How to connect a microphone to a laptop: Step by step instructions

With the help of simple computer tools and devices, people today have the opportunity to communicate in real time: to see and hear each other.

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Today communication is in the online world. This is an important and practically integral part of the real life of all mankind. A modern person has to be near a computer practically from birth, therefore, in order not to be “cut off” from the world, people need means of communication. But what are these devices?

About 10 years ago, when the Internet began to appear actively in people, special programs for communication became popular. They contained in themselves the usual chat and the ability to see and hear the interlocutor (speaks to him, of course, too). In order for a person to communicate with his friend, special equipment was required. These were microphones and webcams at that time.

Why a laptop?

Of course, after humanity began to actively use computers for communication (including with the help of microphones / webcams), stationary PC manufacturers began to come up with more convenient models. Over time, laptops appeared in the world. At this moment, a real “war” for primacy broke out.

That is, to communicate, a person will only need to connect to the Internet and simply press the corresponding call button. Easy mouse movement and you’re done. But sometimes people still have a question about how to connect a microphone to a laptop. We will tell you how to do this, but first, let’s talk about choosing a headset.

Right choice

So, before you figure out how to connect a microphone to a laptop, you need to choose the right hardware. The fact is that depending on it, the question posed will be resolved. Let’s talk a little about the purposes for which you need the equipment. Of course, the outcome will be the same. For communication. Nevertheless, communication on the Internet can also be different. Maybe you prefer to play online games and during some moments you need to talk rather than write messages. Or maybe you need to communicate with relatives and colleagues whom you want to contemplate on the monitor. Or you need a headset for work purposes (for example, for dubbing something). There is the most comfortable headset for each option.

Conventional microphone. Camera

Modern webcams come with built-in microphones. It’s designed for ease of use. In this case, depending on the camera model, the laptop microphone connector may NOT be used. Webcam. This is the best option for those who like to communicate with people on the Internet and prefer to see the interlocutor. Older models usually come with two wires: one. For the camera, the second. In order to connect a microphone to a laptop. This is quite useful when you want to be seen but not heard.

Headset with microphone

So we got to the most common option. Headphone with microphone. There are a lot of their models, like any other devices for a computer. The microphone can be invisible, or it can be attached to one of the headphone parts. Sometimes on the wires you can find a volume control, in which microphones are built. This option is suitable for those who play computer games and from time to time need quick negotiations with people. In this case, you will not need to think about how you look. Nobody can see you. Plus, this laptop microphone will help keep the silence around you. All sounds coming from the computer, you will hear through the headphones. Now it’s time for our step by step instructions.

Connect a regular microphone

When you return home, take a close look at your laptop.

Find a special connector on one of the side panels. If you look closely at it, you can see a microphone next to it.

Turn on your computer and plug the headset cord into the appropriate jack.

You may have to wait a little while the operating system finds and installs all drivers.

Now that everything is ready, you can set up your microphone and talk.

How to connect a webcam with a microphone

Similar to the previous case, before figuring out how to connect a microphone to a laptop with a camera, you need to select a model.

When you have decided, you will need to see which wire in your camera.

If you chose the option with a USB connector and just one wire, then installation will be much easier. Turn on the computer, insert the camera wire into a convenient connector and wait for the driver installation.

If you have two different wires, then first look where it will be more convenient for you to connect the one that is responsible for displaying the picture. Now Plug the wires into the Corresponding connectors.

Wait for the drivers to be installed. Sometimes you need to install them yourself (as a rule, the required disk is included with the camera). As you can see, there is nothing difficult in the question of how to connect a microphone to a laptop.

Using headphones

The easiest way to connect your microphone to your laptop. This is done with a headset.

The first point is the hardest one. Get the headphones you want. The choice is huge now. Your best bet is to look for options that will NOT hold the microphone directly to your lips. Not very convenient to be honest. But the headphones, in which the microphone is hidden, are quite Comfortable and practical.

Now that you’ve returned home with your purchase, take a look at your laptop. It must have 2 connectors (round). One. Headphone, other. For the microphone. They differ in colors and patterns around the connectors.

Now plug your headset into your laptop. Pay attention to the ends of the wires from the headphones. For everything to work properly, they must be different in color. In addition, you can find on them drawings that you saw in the PC connectors.

When you have done this, you can turn on your computer. Your microphone will already be installed. All that remains. Adjust it.

So we figured out how to connect a microphone to a laptop. Nevertheless, if you do not want to do this and waste time, buy a computer with a built-in headset.

How to connect headphones with microphone: out of plug and wireless

A modern computer performs dozens of different functions. Being a huge media center, as well as a means of communication at the same time, its work without a sound output device is almost impossible. Someone prefers powerful audio systems and speakers, while others need headphones. By the way, they are a universal solution if, say, you need not only a device for comfortable listening to music, but also for communication into a microphone for communication in Skype, for example. By correctly connecting the webcam, you can not only see the person, but also communicate with him. For this you need headphones with a microphone.

But in order for them to function properly, they must be properly connected. How? We will tell you about this today.


As you can see, headphones with a microphone have two connectors:

  • One pink;
  • Other. green.

On the back panel of your system unit, we look for connectors of the corresponding color, and insert the plugs into them.

In the same way, you can connect headphones to the TV by inserting the green plug into a standard “mini-jack” (3.5 mm jack, which is the most common). The microphone, you guessed it, is NOT needed in this case.

For the headphones to work correctly, the operating system does not need a driver, so at this stage difficulties should not arise. If the sound appears, then you have connected the headphones correctly. However, do not rush to give up if this has not happened for you. this means that you need to configure the device to work correctly with your sound card.

Windows 7

Setting up headphones with a microphone is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Right-click on the speaker icon, open the context menu on the taskbar, select “Playback devices”. In the “Playback” tab, select the currently connected device, and click the “Default” button.

Do the same operation with the microphone, but in the “Recording” tab. Here, in the “Levels” tab, you can adjust the sensitivity of the recording device, as well as set the gain level.

Windows XP

In the event that you have an older version of this OS installed on your PC, then you will need to open the “Control Panel”, “Sounds and Audio Devices”, and open the “Speech” tab.

After that, select “Volume”, “Parameters”, “Properties”, and mark the checkbox opposite the item “Microphone”.

Check connection

You can check the current settings using standard tools. the “Sound Recorder” utility (which can be found in the Start menu. Programs. Standard) is perfect.

We turn on the recording, and check whether the sensitivity level is normal, and whether the voice is distorted, and whether it is heard well. Then, if necessary, we again change the gain and sensitivity level, and check the result.

Poor sound reproduction in headphones can be not only due to a systemic reason, or due to their incorrect installation. Poor sound quality can be a prerequisite for poor quality or broken headphones. Therefore, if you like high-quality sound, we recommend that you learn how to choose good headphones correctly.

Wireless headphones

First of all, you will need to install the driver (if available, it should be included on the disc complete with the “ears”). If not. then the system will automatically “pick up” the new device. After that, Make sure the battery is inserted in the headphones, move the lever to the “ON” position.

After that, plug the USB transmitter into the Corresponding Port on the PC. After that, the automatic process of initializing the new device will begin.

Upon its completion, Windows will notify you that the new device is installed correctly and is completely ready to work.

Headphones and speakers at the same time

In principle, you can use a special 3.5 mm output on speakers or an amplifier, but if there is none, then you can use a special adapter, which is inserted into the audio jack on one side, and on the other side it has two Similar outputs.

Connect headphones to one, to the second. columns.

Connect your webcam to your computer

Today, communicating via the Internet simply by using a microphone is no longer relevant and people use web-cameras with might and main. These are devices that connect to a computer and allow you to record or transmit video in real time, but how to install a WEB-camera on a computer? Today we will discuss this issue.

Installing a WEB-camera on a PC

The process is fairly straightforward, with just a few steps. You don’t need special knowledge and skills, you just need to act according to the instructions.

Examining the documentation

Included with the camera is often an instruction, which clearly describes how to proceed. Sometimes you first need to install the drivers, and only then connect the WEB-camera to your computer, and sometimes vice versa. Anyway Explore the manual.

Connect the device and install the driver

In most cases, the first step is to connect the camera to the PC:

  • Unpack the device.
  • It can be immediately with a cord connected to it, or the cable is included.
  • If the wires are not initially connected, then take it out of the box and plug one end into the WEB-camera, and the other into the USB port of your computer.

Your computer will see the new device, but will not be able to detect it without a driver for the WEB-camera. Where can I find this web driver? Everything is very simple:

  • Look in the box for the disc.
  • If found, insert it into your computer’s disc drive.
  • Start driver installation.
  • When it finishes, restart the computer and the camera will start working.

Here the question arises, how to install a WEB-camera on a computer without a disk? It also happens that it is not included. In this case, we need to download the driver for the WEB-camera:

  • We open the Windows search and register there “Device Manager”.
  • We launch it.
  • We find there an undefined device (there will be a yellow icon next to it).
  • Right-click on it and open “Properties”.
  • Switch to the “Details” tab and select “Equipment ID”.
  • Copy the value.
  • Next, you need to open the devid.Info website in the browser and enter this “ID” into its search term.
  • In a matter of seconds, the driver will be found, it remains to download it and install to connect the WEB-camera to the computer.

Setting up a WEB-camera on a laptop

We have dealt with ordinary stationary computers, but how to install a WEB-camera on a laptop? Often it is already built into the device and you just need to install the driver, which should be on the disk from the laptop. If it is not there, we act as in the previous case through a special website.

The process of connecting an external device to a laptop is the same as for a PC.

Now you know how to connect a WEB-camera with a microphone to your computer. Then you can use it as you like, for example, communicate via Skype or shoot videos on YouTube, sticks out, and so on.

8 best webcams for your computer with a built-in microphone

Even a person who is not very well versed in computer technology can buy a high-quality webcam. It is enough to pay attention to the most important parameters, including resolution and viewing angle. You can also use the list of the most popular models presented below and choose the one that you like in appearance or price.

Defender G-lens 2597 HD720p

The most inexpensive webcam with microphones in the ranking, it will provide decent image quality thanks to the modern type of CMOS sensor. The resolution of 1280 × 720 is quite enough to clearly see the face of the interlocutor via video communication.

The viewing angle is 60 ° and this is considered the golden mean. Enough space will get into the frame, that is, in addition to the face of the camera owner, the interlocutor will probably see part of the environment. But at the same time, the picture will not be distorted at the edges, and the detail will be reduced. The model has a convenient and flexible mount on the monitor, which will save space on the user’s desktop.

  • Reliable monitor mount.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Many automatic settings.
  • Provides decent image quality.
  • Microphone too sensitive.
  • Autofocus problems occur intermittently.

A4tech PK-910P

The affordable price and ease of customization will appeal to all users. There is a monitor mount, so there is a need to free up space for the webcam next to the computer.

In terms of image quality, the model looks decent among competitors. It has a fairly high resolution (1280 × 720) and a high-quality CMOS matrix. Even the movements are transmitted clearly and without the “smearing” of the picture typical for many cameras. The built-in microphone delivers clear sound. Due to the movable design, the camera can be rotated in different directions.

  • Affordable price.
  • Good audio and video quality.
  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Ease of customization.
  • Large zoom that cannot be adjusted.

Logitech HD Webcam C270

The model boasts a high resolution (1280 × 720). The microphone in webcams is built-in, has a noise canceling function and good sensitivity. Thanks to the auto white balance, the camera will transmit an excellent picture, even if there is a bright light from the window nearby.

The glossy front panel in combination with a dark matte plastic body looks decent. The user recognizes that the camera is active by the illuminated green LED.

  • There is a motion detection sensor.
  • Microphone transmits sound without noise, echo and distortion.
  • Excellent image quality even in artificial light.
  • Reliable fasteners.
  • Short cord.

Genius QCam 6000

A miniature and inexpensive model capable of delivering Full HD quality footage. The 1920 × 1080 resolution guarantees a detailed picture, so you will not be ashamed to upload videos taken with a webcam on YouTube. A large viewing angle of 90 ° will allow the interlocutor to see Not only the face of the owner of the webcam, but also his clothes, as well as part of the room. Shooting is possible even in poor lighting conditions. Automatic white tone adjustment is provided to improve image quality. This ensures natural color reproduction under artificial lighting.

The device easily attaches to the monitor and holds firmly on it. Additional convenience is provided by an LED that will light up when the webcam starts working.

  • Noise canceling microphone.
  • 360 ° rotation.
  • Convenient mount.
  • Lack of software.

Canyon CNS-CWC5

By supporting high resolution 1920 × 1080 This webcam for a computer is suitable Not only for chatting with friends via video. It can be used by novice bloggers, as well as schoolchildren and students who study with a tutor online. The model is able to automatically focus on the user’s face, selecting the appropriate settings in different lighting conditions. This will allow you not to waste time on self-tuning and completely focus on communicating with the teacher.

Thanks to a high-quality microphone with noise canceling function, the interlocutor will hear every word well. A practical clothespin stand will allow you to install your webcam Not only on the monitor frame, but also on a tripod or desktop.

  • Mac OS compatible.
  • There is autofocus.
  • Universal stand.
  • Perfectly adjusts to lighting.
  • Case heats up when selecting high resolution.

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

High picture quality is achieved thanks to the modern technology ClearFrame. The digital microphone perfectly suppresses extraneous noise. With this model, the owner will be able to record video with HD resolution (1280 × 720). Even more comfort when working with the device will provide autofocus optics.

The mount has a special coating, so the webcam will not damage it when attached to the display housing. Movable structure. another important advantage. It allows you to easily return the camera around its axis.

  • Excellent widescreen image.
  • Looks stylish on the monitor.
  • 360 ° rotation.
  • Quality aluminum body.
  • Autofocus does not always work properly.

Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p

Support for Full HD at a speed of 30 fps will allow you not only to communicate with family and friends, but also to participate in online meetings, effectively solving important business issues. The webcam is easy to set up and also compatible with many popular video conferencing applications.

The owner of this model does not have to move away from the screen to fully enter the frame. The wide viewing angle of 77 ° will allow several people to fit in the frame at once, but the picture will not become too wide. Integrated lens cap. it is an opportunity to protect your privacy from unauthorized access to your webcam. In addition, the cap prevents dust from entering the lens, which can reduce the clarity of video recording.

  • Tripod mountable.
  • Maintain high quality video in any light.
  • Lens cap included.
  • Solid cable.
  • Fastening is not one of the best quality.

Logitech brio

An excellent webcam for a computer, the owners of which can shoot professional-grade video or participate in a video conference, where picture quality plays an important role. The resolution of its matrix is ​​4096 × 2160, which is one of the best indicators among webcams.

The infrared sensor perfectly detects faces. The user has the ability to fine-tune the brightness and second image parameters. You can fix the camera both on a regular monitor and on a tablet or laptop. Plus, it can be mounted on a tripod.

  • High definition 4K.
  • Robust case.
  • Face recognition function.
  • Excellent color rendering.
  • High price.

Comparison of and characteristics

The table shows the main technical data and the cost of the previously considered models.

Model resolution, px Viewing angle, degrees Cable length, m Dimensions, mm Average price, rub.
Defender G-lens 2597 1280 × 720 60 1.4 n / a 2930
A4Tech PK-910P 68 1.5 39x56x60 2990
Logitech HD Webcam C270 60 31x70x65 2990
Genius QCam 6000 1920 × 1080 90 54.5 × 75.4 × 42 3690
Canyon CNS-CWC5 65 110x136x61 3990
Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 1280 × 720 74 1.8 55.8x24x45.9 4260
Creative Live! Cam sync 1920 × 1080 77 1.5 105x65x60 4490
Logitech brio 4096 × 2160 90 2.2 102x27x27 19240

How to connect a webcam to a computer? Instructions

Most models connect to a PC as follows:

  • The camera is placed on a table or attached to the top of the monitor.
  • The plug is inserted into the USB port located in the system unit.
  • After turning on the computer, the OS usually recognizes the new device itself, but if this does not happen, then you should additionally install the drivers. They are on the disc included in the kit. If the disk is missing, then you will need to visit the manufacturer’s website and download the drivers from there.
  • When the drivers are installed, it remains to configure the camera and microphone. It is recommended to do this using a special program from the manufacturer.