The sequence of installing a WEB-camera on a computer

In fact, there are more words here than deeds. To install a WEB-camera, you need to do TWO steps:

How to install a WEB-camera?

You promised your relatives a long time ago to make a video call, for example, Skype or Viber, instead of texting in Odnoklassniki. And finally, you bought a WEB-camera, brought it home, maybe even connected it to a computer, but it doesn’t work. And in general, how to install the WEB-camera correctly on the first try? About this in order.

We connect the camera

WEB cameras are connected via USB.

WEB-camera is connected via USB interface

For example, let’s connect the Genius FaceCam 1005 webcam. Find the required connector on the case of the system unit, it can be on the front panel and on the back or on the end faces of the laptop and plug the camera cord into it.

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Let’s check maybe? has everything already worked? To do this, go, for example, to Skype, if it is installed. If you have not used this program yet, see how to install Skype.

We select the item “Video settings” and lo and behold, our WEB-camera already shows the image.

As you can see, our camera is installed perfectly.

This means that it is already working and you can freely call friends and acquaintances.

connect, camera, instead

But, if your camera is not visible in the list of Skype cameras, most likely the reason is related to the lack of a driver.

How to install the driver on a WEB-camera?

The delivery set, as in our case, always includes a disk with drivers for the WEBcamera. Insert the disc into the drive.

Usually, there is always some proprietary program for working with the camera on the disk, but we still need a driver. It is usually called “Driver” or “Drivers” or “Camera Name Drivers”. In our case, it was named Genius Utility.

Disk menu with drivers for WEB-camera

Select and install as a regular program.

The camera driver is installed like any other program

If the camera did not work before, now it will work for sure.

By the way, as I said on the disc there is a program for working with the camera, here you can even curl up at the interlocutor or add unusual effects to yourself, turning, for example, into a fairytale hero :).

CrazyTalk Cam Suit PRO allows you to add different effects to the image Here, for example # 128578;

The question of how to install a WEB-camera can be considered closed. Now you have set up the camera not only for yourself, but you can also help your friends in this.!

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