How to connect a WEB-camera to the phone

Connecting an external camera to modern smartphones is often not required, since they are all equipped with their own built-in modules. However, this action may become necessary if you want to improve the quality of shooting, create a collective picture or organize remote video surveillance. Let’s consider how to connect a WEB-camera to a phone via a wired or wireless channel.

We connect the WEB-camera to the Android phone. step by step instructions

USB connection

Before proceeding with the configuration, you should make sure that the device supports data transfer using the OTG protocol. Having entered the manufacturer’s name and phone model in the search engine, you need to look at the technical characteristics of the device, where the presence or absence of the function will be indicated.

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If the smartphone supports the OTG protocol (the protocol is also used to connect a flash drive and a computer mouse), to connect a webcam, you must do the following:

    Open Play Market and install one of the recommended applications: USB Camera. Connect EasyCap or UsbWeb. There are other programs of this kind, but almost all of them work according to the same principle. they intercept the image received from the webcam and display it on the phone screen. If these applications do not work well, you should look for other.
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  • Connect the Micro-USB to USB adapter to the smartphone.
  • Insert the camera cord into the adapter and launch the application.
  • Allow access to the connected device and use of the mobile phone memory.
  • The image will appear in the window of the running program. With it, you can record videos and take photos. In the settings, the recording quality, file storage, microphone use, etc. are set. If the smartphone does not play videos, you should change the recording format by setting it to AAC or MPEG4.
  • This tutorial demonstrates how to connect a WEB camera to a phone via USB, but the USB Camera. Connect EasyCap application also has a set of additional functions. Among them, the transmission of images through the network deserves special attention. To display a picture on a computer, you must:

    • Click on the red circle in the lower right part of the application window and select “IP Camera Server”.
    • Open a browser on the PC and enter the LAN address.
    • In the program settings, set the login and password for the connection.
    • Enter data in the browser. The image will start broadcasting on the computer.

    Remote control allows you to activate the “Motion Detection” function, which starts video recording when moving objects are detected in front of the lens.

    IP camera connection

    Wireless connection has a number of advantages: no need to support the OTG protocol on the phone, monitoring what is happening can be carried out at a distance, both over the local network and over the Internet.

    Most modern IP cameras use Wi-Fi data transmission, and only a few use Bluetooth. Let’s consider how to connect a WEB-camera to a phone using a Wi-Fi network.

    • Download and install the “tinyCam Monitor FREE” application.
    • Open Wi-Fi settings in your phone and connect to the camera’s hotspot.

    Run the program and go to the main settings.

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  • Click on the circle with the plus sign in the middle. An automatic scan of the local network for connected devices will start.
  • Return to the main screen of the application and select “Camera settings” in the upper right corner.
  • In the window that opens, specify the Web port number, login and password for connection. If the data is correct, the status “OK” will be displayed.

  • The camera is connected, the image is transmitted to the phone.
  • The functionality of the application is very wide: there is the possibility of activating a motion detector, triggering an alarm by sound, automatic recording, etc. In addition, it supports adding multiple devices and transferring data over the Internet to access the camera outside the home.

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