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If the TV is modern and supports Miracast technology, everything is quite simple and does not require much effort. The method of activating the wireless mode in such a TV can be found in the instructions for it.
To connect to such a TV, you need the included Wi-Fi module. In this case, it is not necessary that it be connected to some kind of wireless network.

Sony Bravia Screen Mirroring- follow if you can’t mirror your phone. Activate Subtitle for more inf

USB cable

When you connect your phone to TV via USB interface, the mobile device will be used as a flash drive. That is, all actions performed on the smartphone will not be duplicated on the screen (as in the case of connecting via HDMI), but it will be possible to launch and play individual media files.

Connection Guide: Take a USB cable (which is used for switching with a PC and charging) and connect one end of it to the phone, and insert the other into the USB connector on the TV; On the TV, open the Source menu and select USB. Perform similar actions on your mobile device (the window appears automatically). After that, an interface will launch on the TV, where you can navigate between the system folders on the phone (like an explorer on a PC) using the keys on the remote control. On some models, the TV can automatically check the device for media files, after which it will offer to play them (you will not be able to navigate between individual folders).

Connecting to a Philips TV

Modern Philips LCD TVs may be Smart TV ready. This suggests that through such a device, you can watch content located on the vastness of the global web. However, to do this, you need to provide the TV with Internet access, for which the following methods are used:
So how do you connect the Internet to your Philips TV in one way or another? Let’s start with the classic wired version, since it is through the cable that the most high-speed data reception is most often possible. This is important in cases where the video looks in very high quality.

Now you need to set up Smart TV so that the operating system recognizes the Internet connection. To do this, press the Home button (on Philips remote controls it usually looks like a wooden house). Go to the “Settings” section. In the window that opens, select the “Installation” item, and then click on “Connect to the network”. Now you will be asked to agree to the offer by clicking the “Connect” button.

You will be taken to a completely new settings window. Here you need to select the “Wire” item. This completes the setup process. it is possible that the system will only ask you to press the “OK” button. If you are thinking about how to connect Wi-Fi to a Philips TV, then instead of the “Wire” item, select the “Wireless” item. After that, the setup process will not end, because the TV cannot connect to absolutely any Wi-Fi network around it.

For Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI shell.

We go into the settings of the smartphone system and select the item “Additional functions”. In the window that opens, select the item “Wireless display”.
We activate the “Wireless Display” function and wait for the smartphone to find an available monitor.
All that remains is to click on it and wait for the connection.
For smartphones on “pure” Android (Xiaomi Mi A1)
On Xiaomi Mi A1, the process of connecting a wireless screen is slightly different. We go into the smartphone settings, select the “Screen” section, where at the very bottom we click on the “Broadcast” item.

Next, click on the ellipsis and activate the “Enable” item. After that, the screen will display a list of devices available for connection from which we select the required.
If the connection is successful, a duplicate image from the smartphone will be displayed on the TV screen and you can enjoy the contents of your mobile device on the big screen.

How to connect an external device to a TV using a composite cable (3 tulips).

One of the most common ways to connect external devices to TV is analog composite connection (tulips). Composite connection uses a 3XRCA cable, consisting of three wires, usually marked with yellow, white and red colors (one of the wires transmits video, the other two. stereo sound). Color coding is used for convenience, according to their characteristics 3 cables are identical (interchangeable).

Composite connection is inferior in signal transmission quality to digital HDMI connection, therefore, if there are HDMI outputs on an external device, it is recommended to use HDMI connection.

  • The location of the connectors may differ depending on the TV model.
  • In some models, the connection is carried out only through an adapter.
  • To do this, press the “SOURCE” button on the TV remote control The list of sources is displayed Select “AV” Press the ENTER button.

Connecting to a Sony TV

Pick up the remote control, find the HOME button on it and click on it. Note! Some users are faced with the fact that after performing this action, the TV freezes and nothing happens. In this case, you must perform a power reset or reboot and then try again. If that doesn’t work, try disconnecting all devices from the TV and performing a factory reset. Next, you need to go to the Advanced settings interface. To do this, follow this path: Settings. NETWORKACCESSORIES. NETWORK. Advanced settings. On the Built-in.WI-FI tab, check the On box. Also set the On in the Wi-Fi.Direct box. Many users are also interested in how to find out the password for WI-FI Direct on a Sony Bravia TV. This can be done in the same menu in the Show Network (SSID) / Password dialog. When pressed, a window with the name of the network and the secret code will be displayed on the TV screen. These data are subsequently entered manually in the Wi-Fi debugs of the connected mobile device. If the connection was established successfully, a notification about this will appear on the TV-receiver monitor.

Now you know how to connect Wi-Fi to your Sony Bravia TV. Immediately after carrying out the above actions, TV goes into synchronization mode and waits for binding. Here you can also set the confirmation of synchronization when trying to communicate with an unfamiliar device: on the remote control, click on the “Options” button and enable the item “Registration notification”.

How to connect iPhone to Sony Bravia TV via Wi-Fi.
Activate Wi-Fi Direct on TV using the instructions above. Go to iPhone settings and select Wi.Fi, then Dir-ect-xx-BRAVIA. In the window that opens, enter the WPA key displayed on the display of the TV receiver, click on Join. Wait while the pairing is established between the devices. This may take a few minutes. After that, the setup window will be displayed. If there is a label for the SSID on the side of the iPhone, and a dash on the side of the Sony Bravia, it means that the docking is established.

Installing and configuring applications

The control of applications on Sony Bravia TVs is carried out by built-in programs. Before installing any new applications, it is recommended to update the previously installed ones in order to avoid various errors. You can update programs in the “Preferences” section by going to the “Internet Content Update” tab. The device will automatically connect to the company’s servers and deliver the latest versions. At this time, the user only needs to make sure that the power or the Internet connection is not turned off.

The device is easy to set up and quite convenient to operate. And an impressive margin of performance ensures that the TV will work great for a long time to be a flagship.

Wi-Fi wireless connection

The use of wires to connect devices greatly simplifies the synchronization process, however, as already noted, it creates a number of problems, in particular, with the placement of the cable. To avoid these complications, we recommend trying the wireless options. In particular, using the Wi-Fi Direct standard, which provides, as the name implies, a direct connection, without the involvement of “intermediate” devices.

In the shortest form, the instruction on how to connect a phone to a Sony TV in the considered way looks like this:

  • You turn on both devices, then find and press the button with the house icon on the remote control.
  • Go from the main window that appears on the screen to the Advanced Setting parameter list.
  • Selecting the appropriate line headers, in turn, activate the Built-in Wi-Fi option first, and then, as soon as it is successfully enabled, the second. Wi-Fi Direct.
  • After both operations are completed, the TV screen will display the full name of the created internal network and the password required to access it. It is these data that you must enter on your phone. We advise you not to close the page with information until the connection is established.

As a result of a successful connection, you will see a message about the start of synchronization. The process does not last long and you should not interrupt it. otherwise you will have to initiate again. In addition, in the process of setting up communication, you can activate or deactivate the automatic search for new devices available for duplication.

It happens that even a working TV starts to freeze after the first attempt to create a new internal network for direct connection. In this case, we advise you to first restart the TV and try again, and then, if nothing worked, reset the settings to the original ones.

Connecting ”gadgets and screen sharing

To connect a PC to a TV, do this:

  • click on the “Network” shortcut;
  • select the SSID provided by TV SONY BRAVIA;
  • enter the WPA key;
  • confirm actions and wait for connection.

Use Windows Media Player to broadcast the screen. To demonstrate the files you need:

  • run the program;
  • activate the option “Automatically allow devices to play media”, which is located in the “Stream” section;

How to set up Wi-Fi on a Sony TV? It is important to know a few basic points:

  • use wired setup;
  • only UWA-BR100 adapter is supported;
  • the option gives access to the Internet, and the setting depends on the type of network and router.

List of applications on Smart TV from Sony Bravia

As soon as the Internet is connected to the TV, it will immediately be possible to use all the functionality of the device. First of all, when you switch to Smart TV mode, a special window will appear.

In one part of this window there will be television channels, which can later be sorted by level of interest. The other part contains the installed applications available for use. Initially, this part will be empty or very few programs. To expand the capabilities of the device, you will need to install the appropriate software.

To do this, go to the All Applications tab by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen. A list of available channels and applications that you can install will appear. Among the popular programs, you can see various browsers, video hosting, music players, and the like.

Traditional television channels will also be available, including both state and local ones. The TV provider Tricolor boasts a variety, perfect for use in smart TVs. Additionally, you can use the “Opera TV Store” program to improve the convenience of viewing channels. Separately, it is worth noting the possibility of using online games.

How to connect a TV to a phone with a wired method

It’s much easier to sync both devices using a cable. To do this, there are 2 proven methods and they are recommended to be used if there is no wireless Internet at home or the TV / phone model does not support certain functions for connection.

The method works with any Android device, even regular phones will do. The TV itself must have a USB port. The technique is the simplest, it makes it possible to use the gadget as an ordinary storage device where media files are stored. The main drawback is that only the data that is in the phone’s memory, and not on the card, will be reproduced.

  • A cable connects both devices.
  • Select the signal source on the TV. (Source) USB port.
  • If required, confirmation of the activation mode is made on the mobile device.
  • The monitor shows the general structure of files and folders that are available after scanning and recognition by the TV software. Display of specific files depends on TV model.
  • For control and navigation, you only need to use the control panel.

The method is relevant for Android phones or any iPhone, but the TV itself must have a port for HDMI. A cable or adapter is required for compatibility. The technique is suitable not only for viewing photos or videos on a large screen, but also for playing games, using the Internet. The smartphone screen is fully duplicated on a large Sony TV monitor. Based on the port on the phone, an adapter or the cord itself may be required to activate. On one side there will be an HDMI port on the other microUSB, Lightning or USB-C.

  • The cable connects two devices.
  • In the case of using the adapter, you need to insert it into the smartphone, connect the HDMI cable.
  • Select TV source for signal.
  • The picture is automatically duplicated on the Sony screen.

An additional plus of the method in fast charging a smartphone while displaying an image. If the image is not shown on the TV, then you need to go to the smartphone settings to change the display resolution.

Setting up and connecting sony TVs to a Wi-Fi network

Connect iPhone

Next, we will give a small instruction on how to connect an iPhone to a Sony TV via Wi-Fi:

  • The first step is to check if your TV is on a wireless network or, if there is none, use a network cable for communication.
  • Before the following manipulations, we advise you to update the Sony firmware by all means: there may have been significant improvements or innovations.
  • In some cases, in order to start playback, it is required to use an external communication module such as UWA-BR100.

After the initial check of the settings is enabled, and you activate the distribution of the internal network on the TV, follow the algorithm:

  • Look at the Sony screen. It will display the name of the network and the access code, which you have to use to connect.
  • Open “Settings” of your iPhone and go to authorization in the Wi-Fi subsection.
  • To enable the connection, you will now need to select from the list of available Wi-Fi distributed by the TV. You can find it by the SSID containing the model name. To establish a connection, you need to enter a password, then tap “Done / Join”.
  • You have successfully figured out how to connect iPhone to Sony Bravia TV. You can judge about the start of synchronization by the check mark that appears to the left of the name of the wireless network through which the digital signal will be transmitted.

If there is no result, we advise you to first make sure that the password displayed on the TV was entered correctly. Secondly, try turning off and then turning on the TV again. We recommend using special programs for data transfer; among the best. iMediaShare.

Ways to connect devices

There are several ways to connect smartphones to a Sony Bravia TV, designed to solve a particular task:

  • using the phone as a remote control to control the TV panel;
  • launch of specialized media content;
  • use as a full-fledged Smart set-top box.

The connection algorithm depends on the selected method. The most common options are wired over HDMI / USB and wireless over Wi-Fi.

It is difficult to organize a wired connection of a smartphone and a TV, since devices may not be equipped with the required connectors or support for such a connection. Due to problems with the compatibility of wired methods of connecting smartphones to Sony Bravia TV, we will further consider the wireless method.

Wireless connection via Wi-Fi Direct

The process of connecting a mobile gadget to a Sony TV is divided into two stages: activating the Wi-Fi Direct service on a TV and setting up a connection with a phone.

There are several points to be clarified before starting synchronization.

  • Not all Sony TVs support Wi-Fi Direct. Its presence / absence should be found in the instruction manual.
  • When connecting certain models of smartphones, you will need to purchase a special wireless USB adapter.

Connecting a Smartphone to a Sony TV

Modern mobile phones with the Android or iOS operating system on board can perform all the functions of a computer and can also replace a digital camera. Just watching pictures and videos taken with a mobile phone camera on a small screen is not very comfortable, just like an interesting film or sports broadcast from the Internet.

Interesting video content is best viewed on the big screen. And the ability to connect a mobile gadget to a TV receiver is a good solution. The user will be able to view videos, photos, films on the TV-panel via a smartphone, run various games, open sites on the Internet, and also demonstrate presentations. How to connect your phone to a Sony TV. more on this.

How to connect Sony Bravia TV with a Smartphone Wireless via Screen Mirroring | Screencast [Hindi]

Setting up Wi-Fi on an Android smartphone

In the settings of the Sony Xperia, Samsung or any other phone, you need to go to activate the Wi-Fi function and enter the connection keys recorded from the TV.

After pairing the devices, you can transfer media content stored in the smartphone’s memory for playback on a TV. Through the network, you can view the contents of the gallery, for example. You can use the iMediaShare software application to view the video collection from your smartphone on the big screen, as well as other multimedia applications.

Sony TV panel setup instructions

The preparatory procedure consists in starting the Wi-Fi Direct service on the TV. On Sony-branded TV-panel models, the procedure for activating this option may differ slightly in the sequence of actions. After all, the menu in different series of devices is organized differently. The main thing to do is to set the built-in Wi-Fi module and the Wi-Fi Direct function to the “Enabled” state during setup.

Next, you need to open the configuration window for the Wi-Fi Direct service. There are two ways to connect to your phone: “Manual” or “WPS Options”. The WPS option is not supported by all Wi-Fi Direct compatible phones, so the Manual activation method is recommended. The procedure is as follows.

  • Using the remote control, go to the “Wi-Fi Direct Settings”.
  • Then select the “Manual” setting mode.
  • In the settings window go to the item “Other Methods / Other methods”.
  • The system will display the SSID and WPA settings. They need to be rewritten for further input when setting up the phone.

Setting up on iPhone

Setting up a connection on an Apple smartphone is similar. You need to turn on Wi-Fi and select Direct-xx-BRAVIA from the list of available networks. Then enter the password set by the TV. The connection will be established in a few seconds. If this does not happen, repeat the procedure.

For the iPhone, special applications have also been developed that allow you to comfortably display video on a large screen. For example, iMediaShare, DiXiM.