We connect a laptop to TV via HDMI Cable: Tips and Sounds Settings

HDMI abbreviation decrypt as High Definition Multimedia Interface. That is, multimedia inteeis high definition. Physically constituted two connected device cable. In our case, the laptop and TV are connected. Naturally, you need both of them to have ports HDMI. Before displaying the laptop screen to the TV, it is worth knowing that there are several intees versions, and the technology is constantly developing. Depending on the version, the possibilities of intees are changing in terms of supported permits, bandwidth and other parameters. The last topical version released at the beginning of 2017 2.one.

There are three main form factor in which HDMI cable can be performed. The first is a simple type A having 19 contacts, applied in full-size devices. computers, TVs and consoles. This is the most common view. MINI-HDMI type C is a more compact connector that is used in no less compact devices. smartphones, tablets, netbooks and sometimes video cards. It is also equipped with 19 contacts and in its characteristics is not inferior to his “senior” brother.

Variety of connector. Micro-HDMI Type D. the smallest connector in the whole family. Despite the dimensions, it also contains 19 contacts and fully complies with specifications. Along with the mini version, used in smartphones, tablets, camcorders and other portable devices. In fact, there are two more types. B and E. The first is only in the official specification, and in real devices has never been applied, as it has 26 contacts and quite large sizes. The second is quite rare. used in car multimedia systems. Equipped with 19 contacts and has additional shielding to protect against interference due to other car devices. There is a huge number of adapters and adapters on other types of connections that allow display from a laptop via HDMI, for devices such as old TV or PC.

How to connect the phone to the TV via HDMI

This option allows you to use the TV as an external display during games, watching movies and seine on the Internet. The picture from the mobile device is mirrored, that is, the TV displays everything that happens on the screen of the smartphone.

Depending on the phone connector, you will need an appropriate adapter or cable. On the one hand, it will be an HDMI connector on it, and on the other. microUSB, Lightning or USB-C. In the image broadcast mode, the device is quickly discharged, so usually on adapters there is a connector to connect charging.

Before buying an adapter for USB-C, make sure your smartphone supports image output.

What to do

  • Connect the compatible Cable Smartphone and TV. If you use the adapter, insert it into the gadget and connect to it the usual HDMI cable from the TV.
  • Choose as source to a TV corresponding to the HDMI connector.
  • The image will automatically appear on the TV. If this does not happen, open the smartphone settings and change the screen resolution.


This is a special technology that allows you to connect a computer to a TV or other devices without wires. The main thing is that both gadgets support such a function. This technology is present only in Intel processors from the second generation and older. But even its presence guarantees that everything will turn out.

The fact is that Windows is mainly supported by such a function, which is why it is recommended to check in advance. To do this, do the following:

  • On the TV go to the settings. Go to the section that is associated with the network or the Internet. If there is a Miracast line in the list, the device supports technology, otherwise connect to a laptop will not be released.
  • On the laptop you need to open the parameters. From the menu on the left side of the screen, go to the projection section to the computer. You can simply find the word Miracast and will open what you need. If the PC does not support such technology, there will be a red message, its absence says that the function is present.

connect, asus

If on one or immediately two devices there is no support for this technology, it is quite possible to purchase a Miracast receiver.

Connecting a laptop to TV

After checking, you can proceed to direct connection. To connect a laptop to TV without wires, you need to:

  • Turn on the TV and go to the settings.
  • Next, go to the section responsible for connecting to wireless networks and the Internet.
  • Here you need to run the Miracast technology, for this you just need to highlight the string and click “OK” on the TV control panel.
  • Wait for a system message that tv is visible for other devices.
  • You need to turn on the computer and connect to the network, which created TV.
  • To do this, go to the parameters. You can go directly through the control panel or find the desired search.
  • When the computer will give a list of found gadgets, you need to click on TV. After that, synchronization will begin and at the end of the TV screen immediately appears the desktop desktop and all its contents will be available.
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This method is most convenient, as there is no need to pre-download content to display on the TV. Miracast technology as it proceeds to the computer desktop on the TV screen, as well as all actions, in particular sound, video and T. D.

The following video describes another 2 methods for connecting TV to the laptop:

Selecting a wired connection type depends on which connectors are available from a TV and a computer or laptop. Optimal Inteeis for Multimedia. HDMI. It allows you to simultaneously transfer to the TV digital high-definition video and sound. HDMI connector is available almost all digital TVs, even enough old, as well as laptops. Systems of HDMI ports are less common. traditional for PC: DVI for transmission of digital video and analog VGA connector. But the problem of incompatibility of ports is easily solved with adapters. However, the transmission of the signal through adapters does not always work correctly, so the coincidence of ports is preferable.

Other types of intees are less common or less convenient for connecting a computer to a TV, so we will leave them beyond this article. It is also necessary to take into account that all options except HDMI-HDMI and HDMI-RCA assume the video only video. For parallel audio broadcast, you will also have to use cable 3.5 Jack (Computer). RCA (TV).

Consider connecting on the example of Windows. Connect the cable when the devices are turned off, so as not to burn ports. On the TV Replacement Press the Input or Source. In the “Input List” or “Source” menu, select the appropriate port (in this case HDMI).

On the computer you need to click on the right mouse button on the desktop and select “Screen Resolution” by opening the screen settings. If the connected TV is not automatically determined, use the “Find” button. After the TV appears here as the second screen, you can select it basically and change resolution.

The combination of the WinP keys is activated by a special menu in which you can select an image selection option to the TV screen. If you select “Only a computer”, the picture will be only on the computer if “only the projector” is only on TV. You can also expand or duplicate the image. If the TV resolution is significantly higher than that of the monitor, in the “duplicate” mode on the television screen will be fuzzy. “Expand” mode will allow, for example, simultaneously play video on TV, and on PC to engage in other tasks.

Connect the Android smartphone with a TV: SlimPort as an alternative to MHL

Google, along with other manufacturers of smartphones, is not supported by MHL technology. Instead, they prefer Slimport.

connect, asus

Thanks to Slimport, the user can use the usual USB port on a smartphone or tablet and a separate cable adapter to connect to a TV or a projector via HDMI.

List of devices that support Slimport includes smartphones BlackBerry Priv, LG G4 and LG V10, AMAZON Kindle Light Tablets and Google Nexus 7.

How to connect a laptop to a TV via HDMI

And so to connect a laptop to a TV via HDMI, you need a laptop and a TV with an HDMI connector, as well as the cable itself.

If your laptop and TV are not over five years old, then it has 100% the necessary connectors.

And the right cable is not a problem to buy in a large shopping store, Radiorenka or find and order on the Internet.

The most popular and distributed TV manufacturers are LG and Samsung. Connection diagram described below in principle the same for all modern

IMPORTANT: Before connecting or disabling devices, you must turn them off. If this is not done, you risk burning connectors in a laptop or TV.

For the beginning we take the HDMI cable and connect one end of the cable into the laptop connector, and the other in the TV connector.

Connect one end of the cable into the HDMI2 connector on the TV

Connect the second end of the cable into the HDMI connector in a laptop

After two devices are connected by cable, you can enable them. Turn on both devices, the operating system is loaded on the laptop, and the “weak signal or no signal” will be loaded on the TV.

To display the list of all available video sources, you must press the Source or Input button on the control panel from the TV.

The menu will appear on the TV with the selection of incoming signal sources connectors. In the TV we plugged the cable in HDMI2 it and choose it.

And on the remote, confirm the selection by pressing the button with the arrow or OK.

An image should appear on the TV screen as on the laptop monitor. The system itself determines which screen is the main, and what a secondary. On the main one will be displayed a full-fledged desktop with labels, and on a secondary desktop without labels.

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If the images do not have or you do not like the picture you want to right-click on the desktop and select “Screen Settings” or “Screen Resolution” item depends on the version of Windows.

A window will open with the settings in which you can configure the image for TV and the monitor as you want.

Cable Selection and Connector Definitions

In modern devices there are many different ports that allow you to connect most of the modern devices for various purposes. In this article, we consider one of the easiest TV and laptop switching capabilities using VGA connector. Before the start of the connection, you should make sure the availability of such a port on the TV and on the computer. Usually there are no problems with this, however, the existence of old models in which such ports are not provided. In this case, an adapter or a special adapter can come to the rescue, but later.

The next step for the user will be the selection of cable. Here are options with a combination of ports, both on TV and on a laptop. If the connectors on both devices coincide, then the user will suit the simplest cable, without extra additional devices. However, it is often the problem occurs when there are VGA connectors on the TV, and on a laptop only HDMI port Il vice versa. In this case, in addition to the simple cable, a special digital-analog converter will be required, which will allow switching devices with different connectors.

How to connect a laptop to a TV via an HDMI cable

The easiest way to connect the laptop to the TV using HDMI cable. The corresponding connector is available in each modern portable computer. Yes, and LCD TVs are not deprived. Only monitors can be an exception to the rule. on their back panel HDMI input may be missing, which is why other options have to look.

So how to connect a laptop to a TV via HDMI? This will require how easy it is to guess, HDMI cable. In the case of a laptop, the simplest accessory supports one of the first versions of HDMI technology. It is unlikely that you will display the 4K image on the TV, and even in 3D.

The first step is the connection of the cable. In the TV you need to insert the plug in the HDMI in free socket. The other end of the cord is inserted into the same laptop connector. Nothing difficult in this, it is impossible to confuse anything. a laptop computer is endowed with only one socket where it turns out to be inserted HDMI-plug.

If a desktop computer connects to the TV, then the corresponding connector should be signed on the back of the video card. It is possible that instead of a full-sized HDMI there is a MINI-HDMI jack. There is nothing terrible in it, you just have to get a suitable cable or adapter. If the computer has only a VGA connector, and there is no TV, then you will also need an adapter.

Connect the cable two devices is very simple. But this connection does not end. Next, you need to make the TV display a picture taken by cable. To do this, click on the remote control button “Input”. The list shows the list of available signal sources. Select one HDMI port to which the cord is connected now. In the case of a Smart TV, the system can independently offer to go to the active signal source.

Windows settings

In general, the connection has already been implemented. You should see on the TV the picture that is displayed and on the laptop screen. However, it is possible to work on the settings for more convenient viewing.

To do this, take a laptop in your hands and press the “Win” “X” combination on its keyboard. Or open the “Control Panel” and select “Windows Mobility Center”. In the relevant section, pay attention to the “External Display” segment. Here click the “Disable Screen” button.

At this moment the next menu will pop up. In it, you are waiting for several options for the screen of the TV and a laptop:

  • “Only a computer”. if you click on this item, the transmission of the HDMI signal will stop;
  • “Duplicate”. a standard option in which the same picture is displayed on the displays and the TV;
  • “Expand”. when this mode is activated, the TV turns into a second desktop, continuing the first;
  • “Projector only”. Click on this item will turn off the laptop screen.

You need to choose the fourth item. Do not be afraid. When you disconnect the HDMI cable from one of the sockets, the image will return to the laptop screen.

Also, when HDMI connected the TV does not prevent anyone else’s settings menu. You can do this by clicking the right mouse button on the free area of ​​the desktop. then you should select the screen “Screen Resolution” in the context menu. Here you need to choose what resolution will be transmitted to the TV. By the way, it is possible to expand the desktop or duplicate it here.

That’s all! Now you can postpone the laptop on the side, starting viewing the video or something else.

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Typical problems when connecting a laptop to a TV on HDMI and VGA

When you connect a laptop to a TV using wires using HDMI or VGA ports (or a set of them, when using adapters / converters), you may encounter that all this works not as expected. Below are typical problems that may arise and solutions.

No signal or simply images from a laptop on a TV

When this problem appears, if you have Windows 10 or 8 installed (8.1), try pressing the Windows keys (with the emblem) P (Latin) and select the “Expand” item. Perhaps the image will appear.

If you have Windows 7, then through the right click on the desktop, go to the screen settings and try to define the second monitor and also set to “Expand” and apply the settings. Also, for all versions of OS, try to set for a second monitor (provided that it is visible) such a resolution that they are accurately supported.

When you connect a laptop to TV on HDMI there is no sound, but there is an image

If everything, it seems, it works, but there is no sound, while any adapters are not used, and this is just an HDMI cable, then try to check which default playback device is installed.

connect, asus

Note: If you are using an adapter option, then consider that the VGA sound can not be transmitted, regardless of whether this port is from the TV or laptop. The audio output will have to tune in any other way, for example, on an acoustic system through access to headphones (do not forget to set the appropriate playback device in Windows, described in the next paragraph).

Right-click on the speaker icon in the Windows notification area, select “Play Devices”. Right-click on the empty location of the device list and turn on the display of disconnected and disconnected devices. Please note whether the HDMI device is in the list (maybe more than one). Click on the desired one (if you know what kind of) right-click and install “Use Default”.

If all devices are disabled or in the list, there are no HDMI devices (and there are also absent in the audio adapters section in the device manager), it is quite possible that you do not have all the necessary drivers for your laptop motherboard or for the video card, they should be taken from the official Laptop manufacturer website (for discrete video card. from its manufacturer’s site).

Cables and adapters when connected

It is also worth considering that very often problems with connecting to TV (especially if the output and input differ) are caused by poor-quality cables or adapters. And it happens not only in quality, but in misunderstanding that the Chinese cable with different “ends” is usually an inoperable thing. T.E. Needed the adapter, for example, such: HDMI-VGA adapter.

For example, a frequent version. a person buys a VGA-HDMI cable, and it does not work. In most cases, for most laptops, such a cable will never work, you need a converter from an analog into a digital signal (or vice versa, depending on what is connected to). It is only suitable for cases when the laptop is specially supported by digital output via VGA, and there are almost no such.

Typical problems when connecting a laptop to a TV

Despite the seeming simplicity of the connection of devices, users may arise in difficulties. Below is a table with a detailed description of the elimination of problem situations.

Problem Decision
There is no sound, there are interference in data transmission Not all connection methods suggest sound. In this case, the user can use headphones, listening to films and other materials without buying a cable. Failures and poor-quality image transmission may occur due to a TV model or synchronization method. You can try to connect devices using another option
No desired port Now the store has many adapters for any type of nest. The user can take a picture of the connectors or find information about the type of port on the Internet. If doubts about the choice of cable and the adapter remain, it is worth consulting the specialist, the store employee will help in choosing. So the user will acquire the desired cable for any port
Devices are not detected, the connection is missing, despite the exact execution of step-by-step instructions The user needs to test the gadgets individually, and make sure that they function correctly. You will need to restart the laptop, and then make a connection again, following step-by-step instructions. Check wires and cables for flaws. Most likely, the error occurs due to a faulty wire. In this case, you will have to replace it, buy a new cable or use in another way. As a rule, the connection of the connection type helps to solve the problem.

All the described methods will not deliver difficulties, they are clear for any user. Setting is easy to spend yourself, the wizard can’t call. It will be necessary to maximum half an hour, after which it will be possible to view any content on the widescreen screen without the Smart-TV function.