The clock turned on. What’s next?

Next, you need to customize the Apple Watch for yourself. And I will tell you how to do this using my personal example. In fact, my changes affect almost all settings, so by setting up the watch according to my instructions, you will immediately get acquainted with all the settings of the Apple Watch.

We will do all the watch settings through the Watch app for iPhone. Something can be configured directly through the clock, but working with a small screen is not as convenient as with phones. So reopen the Watch app and start.

How to update Apple Watch

First, you should check if there are fresh firmware for the Apple Watch and update to the latest one. For this:

  • Open the Watch app
  • Go to the “My Watch” tab
  • Select “Basic”
  • Click “Software Update”
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If there is an update for the watch, then the iPhone will inform you about it. To install it, just follow the instructions on the screen and the iPhone will do everything by itself. But remember that the watch and phone must be charged at least 50% to install.

How to change the brightness of the Apple Watch screen

In Apple Watch, there is no manual brightness control in the usual sense, it always changes automatically depending on ambient light. But you can choose from three automatic brightness algorithms. This can be done both on the watch itself and in the Watch app on the iPhone.

  • Open the Watch app
  • Go to the “Text brightness and size” tab
  • Set the options you want

Personally, I set it to a minimum and do not experience any inconvenience, even at the equator. The display is a little faded in the sun, but the information is still visible.

How to change the Apple Watch face

Unlike all the previous paragraphs, the setting of the Apple Watch dial takes place on the watch itself. To change the watch face on your Apple Watch, press down on the screen with a little pressure until you feel a vibration (press Forth Touch, like in iPhone 6s). A menu with a selection of possible dials will open in front of you. Choose the one you like and click “Configure”.

Left-right swipes will move you between the dial settings, and you can adjust them by turning the Digital Crown.

most watch faces have room to display extensions from third-party apps. These settings are found on the last screen and can also be changed with the Digital Crown. Press the Digital Crown and then tap the dial to save your changes.

How to connect Apple Watch to iPhone

You need a charged Apple Watch, a phone with Bluetooth running, and the Watch app. Pairing devices is very intuitive: the watch and the phone tell you what to do and where to press. To connect Apple Watch to iPhone, you need to do the following:

  • Charge Apple Watch at least 60%. Synchronizing with iPhone, setting quickly “eat up” the battery. And possible watchOS updates require the watch to be charged at least 50%. This is a very important point that will save you a lot of nerves. It takes approximately 55-60 minutes to charge Apple Watch from 0% to 60%;
  • Turn on Apple Watch by holding the side button for a long time (if they do not turn on, then, most likely, they are very discharged and you need to charge Apple Watch again). The watch will immediately ask you to select the interface language and go into pairing mode with iPhone.
  • Launch the Watch app on your iPhone and click on the “Pair with Apple Watch” button and point the iPhone camera’s video finder over the “galaxy” on the watch screen. The process is similar to scanning a regular QR code. Everyone, your watch is familiar with the iPhone. But this is where the fun just begins.

Follow the prompts on your iPhone to complete the pairing process. You will be asked to perform a series of actions that many are already familiar with when activating an iPhone or iPad.

Customization and hand selection. If this is your first watch, then click Set As New Apple Watch. If you have configured it before, you can click Restore from Backup and follow the instructions on the screen. Then press “Left” or “Right” on iPhone to select a hand.

  • Enter your Apple ID password to use features such as Digital Touch and Handoff. If Find My iPhone isn’t turned on on your iPhone, you’ll also be prompted to turn it on.
  • Check your settings. IPhone settings from the Diagnostics & Usage, Location Services, and Siri screens will be transferred to Apple Watch, and vice versa. Therefore, if the settings of these services are changed on one device, they will be updated on the second.
  • Create a password. If you click Create Passcode or Add Long Passcode on iPhone, you can create a personal passcode using your Apple Watch. Then you need to decide if the iPhone will automatically unlock the watch.
  • Synchronize programs. Click Install All to sync iPhone apps that are compatible with Apple Watch. Click Later to sync only basic information such as Mail, Contacts, and Messages.

The duration of this process depends on the amount of data being synchronized. Keep the devices close to each other until you hear a beep and feel the slight pulsation of the Apple Watch.

How to install apps on Apple Watch

If you missed the automatic installation of all programs compatible with Apple Watch during the watch settings, you will have to install them manually.

All compatible programs are available in the “My Watch” tab and are conditionally divided into two categories: software from Apple and everything else. To install the app on Apple Watch:

  • Open the Watch app;
  • Go to the “My Watch” tab;
  • Choose any application from the list (below);
  • Click Show on Apple Watch.

That’s all. After a couple of seconds, the program will be installed on Apple Watch and will appear in the list of applications.

In some applications you will see additional options like “Show in Preview” and so on. We will return to these parameters a little later.

How to set up Apple Watch: charge, turn on, pair with an iPhone, and install apps

He told how to quickly and without hassle connect Apple Watch to iPhone, set up and start using.

How to untie (unpair) Apple Watch without iPhone. method 2

It is possible to untie the watch from the smartphone, even if both devices are not close to each other (for example, if the iPhone is lost). To do this, go to the “Settings” application on the Apple Watch (the gear icon), go from there to the “General” section, select the “Reset” menu and click on the “Erase all content” item.

This action will reset Apple Watch to factory settings (all data will be deleted) and also unpair the existing iPhone pair.

How to untie Apple Watch from iPhone (unpair): 3 ways

If you have a desire to sell your Apple Watch (or pair with another iPhone), then you will certainly face the need to untie the device from the iPhone (break the pair). It is very simple to do this: you just need to perform a number of simple actions, and this can be done even in the absence of a smartphone.

You may also need to unlink Apple Watch from iPhone if one of the gadgets malfunctions.

How to untie (unpair) Apple Watch from iPhone if both devices are in front of you. method 1

Place both gadgets next to each other;

Open the Apple Watch application on the smartphone;

In the window that opens, at the bottom, there will be a menu “My watch”. you should click on it;

After that, you should click on the item “Apple Watch”, on the next screen, you must click on “i”.

By clicking on the “Unpair Apple Watch” button, you must confirm the cancellation of the synchronization of devices, after which all data about the watch will be deleted from the communicator.

How to untie (unpair) Apple Watch from iPhone, if the watch has a passcode, but you forgot it

There is a method to unlink the Apple Watch from the iPhone, even if a passcode was set on the watch, which you accidentally forgot. For this:

Press and hold the side button until the Off slider appears.

Press firmly on the Off slider. and swipe up, then the Erase content and settings button will appear on the watch screen.

Click on the Erase content and settings button and confirm the action. The watch will be reset to factory settings (all data will be deleted), in addition, the Apple Watch will unlink from the iPhone.

How to reset Apple Watch 3?

How to reset and delete data from Apple Watch

  • Open the Apple Watch app and select the “My Watch” tab;
  • Select “General”. “Reset”;
  • Click on the option “Erase Apple Watch content and settings”, confirm the action. Enter your Apple ID password if prompted.

How to connect Apple Watch to another phone?

  • Erase data from Apple Watch.
  • Set up your new iPhone and sign in to iCloud.
  • Open the Apple Watch app on your new iPhone and pair your watch with your new iPhone.
  • Try restoring from a backup.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup.

Is it possible to connect Apple Watch to Android?

Officially, Apple smartwatches are only compatible with the iPhone. … Apple Watch cannot be connected to an Android smartphone via Bluetooth to receive call and notification notifications, as with other smartwatches.

How to reset Apple Watch without your phone?

Press and hold the side button until “Device is off” is displayed. Press firmly on the Power button and release your finger from it. In the menu that opens, select “Erase content and settings”.

How to find the i icon on Apple Watch?

The i icon is in the lower-right corner of an unpaired Apple Watch. To see the name of the watch and manually create a pair, click the “i” icon.

How to install Apple Watch on iPhone?

On iPhone, open the Apple Watch app, go to the My Watch tab, and select the watch at the top of the screen. Click the i icon next to the watch you want to unpair, then select Unpair Apple Watch. Press again to confirm the action.

Is it possible to connect Apple Watch to iPhone 6?

To set up and use Apple Watch, you need an iPhone with the latest version of iOS. watchOS 6 is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 and later. WatchOS 6 requires an iPhone 6s or later with iOS 13 or later.

Sync Apple Watch and iPad

If you don’t have a smart at hand, can iWatch be tied to another gadget of the Apple family. iPad? No, you can only sync smartwatches with an iPhone running the latest version of iOS. Apple Watch is designed to be paired with an iPhone and is in no way compatible with an iPad.

Through the “Find iPhone” application

The user has to do:

  • Download from the Apple Store and install the utility on the smart.
  • Open the program.
  • Log in with Apple ID and password.
  • Click on Apple Watch.
  • Track the location of the clock on the map.

For a quick search, it is possible to activate an audible signal on the chronometer. But the sound can only be heard if the wrist device is nearby.

Nuance: Whichever method the user chooses, the watch will be reflected on the map only if it is connected to Wi-Fi, a cellular network or a paired iPhone.

What to do if you need to disconnect iWatch from iPhone or iPad

Before connecting Apple Watch to another iPhone XR, XS, etc., or vice versa synchronizing iPhone with other watches, you need to break the pair between 2 gadgets.

How to do it right:

Nuance: when restoring from a backup, all the settings and parameters of the watch phone are saved in iCloud, so at any time you can recreate the old pair of 2 gadgets.

Step-by-step instructions on how to link Apple Watch to iPhone

For the first time, Apple Watch and iPhone are merging in this way:

Turn on Apple Watch (press and hold the button on the side, under the Digital Crown).

Bring the watch phone to the iPhone, for example, this XR 128GB Product Red.

The screen will display a menu from which you need to select a region, language.

How to sync iPhone with Apple Watch? Wait for the viewfinder to appear and point the photo module at the chronometer dial.

Nuance: you can bind devices manually, for this a 6-digit code is dialed (it will be displayed on the watch phone screen if you click on the corresponding inscription on the phone display) on the iPhone.

Wait for the message that the connection was successful.

The system will offer 2 options for the development of events: configure the watch phone as a new one or restore a copy from a backup. The first option is suitable for those who have just purchased a brand new device, as an option, Series 4 Gold Aluminum. The second. if the user has previously used another watch phone in conjunction with this iPhone. In this case, the system will automatically load the used parameters. To further configure Apple Watch, you need to select one thing.

How to proceed to connect Apple Watch to a new iPhone, say, X Silver? The user will have to choose on which hand he will wear the chronometer (right-handed / left-handed). After that, the system will ask you to agree to the terms of the license agreement in order to continue working with Apple Watch. And to log in to the Apple system, you will need to enter your ID. Was the authorization successful? It’s time to find out how to set up Apple Watch further. A separate section is devoted to this just below in the article.

How to find your device

If smart watches, for example, MNNL2FS / A are lost or stolen by intruders, you can use 2 methods to find them.

How to connect watch to computer

Using Apple Watch in conjunction with a PC, as with an iPhone or iPad, will not work. But Apple developers have provided the ability to unlock the Mac using a watch phone. Why does the user need it? Auto unlock allows you to access your PC without entering passwords. Unlocked Apple Watch on your wrist. everything you need to get started with your Mac.

  • on Mac, activate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;
  • sign in to iCloud with the same Apple ID for Mac and Apple Watch;
  • set a password on the watch;
  • in laptop settings allow Apple Watch to unlock PC.

How to Pair Your Apple Watch With Your iPhone

A nuance: this works on watchOS from version 3, and on Macs with Sierra OS and later.

Things to know before connecting Apple Watch to iPhone

To begin with, the user must make sure that the latest version of the OS is installed on the iPhone (this one, for example, XS 64GB Space Gray), if not, update to the “fresh” iOS.

Tip: you can find out the firmware version like this: Settings → General → About this device → Version.

Honor also says that smartwatches do not sync with all iPhones:

  • watch phones starting from series 3 (GPS Cellular) are compatible with iPhone 6 and later;
  • Apple Watch 3 series with GPS and 1,2 series models can pair with iPhones starting from 5S.

There is no need to talk about preparations for synchronizing Apple Watch and iPhone for a long time. the whole process involves 2 steps: activating Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the phone. You don’t need to download and install any applications.

Which watch fits the iPhone 6?

Smartwatch for iPhone: the best smart watch compatible with iOS

  • 2.1 Apple Watch Series 4.
  • 2.2 Apple Watch Series 5.
  • 2.3 Samsung Galaxy Watch.
  • 2.4 Samsung Galaxy Watch Active.
  • 2.5 HUAWEI Watch GT Active.
  • 2.6 Garmin Vivoactive 3.

How to pair your watch with your phone?

To connect your watch to your phone for the first time, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the clock.
  • Open the Wear OS app.
  • Click Configure.
  • Follow the instructions on the watch screen to select your language and agree to the Terms of Service.
  • Follow the instructions on the phone screen until you see the name of your watch.

How to set up Apple Watch on a new phone?

  • Erase data from Apple Watch.
  • Set up your new iPhone and sign in to iCloud.
  • Open the Apple Watch app on your new iPhone and pair your watch with your new iPhone.
  • Try restoring from a backup.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup.

How to break a pair with a watch if the phone is lost?

In the absence of an iPhone and the ability to unpair, you can erase content and settings on your Apple Watch as follows:

  • On your Apple Watch, go to Settings General Reset Erase Content & Settings.
  • For GPS Cellular models, you can save or delete your cellular data plan.

How to connect Huawei Watch GT to iPhone?

Open the Huawei Health app, go to Devices Smartwatches, and select the device you want to pair with. Press PAIR and the app will automatically search for nearby Bluetooth devices.

How to connect iPhone to Chinese watch?

How to connect your Android Wear watch to your iPhone:

  • Download the Androd_wear_for_ios app package from Google Play from this link.
  • On your iPhone, open Cydia and install the free “Android Wear Utility” tweak.
  • Launch the app on the smartwatch after disconnecting the device from another smartphone.

Is it possible to connect Apple Watch to iPhone 6?

watchOS 6 is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 and later. To update to watchOS 6, an iPhone 6s or later with iOS 13 or later is required. Also, make sure Bluetooth is turned on on iPhone and connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.

What if you can’t pair

If synchronization has not occurred, try to break the pair and create again. To do this, press the start of the program “Pair Apple Watch Maually”. Instructions on how to do this will appear on the screen.

Try to connect Apple Watch to iPhone again

In case of unsuccessful contact, they try to connect the iWatch to the iPhone again. Step-by-step instructions for this process:

  • iWatch and iPhone are positioned next to each other.
  • On iPhone, turn off airplane mode and turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. To do this, swipe upwards across the phone screen. to open the “Control Center” section.
  • Both devices restart.

Sometimes these manipulations do not lead to a positive result. In this case, you need to break the pair between the gadgets and create it again.

First launch, pairing and setup

Before launching, smart watches need to be checked and configured. The manufacturer explained how to set up Apple Watch and prepared step-by-step instructions for this. The watch works with iPhone 6 and all subsequent modifications equipped with the latest version of iOS.

Like any other device, your smartwatch needs a charge. The device is plugged into a power outlet using an Apple charging cable or a magnetic docking station that attaches to a USB power adapter. It takes a while to fully charge.

The next step is to connect to the phone.

  • To solve the problem of how to connect Apple Watch to iPhone, you first need to turn on the smart device. To do this, there is a button on the side panel. Press the button for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen. After switching on, you need to select the language.
  • The next step is to ask the watch to open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. It is installed by the manufacturer in advance, during the software update.
  • The fact that the program is running is signaled by the appearance of different patterns on the screen of the gadget, and a camera is launched on the phone.
  • The iWatch device works on either side. you need to choose which hand it will be worn on. To continue, accept the terms of service and register your watch with your Apple ID.
  • In this case, a series of installation notifications from the iPhone will be displayed on the screen of the device.

If the camera does not turn on, you need to pair or sync Apple Watch with iPhone and try to pair. To do this, the watch and the iPhone are placed side by side and enter a six-digit pairing code for the devices. iWatch finds iPhone via Bluetooth within a radius of 10 m. The device will be able to contact the phone from a farther distance after connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Bluetooth connection reduces battery consumption by 50%.

How to properly connect Apple Watch to iPhone

Smart watch is a multifunctional gadget from Apple. To take advantage of the device’s capabilities, you need to know how to connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone.

Check Apple Watch connection

You can check if your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone in 2 ways. On the watch, the check is performed through the “Control Center” section. The “Watch” application is used for this purpose on the phone.

In the first option, they make a gesture upward to open the “Control Panel” section. A red icon in the form of a crossed-out phone or a red cross appears in the upper left corner. This indicates a lack of communication between electronic devices.

Turning on the Watch app shows that there is contact with the iPhone. If there is no connection during the next check, then turn on and off the “Airplane mode” button. The connection should be restored.

Break a pair and create it from the beginning

In the absence of contact between the devices, the pair is broken and re-created.

  • On the watch, they select the “Settings” section, go to “Basic”, press “Reset”, select the “Erase content and settings” button.
  • The Watch program is launched on the phone. Select the section “My watch”. A clock icon appears at the top left of the screen. Next to it is the “i” button, which you need to press.
  • In the menu that opens, select the “Unpair Apple Watch” box. Click on it again to confirm the action.
  • Pair iWatch and iPhone.
  • At the end of the procedure, the gadgets restart.

Activation lock is lit on the watch screen

There can be only one reason for blocking activation. The gadget remained tied to Apple ID from another iPhone. If you bought the device hand-held, you will have to contact the former owner to find out all the necessary data.

Watch not pairing with iPhone or iPad

Pairing can be unsuccessful for several reasons. It may be that Bluetooth is simply disabled on the iPhone or iPad. Also, synchronization will not be installed if the device does not have an up-to-date OS version.

Step-by-step instructions on how to connect Apple Watch to iPhone

After preparing the devices, you need to go directly to synchronization. We will tell you in detail how to connect the new Apple Watch to the iPhone.

  • You need to put the watch on your hand and turn it on. In order to turn it on, you need to hold the power button for a few seconds until the logo appears on the screen.
  • Gadgets should be as close as possible to each other.
  • After a few seconds, the screen will display the message “Use iPhone to set up Apple Watch”.
  • Until pairing is complete, they should be near.
  • At this stage, an animated picture should appear on the watch screen, which needs to be read by the camera.
  • Two configuration options will appear. Either set up your Apple Watch as new if you bought it new, or restore a backup if you’ve already used it.
  • The next step requires you to enter your Apple ID password.
  • In the settings, select which phone functions should work and be displayed on the device.
  • Apple Watch prompts you to set a password. If you do not want intruders to gain access to your data, use the password setting. If desired, this procedure can be done at any other time.

Important! Wait until the end of the synchronization process, after which you can fully use these two gadgets.

Tips on how to connect Apple Watch to iPhone

For users who have just purchased a Smart Watch, the question is how to connect Apple Watch to iPhone. These two devices are designed to sync with each other. After pairing, information about the device will be displayed on the watch screen, notifications about calls and messages will be received, you can track the steps taken, monitor your health and much more.

Password required on watch

When trying to pair, you may be asked to enter a password. This means binding to another device. To sync with your iPhone or iPad, you need to reset the data from the watch and make a new setting.

How to connect and sync Apple Watch to iPad?

You can establish pairing not only with an iPhone, but also with an iPad. Connecting is as easy as with an iPhone. Just a few simple steps are enough.

  • Turn on the watch using the “Power” button, which is on the side.
  • A message will appear on the screen where you need to select the interface language.
  • Confirm the sync of the two devices.
  • Follow the pop-up prompts that will appear on the display.
  • The iPad’s camera needs to be placed over the watch for pairing to succeed.
  • After all the steps taken, you can come up with a password for your watch.

Preparing Apple Watch and iPhone for syncing

Before synchronization, you need to prepare your devices. You need to check if your iPhone has the latest version of iOS. If the operating system is outdated, you will not be able to pair devices.

To pair your watch, you need to turn on Bluetooth on your phone. It is also necessary that the smartphone be connected to the network via Wi-Fi or through a mobile operator.

Bluetooth frequently disconnects or cannot pair at all

There are several reasons for this problem. Some users have found that their Apple Watch disconnects from their iPhone even when both devices are close to each other. Others have Bluetooth issues when trying to use wireless headphones while exercising or running. There are several things you can do to get the link to work.

Solutions for non-working headphones:

Range is critical for Bluetooth and varies between wireless devices. On the Apple support forum, they write that the connection was restored when both problem devices were on the same side of the body. That is, it is worth, for example, putting on the watch on a different wrist. This slight change in radius shouldn’t really change anything, but you can try. It is possible that the human body interferes with the propagation of the signal

If streaming music to headphones is causing the problem, simply sync your playlist with your smartwatch and turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone.

  • We call the Watch application on the iPhone;
  • Tap on the item Music;
  • Add the desired music or playlist to the watch;
  • We are waiting for a few minutes while the files are uploaded from the phone to the watch;
  • We take Apple Watch and through the settings we synchronize the device with your headphones;
  • Turn off Bluetooth on iPhone and play music from watch. Profit!

This should allow music to play without annoying interruptions, f workout information can be downloaded to the iPhone later.

Possible solutions for iPhone disconnecting:

Try turning airplane mode on and off. Alternatively, try going to Settings Bluetooth and turning Bluetooth on and off.

Turn the watch on and off. Hold the side button on the watch until the slider appears, then drag the switch to the off position. Press the button again and hold until the apple lights up on the screen to turn the watch back on.

To restore the connection, you can try to break the pair between the smartphone and the watch. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, go to the My Watch tab, select the device you want, and press the exclamation mark button. Wait for the operation to complete, and then create a pair again through the already open watch application on your smartphone.

The last way is to factory reset your Apple Watch. Go to the watch menu “Settings” “General” “Reset” “Erase content and settings”. After that, you will have to reconfigure the connection to the iPhone and other devices.

Not updated

Some users were unable to update their watch to the latest watchOS. The problem is so common that Apple has issued official instructions.

Restart the watch, but not forcibly (without holding down the Digital Crown). Reboot your watch-linked iPhone. Try updating your watch software again via your smartphone.

If the installation does not start and does not load, select the Watch application on your smartphone, select the menu “My watch” “General” “Use” “Software”, delete the update file and try to download and install it again.

The watch is not charging

Some users have complained that the smart watch they have purchased does not charge. Before you panic, you need to remind yourself of the following: when the watch is completely discharged, the charging icon will not appear on the screen immediately, but after a couple of seconds. If this does not happen, you can try several ways to get rid of the problem.

If the watch is new and fresh from the box, check if there is any plastic wrap on the watch or on the charger.

Use only the magnetic charging cable and USB power adapter that came with your Apple Watch.

Check if both surfaces (watch and charger) are clean and remove any unwanted objects from them.

Try plugging the cable into a different port on your laptop, desktop PC, or power adapter.

Press the side button on Apple Watch and turn off the watch. Hold it again and turn them on.

Press the side button and turn off the watch. This time to turn on, hold down the side button and the Digital Crown for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Last resort: open the Watch app on your smartphone and go to My Watch General Reset Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings. The same “full reset”, but through a smartphone.

If all else fails, you will have to contact Apple technical support.

What to do if Apple Watch won’t turn on, won’t pair, won’t update, and Mickey Mouse won’t tell the time out loud?

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Remember Apple’s viral 2002 ad with Ellen Face relaxingly explaining under the influence of Benadryl how reliable Apple products are? The days when this video was relevant are irrevocably gone. This is especially true of the Apple Watch Smartwatch, the forums of the happy owners of which are full of annoyance and messages about bugs, errors, and shortcomings. Some issues bother users more often than others. Here is a list of the 10 most common problems and how to deal with them.

  • Bluetooth frequently disconnects or cannot pair at all
  • Watch battery runs out too quickly
  • IPhone battery drains in hours
  • The watch is not charging
  • Freeze and crash
  • Doesn’t monitor daily activity
  • Not included
  • No notifications appear
  • Not updated
  • Are too slow
  • Mickey Mouse doesn’t tell the time
  • Can’t connect to Android (Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC, etc.)

Watch battery runs out too quickly

Weak batteries are the Achilles’ heel of the Apple Watch. But at least they should be enough for a day of moderately active use. If the clock sets earlier, then this may be a technical problem.

Apple Watch can be put into power saving mode and will only show the time. Press and hold the side button until the Eco Mode slider appears, slide it to the right.

Open the Watch app on your iPhone and turn off unnecessary notifications.

Go to “Settings” in your watch. scroll down and select Text Brightness and Size. Decrease brightness.

On your watch, open Settings General Wrist Raise and turn off Raise Wrist. The same can be done from the Watch app for iPhone.

Turn off the optical heart rate monitor by opening the Watch app on your iPhone by going to the My Watch Exercise menu Power Saving Mode.

Start by turning the watch off and on. Press the side button, wait for the sliders screen to appear, turn off the watch. Press the button again and hold until the Apple logo appears.

An application might be causing the problem. Remove all unnecessary applications. To do this, on the Home screen, press and hold the program icon until the “X” icon is displayed, press it. Don’t worry, this won’t remove apps from your iPhone. You can also uninstall apps via your smartphone by selecting the Watch app and turning off the Show on Apple Watch option for unnecessary apps.

The last resort is again, restore factory settings. This is done through the menu “Settings” “General” “Reset” “Erase content and settings”.

Are too slow

A large number of users complained about the slow operation of the device. There are several ways to improve its performance.

How to pair and unpair an Apple Watch and iPhone

First, make sure the software on your Apple Watch and paired iPhone is up to date.

Break the pair “watch. smartphone” and recreate it.

Performance slows down when there are too many apps installed on Apple Watch. Open the Watch app on your smartphone, go to the My Watch menu and scroll down to see installed programs. Click on the name of the app you don’t want and turn off Show on Apple Watch.

The presented list of problems and problems, of course, is far from complete. For more rare and exotic problems, contact Apple technical support (on a weekday and preferably not on Monday). Or, alternatively, pay attention to “smart” watches on Android: there are more of them, they are cheaper, and are now compatible with iOS.

Freeze and crash

There have been several reports that the Apple Watch turns off randomly or does not respond to requests (“crashing” and “freezing”). To keep your watch from freezing, here’s what you can try.

Try turning off your watch by holding down the side button and sliding the switch to the right. Press the button until the Apple logo appears to turn it on. Most likely, a reboot will only help temporarily.

If your watch is unresponsive, try holding the side button with the Digital Crown for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

Open the Watch app on your smartphone, go to the “My Watch” “General” “Software Update” tab and check if you need to update.

Falls can be caused by a specific application. If you notice a connection between frequent use of a particular application and the unstable operation of the device, uninstall this program. Open the Watch application on your smartphone, select the problematic program and turn off its display in the watch.

Sometimes, a hard reset can help sort out these issues. In the watch, select “Settings” “General” “Reset” “Erase all content and settings.” After that, you will have to re-configure the clock.