Before you connect wireless headphones to your iPhone 6, 7, 8, or 10, figure out the compatibility of the device. The most popular option. Airpods. These Bluetooth headphones can be connected to iOS devices that run iOS software from 10 and above for the 1st generation of the device and from 12.2 and above for the 2nd generation. And they’re compatible with Android, Windows Phone and other Bluetooth devices as well as Macs. The pluses of these headphones are a long battery life, convenient controls and delivery in a handy case. Disadvantages. high price and periodic software failures. There is a choice of Airpods 1 and Airpods 2. which one to prefer, everyone will decide for themselves.

Let’s highlight another range of wireless headphones that can be connected to the iPhone:

  • The Meizu EP51 is a Chinese but quality device that comes in a small purse, complete with pads and a charging cable. The pluses. great sound, the ability to charge from a laptop, the availability of control unit and a small price (about 2000 p). Of the minuses. tight buttons and charging takes two hours.
  • Sennheiser IE8i. To connect wireless headphones to your iPhone, just take them out of the box, turn them on and configure the connection on your phone. The device has a high German quality. The pros. the ability to fix it on your clothes, the perfect sound, a lot of settings and compatibility with the iPhone. Of the minuses. the hardening of materials at low temperatures and the high price, which is over 12,000 p.
  • Beyerdynamic Byron BTA. Another reliable wireless headphones with quality sound, which can be connected to the iPhone. Battery life of the headset is about 8 hours with a constant load. Charging time of about 1.5 hours. The pluses. a few extra earpieces, microphone, small weight (12 g). Cons. the price over 12 000 p. Not very good sound insulation, periodic interruptions in communication when you remove the smartphone.
  • Marshall Mode EQ. a reliable headset with excellent bass and quality fixation in the ear. When developing the device, special attention is paid to the quality of the wire and the reliability of the body. The pluses. the presence of the holder on your clothes, the low price (about 3000 p), quality sound, the availability of an equalizer and long service life. Of the disadvantages. inconvenience when wearing it for a long time, difficulties in applying the equalizer.
  • Sven AP-B770MV. wireless headphones with a microphone and excellent sound that can be easily connected to the iPhone. Thanks to the extensive functionality, the device can be used to listen to music and talk. The pros are high sound quality, reliable fixation on the head, the stability of the signal over a distance. Of the cons worth allocating small control buttons, but otherwise the system works steadily.

In addition, iPhones are also compatible with other devices. Sony MDR-ZX330BT, Ostry KC06A, Philips SHE3590, Samsung Gear Circle SM-R130, etc. д. The list of compatible models is wide enough to find the right fit.

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Before you connect your Bluetooth headphones, you need to check their compatibility. To do this, turn on Bluetooth on the iPhone and activate the device itself, then try to commute the devices with each other. How to do it correctly, we will consider below.

Connecting Airpods to Android

Airpods. a universal headset that is used in conjunction not only with “apple” gadgets, but also with devices from other manufacturers. With one condition: you will not be able to use the voice assistant “Siri” and use (depending on the phone model) other useful options available for the iPhone. However, the main job the iPods will continue to do. playing music, talking on the phone.

But how to connect the Airpods to “Android”? Universal instructions for the pairing of iPods and phones from other manufacturers:

How To Connect Wireless Headphones to IPhone (2019)

  • On your device, go to the menu and activate Bluetooth. On most “android” to do this, you need to go to: Settings. Connectivity. Bluetooth.
  • Without removing the headphones from the sockets, open the lid of the case.
  • Press the button on the back of the box until the indicator light starts blinking white.
  • Turn your attention to your smartphone screen. the headset should appear in the list of available devices for wireless connection.
  • How to connect Airpods to Android? Choose Airpods. the bundle is set.

For the headphones to automatically start/stop playing songs as soon as you insert/remove the headset from your ear, to control the charge of the case and the Airpods themselves on “Android”, you will also need special programs:

That said, users note that not all “androids” are suitable for pairing with Airpods:

  • Huawei. does not work as it should, microphone, headphones can not be used for phone calls.
  • Honor. very quiet music playback.

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Step by step pairing instructions

Before you can connect wireless headphones to your iPhone phone via Bluetooth, you need to make sure that they are compatible. Things are easier with headsets from the “apple” manufacturer, because they pair 100% of the time. They are also compatible with most other non-Apple mobile devices. They all connect in much the same way. To do this, operate according to the following instructions:

  • Turn on the headset and activate the option that allows other devices to see them. Usually this is done by just pressing a button, although it could be a combination of keys (depends on the model of headset).
  • On the iPhone, open the main settings menu and go to “Bluetooth.
  • Turn on the desired function and wait until the list of detected devices appears, where the headset should be displayed. Click on it. If everything is done correctly, the status “Connected” will appear. (don’t forget to press the “allow to connect new devices” button if you have one).
  • You will also see an icon in the status bar next to the battery level.
  • In order to connect the Bluetooth headphones to your iPhone phone, the headset may require a password. But this should be specified in its instruction manual. That’s why it’s also worth familiarizing yourself with it. It remains only to check them for operation.

Preparing the headphones to connect to the phone via Bluetooth

To start, just turn the headphones on. On normal headphones, which are not separate, there is a separate button for this. There should be a beep and/or a light on/blinking.

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If you have TWS headphones, they usually come on as soon as you take them out of their carrying case. This is usually also indicated by a beep or indicator light. If you take the headphones out of the case and they do not turn on (but they are charged). then press the button on each earphone for 3-6 seconds. Be sure to remove both headphones!

Some models simply require you to open the charging case. In the case of the Airpods, for example.

Starting with the iPhone 7 version, which was released in 2016, Apple has completely abandoned the standard headphones with a 3.5 mm jack. Now you can only connect the headset to the device through the charging jack.

This has caused some difficulties, primarily concerning the simultaneous charging of the battery and listening to music in headphones. This problem can be solved by using a special adapter, which attaches to the phone and allows you to use multiple connections at once.

Another way out of this situation was the release of wireless headphones. The headset is connected via a wireless connection, Bluetooth, so the jack is left free for the charger.

Wireless headphones are undoubtedly beneficial. So, you can forget about tangled wires. It is enough to take them out of the special case and create a connection with your smartphone. If the headset is no longer in use, the pair must be broken off and the headphones returned in place.

This device cannot work non-stop for a long time and requires regular recharging. It is charged through a case that comes with the kit. The amount of time that the headset can spend without charging depends on the model itself.

Apple produces its own headphones Airpods. They fit better with all iPhone devices. However, some users do not want to use this headset. This may be caused by some peculiarities.

First of all, it is worth noting that headphones from Apple only come in one type, plug-in or tablet. They can be uncomfortable because everyone’s earbuds are different, but the shape of the headset is the same. Manufacturers have paid attention to this drawback and in 2019 announced the release of vacuum headphones.

Herein lies the second disadvantage. the cost. The original devices from Apple have a rather high price. In addition, the wireless kit does not come with your smartphone. For this reason users often prefer other manufacturers.

Apple provides the ability to connect not only original headphones. You can connect any headset that uses the Bluetooth feature to pair. Thanks to this, you can buy a cheaper set, with which you will not have any problems in the work just the same.

How to configure

After the pairing another question arises. how to configure the wireless headphones JBL on iPhone to improve the sound quality and set the necessary output parameters. For these purposes, a special proprietary software is used, which allows you to configure the work for yourself, change the control, adjust the sound quality, put updates, etc. д.

Note that not all brands release such software, but JBL provides such a possibility. For example, once you connect your JBL wireless headphones to your iPhone, you can install the JBL Headphone. This software is supported by a large number of JBL headphones and opens up the following possibilities:

  • Voice Assistant Setup.
  • Earphone battery charge indicator.
  • Setting up touch gestures.
  • Multiple Noise Cancellation Mode.
  • Changing frequencies with the equalizer, etc. д.
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With the app for wired and wireless headphones, it is easier to adjust the parameters of interest and use all the functionality of the headset.

How to connect headphones to a new or different phone, iPhone, laptop?

While using wireless Bluetooth headphones (conventional, or separated TWS), sometimes you need to connect the headphones to another phone, laptop, or PC. Or to a new device. For example, to the iPhone. And sometimes there are some difficulties with this, because the headphones continue to connect to the old device automatically after you turn it on, or remove it from the case. And the other device, or the new smartphone does not see them.

To connect your Bluetooth headphones to another device, you must remove (forget) the headphones on the old device to which they are currently connected. Or simply activate the connection mode on the headphones and pair them with a new phone, laptop, etc. д. Once you disconnect the headphones from your device, they will automatically go into connectivity mode and will be available to connect on your new device. This is how it works on Android, iPhones, Windows computers, etc. д.

Connecting a Bluetooth headset to your iPhone. simple instruction

Bluetooth is a universal technology available for both Android smartphones and iPhones. You can use your favorite wireless headset on your Apple smartphone without any problems. There are a few important nuances in this matter that relate to device compatibility. I will explain how to connect a Bluetooth headset to iPhone and the important points in the article below.

Why doesn’t your phone see your wireless Bluetooth headphones?

One of the most popular problems you can bump into when connecting headphones to your phone is when your phone doesn’t see wireless headphones that connect via Bluetooth. This problem is relevant for Android phones, as well as for the iPhone. Well, with the advent of the separate TWS format Bluetooth headphones, these problems have become even more. First, a lot more people have started using wireless headphones, using them as a headset. Secondly, TWS headphones are technically more complicated, and there are not infrequent problems with their connection.

In this article I will explain what to do when your phone can’t find your Bluetooth headphones or headset. It just doesn’t see them in the list of available Bluetooth devices. And that may have been seen before and they plugged in.

In this article we will talk about TWS headphones (when two headphones are separate). and also about conventional wireless headphones. Solutions are suitable for different Android smartphones: Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor, OPPO, Huawei, etc. д. These solutions will also work with the iPhone. As for the headphones themselves, the manufacturer and model does not matter: JBL, Sony, Honor, Xiaomi, Motorola, QCY, Chinese i7s, i9s, i10, etc. д.