Which to choose?

It is better to choose digital set-top boxes for an old TV, focusing on the necessary functionality, as well as on the characteristics of the TV itself. For example, some models of the old model are simply not able to function in conjunction with the receiver. Consideration should be given to both the device model and the integrity of the case, mainly the monitor and the safety of the microcircuits. It is important that the TV operates smoothly and can receive a signal. Of course, the presence of a special jack for connecting the receiver is also necessary.

In the event that the TV is suitable for connection, you can proceed to the choice of a set-top box. Its model must be the same as the receiver. Both the price-quality ratio and the parameters of the image displayed on the screen are important. Before buying, you should study the available functions and options of the device, focus only on those that are really needed. It is also important to study such parameters as the method of receiving the signal, as well as the range of the search for television channels.

Whatever the choice of TV and set-top box, the main thing is to take into account that all equipment has compatibility, and also there is the possibility of its correct connection.

Connection methods

Additional hardware may be required to properly connect your digital set-top box to your old TV. First, of course, the TV itself. preference should be given to foreign models like LG or Samsung. In addition, the connection will most likely require a tuner that will convert the input signal to DVB format.

Interconnecting cables for cinch connectors will allow you to connect equipment to the receiver. Finally, for old-style TVs equipped with a kinescope, it will be necessary to prepare a special adapter and an RF modulator.

Depending on the brand of equipment and tuner, the need to use an indoor antenna is determined. Creating a connection between the set-top box and two TVs will require an additional purchase of a splitter.

It should be added that viewing digital channels without tulips is possible if the TV initially has a digital TV tuner.

connect, samsung

In this case, it is enough to select TVK for each multiplex and start autosearch, which will automatically save the found channels.


A TV set-top box can also be connected via an RCA connector. “tulip”, which is used in game consoles, audio equipment and old TVs. The connection diagram looks like this: first, all equipment is disconnected from the mains. Next, using a cable, you need to connect the TV and the receiver so that the color of the plug matches the color of the connector. At the next stage, you will need to connect the receiver to the antenna, which will act as a signal conductor.

The devices are reconnected to the network, the “AV” section is selected using the remote control. All that remains is to find and save the available transmissions. The success of this scheme is determined by not too long wires and the correct placement of the antenna in the apartments.

After the signal is tuned, digital channels can be started to number using the remote.

How to setup?

After connecting the set-top box to the TV, you can proceed to setting up digital broadcasting. The number of channels available will depend on the type of broadcasting. that is, whether it is terrestrial, cable or satellite. Today, two multiplexes are successfully operating, which means that at least 20 channels can be configured.

It should also be borne in mind that in Russia there are a large number of digital TV providers that allow you to set up a number of channels for an additional subscription fee. Digital channel tuning on older TVs is determined by connection type.

For example, the provider Rostelecom issues its subscribers a card that is responsible for decoding the encoded signals.

In order to start the setup process, you need to select the source selection button using the remote control. It may be labeled “Input”, “AV / TV” or “Source”. After pressing the key, a list of sources should appear on the screen, from which the required one is selected. that is, the name of the connector used. Next, to start digital channels, press the “Autosearch” button in the receiver settings. As a rule, the entire search process takes about two to three minutes. The desired channels must be saved, and then you can organize them in a convenient sequence and assign numbers using the remote control.

All about digital set-top boxes for old TVs

Even owners of older TVs can expand the range of available channels with a digital set-top box. Connecting it to a legacy device is actually not that difficult. you just need to prepare the cables and accessories.

Through antenna input

Connect a digital set-top box through the antenna input in cases where the TV cannot be switched to the “AV” mode. In this case, it is necessary to act in the same step by step, but with some changes. First, the antenna is connected directly to the receiver. Further, it is also connected with a cable to the RF module. It will be enough to bring the latter to the antenna input on the TV, and you can proceed to watching digital channels.


The procedure for installing digital television via SCART looks very simple. By the way, this method is suitable for Panasonic and Philips models. The work begins with the tuning of the antenna. The device must be installed at the highest possible height inside the rise, and then turned away from the signal repeater. Further, all equipment is disconnected from the mains. Antenna and receiver are connected with a cable. Then you can plug everything back into the sockets, and activate the “AV” button on the remote control. After setting the reception mode, you can immediately go to viewing channels.

What do you need to connect “numbers” on an old TV

To receive digital television, the following set of equipment is required:

  • Old TV. The later the model is released, the easier it is for it to “make friends” with an external tuner.
  • Console. It is she who converts the digital signal into sound and image.
  • Conventional antenna. capable of receiving TV transmission of the DVB-T2 standard. (find out in 3 minutes which one is better to choose).
  • Cables: antenna (with a wave impedance of about 75 Ohm) and an adapter through which old TVs (such as Goldstar, Vityaz, Rubin, etc.) are connected to the receiver (more on that below).
  • RF modulator. It will be required where not just CRT models are used (the use of CRT does not interfere with the “digital”), but old lamp Soviet designs, whose connection scheme, in principle, does not provide for operation through the “tulip” or the use of other low-frequency inputs.

Instructions for connecting a digital set-top box to an old TV model

Since the all-Russian transition from analogue to digital broadcasting took place, the owners of old TVs have faced a problem: what to do next? CRT “boxes” obviously do not perceive “digital”. It is required to connect a receiver-attachment, but the methods are not always obvious.

We will figure out how to properly connect a digital set-top box to an old TV and what needs to be done to avoid pitfalls.


Another connection option is if the set-top box and the TV have a SCART connector. This interface has long been the main European.

If the old TV was originally created to receive a low-frequency signal through “Euro-AV” (as the SCART connector is often called), then the connection looks like this:

  • Prepare the equipment: position the antenna as high as possible and orient it towards the nearest repeater.
  • Disconnect the power supply. Once again, we remind you that all manipulations with the connection must be carried out on de-energized equipment.
  • Connect the set-top box and TV using a SCART cable.
  • Turn on the power.
  • Put your TV in AV mode.
  • Set up the set-top box to receive a TV signal.


The easiest option, in which the old TV will show digital programs, is to connect it through the “tulip”, “bell”, also known as a set of RCA connectors.

This is the oldest type of connector used. Its basis was developed in the 1940s and is still successfully used in a bunch of different audio and video equipment.

The connection diagram through the “tulip” is as follows:

  • Turn off the TV and receiver from the sockets.
  • Plug the connectors on the cables into the jacks where they fit. Here you need to look at the marking. Usually, the color marks on the tulip plugs correspond to the connectors where they are to be connected. But there are exceptions. there may be only two connectors, and the colors are different. In this case, be sure to connect yellow (video signal) and white (mono sound). red is negligible.
  • Connect the antenna cable to the set-top box. It is he who serves as a signal source.
  • Turn on the TV, go to the menu and select the AV mode. The specific method depends on the model of the TV receiver (setting the settings on the Orion apparatus is very different from those used for Horizon with a CRT still of the Soviet production).
  • Tune the channels on the digital set-top box. It is important here that the cord is not too long, and the antenna is correctly oriented.
  • Store tuned channels in the STB’s memory.

If there is no suitable exit on the set-top box

It is possible that there are connectors on the digital tuner and the TV for receiving and transmitting AV, but they do not fit together in any way. What to do in this case?

  • change TV-receiver or set-top box;
  • use adapters.

Here are just a few scenarios for using such adapters:

  • If your new set-top box only supports HDMI output, use an RCA converter. Some loss of quality is inevitable (for example, HD channels will not be shown), however, the signal will be correctly decomposed in the three old directions into the video sequence and sound for the right and left speakers.
  • If you are using a plasma or LCD TV (Sony, Onida and others released in the late 90s. early 2000s), the old VGA video connector may be installed there. For such cases, HDMI-VGA adapters exist and are actively sold. However, when using them, you need to remember: to transmit sound to the TV, you additionally need a separate wire (usually 3.5 mm Jack).
  • Problems with SCART and S-Video compatibility are also possible. In this case, an adapter is also used. Most models also support triple RCA output.

Through the antenna connector

It may turn out that the TV simply does not have a connector for an AV signal. This usually happens if old Soviet receivers are used (“Birch”, “Horizon”, “Record”, etc.). In this case, you need to use the antenna input of the TV.

An additional problem arises: most digital tuner models do not support high-frequency signal output to the TV. Some have an antenna output, but this is usually designed to connect to the next set-top box, and only some models can broadcast the decoded RF signal. There is only one way out. the use of an external RF modulator.

The connection is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • connect the antenna to the set-top box;
  • connect it using an adapter cable with an RF modulator;
  • connect the latter to the antenna input of the TV receiver.

The TV will receive an analog high frequency signal with digital channels. It is necessary to tune the device for reception in the same way as it was done before with analog terrestrial TV programs.

Samsung TV series 6 manual

Antenna for terrestrial or cable signal is connected by connecting a 75 ohm antenna cable to the jack on the Samsung TV ‘Ant.’
HDMI connection. For the best digital picture quality, as instructed by your Samsung TV, we recommend.

To set up something on a Samsung TV. find channels, change the picture resolution or sound quality, you need to enter the “Service Menu”, which can be called up by pressing the Menu button on the remote control.

When using the TV for the first time, all the text in the service menu, by default, will be written in English, therefore, for your own convenience, before you start setting up the TV, you should change the language to the one that is more familiar to you.
It is quite simple to do this:

It is necessary to press the Menu button on the remote control. The same service menu will appear on the screen.
2. Use the up-down cursor arrows to select SetUP
3. After that, press the Enter button on the remote control? This will enter the settings mode.
4. Using the cursor up and down again, select the Language tab.
5. Go there and choose Russian.
That’s all, as you can see, nothing complicated, and the service menu has become much.

Setting up a Samsung TV is not as difficult as it might seem at first. You can do it yourself without any problems. over, the menu of this manufacturer is distinguished by a high degree of unification, and this allows you to do this operation with a minimum amount of time. It consists of the following steps: connecting, searching for channels and adjusting the image and sound.

Setting up a Samsung TV begins with commutation, as mentioned earlier. At the first stage, a wire from the local TV antenna is installed. Further, if necessary, a CAM module must be inserted into a special slot. This will allow you to watch scrambled channels in digital quality. Additionally, you can connect a satellite receiver via RCA, SCART or HDMI interfaces. A digital tuner can be connected in the same way. If the TV is equipped with an RJ 45 jack, then you can connect a twisted pair cable from a laptop, stationary PC or router to it. At the final.

Setting up your Samsung TV

Our company adjusts all parameters and sets up a Samsung TV of all modifications. Tuning of both modern LCD and plasma TVs and CRT TV models is carried out throughout Moscow and in the near Moscow region. Works are carried out by experienced and qualified craftsmen.
We know how to tune channels on a Samsung TV. Call us! Tel. 8-926-444-1-666

How to tune channels without a remote control on an old Samsung TV?

Turn on the TV, make sure that the antenna (set top box) is correctly connected to the dedicated socket on the back of the TV. After that, go to the TV channel setting.

Press the “menu” button on the remote control. If the menu is presented in English (Spanish, German, etc.), wander around the settings a little and switch to Russian. A menu will open in front of you with the ability to change any settings of the built-in firmware. Select the “search / tuning channels” option.

Samsung TV will allow you to select the type of connection (digital or analog) and the type of channel search (manual or automatic). Decide on the above things and start searching.

Tuning the channels of a Samsung TV does not differ dramatically from a similar procedure on TVs of other brands. The Samsung TV series is also not of fundamental importance, since the channel search algorithm on all models is similar.

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Turn on the TV, make sure that the antenna (set top box) is correctly connected to the dedicated socket on the back of the TV. After that, go to the TV channel setting.

Press the “menu” button on the remote.

Tuning channels on Samsung TVs

Let’s start by setting up channels on your Samsung TV. Switch to TV mode through the menu. To do this, switch the playback source option to the required state. This is usually done by pressing the Source key from the control panel or the desired one is selected from the menu. Examples of values:

As soon as the TV is switched to the desired TV mode, go to the main menu. Find the sub-item Channel and.

How to connect your phone to a TV via USB?

If you have a modern TV and you take a look at the back or side of its case, you will see a wide variety of ports, among which there will certainly be a USB port. Since there is a USB port, it means you can connect other devices to it. Android smartphone is no exception.

True, there are nuances here that you need to know about. The fact is that not all TVs are capable of recognizing a phone as a USB flash drive (storage device), which means that if you want to watch a movie downloaded to your phone, it will be impossible to do so. over, this method does not work even if you switch the device to other modes. If this is your case, the most you can do is view the photos taken with the phone or simply charge it. However, everything can be exactly the opposite. you need to check in action.

What needs to be done?

Take the cable, plug it into the USB port that is on the TV. It looks like this:

There may be several USB ports on the TV.

Connect the other side of the cable to the USB port of your smartphone. When the devices are connected, your mobile gadget will give a charge signal. This is a good sign.

Now we turn on the TV. If it is already on, take the remote and press the Source button on it, then select the connected phone.

When using an early version of Android in a smartphone, you can immediately see the file system of the smartphone, which indicates that the connection was successful.

In more recent Android (6.0 and higher), you first need to unlock the display and confirm the connection. Example. based on Huawei / Honor smartphone.

Immediately after connecting the device, a choice should appear on the screen, in this case you must select “File Transfer” if you need the file system of the smartphone, that is, you want, for example, to watch a video.

If you want to see only a photo, feel free to choose “Photo Transfer”.

If nothing appears, swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom, then click on the line “USB Charging”.

You decide what to choose according to the circumstances. If you don’t know, choose “File Transfer”. you can’t go wrong.

And if the file system of a smartphone appears in front of you, we can only congratulate you.

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On Samsung Smart TV

To connect the Internet, cable or wireless, to a Samsung TV, you can use the instructions for the same LG device. The connection steps and the diagram are not much different, except for the names of the items in the menu (from the point of view it is easy to guess about the purpose of the buttons). But there are some differences in setting up Smart TV on a Samsung TV:

  • after connecting to the Internet, try to enter the Smart Hub menu by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control;
  • to check the Internet and Samsung Smart TV functionality, you need to launch an application, for example, YouTube.

If you managed to connect your Samsung TV to the Internet, and everything worked, then you can relax and start installing various kinds of applications from Samsung Apps, and enjoy watching videos and Internet TV.

We connect the TV receiver to the Internet

Today, Internet access is implemented on many devices, and the TV is no exception. The easiest way is to connect new models of TV sets to the Network. they have built-in Wi-Fi modules, and the setup is intuitive. However, you can also connect to the Internet on old devices using a cable connection and special external Smart set-top boxes. Read more about the various ways to go online through the TV. in the material below.


  • the first thing to do is go to the main menu;
  • in the upper right corner of the screen there will be a button to enter your account. click on it;
  • in the next window, you can enter your authorization data (if you have already registered) or continue creating an account on LG Apps. the “Register” button;
  • then you need to come up with a password and enter it together with your e-mail address in the form that opens, and then click on “Register”;
  • then check your email using your smartphone or computer and confirm the creation of the profile;
  • to enter your account, click in the upper corner “Login”;
  • enter your registration data, put a tick next to “Stay logged in” (next time you will not be prompted to enter data);
  • answer “No” in the window that appears, in which you are asked to enter additional information;

How to Set Up a Wired Connection with Samsung LED TV

Direct connection

If a router is not provided in the house, and the Internet is needed only on TV, then the Internet cable laid in the apartment by the provider should be immediately inserted into the TV by analogy as described in the previous paragraph.

If the provider uses dynamic IP address technology, synchronization will be performed automatically. If the technology uses a static IP address, then after connecting, you will have to open the “Network” item in the TV settings and select “Manual setting”. Next, we register the parameters of our connection. IP address and DNS. This information can be obtained from the provider or looked for in the service agreement. as a rule, a sheet with settings is issued with it.

Important! If the connection is using PPPoE, it is very likely that this type of connection will not work directly. In this case, buying a router saves. Even the most budgetary option will do.,

Some providers bind the connection to the MAC address of the device. In this case, having a PC connected to the Internet in the house, it will not work to connect the TV to it. You need to contact your provider and ask to change the associated MAC address to the one assigned to the TV. To do this, go to its settings and find the “device support” or “product information” tab. The list of information will also indicate the MAC address. We rewrite it and inform the provider, after changing the address, we make the connection according to the above methods.

Via Wi-Fi

How to connect a modern TV to the Internet via a cable was discussed above. But this is not the only way to get the opportunity to use the Internet on TV. You can do without laying wires around the apartment using a wireless connection. To connect the TV to the Internet (wireless) through a router, you need a minimum of steps, provided that the device has a Wi-Fi module. Before making the configuration, you will need to prepare information about the name of your network and remember the password for it. Further, taking the remote control in hand, with the device turned on, do the following:

  • Turn on the device and go to the menu by pressing the desired button.
  • Next, in the settings you need to select “Network” and “Network Settings”.
  • After that, select the type of connection, in this case. wireless.
  • The device will start searching for the Web environment, and after a short period of time it will display a list of it (it will display, in addition to yours, the networks of neighbors if you live in an apartment building).
  • Select your network, and after pressing the “Ok” button on the remote control, you will need to enter the password in the appropriate line. After a moment, a window will appear with a message that the connection has been established and the power on has been successful. If it doesn’t, find out why the TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Settings for Smart TV

How to connect the Internet in different ways on the TV is now clear, but for the full use of the capabilities of Smart TV, just one connection to the World Wide Web is not enough.

Connecting via a router

After connecting, a window will appear on the screen notifying that an Internet connection has occurred. It disappears on its own, and no additional settings are required. you can immediately use SmartTV or update the firmware.


The whole connection procedure for a SONY BRAVIA TV (Sony Bravia) is similar to that described above for other brands of devices. But connecting Smart TV to the Internet and setting up Smart-functions are somewhat different from those considered.

  • First, press the key on the remote labeled “Home”.
  • Click on the button with the image of a suitcase in the corner of the window and go to the “Settings” menu.
  • In this window, select the item “Network”.
  • Now click on “Update Internet Content”.
  • A connection to the Sony Entertainment Network server will start to configure the services that are currently available.
  • After the end of the tincture, Bravia will display a message with a recommendation to return to the main menu by pressing the “Home” button. But you need to ignore this offer and click on the “SEN” button, after which you will see a list of channels with video and a list of applications, both foreign and Russian.
  • It may take some time for the Sony unit to update. By clicking on the sign “” or “All applications”, you will see the entire list.
  • Having decided on the choice of content, click “Open”, after which the broadcast will begin.
  • The TV channel you like can be added to the quick access list by clicking on “Add to my applications”. The list appears initially when you press the “SEN” key.