How to connect a router to a laptop: Instructions for dummies!

Now many have learned to configure network equipment themselves. You really need to know this, because each house has a router. Therefore, let’s start with a small one, where the setting always begins. How to connect a router to a laptop (or PC)? The essence of the task is to correctly configure the Internet and access points. The instruction will be clear even for dummies!

It is worth noting here. In fact, the laptop is connected to the router, and not vice versa. A router is an independent device that gives a signal distribution.

Use your Old Router as a WiFi Repeater (No cables required)

Connecting the router

Let’s figure out how to connect the router itself. First you need to connect it to the power supply, which is included in the 220V socket. Then connect the Ethernet Internet cable coming from the Internet provider to the port of WAN.

Do not forget to completely assemble the router itself, it may have a separate antennas in the kit!

After connecting an external cable and power supply, check the light indication on the router. If the indicators work, then we did everything right. If, after the device is included in the network, the icons do not light up, and everything is assembled correctly, we are looking for a power button on the device’s body, it may turn on in this way. If all actions did not lead to a positive result, then most likely the equipment is faulty and it will have to be given to the service for repair.

How to catch a wireless signal?

If there is a signal, then one device must send it (router), and another. accept. Today, laptops and many tablet PC have Wi-Fi flower receivers by default, while stationary computer units are not customary to supply with this spare part. But miracles happen. the receiver occurs occasionally when assembling as an additional function. It is not difficult to check this:

  • The user will need to go to the Device Manager: you can find this setting in the control panel or through the search. the name does not change for many years from the system to the system.
  • To open the list of network adapters, among which to look for the words “wireless” (wireless) or Wi-Fi (writing can be not only shallow, but also separately or through a hyphen).
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If the list contains names without these words, that is, an option to independently connect a wireless signal receiver to your computer. which are of two types:

  • Internal. connected to the motherboard through the PCI or PCI Express connector (you have to disassemble the case);
  • External. USB adapter. shaken ports will not benefit the signal.

The problem of how to connect a computer to the Internet via Wi-Fi USB adapter is solved in three stages: joining the port, installation of drivers and setting up. Similarly, you can connect an internal (PCI) adapter, only the port is located on the motherboard.

If the installation of drivers did not occur automatically after the adapter connection, you will have to use the drive with drivers or download on the Internet (for this case you can temporarily use to reach the Internet from a router to a computer).

As a rule, after installing the drivers on the taskbar (in the TEA), a Wi-Fi network appears, clicking on it, the user will see a list of wireless networks. It is enough to select the name of the home network in the list and enter the password. the factory name and password can be found on the router or in the instructions.

If there is no icon on the taskbar, then it is worth looking for a list of available networks in the control panel or in the parameters of the system, it is easiest to use the search for the system:

Installation and drivers

There may be many questions and errors with installation. The best way to do it is right to drive your model into a search on our website, and if you find nothing, then write about it in a comment, and a detailed review will be added.

connect, wi-fi, router, cable

There are usually no problems with the connection. they inserted and forgot. But in the process of installation it is possible to put drivers. Some models do not require this and are automatically connected from the box, but some can request them.

General advice: study the packaging, usually everything is signed on it and the necessary links are given. If you didn’t work right away, then go to the official website of the manufacturer and download the driver for your model there. No Internet? Download via the phone or connect the wire, and then move to the flash drive. Everything should turn out, there is nothing complicated to describe the details.

connect, wi-fi, router, cable

After the successful installation of the driver in the tray, an icon of available networks should appear (if there are available Wi-Fi networks within the radius):


Internet connection setup

To use the equipment, you will need to configure the Wi-Fi network and connect to the Internet. To ensure reliable protection of the route web-integer, it is recommended to change the factory password. There are other settings that not every user will need.

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Proper configuration of the device will use the Internet without problems. The control panel has a “fast settings” or “Quick Setup” master, usually it is open immediately after the entrance. After passing all the steps, you can quickly and conveniently configure the router.

Often we do not even think about how the Internet is configured by the air. the master comes and everything is setting up. But I think that in our time everyone should know how to do such a job on your own. Therefore, today I will tell you how to connect Wi-Fi to a computer under Windows 7.

I mean that we have a stationary PC, and we will organize a wireless Internet for him. If you have questions, write right away in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

How to connect a router to a laptop

Two ways at the disposal of users on how to connect a laptop to a Wi-Fi router-without wires and using a network cable. In both cases, work does not take much time, but subject to a clear follow of the algorithm.

Via wi-fi without wires

The most convenient way is to use wi-fi wireless connection. To connect a laptop via a router to Wi-Fi, apply to the router and connect the network wire from the provider to it. Next, take the following steps:

Knowing how to connect a laptop to a Wi-Fi router without a wire, you can avoid the use of a network cable. In the future, the laptop can be moved around the house and be on the network at a distance of 30-50 meters from the router.

If the icon in the tray does not appear, the required connection can be found in the menu. For example, for Windows 7, you need to enter the start, and then the control panel and the network control center There, go to the network connection control point, and it has a wireless network connection.

Click on this item twice, and then click on the name and enter the data for the entrance.

But remember that there is a limit of simultaneous conjugation. If you do not know how many devices can be connected simultaneously via Wi-Fi to the router, it is better to play it safe.

Through the cable

If you have not been connected to a laptop through Wi-Fi, you can use a network cable to switch. This option is easier than when connecting Wi-Fi. The algorithm is this:

  • Connect the router to power.
  • Insert the wire from the provider into the WAN connector.
  • Use any of the output nests to connect a network cable to a laptop.
  • Enter the network device and make settings.
  • Check the presence of the Internet.

Now you know how to connect a laptop to the Internet via a router using a network cable. This option is convenient if the devices are in close proximity and do not move around the room. Plus the wired connection and that the network speed is not cut by the router. In the case of Wi-Fi, such a problem is very common.

How to connect a TV to the Internet through a router: 11 Комментарии и мнения владельцев

How to connect a route through a Wi-Fi router as a simple TV, is it possible?

connect, wi-fi, router, cable

Of course available. Just buy a special Smart-setting, they are in all large stores of equipment and electronics.

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So, your mother, someone will write how to connect an old TV via Wi-Fi, otherwise one chatter on this occasion? It is necessary, it is necessary. You can explain by points? Or you yourself do not know a damn thing? The entire Internet is clogged with instructions for Smart-TV. But this can already be a fool, but as with old TVs? Old men cannot pay providers for each prefix for TVs for them the Internet and so expensive, and they are not interested in watching one channel in different rooms. Where is the decision? How to watch different TV channels. What are the prefixes, converters and TV boxes, what else is there, damn it. You can describe normally, wise men?

Eugene, firstly, all prefixes are different and in different price categories. Therefore, for all occasions, it is simply physically impossible to describe in the article. The second, from your message is not clear. You need to connect just an old TV to the Internet or you need to connect several TVs to the network to show more than one channel?

How to connect hisense to Wi-Fi to a router.

Good afternoon! It is not possible to connect the Internet to the TV error:- Enter the network. Using the account provided by the service provider.

Good afternoon. I purchased Smart TV and connected it through a router to the Internet. The provider provides the opportunity to view television programs on my connection. But how to configure Smart TV in the future to start viewing, I don’t really understand. Probably, this is still necessary for some kind of software or something like that, where to take it and how to install it? I will be grateful for any hint. Thanks.

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Well, stupid! You can’t just take and connect the Internet on a simple TV.You need to buy a TV setup with special brains for connection.What is not clear.