Setting up image recording

Before connecting the ip video camera, you need to adjust the image. The setting is performed in the “Network” tab. All we need to do is change the subnet of the camera to the address of the local network. Then tick the “Fixed IP address” box. After these steps, we get access to the settings of the video device.

  • IP address.
  • Subnet mask (default is
  • Gateway that will match the subnetted local network address.
  • DNSIP address. repeat the previous value.

If you do not want to watch video over the Internet, check the box “Dynamic IP (DCHP)”.

Now you need to assign a port to the camera (usually this value is 80). If the camera does not have any settings, you need to do it manually. For the first camera, this value will be. 8081, for the second. 8082, and so on. We save the settings, disconnect the cable from the PC and connect it to the router. We reset all IP-address settings in the local network to automatic. Now it remains for us to connect the router to the PC network card, we do this using a special cable.

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How to connect ip camera to computer

The transition to IP video cameras is easy if you know the technology of correct connection and settings. This is a rather difficult task for a novice PC user, but for a person who owns a computer, it will not be difficult to connect an ip-video camera to a router.

Choosing a camera

Which IP video camera to choose? For our purposes, we choose video devices with a high-tech matrix:

  • fixed;
  • dome;
  • anti-vandal;
  • street;
  • rotary, etc.

Change the IP address and create a subnet

Before connecting the IP video camera, you need to change the IP address. This can be done using the same program that helped us find out the value of the IP address. Alternatively, you can change the LAN IP address. Our task is to make sure that the camera and the computer are on the same subnet.

For example, the camera address is, and the local network address is Subnets are displayed here in numbers 1 and 88. Our task is to change so that these values ​​are the same.

We find in the computer “Network and Sharing Center”, select “Connection”, click on “Network”, go to the Network and Sharing Center, select “Connection” “Network” “Wireless network properties”. We are looking for “Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4)”, click on it, open “Properties” and put a tick next to the “Use the following IP address”.

We have opened three lines where you need to register:

  • The IP address of our local network is 20.1.44, having previously changed the subnet number (from 88 to 1);
  • In the line “Main gateway”. full value of the camera address.

We save the changes. Now you need to open any browser and enter the full IP-address of the camera in the search bar. A form will open in front of you, where you will need to enter your username and password. This data can be found in the instructions or on the box from under the camcorder. After entering the data, you will have access to recordings and camera settings.

Find out the IP address of the local network

We find in the computer “Network and Sharing Center”, select “Connection”, click on “Network”, then go to the “Information” page. Now we need to find the line “IPv4 Address”, opposite it are the numbers that we need. Copy them to a separate file.

Determine the address

Before connecting IP cameras to the router, you need to find out the device’s own address. Usually, this is not difficult, since a special program is included with the camera that allows you to determine the address. If necessary, the same software can be found on the manufacturer’s official website. Sometimes the address is written in the instructions or on the box for the device.

How to connect an IP video camera

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Currently, in the field of video surveillance, analog video devices are almost not used and there is a gradual transition to digital ip-video cameras. With their help, you can remotely control an object (office, house, dacha) by simply connecting the device to a router. Also, IP video cameras are used for listening and video surveillance, differ from analog ones in that they:

  • produce better quality images,
  • convenient for a remote video surveillance system,
  • can send data anywhere in the world,
  • allow you to keep track of the local object,
  • equipped with motion sensors (and other sensors on request),
  • have a simple interface and have a built-in web service,
  • delight buyers with a relatively low cost.

How to connect an ip-camcorder to a router

To configure the router, you need to do:

  • Connecting cameras to a router via a LAN port or via Wi-Fi;
  • Connecting cameras to a computer via a network cable;
  • Port forwarding so that the router understands where which camera is.

If you are installing a video surveillance system yourself, then you must strictly observe each of the points and do the work carefully without haste. Be sure to check the entered values ​​for all cameras to ensure efficient operation.

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How to connect a video card to a computer: instructions for dummies in 3 sections

Is the old discrete already hopeless and launching only the first The Sims City? Or maybe there is no discrete GPU at all, but you want to play something modern? A new video card is definitely needed. This article will help you not only choose the right model, but also install and connect it to your computer yourself.

Choosing a graphics card

It is important to find the optimal balance of price and performance, especially if the budget for buying a device is limited. Such nuances as appearance or backlighting will not affect the performance in any way, but the price for such GPUs will be higher. Much more important for modern games. an efficient cooling system, memory size, support for the latest version of DirectX and openGL technology.

Note: the price of the video card also depends on whether it is possible to overclock the video card.

  • System requirements of the programs that the user wants to install.
  • Gamer reviews and model tests.
  • Memory size: stock is good, but if you want to save money, you shouldn’t overpay for the option with a lot of memory.

For most modern games, inexpensive cards like HP NVIDIA Quadro P400 2GB GDDR5 Graphics or HP NVIDIA Quadro P620 2GB Graphics are enough. As an alternative solution for AMD fans, the 4GB version of the RX 560 from ASUS is quite suitable.
If you want to build a gaming monster, then the RX 580 from ASUS for 8 GB is suitable for AMD, and for fans of NVIDIA. the MSI GTX 1060 for 6 GB. Such video cards are enough even for ultra graphics settings in the most modern games, and even with a small margin.

Installing a video card: common mistakes

Some errors, such as the insufficient power of the PSU and the discrepancy between the dimensions of the device and the form factor of the system unit, were analyzed in the first section. But there are other seemingly insignificant little things that lead to serious negative consequences.

  • Touch the PC accessories immediately after turning it off. Static electricity builds up inside: even a small discharge can burn components. Better to take care of grounding. To do this, you need to attach a special antistatic wristband to the metal parts of the case.
  • Touch the microcircuits. This can lead to their damage and, accordingly, the failure of the video card.
  • Use excessive force when installing. It is better to check once again if the correct slot is selected. In addition, by acting carelessly, the user can touch and damage adjacent components.
  • Disregard securing the device. It must be properly secured with screws or a latch.
  • Forget about checking the correctness of the connection. To understand if everything is correct, you can use the instructions for the motherboard.

Disconnecting the old video card

First, you should uninstall all drivers that belong to the old GPU. This is necessary so that there are no conflicts due to compatibility problems after installing the card, as well as the drivers for it.
It is recommended to remove old drivers through the device manager. To call it, you can press WinX at the same time. In “Video cards” you need to find the old discrete and click “Delete”.

When the uninstallation process is over, you will need to turn off the computer, open the case and start removing the video card. It won’t be difficult to find an old GPU due to its size. It must be disconnected from the motherboard and then removed.

How to install a video card to a PC

Now it’s time to connect the video card to the computer. For everything to go well, you need not so many actions:
1. Turn off the PC and open the case.
2. Insert the video card into an empty PCI-E slot and press down slightly from the top to make the device firm. If the slot has clips then the user will hear a click as soon as the GPU is properly seated.

Note: As mentioned above, different GPU models require a different number of slots (1 or 2). But the installation process is no different.

After that, the device must be securely fixed with screws.

Connect the power connectors. They are found in most modern models (there are 6 and 8 pins). Some devices are equipped with adapters, which are very useful in case of incompatibility of connectors.
5. Connect a monitor to the video card by selecting the appropriate port.
6. Now you can close the system unit.

Preparing to connect a video card

To find and disable your old discrete graphics card, you need to look inside your computer. First of all, you should make sure that it is disconnected from the mains. Peripheral devices must also be disconnected, and only then can the case be opened.

Important: in some cases, self-disassembly of the case means the removal of the warranty.

What should be done:
1. Remove the side panel of the case, which is located on the opposite side of the wall with the motherboard installed (where there are a bunch of ports, there usually is a motherboard). Most modern case models have screws. They must be unscrewed to remove the sides.
2. Then you need to make sure that the installed power supply is powerful enough to cope with the new GPU. To do this, you need to compare the indicator with the technical characteristics of the video card: the power supply indicator must be no lower than the one recommended on the manufacturer’s website, if it is lower, then the power supply will have to be changed. It is recommended to choose a device with a margin of 20-30%: this is useful for an upgrade.

Note: the power supply unit is connected to the motherboard via a PCI-E connector, which is a standard for modern models, but if the power supply unit has been serving for 10 years or more, then there may be problems with the compatibility of the connectors.

It is important to make sure that the motherboard is also compatible with the new graphics card. This is determined by the availability of free PCI-E slots. One or two slots may be needed depending on the GPU model.
4. The dimensions of the video card are also necessary for Honor, because it must fit into the case. The dimensions of the device are indicated in the specifications.

Installing drivers and testing them

As mentioned above, before installing new drivers, you must remove the old ones so that the hardware does not conflict. After removing the “firewood”, the image may deteriorate greatly. This is normal: when there are no drivers, the monitor automatically switches to the minimum resolution.

Installing the software you need for your graphics card is pretty simple. As a rule, it is on the disc that comes with the device. And then you just need to follow the instructions. If the drivers included in the delivery set are outdated, after installing them, the system will ask you to update them.

Important! It is recommended to download updates only from the official website of the manufacturer. Software downloaded from a dubious resource can lead to incorrect operation of the video adapter, and sometimes to infection of the system with various viruses.

An alternative option is to use special software. There are many similar programs, but among them I would like to highlight DriverPack Solution. With its help, you can find fresh “firewood” for almost all components of the system. This is a virtual disk image that can be downloaded and uploaded to a computer or USB flash drive. In addition to ease of use and efficiency, one of the main advantages of the software is that it is not necessary to connect to the network, and this is a rarity for programs of this kind.

Testing is easy. It is necessary to restart the PC, and then start the game on loads suitable for the video card. If nothing lags, everything is in order.

It is not difficult to connect the video card to the computer yourself. The main thing is to choose the right model and be very careful with all the components of the system unit during the installation process. For those who are not confident in their abilities, it is better to contact the service center. It is both safer and the warranty for PC components is not void.