Smart TV wireless keyboard

Modern TVs are multifunctional devices to which additional devices can be connected. One of these devices is a wireless keyboard. It allows you to make Internet sering and communicate with friends. Below will be considered how to connect a wireless keyboard to the TV.

What is it for

For SMART TVs are provided in the configuration of the remote control, but it does not differ in convenience when searching on the Internet or for downloading certain programs.

The keyboard provides more comfortable work with TV. Wireless keyboards are especially popular. mice with radio control. Device with the mouse is characterized by functionality. To work with it, you need a USB connector. A special technique is selected for a similar gadget for synchronization with a TV and other equipment.

It is mounted in a USE Port, which guarantees high.quality and well.coordinated work. The option is also provided as the PHILIPS remote control with the keyboard.

Why do you need to connect the keyboard

Some users do not know about the functionality of the keyboard connected to the TV, so they do not understand at all why this is needed.

It is enough to evaluate the ease of use once to start doing it constantly. For example, in almost all modern models there is Smart TV, which involves the presence of a browser, identical to the one that is in a simple computer. To look for information in it or even go into social networks, you will definitely need a keyboard, because it will not be quite convenient to control what is happening on the screen with the help of the remote control, in addition, several times more slowly.

Despite the fact that with such a connection, the functions of the device will be slightly limited, they are quite enough for an ordinary person who is not going to replace the laptop with a TV.

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It is best to connect a branded keyboard, which is made by the same manufacturer as the TV. She has significantly more advantages, because the devices are literally created for each other. So you can forever forget about the restrictions in any applications.

Possible problems: why the device doesn’t work?

When connecting devices, a typical problem is that the TV does not see the device. The reasons for this can be different:

  • Models of accessories are not supported. In this case, you will need to buy a gadget combined with the selected model.
  • Incorrectly working drivers or outdated or updated firmware with a software failure. It will be required to reinstall the drivers and re.update from the official page of the manufacturer.
connect, wireless, keyboard, samsung

Mouse and keyboard are useful accessories for TVs with Smart-TV function. Working with devices greatly simplifies the additional functions of “smart” TVs: Internet set and listening to audio and video files. Connect them very easily both wired and wireless.

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Why do you need a wireless keyboard

To use the TV, just have a control panel. It will switch the channels, turn on and off the device.

However, if we are talking about a receiver with a Smart TV function, then for ease of work on the Internet it is recommended to use a wireless keyboard. It allows you to enter the necessary data in the search bar and even communicate with friends on social networks, if there is such a need.

Technical parameters of the keyboard for Smart-TV

Appointment. A specific keyboard for TV can only be suitable for a TV or work with different devices, what are smartphones, laptops, table computers, televisions, etc. This versatility is especially good and comfortable when the keyboard for other devices is necessary only in some cases.

COMPATIBILITY. Believe me that this item is very important. Take it very carefully about it. Otherwise, the keyboard will not act on a particular Smart TV.

IMPORTANT! In a particular case, it is necessary to find out the OS of the smart TV and other gadgets for which the wireless keyboard is intended. And you also need to find out in the characteristics of the keyboard, is it compatible with these operating systems. And also pay attention to brands or specific models for which the device was developed.

Type of connection. When the keyboard is connected using a USB adapter (and the wired model-through the cable that has a USB connector), then there should be a USB port in the TV. If this is a Bluetooth keyboard, then the TV must support Bluetooth technology.

Management of several devices. There are such models of keyboards without wires for Smart-TV, which are able to control several devices at the same time.

IMPORTANT! Say, the Logitech K600 keyboard has three pre.installed keys. And with their help you can control devices. It makes sense to connure with the necessary device and hold one of these buttons as soon as the keyboard will switch to this device.

FUNCTIONALITY. It is clear that the dear and the new has more interesting functions. Take touch panels and multimedia buttons.

connect, wireless, keyboard, samsung

Connecting K380 Logitech Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard With Smart TV

Many keyboards for Smart-TV instead of a digital unit have a touchpad and multimedia control buttons. The touchpad serves instead of the mouse. And multimedia buttons allow you to reduce or raise the volume after one click, make channels, videos, return a step back or apply special Smart Hub application management from the Samsung manufacturer.

connect, wireless, keyboard, samsung

IMPORTANT! Some models have D-Pad. This is the Krestovin button designed to control the movement. The button makes navigation easier. And in games too.

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Mouse cursor control using a gyroscope. Keyboards that have such a function resemble aeroms. Their essence is as follows: if in order to control the mouse cursor it is necessary to move a regular mouse around the table along the table, then the aeromy can be moved in the air.

Keyboards with a gyroscope act in the same way: hold the keyboard in the hands and move it to the right. the mouse cursor goes to the right, move to the left. and it moves to the left. The gyroscope is not in every model of a keyboard for a TV with Smart-TV.

Silent set of text. This function found the implementation in different models in different ways. Say, using rubberized keys with a quiet move. In the event that someone was used to spending time near smart TVs at night, silent keys will be very good.

IMPORTANT! In order to work comfortably in the night when the TV shines, you will need backlight. She should be comfortable for the eyes and not distract when you watch TV.

Key and layout set. Choose taking into account the purpose for which you purchase the device. When the keyboard is needed in order to watch films, for Internet set on TV, as well as for a smartphone and laptop, it should have a large set of corresponding keys.

First of all, we mean a set of traditional full.size keys. And also buttons so that you can mobile control of the device, as well as the multimedia buttons. Pay attention to the keyboard layouts. Someone comfortable keys with Russian and English letters are convenient. But let’s not forget that layouts are also only in one language.

Many, very many keyboards do not want to work in YouTube on a Russian layout, others fall off from TV, eat batteries.

How to connect a keyboard to a TV

Using TV panels with a SMART function provides advanced opportunities:

  • Films and programs can be viewed online;
  • carry out shoeing on the Internet;
  • view various streams;
  • listen to music and watch clips;
  • play games;
  • communicate in social networks or via Skype.

To increase the level of comfort, you need to connect an additional gadget. Because the introduction of a request for a search using the remote control is a rather time.consuming process. Connection of the keyboard to the LG Smart TV and Samsung TV are largely similar.

Those who do not plan to look for information on sites and communicate a lot through social networks, but only about to watch clips and films through applications, there will be enough mouse connection. The choice of videos will accelerate and become more comfortable. The remote control is actually intended only to select channels and volume control. The keyboard can be connected in two ways:

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Possible problems

Several problems can be distinguished that users had to face. It is they who are able to arise in attempts to connect TV to the keyboard or mouse:

BEST 4: Smart TV Keyboard 2019

  • TV does not read connected devices of specific manufacturers. This is due to incompatibility of drivers. This is a rather rare problem, since it is important for manufacturers that their products are compatible with the largest number of different equipment. To solve the problem, you will have to replace the input device.
  • New equipment is not detected. It is possible that the model of the device is not suitable. If these are wireless devices, it is worth checking if Bluetooth is turned on. The problem is solved by reloading and re.connection. It is worth trying to manually download and install the drivers if the previous method has not helped.
  • After updating the firmware, TV does not see connected devices. Smart TV may stop seeing a keyboard or mouse after the next update received. It is recommended to reset the settings. In extreme cases, Hard Reset is made in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Software failure. Sometimes this is possible for no reason. Still, Smart TV is a complex technique. Or the user himself provoked malfunctions, the virus infection, etc. First, try to just turn off the TV from the network for several minutes and turn on again. Update by. If nothing helps, it is better to contact the service.
  • There is no connection through a specific port. The connector is probably broken, damaged or contaminated. You can conduct an inspection, make sure if there are chips or broken wires anywhere. Try connecting another device through this connector. If it works, the problem with the mouse or keyboard. If another device does not react, then the reason is in the connector itself. It is unlikely that it will be possible to fix it yourself. Give for repairs or use a backup connector.

Combining the TV and keyboard together with the mouse is quite simple. In most cases, no difficulties arise with this.

But it also happens that the devices are not found, they interact poorly with each other or have an unstable connection.

To prevent such problems, it is recommended to initially choose modern devices. The thing is that the new TV interact poorly with old keyboard formats and mice. In the same way, it takes place when connecting ultramodern input devices to outdated TVs.