How to Connect Airpods Max to Android Smartphone

The new earbuds can also work with an Android device. To make pairing you need:

  • On a smartphone or tablet, go to Settings. Connections. Bluetooth (the location of the parameter depends on the software shell and smartphone model);
  • Press and hold the noise control button on the headphones until the indicator flashes white;
  • Select Airpods Max in the list of Bluetooth devices and connect to them.

How to connect Airpods Max to iPhone, iPad or iPod

Headphones are connected to an iPhone or iPad very quickly and easily, literally in a few steps.

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  • Unlock your device;
  • Go to your home screen;
  • Remove Airpods Max from the smart case and bring it to your smartphone or tablet;
  • Wait a little, after which the quick setup menu will appear on the device screen;
  • If automatic pairing does not start, go to Settings. Bluetooth;
  • If the indicator on the headphones does not flash white, please reset them to factory settings;
  • When a notification appears on the smartphone screen, click the Connect button;
  • Next, you can set up your headphones to work with Siri, or test your surround sound right away. To do this, click on Listen to how it works;
  • When finished, tap Done.

If you’re signed in to iCloud, Airpods Max will be automatically set up with devices that are paired with iCloud under your Apple ID.

How to connect Airpods Max to MacBook or Mac

If you’ve connected your headphones to your iPhone or iPad and signed in to iCloud with your Apple ID, your Mac will automatically set up and connect your Airpods Max. If the headphones are close to your computer, macOS will display a notification asking you to connect to Airpods Max.

If the connection fails, try:

  • Put on headphones;
  • Click on the Bluetooth icon or volume control in the Mac menu bar;
  • Select Airpods Max from the list.


Make sure you have the latest version of iOS 14.3 installed. For this:

  • Go to Settings;
  • Select General;
  • Click on Software Update.

To connect Airpods Max to a Mac device, your computer must be running macOS 11.1 or later. You can check for updates:

  • Going to the Apple menu;
  • By going to System Preferences;
  • Selecting Software Update.

If an update is available for your computer, simply click the Update Now button to begin the installation process.

Apple TV

To pair your Airpods Max with your Apple TV, you need to:

  • Update tvOS to version 14.3;
  • Check for an update by going to Settings. System. Software Update;
  • Select Update software if available.

First Steps Before Pairing Airpods Max

Before connecting the earbuds to an Apple smartphone, tablet or laptop, make sure you have the latest operating system installed.

How to Connect Airpods Max to iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Android

The Airpods Max were released relatively recently, but the setup and connection issue remains with inexperienced users. In today’s article, I will try to answer the question of how to set up and connect Airpods Max. Go!

After reading the instructions, you will be able to connect your Airpods Max to any Apple device and easily set up your headphones. I will also answer the question of what to do first before connecting Airpods Max to a smartphone or MacBook.

How to connect Airpods to a Windows computer or laptop

Can Airpods be used with a Windows 10, 8.1, or Windows 7 computer? Yes, you can: it is enough that the computer or laptop has a Bluetooth adapter, and it works properly. after connecting Airpods, they can be used as headphones with a microphone.

This guide details how to connect Apple Airpods or Airpods Pro to a PC or laptop, as well as the possible problems you may encounter while doing so. In the context of the topic, it can be useful: How to connect any Bluetooth headphones to a laptop or computer and solve possible sound problems, How to connect and use Airpods with Android.

Connecting Airpods to Computer

As noted above, in order to be able to connect, your computer must be equipped with Bluetooth, the adapter must work properly and not be disconnected, the further steps are as follows:

  • Put your Airpods in pairing mode. To do this, place them in the case, open it, and then press and hold the round button on the case until the LED indicator flashes white. If it does not start blinking, wait a little longer without releasing the button: it will glow white, blink orange several times, and then start blinking white.
  • Pair your Airpods with your computer. To do this, in Windows 10 go to Settings (WinI or the gear icon in the Start menu). Devices. Add Bluetooth or another device. Bluetooth, wait until Airpods appear in the list and click on them, wait until the connection is complete.
  • In Windows 7 and 8.1, you can go to Control Panel. Devices and Printers. Add a device and also connect to Airpods.
  • Turn on audio and microphone output from Airpods. In Windows 10, go to Settings. System. Sound and make sure Airpods are installed as output and input devices.
    connect, apple, headphones, laptop
  • In Windows 7 and 8.1, go to Recorder and Playback Devices (right-click on the speaker in the notification area) and set Airpods as the default device for playback and recording (right-click on Airpods. use as default and use as communication device default). In Windows 10 it is also better to look into such a section (see How to open the recording and playback devices of Windows 10). In some messengers (for example, Skype), you need to select the default microphone in the settings of the program itself.

As a rule, this is where all the settings end. Airpods work with Windows and there are no problems, and reconnection usually happens automatically (or without pairing, but simply by connecting the device in the device parameters). The only caveat is that when used with an iPhone, the headphones will have to be reconnected to it.

Possible issues connecting Airpods and Airpods Pro in Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7

Here are some common problems when using Airpods on a Windows computer and possible approaches to solve them:

  • Bluetooth works (sees other devices), but Airpods can’t find it. this happens with old Bluetooth adapters (as well as cheap USB-Bluetooth adapters for PCs), or is often caused by drivers. Try to uninstall the existing Bluetooth driver (in the device manager, remove the adapter and put the “Remove this device’s drivers” checkbox) and install it manually from the official website of the laptop manufacturer. Also, I was faced with the fact that, on the contrary, the headphones were not found with the official driver, and after removing it and automatically installing the driver of Windows 10 itself, everything worked fine. If you are not sure if Bluetooth is working properly (and it happens that your adapter is disconnected, although the driver is installed and “the device is working properly), see a separate guide: What to do if Bluetooth does not work on a laptop.
  • Airpods connection drops, audio stutters. Here again, you can experiment with different driver versions until you find a stable one. Sometimes turning off the power saving for the Bluetooth adapter helps (go to the adapter properties in the device manager, turn off the power saving on the Power Management tab). Also useful: Sound lags behind Bluetooth headphones.

Using Airpods with Computer. video

If, when you try to connect Airpods to a laptop or computer, something does not work as expected, describe the situation, paying special attention to the laptop model and Bluetooth adapter, perhaps there is a solution.

How to connect Airpods to Windows 10 PC

Apple unveiled its new wireless earbuds after they disconnected the headphone jack from their latest iPhones at the time. They called it Airpods. It’s no surprise that these new earbuds work with Bluetooth. Even though they are said to only work with Apple’s iPhones, there is a relatively simple way that it can be paired with a Windows 10 computer. However, it is slightly different from the others, and reconnection is relatively different too. In this article, we will learn how to connect Apple Airpods to Windows 10.

Pair Airpods with Windows 10

We’ll look at two scenarios for using Apple Airpods with a Windows 10 computer:

  • Pairing Airpods for the first time.
  • Reconnecting Airpods.

1] Connecting Airpods for the first time

Make sure your Airpods are at least 40% charged before pairing. If not, slide it into the AirPod case and charge it. Keep it inside for the pairing process.

  • Open the cover of your Airpods case.
  • Press and hold the round button on the back of the charger for a few seconds.
  • Release the button when the indicator inside the case starts blinking white.
  • Open the Windows Settings app. (WIN I)
  • Go to Bluetooth Devices
  • Select Add Bluetooth or Other Devices.
  • In the mini-window that appears, select Bluetooth.
  • The list of available Bluetooth devices will be filled.
  • Pick your Airpods from there.
  • It will automatically connect and reconnect your Airpods and they will be available for first use.

2] Reconnect Airpods

Technically, once connected, your Airpods should be able to automatically connect to devices that are already connected. But chances are it is connected to your phone or tablet. So if it doesn’t connect automatically, it’s better to connect it manually.

  • Open “Settings” and select “Devices” “Bluetooth”.
  • Under Audio, select a recording for your Airpods.
  • Click the button that says Connect.
  • As soon as he asks you for a connection, you can go.

If it keeps connecting to the disconnecting device, read our guide on how to fix Airpods disconnecting frequently.

New! Anker Lightning to USB-A Audio Adapter

The guide should help you connect Airpods to your Windows 10 computer.


If there is no sound, you can run diagnostics on your PC and laptop. First step. this is troubleshooting by standard means. In the right corner of the monitor, right-click on the speaker icon. Then select “Troubleshoot Sound”. The system will start looking for problems and, after the search has been performed, it will ask the user about which device is experiencing a problem. From the list suggested by the system, you need to select what you need and wait for the end of the process. If the problem is solvable, then the system will fix it on its own. If not, then he will indicate what is the cause of the problems in order to configure everything manually.

How to connect headphones to a computer

Headphones. it is a popular gadget that is used to watch movies, listen to music, play games and communicate using IP telephony such as Skype. At the same time, most users love good and high-quality sound, but not everyone can afford speakers for a number of specific reasons. A great way to get good sound. this is the use of quality headphones. In addition, they are simply irreplaceable in the sense that the sound will disturb someone.

connect, apple, headphones, laptop

As you can see, headphones. this is a useful thing in many situations. But despite all its simplicity, not all users know and are able to connect them to a computer or laptop.


The telephone headphone plug is called mini-jack, the diameter of which is 3.5 mm. Headphones with this plug can be plugged into the same mini-jack jacks. In the computer, they are located on the back of the computer. In some cases, they can also be on the front panel. Connection via keyboard is also possible. The mini-jack 3.5mm headphone output on the PC is green. It is difficult to make a mistake when connecting here: everything is in color. Gadgets are connected to a laptop in the same way. The only difference is that the connectors are located on the front or side panels.

USB headphones plug into an available free USB port on your computer or laptop. Correctly choose one port to which the headphones will be connected in the future. This is necessary in order not to carry out new settings with each connection. There is a USB port in the computer on the back and on the side; in a laptop, this port is usually located on both the left and right. In most cases, after connecting them, the configuration takes place automatically. If this does not happen, then you may need to install drivers.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to PC

Wireless headphones are often connected using Bluetooth. Before connecting, certain steps must be taken. First, make sure your device has a Bluetooth module. You can find out in the device manager or by reading on the Internet about the technical characteristics of your model. If there is a module, you need to check if it works. To do this, go to the “Device Manager”, select our adapter and right-click on it. In the tab that appears, go to “Properties”. If all is well, then there will be an inscription “The device is working normally”.

If the adapter does not work and nothing can be done, then you need to install or update the drivers. After checking, you can proceed to direct connection:

  • First you need to turn on Bluetooth on your computer or laptop. In Windows 10, you can activate it through “Start”. You need to click on it and select the “Parameters” and “Devices” section.
  • In the window that appears, you need to switch the Bluetooth slider to “On”.
  • Then you should click on “Add device”.
  • In parallel, you need to turn on the stereo headphones. How to do this can be found in the instruction manual.
  • Next, you should activate pairing mode. On certain models, this takes approximately 10 seconds. To do this, you need to hold down the power button for this period.
  • As soon as the headset has switched to the desired mode, in the “Add device” menu, you need to click Bluetooth. The found headset will appear in the list of available devices, on which you need to left-click.

Next, you need to wait until the process is complete, after which the message “Connected” will appear on the screen.

No sound in Skype

If the headphones are working, then the problem is most likely in Skype. You need to go to the “Tools” menu, then “Settings”. In this window, you need to go to the “Sound settings” tab. Here you need to replace the playback device near the words “Speakers”. In the same window, there is a large green button with a play icon. With its help, you can immediately test the selected device without closing the window

Realtek HD Settings

In certain cases, you can try adjusting settings in Realtek HD. To do this, open the “Control Panel” and go to “Realtek HD Manager”. It is worth noting that this window can be called differently: Dolby Digital and Sound Booster. Next, you need to click on the “Additional device settings” tab and select “Separate all output jacks as independent input devices”. All actions should be confirmed with the “OK” button. Next, you need to disable the detection of front panel slots. This can be done in the connector parameters. If after that the sound does not appear, then the problem may lie in the audio codecs. You can download them on the Internet.

Headphones with microphone

All computers are equipped with a sound card. It can be a standalone device, or it can be built into the motherboard. The main thing is that the PC panel should have several jacks for connecting headphones and a microphone. Green is used for the headphones and the microphone is used. pink. Quite often, pictures are also applied above the connectors themselves, which will help the user not to make a mistake. Then the matter is simple: you need to connect the green connector to the green one, and the pink one to the pink one.

connect, apple, headphones, laptop

How to pair Airpods to Laptop Windows 10

In laptops, the headset is connected in the same way. Only the connectors are on the left side panel or in the front. In new models of laptops, they began to make combined connectors. Outwardly, they are no different from the usual connectors. The only thing. they are not color coded. These combo jacks usually have a microphone or speaker icon next to them.


There is also a Lightning headphone. They were originally designed for Apple technology. To connect such headphones to a regular computer or laptop, you need a special adapter with the appropriate diameter.

How to connect Airpods to Windows 7

The new Apple headphones, although they connect (connect) to the PC without problems via Bluetooth, but still, there may be problems with the old version of the OS. if it is not configured. To connect Airpods to Windows 7 (seven), you will also need to perform the specified sequence of actions, however, Air Pods with the old version of the system may be harder to synchronize than, for example, with newer versions of the OS.

In order for Airpods to sync with a PC, you need to perform the following algorithm without complicated steps for the user:

  • You need to open the Bluetooth connections menu;
  • On the case, press the button on the back until the white LED appears;
  • Start searching for devices, among which headphones should appear;
  • When the desired headset is found, you can connect (with the specified username) as in Windows 10.

Important! Synchronization may not work due to driver issues. In view of this, it is recommended to try to update the drivers for the Bluetooth module in advance. In the case of a laptop, it is better to download and install drivers from the laptop manufacturer’s website.!

Connecting Airpods to Windows Computer

Bluetooth headphones sync quickly and seamlessly. They can be connected to smartphones in a matter of seconds. This also happens with Air Pods. But there are times when you need to connect them to a computer, and not like Earpods. via a 3.5mm connector, but via Bluetooth. Consider the intricacies and pitfalls of connecting Airpods to Windows 10 and other versions.

connect, apple, headphones, laptop

How to connect Airpods to Windows 8

Windows 8 is somewhere in between 7 and 10. But since this OS is newer than 7, connecting Airpods to Windows 8 will already be a little easier and with fewer problems. No drivers need to be viewed (in most cases), you can just sync the devices and start working.

To pair a device to a Windows laptop via Bluetooth, you need to follow the usual procedure:

  • Also, first you need to go to the Bluetooth menu through the “Control Panel” or the tray icon;
  • Taking the case in hand, press and hold the button on the case for about 3 seconds until the headphones go into pairing mode;
  • After the option with the name of the headset (and the owner’s name in brackets) appears in the menu for adding a device, then you need to pair it, as with ordinary headphones.

So it is possible to get a fully working microphone and headphones for your computer / laptop, if everything is in order with the Bluetooth module. There are connection problems, but rarely. However, just the same it is worth going to them.

How to connect Airpods to Windows 10

If you think that connecting Airpods to Windows 10 is difficult, then you should relax, because in fact, all you need is a Bluetooth module. If synchronization with a PC is required, an additional Bluetooth adapter may be required. But you can connect a pair of wireless Airpods to a laptop without any problems, as a rule, the Bluetooth module is built there.

The easiest way to synchronize is with laptops on Windows 10. Airpods are connected according to the following algorithm:

  • First, in Windows 10, you need to find the Bluetooth connections menu (the icon may be in the tray);
  • After the user has found it and opened it, you need to select the “Add a new device” item;
  • Taking AirPods, you need to press the white button on the case for 3 seconds. until white appears;
  • At the end of these operations, it remains only to connect the headphones in the menu (their name and username will be displayed).

connect, apple, headphones, laptop

Attention! Some users may have problems with the microphone, but the headphones themselves will work.

If you have problems

When trying to connect Airpods to your computer, you may encounter problems related to various aspects. But mostly it’s the fact that the laptop can’t see (or the computer) the headphones. This happens when Airpods 2, Airpods Pro or simple Airpods do not connect. they have a “too new” driver. In this case, it is recommended to perform the following algorithm:

  • View the model of your Bluetooth module in the settings to determine which software to download;
  • Find the required driver package on the network, download and install it on your PC;
  • After that, try to reconnect the headphones. everything will work fine for a long time, without failures.

So it is possible to eliminate the problem when the headphones do not work well or do not sync to the PC at all. The latter should also have an external Bluetooth module (connected via USB), because often full-size computers do not have an option built into the motherboard.

Headphones can be connected without any difficulty. And if there are problems, they are easily solved, because basically it is enough to update the drivers, after which the performance of the Apple headset in the Microsoft environment will be restored.