⚙️ How to connect and configure the Wi-Fi Xiaomi Mi Aioter Ac2350 router

Setting a router from Xiaomi will not take you much time. To do this, you can use both the web-intese and the Mi Home or Mi Wi-Fi proprietary application. Today we will tell you how to connect Xiaomi Mi Aiotr Router AC2350 using Mi Wi-Fi.

Download the Mi Wi-Fi application. In parallel, connect the Xiaomi router to the power: install the Ethernet cable in Wan port and wait for the blue indicator on the front panel.

After launch, Mi Wi-Fi will request several permits that must be provided.

Having got into the main menu, you need to register an account, enter data from the existing one or immediately press the “Reference new router” key for quick connection, postponing the registration process for later.

The application will begin to look for new devices and in a couple of seconds will issue a notice of successful search. You need to click “Reference now”.

The smartphone will ask you to connect to the Wi-Fi Router network.

Further, Xiaomi Mi Aiotr Ac2350 will establish a connection with the global web.

At the next stage, it is proposed to select the region, indicate the name of the network and the password for connecting. By the way, the Belarus region is absent, but you can safely choose Russia.

connect, configure, xiaomi, router

Next, the router will be configured, after which you will receive a notification about the need for manual connection to the newly created Wi-Fi network.

Go to the Wi-Fi menu of the smartphone, find your access point and connect to it.

The Xiaomi router is connected and configured, however, the application will still ask you to enter account data and make it conjugating with a router. After a successful conjugation procedure, you can view the connected devices, check the availability of updates and make different setting.

How to connect Mi Router 4a Giga Version via Web-intese

The first item remains unchanged: turn on the router and connect Ethernet cable to the WAN-extension. Connect to the Wi-Fi network with the name indicated on the sticker from the bottom of the router.

connect, configure, xiaomi, router

Next, start any browser and enter Miwifi in the address bar.COM or 192.168.31.one. Then you get to the main settings page.

To start setting, just press the Start key. The router tunes the automatic connection.

In the next menu, set up the name of the Wi-Fi access point and password.

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How to setup the Xiaomi wifi pro extender

A couple of seconds, settings are used and information about the successful initial setting of the router is issued.

Reconnect to the access point that you created, go to the same address in the browser. Then it will be proposed to enter the administrator password.

Enter the password and find yourself in the main settings menu in which you can see connected devices, information about the speed and number of data transferred.

By clicking on the Settings tab, you can change the Wi-Fi settings, Network settings, change the password and configure the black/white list, update or reset the router.

The Advanced tab is given the opportunity to configure additional parameters if there is such a need.

If something has gone wrong, you can at any time dump the router settings. To do this, make sure that Mi Router 4a Giga Version has started, then press and hold the Reset button on the rear panel until the status indicator lights up with orange light.

Reset settings Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 3 to factory

If the Xiaomi router is fucked or it works unstable to drop the Xiaomi Mi Router 3 settings to factory values. To do this, open the “Status” section in a web-intese:

In the Backup and Recovery subsection, click on the Restore button. After that, this window will appear:

Click on the OK button to confirm your intentions to reset the settings of the device. After that, the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 3 settings will start to factory parameters:

At the end of the procedure, the gadget will reboot. Takes all this for about 2-3 minutes.

How to go to the Xiaomi router settings

The package does not include a patch cord. This is a cable, which is usually connected on one side to the router, and the other to the PC network card. Therefore, we will connect to Wi-Fi.

  • We will connect the device to the mains.
  • Next, if the Windows 10 is installed, in the right corner we find the wi-fi network icon.
  • In the list of available wireless networks, we find the inscription “Xiaomi_xxxx_xxxx”.
  • Instead of the X, the numbers and Latin letters are indicated by default.
  • We connect to this network and expect the download of the window of the original settings.
  • Next, we see the greeting window.
  • Under the heading of “Mi Wi-Fi” it is necessary to put a check from opposite Chinese hieroglyphs. Thus we agree with the rules of operation of equipment.
  • Now proceed directly to the setting.
  • In the first line we indicate the name of the network, and in the other. password (at least 8 characters). Below the line for entering the password, you can put a checkmark. Thus, the password from the wireless network is duplicated in the settings for the entrance. That is, to enter the administrator panel, you will need to indicate a similar password.
  • Then click on a large button in the lower part after two lines. We save the entered data used for both networks (2.4 GHz/5 GHz).
connect, configure, xiaomi, router

After preservation, a new window appears. settings for entering your personal account. In the login field, you can assign a new value or leave the old by default. In the password line, either create a new one, or mark it with a checkmark (similar password like a wireless network). But if desired, you can make your own adjustments. Use the indicated settings by the corresponding press. The router is rebooted to come into force.

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Return to the list of available networks. We find the new name of the router to re.recover to the network, indicating the new password. The router is better to give a name in Latin. In the lower right corner of the screen, click on the Wi-Fi icon and the list of available networks select our equipment option. For convenience, it is advised to put a checkmark in the item “Connect automatically”.


For example, consider Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router 3. It is easy to buy for about a couple of thousand through well-known online stores. The devices are very compact: a small plastic case with one LED, which shows the availability of power on the equipment.

The difficulty will only be that the instructions for use are written by hieroglyphs, t.e. In Chinese. Otherwise. the quality and characteristics of these routers at a very high level.

A modern and powerful device with two ranges for the wireless network. Supports the 802 standard.11ac. It has a USB port. Good ventilation in the form of numerous holes on the block helps to easily cope with overheating and maximum load. There are no openings for attaching to the wall in the housing, you will have to make them ourselves.

The processor based on the chip MT7620A, RAM: 128MB DDR-2. Router 3G is equipped with four non.removable antennas, 2 LAN ports and 1 WAN. The speed of the LAN DEPIRED-up to 1 Gbit/s, on the “LALL” a little more-up to 1167 Mbit/s. Compatibility with all the types of encryption, including the most reliable WPA/WPA2-PSK. A router can operate in a relay mode.

We also offer a video review of the Mi router 3:

Features of the first connection

On the rear panel of the router there is a LAN port, to connect with a computer or laptop directly. Xiaomi router can be configured via the Mi Wi-Fi application, more than that below.

Connecting routers is enough, example. But here we deal with Xiaomi, and first follow the instructions:

  • Insert the RJ45 cable that the provider started you. In the WAN-Roter WAN, it is located on the back panel and is usually painted blue. Internet connection cable
  • Connect a computer or laptop with a device through a cable connected to a LAN port.
  • Connect the router to the power supply using a power supply. The connector for it is located from the back of the case.
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When connecting via patch cord. Synchronization occurs automatically. If the connection is wireless, then on a computer or mobile device you need to open a list of available networks. Then do the following:

  • After connecting to the access point, the settings will be loaded. Accept the conditions of use by setting a checkmark at the very bottom.
  • Enter the name of the wireless network and come up with a password. If necessary, activate the function of increasing the signal power so that it passes through the walls.
  • Click on the continuation button.
  • A window will open with the setting of the administrator data, which will allow you to go to the control panel. Select the location and enter a new password. To use the same Wi-Fi password and settings, put a checkplace opposite the corresponding point below.

After setting the first connection, the router will automatically reboot. When using a browser, you can install a special expansion-translator so that it is easier to navigate in the integration.

How to connect a router to a computer

Roter connection diagram to a computer

Before you configure the Xiaomi 4C router, connect the equipment to the mains. We connect the central network cable to the port of the router. WAN/Ethernet.


For a convenient entrance to the administrator panel, a laptop or a stationary computer is suitable. You can connect to the router via a cable or a wireless network. In the first case, take a patch cord and connect one end to the PC network card, and the other to the LAN port of the router.

Connect the patch cord to the LAN Router connector, the other end to the computer connector

In the second case, we go to the list of available wireless networks and find our own router. While the connection takes place without authentication, but in the future it is necessary to assign a password.

Reset settings Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 3 to factory

Sometimes it may happen that the router was fucked or works unstable. Then it is recommended to reset the Xiaomi Mi Router 4 settings to factory. For you need to go to the “Status” section in the web-intese:

In the Backup and Recovery field, click on the Restore button. After that, such a warning window will appear:

Click on the OK button, otherwise the operation will be canceled. Next, the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 4 settings will be launched to factory parameters:

Takes all this for about 2-3 minutes, after which the router will restart. Now you can configure the Xiaomi 4 router again and check its work.