Connecting the joystick to the Windows 7 computer. How to set up a joystick on the PC for all games. Game does not see gamepad

Entertainment is one of the functions of modern computers, which for many users has long been a priority. Those who do not want to buy Xbox or PS for these purposes, try to make their devices as powerful as possible. top video cards, fast processors and a huge amount of RAM on board. here is not a complete “Specclass” of game computers. But even the most powerful configuration will not give you all the fullness of sensations from your favorite game, if you do not have a good control module. That is why all sorts of joysticks and controllers use such a huge demand. with their help you can enjoy your favorite game, without resorting to buying expensive consoles. But, unfortunately, many users do not know how to connect the device to a computer, even by purchasing such a device.

Today we will try to correct this misunderstanding, telling you in detail about how to set up a joystick on a PC or laptop.

The easiest way to windows 10

Windows 10 is an extremely functional and friendly operating system. And if it is installed exactly, the connection of DualShock 4 to the PC can pass incredibly smoothly and just. To do this, you need to have only gamepad itself and a cable for connecting to a computer.

Basic instruction

  • Take DualShock 4, connect it to PC via wire.
  • Wait for driver installation and restart PC.
  • Check the controller performance in “Devices and Printers” “Properties”.

Immediately after the connection, a notification appears that the new device was recognized. And if the drivers for DualShock 4 have not been installed before, then Windows 10 automatically scars them, which will take some time. At the end of the installation, a corresponding notification will appear, after which you must restart the computer and connect the gamepad again.

connect, wireless, joystick, computer, calibration

Nevertheless, there is a high probability that even after all of these manipulations, your DualShock 4 will not work. What in this case do?

Checking performance

  • We find through the “Bluetooth and other devices” start “devices and printers”.
  • The connected gamepad should be displayed there. You can click on it with the right mouse button and go to “Game Device Management Settings”.

If it is shown that Windows recognizes each press, then everything is fine. just reconnect the device. But if the buttons do not work, or if the gamepad is not displayed at all in “Devices and Printers”, in this case have to do several additional manipulations.

If something went wrong

  • Go to Device Manager where you select HID Devices.
  • You will find a large list of devices, among which your gamepad will most likely be called “HID-compatible game controller”. But another name is. In any case, pay attention is not so much on the name, how much to the icon that corresponds to one or another name. Need to find a badge that differs from all other presence of a small arrow that is directed down.
  • Boldly click on the desired PCM item (HID-compatible game controller, DualShock 4, wireless controller or something like that).
  • In the window that opens, select “Enable the device”.
  • After all this, we reinstate the above actions, t.E. reconnect the device and look to the drivers to be accurately installed.

And in any case, before running any game from Steam, you will need to “make friends” controller with this store.

Configure Support DualShock 4 in Steam

  • With the controller connected to the PC go to your Steam account.
  • Select the display mode Big Picture “Settings” “Controller Settings”.
  • There you will only have a tick opposite the “Support of the PlayStation Controller”, as well as “Custom PlayStation Settings”.
  • As soon as Steam sees the gamepad, you will need to give it a name and make a small setting. Everything.

After that, your DualShock 4 will be displayed below in the “Detected Controllers” section. And yes, this item is necessary for execution in the case with all those listed ones. But, be that as it may, this connection method can be called good with a large stretch, because even if you do everything right, there is a big chance that nothing will work. But do not despair. There are solutions, and you can learn about them further.

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This method allows you to play a lot of PC games in a split screen mode, and let it not be there initially.

Configure game joystick

Drivers are responsible for the possibilities of game devices: the presence of vibration, the sensitivity of the washes and so on. Unfortunately, devices manufacturers do not allow fine tuning. A pleasant exception is Steam Controller, where you can configure literally everything.

Game devices you can find in parameters. devices. devices and printers. In addition to monitors, speakers, hard disks and other peripherals there will be icons of gamepads and keyboards.

You can go to the settings in the actual drivers by pressing the right mouse button on any of the game manipulators and selecting the “Gaming Device Settings” item.

The second “Properties” button causes gamepad settings. This is how the options of the manipulator from Xbox 360 look like:

How to connect gamepad from PlayStation 4 to PC via Bluetooth:

For wireless connection you will need a Sony Bluetooh module, or any other Bluetooth receiver. If you have a laptop with built-in Bluetooth, then he will also fit.

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In order to connect the gamepad via Bluetooth with a computer, you first need to translate the gamepad to the pairing mode, for this you need to hold and hold the PS and Share buttons at the same time:

Keep a few seconds until the backlight starts to flare up with a white color of 2 short flashes at an interval of about a second.

After that, you can search for wireless devices on the computer. Connect the Bluetooth module to the computer if Bluetooth is already connected, then you should have such an icon in the system tray:

Click on it right-click and select “Adding Bluetooth Device”.

If you have Windows 10, you can open “all parameters”. “devices”. “Bluetooth and other devices”

If you have Windows 7, you can open “Start”, then “devices and printers”, are looking for all the same “Wireless Controller”.

The search box will open and add Bluetooth devices. Click the “Adding Bluetooth or another device” button:

In the new window that opens, click “Bluetooth”:

Wait until the computer detects “Wireless Controller”, and click on it:

After successful pairing, you will see the “Wireless Controller” appeared in devices:

In the wireless mode, unfortunately, the transmission of audio through the gamepad does not work. That is, to connect headphones to it you will not be able. Vibration does not work.

By the way, the Steam client recognizes the gamepad PlayStation 4, and when you first turn on, it even offers to customize it:

Pressing the PS button starts the Steam client if it hangs in the tray. Best of all when connecting the gamepad to use the Big Picture mode. it is optimized just for this.

We disassembled two relatively simple ways, how to connect gamepad from PlayStation 4 to PC. But consider the third method.

Software for full use

For normal operation of all gamepad functions when connected via USB and Bluetooth, you need to use special drivers and utilities.


This is a full-fledged game platform that is installed on the PC and has games for every taste. A big advantage is the ability to connect the controller without additional drivers.For settings:

Advice! To set the “Under Yourso” keys after starting the game, click “PS”.


This universal and simple program. It allows you to work with most controllers from well-known manufacturers. You can also configure each key “Under yourself”. But she is paid, although it is possible for such a functionality and pay.How to set up a joystick on PC Windows 10:


This is a good set of drivers that solve the device compatibility problem. For proper operation of the gamepad:

  • Download Archives with Drivers.
  • For automatic installation, run SCPDRIVER.EXE from archive.
  • Before connecting the controller, you should always run the SCPServer file.EXE from the archive with the settings of the gamepad.


Simple and convenient utility that is easy to configure.

Why does the computer sees the gamepad and what to do?

Many computer games lovers prefer an alternative keyboard and mouse geigning method, namely. use for these purposes the joystick or other type of gamepad (steering wheel, lever and t.P.). Any gaming devices are essentially externally connected to the computer equipped with such as a flash drive or printer.

If the computer cannot recognize the plug-in device, it may mean the presence of hardware or software malfunctions. Consider the main cause of such problems and give instructions for eliminating them.

Make sure the gamepad is working

Before proceeding with any actions to troubleshoot a computer, it is desirable to check the performance of the joystick itself. Even if the power indicator, the joystick lights up when connecting to PC, this does not mean that the device is properly. the LED glows when power is applied. The only way to check the gamead is to connect it to another computer.

If the joystick is determined, the problem should be sought in the available PC, otherwise it will have to be repaired. If there is no check computer next, go to the next section.

Make sure USB ports are working

All modern gamepads are connected to a computer through a USB connection. Where there can be two options. either wired or wireless connection. In the latter case, the joystick uses a Bluetooth connection. But even the wireless connection will require the efficiency of the USB ports of the computer, Bluetooth adapter also connects to them.

Check USB ports just enough. just connect to them any other device (USB flash drive, for example). In the case of stationary computers, there may be a situation when only front USB ports do not work. Therefore, you need to try to connect the joystick to the ports located on the back side of the PC system unit.

If the existing gamepad is wireless, it is possible, out of order or not determined by the computer only Bluetooth adapter. All wireless joysticks have a USB port in their design, through which not only the battery charging is carried out, but also the connection of the device with a computer.

Connect gamead to PC using a USB cable (desirable. original). If it is determined, the problem should be sought in a Bluetooth adapter.

Reinstall the Joystick Driver

As in the case of any other USB device, for the possibility of interaction between the operating system with the gamepad, special software will be required. Driver. If the joystick connects to a computer for the first time, you will need to install it. It is usually attached complete with gamead on a disk. Driver can be downloaded on the official website of the manufacturer of the device or find on the Internet.

If the gamepad stopped his work suddenly, it can mean the availability of problems in the driver. In this case, it will be necessary to reinstall.

Determine whether the installed joystick driver and / or whether it is in a working condition, as follows (on the example of Windows 10):

  • Go consistently: “Control Panel”, “System and Security”, “System”.
  • On the left side of the window, click on the “Device Manager” item.
  • In the displaced list of computer devices, open the “Sound, Gaming and Video devices” section. You just need to see if the name of the gamepad is present in this section.
  • Also, the joystick can be located in the “Mouse and Other Indicating Devices” section, “HID devices” or “USB controllers”. These sections should also check.
  • If none of the sections are not the name of the joystick, it is likely that its driver is missing in the system.
  • The same applies to the situation when opposite the name of the gamepad is a question mark of yellow, which can mean both the absence and inoperability of the driver.
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If the computer does not define the joystick at all, you can observe the following in the Task Manager application:

“Unknown Device” can be not only gamepad, but also any other device. To check it out, disconnect the joystick or its Bluetooth adapter from the computer. If the “Unknown Device” will disappear in the “Device Dispatcher”, it means that they still were a joystick. Next will need to find, download and install a driver.

Where to find a gamepad driver?

If the existing gamepad was released by one of the well-known manufacturers of computer peripherals, then the driver can always be found on the official website. For example, Xbox game devices drivers can download on the HTTPS website: //

In the case of little-known Chinese joysticks. software for them will have to look for yourself. But this is not a problem:

  • Open the Device Manager again.
  • Find a joystick or “unknown device” list.
  • Click on it twice.
  • A small window will open in which you need to go to the “Details” tab.
  • In the drop-down list, select Equipment.
  • In the “Value” field, copy the first string:

Next, it will be left to open any search engine and search for a previously copied text. In the first search results, the site page should be displayed on which you can download the driver for the existing gamepad or its Bluetooth adapter. Install the downloaded driver, the joystick will have to earn.

If the manipulation with the driver does not help

This may be observed in several cases. Basically. these are malfunctions in the operation of the operating system or the availability on a computer of viral programs. If it has been established that the joystick is 100% working, the problem should be signed in the computer software. First of all it needs to be checked for viruses.

Setting the gamepad on Windows 10 PC and its calibration

After the joystick is successfully connected, you can immediately run the game and start having fun. But you can see that the control device is not entirely correct, it would be necessary to reassign some of its keys and perform calibration. To do this, many manufacturers have their own programs. Sometimes you can meet both informal applications, such as DS4 Windows for the calibration of the DUALSHOCK 4 controller from PlayStation 4.

Windows 10 VPN Setup. Step-by-step instruction

In Windows 10 there is its own calibration system, allowing you to remove the breakdowns of the buttons and change their actions. To configure, go to the “control panel” in any convenient way (faster all this is done by pressing the right mouse button on the Start menu and selecting the appropriate item) and enter the word “joystick” in the search string. It remains to select the “Settings of USB game controllers”.

note! Alternative and faster way. click on the “Win R” key combination, register in the joy command field.CPL “and execute it.

After that, you should make sure that the device is visible in the list, and its state is normal. You need to click on it by the LKM and click on the “Properties”. It remains to set the necessary parameters and check the device for malfunctions. Such a hard way and the joystick is calibrated in Windows 10 or gamepad from PS 4 by means of the operating system. There is nothing complicated in this, but sometimes without third-party programs do not do. However, these cases are rare.

Window connected devices

Now it has become clear how to connect the joystick to the Windows 10 computer and how to calibrate it properly. Problems with this should not have anyone. Enough to follow the instructions and, if you need to know if any drivers are used to.


Next, I will talk about several popular software for game controllers. All of them. free.

X360CE emulator (version 3.x)

I already mentioned this softy in the previous chapter. This is perhaps the most famous program for working with gamepades. It allows you to “turn” DirectInput gamepad in such from the Xbox 360 so that the games without the support of DirectInput were able to support those.

You can read about the setting in my instruction, now focus on the consequences that can cause the use of so-called “emulation” and explain why it does not always work.

Versions 3.X, the most popular at the moment, the X360CE works using the Xinput1_ program library substitution.DLL (hereinafter I will call them xinput1_3.DLL, as this is the most popular version). After certain manipulations, the game begins to see the gamepad from the Xbox 360, which in reality did not exist.

The emulator consists of several components:

  • x360ce.EXE. Configurator Programs, in which the “Binding” of the keys and the washes of the present gamepad and the “virtual”.
  • x360ce.INI. File where settings made made by the above utility.
  • xinput1_1.DLL, XINPUT1_2.DLL, XINPUT1_3.DLL, XInPut1_4.DLL and XINPUT9_1_0.DLL is the same in the composition of the file with different names, which provided emulation.

Unfortunately, the X360CE works not always and not everyone. Partially this is the flaw of the emulator, partly. the fault of users who do not delve into the principle of operation and borrowed by the same type of Ngemu forums and Комментарии и мнения владельцев under my articles.

The “core” of the emulator. the XINPUT1_3 software library.DLL. As I have already explained above, such files stored a set of functions and work part of programs. Most libraries are directly related to Windows functioning, you will find in C: \ Windows \ System32 and C: \ Windows \ SYSWOW64 in catalogs. Xinput1_.DLL so that any program (game) can use system components to access gamepades.

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That file xinput1_3.DLL, which is part of the X360CE, contains functions, “overlapping” functions of the original library. New features replace xinput contacts on DirectInput protocol commands. It turns out “Emulation” of XBOX 360 gamepads.

Next chain occurs: game. xinput1_3.DLL. Driver. Gamepad.

Unfortunately, to the substitution worked, you need to fulfill quite a lot of mandatory conditions. Without anything game will not see gamepad. In general, in any way.

  • The game should use one of the XINPUT1_ software libraries.DLL to access game devices. But this is not always so! For example, the games built on the Unity playing engine are cost. Others use system libraries partially.
  • XINPUT1_3 emulator software library.DLL (or with another name, the right game) must be in the catalog with the game. Windows programs are so arranged that when starting it is searched for DLLs, first in the directory from where they are running, then in system directories (inside C: \ Windows). By this principle, by the way, the Reshade library works to add effects to the game.
  • The game should not check the digital signature.DLL files. Various anti-piracy protection does not allow emulation to work even if the remaining conditions are met. the game “understands”, where the real file from Microsoft, and uses only it.
  • The game should allow the redefinition of functions. It is not enough to load XINPUT1_3.DLL. you need to work one of the built-in reassignment methods of original functions to the replacement to work with DirectInput (for this in the configurator settings there is a HOOK MASK options group).
  • Emulator software libraries must be the same bit as the game. That is, you can not slip the 32-bit library 64-bit game and vice versa.
  • Having a X360CE file.INI in the catalog with the game. In one of the versions of X360CE 3.X appeared Saving settings to the C: \ PROGRAMDATA \ X360CE directory so that the X360CE DLL to recognize the necessary options from the centralized storage, regardless of which game is running. Alas, it does not always work and need to “slip” the library of an INI file, which is also generated by the X360CE utility.EXE.
  • Library sets must be installed in the system.Net Framework and Visual C Redistributable. links to these pointed in instructions, also they are present on the official website utility.
  • The configuration utility needs to be launched on behalf of the administrator so that it has enough rights to record files in catalogs with games.

Part of these eight conditions is quite complex for understanding. It is not surprising that people do the most different game: from replacing xinput1_3.DLL in the C: \ Windows \ System32 directory of the one that comes in a set with an emulator, before attempts to emulate the Xbox 360 gamepad to work the original gamepad of the 360th Ixbox! Yes, for some reason, some individuals decide that the utility is suitable for reassigning the buttons of the original gamepad. Exacerbates the misunderstanding that the X360CE configurator.EXE among connected devices sees original.

Another error is the use of X360CE in games that support gamepads through the DirectInput protocol. The utility does not hide the original device, so the game will see two gamepad with synchronously pressed keys.

Oddly enough, avoid mistakes will help thoughtful reading of my instructions. I chewed all the stages of the emulator setup so detail as possible.

X360CE emulator (version 4.x)

At the time of writing this text versions of version 4.x did not come out of the status of “alpha”, t.E. Development is in the initial stage. Therefore, something may not correspond to reality. the utility is being finalized.

In the fourth version of the utility, the developers decided to radically change the approach to the method of emulation. Now you do not need to bother with throwing files to directories with the game and the search for the “Hook Mask” settings. It is enough to bind the actions of the actual gamepad keys to the virtual and X360CE utility.EXE will create this most virtual gamepad!

Connect gamepad to Android

To begin with, you should consider connecting gamepad from popular Wii and PlayStation consoles:

  • So, you can connect a manipulator from one of the consoles via USB or Bluetooth. This method requires a special SixaSix Controller program, which can be downloaded on the Internet.
  • Before downloading, use another convenient program. Thanks to the utility, you can easily check the system for compatibility with connected devices.
  • Next, download the necessary program and install it on a personal computer. After that, run the utility and specify the address of the phone that can be found in the program. Pressing the Update button and gamepad will be tied to the phone or tablet. This is how quickly connecting through the system

Separately, it is worth saying about setting up through a micro USB:

The device used to make manipulations must support the Host Mode system. Next, do not forget to download the emulator of the console. Running the application, plug the game module and assign the necessary settings on the buttons.

Similarly, JoyStick is connected via the Micro USB system. To use wireless mode, do not forget to buy one of the special receivers.

Note that game controllers are compatible with all the tablets. So it will not be superfluous Download application Willmote Controller.

connect, wireless, joystick, computer, calibration

Finally, run the utility and click Init and Connect. At the same time, on the gamepad, you will need to press buttons 1 and 2. After that, the addition will detect the module. After that, just put a tick near the Wii Controller IME.

These ways simplify the connection of the joystick to the Android mobile device in any situation.

If you wish, you can use controllers from third-party manufacturer.

It does not matter whether there is a wireless function from such a device. Because they are identified equally.

So the user will not have problems using similar modules in games.