Connecting wireless Bluetooth headphones to Android phone

Wireless headphones began to appear more and more often in articles on our blog. And today I will show how to connect wireless headphones via Bluetooth to the phone under the control of the Android operating system on the example of Xiaomi. Although the instructions, and then the owners of any smartphones can listen to music. the algorithm of actions is identical for Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Redmi and others. Despite the difference in the characteristics of various models True Wireless (TWS) of the liners with the set and microphone, they are all connected to Android and iPhone according to the same principle. Therefore, this manual will also be universal for all types of “Headset”, whether it be pathos JBL, Marshall Major, Sony, Samsung, Apple Airpods or the inexpensive Ifans i9s, i10, I11, I12 or Elari Nanopods C aliExpress. But the settings for listening to music and calling calls on the phone via Bluetooth communication, depending on the modification, will differ, so for each of them we have made separate articles on the pages of the blog.

Before you start using, let’s see how to turn on wireless headphones at all. It’s about connecting a headset phone that works by TWS communication (True Wireless). This means that there are no wires between them at all. They are connected by Bluetooth 4 or 5.0 both between themselves and with the phone. At the same time, only one of them, leading. And the second works through the first, creating a stereo sound.

Therefore, when you took out the headphones out of the box, you need to start with the fact that you can turn it on and synchronize them with each other. In different models, this is done in one of two ways.

  • Manually is an obsolete type, in which you need to simultaneously click on functional buttons on each headphones. Then they will interconnect with each other, and then you can already connect them to the phone.
  • Automatically. this method is used on all wireless TWS headphones of the latest generations. The bottom line is that both modules are spaced from the plant, and as soon as you got them out of the case, they are immediately interconnected and are ready to work with a smartphone.

Which type is used in your model, you need to learn from the instructions that are included. But you can understand without it. if immediately after inclusion in them is a voice notification of the type “Pairing”, then they are already synchronized.

Honor headphones to Android phone

In order to use the Honor headset with all amenities, it is best to download AI Life mobile application on your phone? Available in the official android app store. This is a general control center for all Huawei and Honor devices registered in the same account. For example, I have already added my Huawei WS5200 router here. The application is on the Google Play Store, however, because of the well-known sanctions against the Chinese company, the latest version is located in the Huawei application store-Appgallery. It is on it that the link is encrypted in the QR code depicted in the instructions.

Therefore, in order for your phone to have an actual program, it is best to open the QR codes scanner, consider it a camera and download the AI ​​Life application by link.

The very process of connecting Honor Earbuds Lite 2 to the smartphone is slightly different from many other models. There is no need to pull out the wireless headphones from the case. To include them and activate the mating regime, you need:

How to include noise reduction on Honor headphones?

The first block displays the current level of charge of batteries of the right and left headphones, as well as the cover.

But most of all users are interested in how to include noise reduction mode on Honor Earbuds 2 Lite. This function is placed in the second block. By default, the central icon is active. standard mode without additional options. It is the most economical, and it should be used if the headphones are already quite discharged or if you want to stretch the time of their work as much as possible without recharging.

The noise reduction mode is turned on the left icon. when using it, all external sounds are cut off for complete immersion in the music in headphones

There is also the so.called “sound permeability” mode. It works in such a way that, on the contrary, it activates the microphone and broadcasts all surrounding sounds into speakers. In order for you to create the effect of presence without taking away headphones from your ears. You can even talk with another person and at the same time listen to tracks.

Huawei Honor Bluetooth Not Working Problem Solved || How to Fix Bluetooth Problem in Huawei Honor

You can also switch between these three modes by holding the sensor on the right or left headphone. At the same time, their priority can be changed in the program. this will be discussed below.

Huawei Bluetooth Headphones Lite Instruction

  • Huawei Sport Headphones Lite

Wireless headphones, 11 hours of music playback, comfortable wearing in any situation

Without extra wires and sound delay

Wireless headphones, flexible cable, convenient wear, sound transmission without delay

Lithium battery 137 mAh, 11 hours of continuous playback (about 220 compositions)

The symmetrical location of the control panel and battery provides convenient wearing headphones.

Lightness, comfort and reliability

The weight of one headphone is only 5 g. Each headphone has the shape of a shark fin, which provides comfortable wearing. The set of headphones includes removable nozzles.

Each headphone is equipped with a magnet, which allows you to connect the headphones and carry them with you. Stylish headphone design is suitable for any image.

Huawei Problem to turn on USB Development

connect, bluetooth, headphones, huawei, phone, characteristics

The headphones are represented in three saturated colors: midnight black and fiery red.

Diamond surface treatment and grain coating of high density provides a soft structure and radiant appearance of headphones

The finest vibrating diaphragm

for the exact transmission of the voice and reduce the effect of sound distortion

Dynamic emitter with a diameter of 11 mm

for loud sound and saturated bass

Headphones-lodges with a function of passive noise reduction and durable cable

For convenient use during sports

Bluetooth /Strong

Stable voice transmission during a call

Stable voice transmission during a call

Support Bluetooth 4.1 and compatibility with popular Bluetooth devices,

Quick connection to the smartphone to perform calls and listen to music at a distance of 10 m from the smartphone

Charging directly through a USB cable (included in the delivery kit)

or with the help of an external battery at any time and anywhere

The image of the products and the content displayed on the screen, which are presented on the above pages, are reference character. The actual functions and characteristics of products (including, inter alia, appearance, color and size) may differ.

connect, bluetooth, headphones, huawei, phone, characteristics

All data on the above pages are theoretical values ​​obtained in Huawei’s own laboratories during tests conducted under certain conditions. information cm. In the description of each product. Actual data depends on a specific product, software version, use scenarios and surrounding conditions.

Due to the possible changes in the supply kit, production processes and delivery procedures, Huawei can make in real time changes in the descriptions and images published on the above information pages.

The purpose of the changes made is to provide accurate information about products, as well as ensuring compliance between the data placed on the website and the actual characteristics of the products. Information about devices can be changed without prior notice.

Active noise

Huawei states that active noise will reduce the number of external noise to 40 dB. Schumododav works in two modes: active and transparency. In this case, you can configure the absorption of sound to three degrees: comfort, ordinary and ultra. They depend on the volume level of the surrounding noise.

You can also add the function of strengthening the voice to the transparency mode and hear everything that you tell you. for example, at the checkout in the store.

The most active attention is drawn to low frequencies: it just so happened that we went to the remotes now and I listened to these headphones mainly at home. And they coped with a roaring vacuum cleaner perfectly: coupled with playing music, I heard only a weak squeak of a powerful vacuum cleaner. It seems to me that this is a decent result.

By the way, there is a good passive sound insulation: Putting the music to a pause and turning off the noise, I sat and listened to the silence. Then I took off my headphones and found that the builders that restore the neighboring house did not go for lunch, but work actively, some loud colet is buzzing outside the window, and the wind is quite very lifting. All this in headphones with a noise turned off I have not heard. instructions for connecting the Bluetooth headset:

It happens that a case includes a case with headphones. It may indicate the place where to apply the phone for synchronization. This is necessary when connecting using NFC.

How to connect Bluetooth Holly to Honor phone

Proper conjugation of devices provides high.quality communication for wireless accessories. The sequence of user actions is as follows:

  • Turn on the smartphone, remove the screen lock. We advise you to increase the temporary segment in the device settings or even remove the display defense.
  • With a smooth movement from top to bottom, open a fast access panel.
  • Turn on Bluetooth. The crossbreeding icon resembles the Latin letter b. They touch the icon with a finger that will light up or darken.
  • You can connect Bluetooth from the main menu. In the list of wireless technologies, the slider is moved next to the name of the network.
  • The settings are opened.
  • Included headphones. On the case there is a Power button that translates the gadget into a functioning mode.
  • Activate the conjugation procedure. If there is no separate element for the bluetooth on the surface, then for 5-10 seconds, the inclusion key is held. With luck, the headset indicator blows.
  • In the smartphone, go to the search mode for conjugated devices. Honor will indicate headphones with an icon with the name of the model.
  • In the list, they squeeze the right element with a finger. If the connection was completed, then the accessory appeared in the list of conjugated devices.

After the connection, the smartphone remembers the identification characteristics of the headset. To start listening to music, you do not need to repeat the connection procedure every time. If during the first session the phone requires the introduction of a PIN code, use a standard combination (1111, 0000 or 1234).

Convenience of wearing

Huawei Freebuds Lite in the ears are attached quite tightly and convenient. You don’t notice their weight. Nothing crushes and does not squeeze. When running and quick turns, the heads of the “ears” do not seek to fall out. However, this will already depend on how well you pick up the complete linings. And yes, I say. complete, because they are the main drawback of the headset lies in them. They are not suitable for everyone.

The declared time of work in reproduction mode is about 2.5 hours. In test conditions, the headset worked a little more than 2 hours continuously. To charge the “ears” they need to be installed in the case. Charging will begin automatically. It takes about an hour until complete charging.

Honor headphones are wireless. how to connect to the phone using NFC

Contact technology does not replace Bluetooth connection, but rather facilitates the procedure. If the phone supports NFC, then with Honor headphones the process is faster. The user’s algorithm is as follows:

  • Remove the lock from the smartphone screen.
  • Activate the headset. POWER CLAVE POWER for turning on, then 10 seconds. for bluetooth.
  • In the settings of the apparatus, go to the section of wireless technologies. Near the NFC regime icon (double square) move the slider to an active position.
  • The back panel of the gadget is carried out a few millimeters from headphones.
  • A request for a mating appears on the phone display. In the dialog box, they choose OK.

The determination process is much faster than with standard connection. The user is eliminated from searching for devices in the wireless menu. NFC mode minimizes human actions during the operation of a modern Honor headset.

Possible problems

Among the common problems, the obvious discharge of the gadget is distinguished. Often users forget to place the device in the case or put on recharging, which in the future causes false thoughts about the problem. Headphones should be stored only in a special case, and despite the long time, do not forget about the battery charge. Below we will study other possible problems.

Smartphone does not see headphones

If the smartphone does not see the headset, then try to manually perform the conjugation. By turning on Bluetooth, start the search, and then select the name of the headset model from the proposed list. The presented decision did not bring the result? Often the reason is the systemic failure of android. Reload your mobile phone and repeat the procedure.

Sound mono and poor quality

The next problem is the poor sound quality that does not correspond to the described characteristics. Typically, this problem is associated with an erroneous determination of the protocol. That is, Android could not start A2DP. a profile for playing stereo sound. To correct the problem, reboot both gadgets. smartphone and headphones.

The second decision implies re.conjugation. To do this, remove the already connected headset. Go to the Bluetooth menu and click on the I icon near the name of the wireless device. Then click “Cancel the conjugation”.

After that, again connect the gadget, as at the first time.

Today, wired and inconvenient in use, headphones unconditionally lost to the palm of the championship wireless analogues. And it doesn’t matter whether such headphones cost 30 or 300. they are connected to your phone by standard Bluetooth algorithm. If you are a happy owner of the Honor phone, you purchased a Bluetooth headset, and do not know how to connect it with your gadget, then this material is for you. In it we will tell you how to connect modern wireless headphones to your Honor, and what we need for this.

Possible connection problems

The headset is connected, but the sound of poor quality

Another important problem with a wireless connection of headphones is a poor sound quality. Most often this happens due to a large distance between headphones and a smartphone. It is enough to bring the devices closer to each other and the problem will be eliminated by itself.

But unfortunately, everything is not always so simple. Poor sound quality both when listening to music and when telephone conversations can be due to software errors. In this case, you will have to perform a rigid reloading of the device, in other words, reset the settings of the headset to the factory.

Sound mono and poor quality

If the sound does not correspond to the characteristics, then the protocol probably determined incorrectly. In other words, Android did not launch the A2DP profile, which is necessary for stereo sound, which is why only mono works. Reload the phone and headset, and then repeat the connection.

Huawei smartphone does not find headphones

First reboot the gadgets, and then repeat the connection procedure. The reason is usually hidden in a system failure in Android.

If your phone does not see the headset, then an error was made. Check what distance between devices, it should not exceed 10 meters. Remember that obstacles and thick walls reduce the permissible distance.

One of the reasons for the impossibility of conjugation may be a disconnected Bluetooth module on a smartphone. It is recommended to check the option in the notification panel and, if necessary, make settings.

If your device does not want to get married with the phone, you should check the charge level. Do not try to connect discharged headphones to the smartphone. As a rule, the described problems are basic at the time of conjugation of devices. They are eliminated quickly and simply.

How to connect Honor and Huawei wireless headphones to the phone via Bluetooth ?

If a person does not want to read the whole review and expects to do with a short instruction, he should do the following to conjure the Huawei headset:

  • turn on the Bluetooth on the smartphone;
  • turn on the headphones by holding the main button for a few seconds;
  • Find on the phone in the list of devices available for connecting your Sports AM 61 and establish communication.

Blutuz on the phone

The first step towards establishing a connection between headphones and a smartphone is to include Bluetooth. This will need:

It is important to emphasize that the described approach is universal and works on various equipment, including Xiaomi and Samsung.

Preparation Bluetooth device for conjugation

The next step will be the preparation of the Bluetooth headset for the connection. Usually this process does not contain anything unusual and does not require unusual actions. At the same time, ignoring the recommendations below is undesirable, since otherwise difficulties are possible with the establishment of communication and the correct operation of the equipment.


FreeLace owners will have to take several simple actions, after which you can proceed to the connection:

That is, only the part of the headphones where the control buttons are located should be in the user’s hands, the rest should remain packaged.

Freebuds Lite

It does not differ from the procedure described above and preparation for conjugation with the Freebuds Lite headphone smartphone. Users are also enough to verify a sufficient level of battery charge and open a cover. Nothing additional is required to do. Since the described actions are enough to achieve the desired result.

Flypods Lite

Do not have to perform unexpected and complex actions and owners Flypods Lite. They will also have to charge the headset and open the case to see the control buttons. Preparing for the connection is completed, and users are able to proceed to establish communication.

The first conjugation of the device with a smartphone

Having completed the preparation, users will remain:

If you have questions or have complaints left. please let us know

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  • turn on the headphones by holding the power button for a few seconds;
  • wait for a characteristic light signal;
  • look into the list of devices available for connecting on the Huawei smartphone;
  • Find the desired equipment and establish a connection.

After that, you can proceed to listen to music.

Bluetooth connection.A device to the phone, which had previously been connected

With repeated conjugation of Huawei with headphones, repeating the procedure described above is not required. It is enough for users to enable wireless communication and headset, the rest will happen automatically, without their active participation, since the equipment retains old contacts and sets them again if such an opportunity appears.

How to connect Huawei and Honor wireless headphones to other devices?

The process of connecting the headset to other devices on Android and to the iPhone does not differ from the described above. over, Huawei products allows you to install several connections at the same time, which allows you to listen to music from one phone and talk differently.

It is no more difficult to figure out how to connect Honor and Huawei wireless headphones to a laptop. The main thing is that the PC has the opportunity to install a similar connection or the user has the necessary equipment. If all of the above is present, it remains to repeat the process described above.

Possible connection problems

They were released back in 2022, very convenient to use and managed to fall in love with many music lovers. headphones are inserted into the ear, and even with sudden movements do not fall out. It is easy to use such a device, the conjugation occurs in the same way as other models.

The headset has modern characteristics. There is protection against moisture according to the IP54 standard. The case has a small light indicator. Thanks to the captured battery, Freebuds can work on one full charge up to 10 hours. In addition, they are charged quickly enough, in just an hour.

Connected to any smartphone on the Android and iOS operating system. To connect to the smartphone, no difficult actions are required.

  • Activate Bluetooth on the phone.
  • Turn on the headphones.
  • Click on the phone in the Bluetooth settings “Finding devices”.
  • Choose in accordance with available devices infigent headphones.
  • After that, Fribads will be successfully associated with a smartphone.

There is a simplified version of these devices called Freebuds Lite. They are connected to a smartphone and any technique in the same way.

The headset is connected, but the sound of poor quality

Another important problem with a wireless connection of headphones is a poor sound quality. Most often this happens due to a large distance between headphones and a smartphone. It is enough to bring the devices closer to each other and the problem will be eliminated by itself.

But unfortunately, everything is not always so simple. Poor sound quality both when listening to music and when telephone conversations can be due to software errors. In this case, you will have to perform a rigid reloading of the device, in other words, reset the settings of the headset to the factory.

How to increase the volume of Huawei headphones?

Also on Huawei Freebuds 4i there is no way to control the volume of headphones. Enlarge or decrease sound strength will only work out through the cache button on the smartphone housing

Of the additional options Huawei Freebuds, one can note the ability to bring to the Android desktop fast access to the settings of specifically these headphones. To pass the stage of their choice among the other bonds of Huawei and Honor. The menu for choosing this function is hidden under the icon in the form of 4 points in the corner of the screen.

We go into the “settings of the device” and then click on the “icons”

Then select “Add to the main screen”

Another useful function is to turn on the approximation sensor. Thanks to him, the headphones will be understood whether they are in the ear or removed. And pause music automatically when you took out their ears.

It is located in the “Settings” menu on the main screen of the Huawei Ai Life application

What to do if Huawei headphones do not connect to the phone via Bluetooth?

Sometimes readers ask why Huawei wireless headphones do not see a smartphone and do not connect to it. Very often the reason is that they are already working with a different device. For example, you watched a film on a laptop through the garntur. A feature of the majority of Bluetooth headphones is that they automatically connect to the gadget to which were the last time. And in the absence of the function of the simultaneous operation of headphones with two devices, they will be associated with this very laptop (if Bluetooth is active on it) and will not be visible on the phone. To connect, it is necessary to transfer them to the mating mode. On Huawei Freebuds 4i and similar models for this need:

After that, they are disconnected from the previous device, found in the mobile operating system (Android Lee iOS), and it will be possible to re.connect the smartphone to the Huawei headset

If this method does not help, then we recommend that you complete the full reset of the Huawei headset to factory settings.