What you need to connect to a webcam remotely

To watch through the webcam of your laptop with an apartment during your absence, you need to know the IP devices, as well as find the right software, which you need to select Based on the functionality of the software that you need.

You can discreetly connect to the webcam of your PC or laptop via the Internet for different purposes:

  • If you leave your children at home and want to keep track of whether everything is in order.
  • If you have hired contractors to perform turnkey repairs, but want to see if they do their job well.
  • If you want to see at first how the housekeeper or baby sitter does her job.
  • If you just got a dog or a cat, so you want to See if everything is ok with your pets while you are at work.

Please note that you can also connect to multIPle webcams if needed, for example in an enterprise or manufacturing. To connect all devices, while getting to them remotely, it is best to contact a specialist. It is important that employees are aware of the surveillance, otherwise you may be sued.

Popular programs that connect to a webcam remotely are DigiCams, Webcam XP PRO and others. In addition, you can use programs that allow you to connect to your webcam from your smartphone. This is convenient if you are away for a long time and you just want to keep an eye on your apartment. An example of a utility for working with a webcam from a smartphone is GPPRemoteViewer.

How To Connect Action Camera As A Web Camera

Remote connection to laptop webcam via Internet

The Internet gives us virtually limitless opportunities for communication and information retrieval. With a network, with a webcam, you can provide your home with additional security if you know how to connect to your laptop over the Internet. To do this, you will definitely need special software.

Ivideon Server

Ivideon Server is a cloud surveillance server that allows you to organize a secure surveillance system of any scale. This software will allow you to both control shooting from a webcam at home, in order, for example, to observe pets, and set up work with a network of webcams of large retail chains, etc.

We connect to the camera using Ivideon Server, using step-by-step instructions and helpful tIPs:

  • Install the program.
  • In the device properties, select “Stop broadcasting” to configure the detectors.
  • Set the parameters of sound and motion detectors, set a “dead” zone in which motion will not be recorded by the camera (if necessary).

The higher the sensitivity of the detectors, the more clearly the camera will react to any movement. If you set the High sensitivity, then the detectors will react even to the movement of curtains, but at minimum sensitivity values, the sensor will only work if there is a person in the room.

Ivideon Server allows you to flexibly configure the recording schedule. For example, using the software, you can turn on the camera at a specific time, take pictures every day at a specific time, or start recording only when detectors are triggered.

In the settings, you can set the parameters so that Ivideon Server turns on, even if you are NOT yet logged into the software system. To do this, select the “Install as a service” option when you install the program. The utility will find the camera and microphone itself and prompt you to start using them.

After all the settings, you can watch it via the Internet in your personal account, while neither the server nor the developers of the Ivideon Server will be available to your personal ones if you DO NOT share it. You can also watch from a webcam from a smartphone, for this you need to download an additional utility directly on the Ivideon website.

Helpful advice! Never open letters with suspicious attachments and do not follow unverified links, because in this case, a tracking program via a webcam may be unnoticed on your PC. Also, choose the right antivirus to immediately remove such programs.

You can choose any software that is suitable for the functionality to connect to a laptop and monitor your home in your absence. To do this, you only need Internet access and proven applications, which you can use safely.