used: press and hold the power button until the LED flashes two colors blue and red. This indicates that the device is searchable.

Now pick up your Xiaomi smartphone and go to Settings.

And we see our headphones (AM61 are headphones). Press.

Done, the headphones are connected to your smartphone.

Now let’s check if everything is okay. Let’s launch the player (pay attention to the connected headphones icon in the status bar).

connect, wireless, headphones

There is sound in the headphones, which means that everything is done correctly.

How to connect wireless headphones to your phone?

Do not know how to connect wireless headphones to the phone, or maybe the problem occurred later when using? Dr.Head will help you understand everything, because the process is not much more complicated than connecting wired headphones!

There are several types of wireless connection, but for headphones (as well as portable speakers) today only Bluetooth connection is relevant, so next we will talk about how to connect Bluetooth headphones / headset to your phone (smartphone or tablet).

You can read about what types of wireless connections exist, as well as other parameters of wireless headphones, in our article: “How to choose wireless headphones

Headsets may only produce sound in one ear, depending on your sound settings. So check the sound properties and make sure that the mono setting is off. Also, make sure that the voice levels are balanced on both headphones The voice levels should be the same on both sides of the headset.

Mononucleosis mostly reproduces the same sound in both ears, but can sometimes cause this problem. A balance problem occurs when the scales may be turned all the way to the left or right. You can check the mono and balance settings in the special features settings of your device. You will see the slider displayed on the left and right.

It all starts with the fact that when you connect the headphones do not want to sync. And it turns out that only one earpiece is making sounds. A little strange that the developers have not tried to create a quality and simple product. Especially since the headset is not from the budget range.

Let’s look at what you need to do to get both headphones working properly :

How to Fix Earbuds Problem Connection to each other. SOLVED

  • The Bluetooth doesn’t play a role. This means that it can be activated or deactivated during synchronization. You need to take an earpiece in each hand and press the buttons until the indicators respond in red and blue;
  • When you see the device respond, release the buttons. And on one of the headphones, press the button twice again;
  • Next, you must activate Bluetooth if it was previously turned off;
  • On your mobile device, you should see the headphone icons with their brand name. In the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone you will also see the device display and the status of “Connected”;
  • Wait until the lights stop flashing. When there is a need to disconnect, put them in the box and press the case button 2 times.

This is how you connect the i7 TWS headset. The steps to synchronize are not standard, so many people have difficulty.

Each earpiece has a touchpad. It is on the outside and helps control playlist, settings and multimedia.

To synchronize Xiaomi AirDots headphones and your smartphone, follow these steps:

connect, wireless, headphones
  • Touch the sensor pads on the earpads and hold your fingers down until you see a purple flash. This is how you reset.
  • Place them in the case for mutual synchronization, and immediately after that take them back out. The right one will flash in pale purple.
  • On your smartphone, start a device search in the Bluetooth manager.
  • Locate the right-hand insert in the list, it is designated as Mi AirDots BASIC_R. Synchronization with the left one happens automatically.

If everything is done correctly, the headset will work in normal mode.

How wireless headphone synchronization works

Usually the left and right earphone are automatically paired with each other through a Bluetooth connection. When doing the first pairing, the earmuffs send signals to each other to calculate the time it takes to fully cycle the data between the right and left devices.

When there is a lot of noise (interference) nearby, the cycle time can be longer. Because your earmolds have to “wait their turn” for the signal to transfer. When the exact data cycle time is known, it will be split in half. From now on your earmolds will know how long it takes to transmit between them.

connect, wireless, headphones

In most cases, the headphones are connected to the phone through one “main” ear piece (usually the right R). It does an extra job, because it has to manage the communication with the phone of both headphones, and compensate for the delay in the signal between the right and left earpiece.

The right earpiece battery drains slightly faster than the left earpiece battery. When you receive a music signal from the phone, the right earpiece immediately sends a signal to the left earpiece. It also delays music playback for a short time to ensure that the track on the right and left earpiece is synchronized.

Place one earphone in the charging case, press and hold the button for 2 seconds. Activate the Bluetooth mode for the first device, plug in the earpiece. 2. Remove the connected earphone from the jack, insert the other earphone into the charging case, and repeat the operation for the second device.

  • Remove any one earphone from the case and wait for it to turn on automatically;
  • The indicator light on the headphone blinks white quickly and then slowly;
  • Search for available devices in the Bluetooth menu;

Activating simultaneous operation

To activate the possibility of working with 2 gadgets you need to install on your phone a mobile app, where this function is configured. In my case it’s Mi Buds M8.

Accordingly, perform the initial connection of the headphones to the phone this will be our first gadget. To do this, open the lid and without taking the earphones out of the case press the button on the body indicator light flashes white, which means that the headphones went into pairing mode

Running Bluetooth on your Android smartphone or iPhone, looking for our ears and making the connection

After this we launch the mobile app. On the home screen, scroll down the page and activate the Connect to 2 devices

You can now make a second connection to the headphones. To do this, turn on Bluetooth on your second gadget and perform the connection details on how to connect the headset to a particular device, we have told these instructions in detail on the site: