Where is AirPlay on Mac?

To connect Mac to Apple TV, select the AirPlay icon in the menu bar, in the iTunes or QuickTime application, or open the “System Settings” → “Monitors” to determine the AirPlay screen (it will work as a wireless display connected to Mac).

Select the system settings from Apple drop-down list in the upper left corner. Select Displays and then select Show, Check the box before showing the Mirror Display options in the menu bar, if available, now you can do so that Airplay is displayed on Mac.

How to add shows and movies to Up Next in the TV application

Up Next should be your first stop when you are looking for something to see. He offers the latest episodes of your favorite show or helps you return to the film you watched.

Play a movie or a series in the application. This content will be displayed in the UP Next at the next transition to it.

Click Add to Up Next.

How to connect MacBook to TV: All methods

Many users like the portability of MacBook, but because of the small display of the device, they do not want to actively use it. This problem can be solved by connecting MacBook to a computer monitor or TV screen.

Most owners of Mac devices and modern TV models combine them. But not everyone knows how to do it. Consider how it is correct and, most importantly, why carry out this connection.

First, we will analyze, for what purposes you need to connect MacBook to TV:

  • First, you can use the TV model as the main monitor, to work through a large screen.Thus, your TV serves as a computer screen, although all the functions you still perform directly through the MacBook display.
  • Secondly, with the connection, you can simultaneously perform several tasks. For example, watch the movie on the TV screen, and on the laptop display perform operating functions or play the game. In this case, the TV becomes an optional screen and improves user comfort.
  • Thirdly, on the TV screen, you can view photos or video at higher resolution. However, keep in mind that your computer must have appropriate functionality.

Thus, the decision to connect the MAC device to the TV will bring much benefit, the main thing is to combine correctly.

Consider the main ways to connect the MAC device to the TV.

HDMI. You can connect the MAC laptop through the standard HDMI cable. If MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro do not have an HDMI port, and you never connected anything to Mini DisplayPort, then you need to find a port to which you can connect a network adapter. Although all new Mac models go with the built-in HDMI and Mini DisplayPort ports, so you can directly connect the HDMI cable between the MAC laptop and TV.

Connection occurs as follows:

  • Connect the HDMI cable to one side to the MacBook port and the other side to the TV port.
  • On the remote control of the TV, click the “Source” button. Using the navigation keys, select “HDMI“, where the type of connected device will be specified depending on the TV model.
  • In the MacBook screen settings, install the desired version of your monitor:
  • Duplication is when everything that happens on the laptop display is repeated on the big TV screen.
  • Extension. When the desktop increases, and you can transfer the window of some program to the second display, and perform another job on the first screen.
  • Output to first or second monitor. the image is shown only on the monitor that you select.

After connecting MacBook to the TV, the sound will not be played through the TV screen, it will play through the MAC speakers. Surely you want to install the audio output to listen to the sound through the speakers of the TV. Almost for each MAC device connection to the TV through the HDMI cable, the sound settings must be adjusted manually.

To optimize the TV for video playback, you must follow the following:

  • Open “System Settings” in the Apple menu and select “Sound”.
  • Click the Output tab and look at the “Type” list to find “HDMI” and select it.

If the device is connected via the Mini DisplayPort adapter, make sure that the MAC computer supports the transmission of sound through Mini DisplayPort.

Please note that after you have installed an audio output to view the TV, the ability to adjust the sound through the Mac device, it will be necessary to use the remote remote control or the built-in volume buttons on the TV.

Airplay. Connecting TV and MacBook Air Laptop Models, MacBook Pro is most often done by Wi-Fi Wireless Technology. This procedure can be done through a specially designed official application. AirPlay. This feature is available to those owners who have an Apple TV prefix.

To connect the AIRPLAY function using the Apple console, you must perform the following steps:

  • Ensure that Apple TV and MacBook is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Turn on the Apple TV console, which connects to the TV via HDMI port.
  • In the Programs menu, select “Settings”. AirPlays Make sure the function is enabled.
  • Then you need to configure MacBook. Open the Apple menu, select “System Settings” and go to the “Monitors” section.
  • In the AIRPLAY Monitor menu, select Apple TV. Then click on the video signal icon.

Perhaps the AirPlay connection is protected by a password that will appear on the TV screen. This password will need to enter on MacBook.

You may also need to set the sound output, which is similar when connecting the MAC device to TV via HDMI port. But instead of “HDMI” on the “Exit” tab, choose the option “Apple TV”.

Often when connecting MacBook to a TV there may be a number of problems. You need to get acquainted with them in advance, and also analyze how to correctly eliminate them. Consider several possible difficulties in connecting MacBook to TV.

The appearance of black stripes on the TV means problems with image scaling. Eliminate them enough just.

  • Open “System Settings” and go to the “Universal Access” snap.
  • Clement on the left Click on the “Increase” option. Check the option “Use key combinations to enlarge” and “smoothing images”.

Now the scale of the image can be configured by the specified key combinations.

MacBook goes into sleep mode and TV disables image reception. It is possible to solve such a problem as follows:

After which the sleep mode is completely disconnected and the more you will not disturb.

Thus, connect MacBook to the TV is quite simple. With such a task, every person can cope, even which does not have the necessary volume of technical data.

How to connect macbuck to tv?

  • Duplication is when everything that happens on the laptop screen is repeated on a large television monitor.
  • Extension. the desktop is increasing, that is, you can transfer the window of some program to the second display, and work yourself, for example, in a text editor on the first screen.
  • The output to the first or second monitor. here is perhaps everything from the name: the image is shown only on the monitor that you choose.

Connecting MacBook to the monitor via HDMI


So how to connect McBuck to TV via Wi-Fi? To do this, there is AirPlay. This feature is only available for Apple TV console owners, therefore, if you do not have it, the service becomes automatically inaccessible for you. AirPlay allows you to do the following things:

  • Broadcast streaming video from Safari browser or Quick Time Player player.
  • Use the TV as a monitor, as in the case of connecting via HDMI.

All you need to do is turn on Apple TV, then select your TV in the AIRPLAY status menu in the menu bar. In the same place this function is turned off. As you can see, nothing complicated. Just press multiple keys, and all the necessary content is transferred to a large screen. Please note that for comfortable work with AirPlay you need access to high-speed Internet.

Smart TV

IPhone users probably know (and if they don’t know, now they will find out) that when watching a video, for example, youtube appears to broadcast video. This icon appears if the SMART TV TV, and the Apple device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then you press it, choose TV and video is transferred to a large screen. In the same way, you can try to watch online videos with MacBook.

Connection options MacBook to TV

Conditionally all existing ways can be divided into two groups. wireless and wired. The necessary cords and adapters in the base bundle of TV and laptops are not included. Therefore, they will have to acquire separately. How to connect mac to tv? The user must make a decision independently. Much depends on exactly how the TV will be used in what mode.

Note that the TV model does not have a fundamental importance. Connecting MacBook to the Samsung or Sony TV with absolutely nothing will be different. All available options allow you to use the TV as a large monitor. This means that Laptop acts as a projector.

MacBooks are focused on synchronization with other Apple technician. Therefore, if you do not plan to use devices from other manufacturers, then you will have to fulfill several additional actions to avoid compatibility issues. We begin to go. First consider how to connect MacBook to TV via HDMI Inteeis.

Through the HDMI cable

Absolutely all modern TV models are equipped with an HDMI inteeis. Therefore, this method of synchronization of technology can be called priority. Creating a connection will not cause special difficulties. Since the entire process is reduced to connecting cable plugs to the corresponding connectors.

If you have never previously connected any devices to the laptop, then start with the ports to transfer the video signal. The location of the intees may vary according to the MacBook model. To configure iMac via HDMI, connect the cable into the connector that is on the rear of the device. The video output on the MacBook Pro is located on the left, and on the MacBook AIR on the right. Mini-Display port in which the HDMI adapter is inserted, it looks somewhat different.

When all the necessary cables and adapters are prepared, it’s time to switch to the connection MacBook to the TV. To do this, follow a simple step-by-step instruction:

  • Insert the HDMI adapter into the video output connector on the MAC laptop.
  • Connect the HDMI cable plug to the adapter.
  • The second end of the cord must be inserted into the appropriate TV connector, which is located on the side or on the rear panel.
  • If the laptop was turned off, then turn it on.
  • Take the Remote Control TV and select “HDMI” as source.

Leptop will automatically detect a new connection. It will be set to customize the desktop to the high definition demonstration. If the picture on the big screen does not appear, then the user put the cable not in those connectors. It is possible that the signal source is incorrectly selected.

Modern TV models are equipped with 5-6 HDMI intees. Analyze them. Choose the port that allows you to pass an audio signal and video. Synchronization will be considered completed when the desktop of Laptop appears on the big screen. Now you know how to connect MacBook to TV.

If the default settings satisfy you, then you can go to the reproduction of content. However, consider that at this stage TV is used as an external display. To view content through applications, you need to perform several additional actions. As a result, the functionality of the device will increase significantly.

Separately, it is worth talking about sound reproduction. By default, the audio signal is not transmitted to TV. Therefore, the sound is reproduced through the dynamics of the laptop. It is very uncomfortable. Therefore, it is better to carry out in-depth setting so that the sound is played through the more powerful speakers of the TV.

As noted earlier, initially MacBook uses TV as an external display. The desktop of the laptop on the big screen is displayed. This is a good option for those users who need a large external monitor. However, if you want to watch TV shows, various videos and movies, run video games, then makes sense to think about setting up a mirror image.

Instructions for setting up a mirror image:

This setting is ideal if you are using a TV designed to play 1220p content. To view the video in high definition format (1080p.), you need to reduce the resolution or use an external screen as the main. Otherwise the symmetry of the picture will be broken.

Instructions for changing the parameters of the main display:

  • Connect the laptop to the TV using HDMI inteeis.
  • Open the system settings on the laptop.
  • Select the section “Display”.
  • Switch to the “Parameters” tab.
  • Move the white line for trimmer from a small display (laptop) to a large external monitor (TV).

This is how the TV in the main screen turns.

The setup system proposed above will significantly modify device configuration. Computer screen will be used as desktop. The TV will be the main desktop on which the menu and all kinds of applications are displayed.

With the video setting figured out. It’s time to talk about sound. If a powerful audio system or a speaker with excellent sound is connected to the laptop, then, it is better that the audio signal is played by TV. The dynamics embedded in MacBook are not able to provide clean and natural sound.

If the TV synchronization and laptop are carried out via HDMI, then the sound must be configured manually. When the cable is inserted into the appropriate connectors, and the laptop desktop is displayed on the large screen, you need to do the following:

On the output tab, the TV model and series of the TV model always always appears. Not every user knows how it is called the technique used by him. Therefore, it is more wise to focus on the inscription “HDMI”, and not on a little-known combination of Latin liter and numbers.

As soon as the user switches the audio output, it will lose the ability to change the volume parameters through the operating system of the laptop. To increase or decrease the volume, you need to use the remote control of the TV.

Possible problems

When connecting MacBook to the TV, a number of problems may occur. You need to get acquainted with them in advance, and also analyze how to correctly eliminate them. Consider some possible difficulties.

So, in the process of connecting the laptop cover is closed, and it functions in sleep mode, then you will not be able to use additional accessories (namely, a mouse or keyboard) that work with Bluetooth function. The fact is that this default parameter is disabled in the operating system. If you want to change this, then you need to go to the MacBook settings.

connect, apple, macbook, hdmi, cord

If a video adapter device connected to a laptop is characterized by a high resolution, but low performance, it will affect the correctness of the device.

So, you will not be able to play games with maximum settings. Use may be limited in some other areas.

Another common problem is incorrect conclusion of the image with a mabuk on the TV screen. Often it can happen so that the picture is displayed, but it does not completely fill the entire display. In order to eliminate it, you need to select the “redistribution” option in the MacBook settings. So you quickly and easily remove the problem, you will get perfectly display the image.

Thus, the process of connecting MacBook to the TV is a pretty simple task with which every person can cope (even which does not have the necessary volume of technical data). At the same time, the instructions should be carefully and scrupulously, as well as avoid problems.

How to connect the TV to MacBookPro, look next.

On how to connect MacBook to the TV, many Apple equipment owners are conceived, because it will allow you to play movies or other multimedia content on a large display. You can configure the connection in several ways, both using a cable and without it.

What to do if there is no airplay icon

If you did not find the icon. do not despair. We will tell about several receptions that can help in such a situation.

  • First of all, make sure that your devices are the latest software version.
  • On some devices with AirPlay support, it is possible to disable / enable this mode. Carefully view the “Settings” menu and make sure the option is enabled.
  • Restart all devices involved in the broadcast. Banal Council, but, as a rule, many problems are solved by a simple restart system.
  • Using wires, connect the iPhone and MacBook to one router. Enable Wi-Fi from the same router to which devices are connected. Try to activate AirPlay. the icon must appear.
  • Check. Does your MacBook support using port 3689. It is it used by the IRPLA technology to interact with other devices.

On this, our article comes to an end. We hope that she helped you figure out how to use AirPlay technology.