Is it possible to connect a mouse to the LG TV?

Everything is much simpler than it might seem at first glance. We take the adapter from the mouse, or keyboard, or both (as in my case) and connect them to the USB connector of our TV. At this moment, there will be reports on the TV that new bonds are connected.

Connection of the USB keyboard, mouse and joysticks to Smart TV. You can connect wired or wireless keyboards, mice and joysticks through USB inputs to Smart TV. It is recommended to use the devices of the past compatibility test LG.

Features of connection

It is worth noting that you can connect both wires and wireless information devices for entering information. It all depends on the brand and capabilities of the device. Most mice models are connected without problems, regardless of the manufacturer.

Reference. The computer mouse is connected to Smart TV mainly for working in a web browser. It allows you to work much more comfortable than with a remote control that is attached to the TV.

Its use makes it possible to quickly and simply look for the necessary information on the Internet and at the same time select channels for viewing.

Management in the Smart TV browser does not differ from computer. Even when viewing the channels, you can call the television menu, open the “Service” window and perform the necessary actions.

Mouse and keyboard connection to Smart-TV

For the functioning of peripheral devices on the TV, you do not need to install any programs and drivers. It is enough to perform simple steps. Consider how it works on the example of the Samsung Smart Televisor.

    To connect a wired mouse or keyboard, you need to insert a cable from the device into the USB-intense from the TV. It is located on the side or back on the case.
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USB ports are located on the side of the TV housing

This is what adapters for wireless devices look like

Below on the wireless mouse are the inclusion buttons ICONNECT

In other TV models, you may need to make additional actions to connect.

  • Go to “Device Manager”. Select a mouse or keyboard.
  • Next, you will open a window with the name of your device.

Window with the name of the connected device

Connected inscription means that the device is connected

connect, wired, mouse

On Mystry TVs, peripheral devices are connected to those USB ports, next to which there is an USB inscription (for Android TV). If there is one port, and there are several devices, then you should buy a USB divider.

[LG WebOS TV]. Connect Mouse/Keyboard to LG Smart TVs

Next to the connection of the devices should be an appropriate inscription

Possible problems: why the device doesn’t work?

When connecting devices, a typical problem is that the TV does not see the device. The reasons for this can be different:

  • Models of accessories are not supported. In this case, you will need to buy a gadget combined with the selected model.
  • Incorrectly working drivers or outdated or updated firmware with a software failure. It will be required to reinstall the drivers and re.update from the official page of the manufacturer.

Mouse and keyboard are useful accessories for TVs with Smart-TV function. Working with devices greatly simplifies the additional functions of “smart” TVs: Internet set and listening to audio and video files. Connect them very easily both wired and wireless.

How to connect LG Smart TV Mouse

How to return the keyboard on the Samsung TV if it is gone

If you still have questions or have complaints, let us know

If the device does not fix the keyboard, perform simple actions:

Well, if during the reboot, wait a few minutes until the device updates the data.

Popular brands for connecting

To simplify doubts when choosing keyboard manufacturers and mice for connecting to our Smart TV, we give the rating of the most popular digital devices that users consider the best option among numerous competitors.

  • In the first place are the devices from the manufacturers of televisions. This excludes compatibility problems, simplifies work with products of this particular brand, and also allows you to use those functions that cannot be obtained using a conventional keyboard. So, for example, Samsung offers an excellent model of the G-KBD1000 keyboard, and LG MAGIC Remote, which performs the functions of both the remote control and mouse.
  • Logitech products, for example, a keyboard with a TouchPad (touchpad) Wireless Touch K400 Plus, which is recognized and works correctly with most modern Smart TVs, is unchanged.
  • Recently, Rapoo products began to occupy a noticeable part of the market, which with good quality and rich functionality has a democratic price. As an example, you can cite the K2600 TouchPad model of this company.
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Why is it necessary

Modern Smart TV have wide functionality. With their help, you can:

  • Watch movies and TV shows online;
  • carry out shoeing on the Internet;
  • use streaming services;
  • listen to music;
  • watch clips;
  • work with applications.
connect, wired, mouse

The main purpose of the remote control is the switching of the channels and the volume change. To enter the text, they are poorly adapted.

To solve this problem, significantly accelerate and simplify the movement of the cursor, work with the text, it is enough to connect the keyboard and the mouse.

IMPORTANT. Modern keyboards provide for the presence of a panel or mouse, which allows you to combine 2 devices in 1.

In fact, the mouse and keyboard are needed to simplify, speed up working with the TV, all its capabilities, and use the advantages of Smart TV as much as possible.

TOP-5 best mice models

The five best mice for SMART TENTERS included the most popular models that are distinguished by quality, interesting functionality and high expert assessments.

Samsung ET-MP900D

This wireless laser manipulator looks like a standard computer mouse. The device is made in a stylish convenient case with a “under the skin” texture, equipped with 4 functional buttons and a scroll wheel. The device from batteries AA feeds. High accuracy and radius of the signal is provided by the sensor of 1600 dpi, the conjugation is carried out by means of Bluetooth 3.0. Average

connect, wired, mouse

Philips SPM7800

This is a model of the budget price category of a universal plan. She can work in conjugation with a “smart” TV, a personal computer and a laptop within a radius of 10 meters. Connection type. radio. Mouse is wireless, laser, 2-button with a scroll wheel between them. There is a sensor with a resolution of 1200 dpi. Power. from the battery AAA.

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Sony VGP-BMS20

This device of the original futuristic format is found on sale in a variety of colors: in addition to the usual black and white shade, you can choose an orange, pink, pistachio and blue mother.of.pearl colors. Buttons at the optical device 3, between them there is a roll wheel. The model is characterized by low electrical consumption from competitors. For pairing with a TV, PC or laptop, the product is equipped with a Bluetooth module.

Logitech V470

This is a 3-capacity laser manipulator, with a scroll wheel and a scaling function. Bluetooth technology is used to connect with Smart-TV or computer. There is a sensor sensor 1600 dpi. Building material. glossy plastic. For the convenience of storage and transportation, the model is supplied in a protective cover.

Air Mouse T2

This device is designed exclusively for connecting to a Smart TV. Design this aerial mouse resembles a remote control, but with wider functionality. With its help, you can not only control the cursor, but also type text and play games, using the keys and the gyroscope.

So, the above modephic devices have proven themselves among users, therefore, the leading positions of all kinds of ratings are rightfully occupied. In any case, even ordinary computer keyboards and mice can greatly simplify the management of the Smart Tel, the main thing is that they support the interfacing with it. You can find out about this on the packaging of devices, which usually list all the models of devices, the connection to which is supported by a specific periphery.