Best answer: how to connect Apple tablet to the Internet?

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Open Finder and connect to PC iPad. The tablet will appear on the side of the window. Click on the desired iPad on the sidebar. Confirm confidence in the device. for this you need:

  • Connect the tablet to PC with via USB, open the Finder and select the desired gadget.
  • Click on “Show it if it is connected to Wi-Fi”.
  • Confirm.

Download music and movies before traveling

In order not to get bored on the road to warm edges, you need to take care of your leisure. In most cases, any free Wi-Fi on the plane, train or bus can not be dreaming, and that is why it is best to download a serial or good movie.

As a player for playback, we recommend using free VLC. It supports almost all popular formats, so you can suffer from iTunes (the files can be passed through the FTP by air, good, this feature is and configured the channel to a couple of clicks) and the films will not have to convert.

Although, if the size of the built-in iPad drive is not enough, then it will not be superfluous to take a size or even the quality of the downloaded movie. You look, only in one resolution without loss of quality you can save the lion’s share of space.

In order for the road to always be a favorite music, we advise you to look at the Apple Music service, which provides access to more than 30 million compositions. Naturally, tracks can be downloaded on an IOS device for listening to offline. We told in detail about the service in this material.

Can I distribute Wi-Fi on the iPad?

And so that on the iPad distribute the Internet through Wi-Fi and use as a modem we need to open the “Settings” and “Cellular Communication”. Next, the Modem Mode Mode must be opened in it. Modem mode. All, now you can distribute Wi-Fi with iPad, and other devices can use the Internet from it.

On a different device, open the “Wi-Fi” settings, then select your iPad from the list of available networks. If the password is requested on the connected device, open the “Cellular communication” “Modem Mode” on your iPad to find out the password.


How to distribute the Internet with an iPhone via USB, is described in the following

To connect the iPhone in a modem mode via USB, connect it through Lightning to PC and select an affirmative answer to the question “Trust this computer”? Next, the computer will configure the network adapter, will detect a new network and connects to it. Also through a new local network PC will be available online.

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If this does not happen automatically, in the network settings, select your iPhone and connect to it manually.

If your iPhone does not turn on modem mode, you here.

Let’s summarize

Dear readers, today we fully disassemble this topic as the modemia mode on the iPad. We hope that everything happened to you from the first time without any questions. Agree to activate the service on the tablet it turned out to be very simple: the whole procedure is carried out only for five simple steps:

  • Insert the SIM card into the device.
  • Open the tablet settings.
  • Click to the Cell data point and set the same switch to active position.
  • Here you also open the Modem Mode tab, turn it on the corresponding slider.
  • Configure Internet distribution parameters. Ready!

Once again we remind you that this feature is only available on the third generation iPad and above, as well as all minics. If you want to enable modem mode on iPad 2, then note: official support there is no. Perhaps the use of jailbreak will help you. Do not forget to share your opinion, the impression, as well as experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

How to distribute the Internet with iPhone to a computer via USB Windows 10?

If you have Windows 10, then you need to open the “Parameters” menu and go to the “Devices. Bluetooth” section. Here you need to enable Bluetooth and run the creation of a pair with your iPhone (“Tie” button). After that you need to confirm the creation of a pair on the iPhone and on the computer.

How to connect an Android smartphone as a USB modem

Modem mode settings in iPad for Beeline, MTS and Megaphone operators

Recently, everyone somehow forgot about one useful function, which appeared in iPad 3 mode modem mode or Wi-Fi access point. Recall that a similar function appeared in the iPhone 4 two years ago. However, even if there is this option in tablets, not every owner could use her.

It was all that local operators, namely MTS and Beeline, have some features. Fortunately, not so long ago, Apple has released an update of the iPad modem settings for cellular operators in Russia. Now anyone, well, or almost everyone can configure the modem mode (Wi-Fi access point) on the iPad. In order to use all the opportunities to fully, you will define:

  • Third or fourth-generation iPad tablets equipped with LTE / 3G modem;
  • IOS 6 version.0.1 (for Beeline and MTS);
  • Microsim card provided by a cellular operator (for megaphone, MTS and Beeline);
  • Computer with active iTunes (for MTS and Beeline).

I want to immediately pay attention to the fact that the iPad of the first and second generation to turn on the modem mode will need a jailbreak (for example, the TETHERME tweak jailbreak installation must solve the problem). The same problem is waiting for those who use the MTS SIM card on the iPad with firmware 6.0 and lower. ACCENT is done on iOS However, it can be noted that some successful users of the megaphone and biline are more. the modem mode can work on iOS 5.X.

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Next, we describe the connection settings. The first stage can skip those users who have iPad 3 or 4, as well as MegaFon SIM. For the rest of the algorithm, the following. It is possible that your iPad independently asked to update operator parameters. If not, it can be forcibly.

In this case, you need to run iTunes and connect to the computer tablet. After some time, a program should appear on the installation of the service update of the operator parameters. Otherwise, that is, if this is not, then in the device window you must click on the “Update” button. Considering that in the future the firmware will not undergo any changes (provided if you do not have 6.0.1), then without concern we give your consent.

Next, the second stage. You can download and install an update in just 10 seconds, while the tablet does not need a reboot. After that you need to turn it off from the computer. Already in the device itself, open the menu “Settings”, and in it cell data. This item will appear a new item. “Modem Mode”. It will appear on the left in the main menu of the program.

If such an item does not appear, or it does not want to be activated, that is, it makes sense to refresh the operator settings. To do this, go to the “Settings” menu, then “Cell data”, and there already “APN settings”. Depending on which operator serves the SIM card, the lines will be filled in different ways.

Megaphone will look like this:

APN: Internet username: empty password: empty

APN: internet.MTS.RU Username: MTS Password: MTS

Beeline clients will enter the following settings:

APN: internet.Beeline.RU Username: Beeline Password: Beeline

After entering the data, you must restart the iPad (turn off and enable). If in this case the modem mode item does not appear, then you need to reset the network settings. To do this, go to the “Settings” menu, we find the “Basic” submenu, in it “Reset”, and there already “Reset network settings”. Here is the main thing. to be extremely attentive. In this case, you will have to enter all passwords installed on Wi-Fi.

Even if these actions did not help, that is, it makes sense to contact the operator, whose SIM card is in your iPad, and get a new one. If the Simka used is self-made, (for example, cut out 2 years ago for iPhone 4), the modem mode will not appear.

And if everything is done correctly and all the requirements are observed, the modema mode on the iPad is ready to work. It is noteworthy that up to 5 different devices can operate from one signal. If desired, in the modem mode settings, you can change the password for Wi-Fi access point. An indisputable advantage of the availability of an iPad access point compared to similar to iPhone, is the battery life in modemia mode. On the tablet it is up to 25 hours. In fact, this is the work of a wireless Wi-Fi-router for a whole day.

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How to enable modem mode on iPhone

To enable the modem mode on the iPhone, go to “Settings”. “Cellular communication” and make sure that the data transmission over the cellular network is enabled (Cell data item). With a disabled transmission over a cellular network, the modem mode will not be displayed in the settings below. Even if you do not displays the modem mode, you will not be displayed, the instruction will help, what to do if the modem mode disappears on the iPhone.

After that, click on the “Modem Mode” settings (which is located in the Cell Communication Parameters and on the iPhone Main Settings section) and turn it on.

connect, modem, ipad, distribute, internet

If at the time of inclusion you will be disabled Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the iPhone will propose to include them so that it is possible to use it not only as a modem via USB, but also by Bluetooth. Also below you can specify your password for Wi-Fi network driven by iPhone, if you use it as an access point.

How to enable “smart” modemia mode on iPhone

First you need to make sure that Mac supports Instant Hotspot. To do this, go to the menu . about this Mac. the report on the system and in the “Hardware” section choose Bluetooth. There are lines “Bluetooth Low Power” and “Instant Hotspot”. opposite them should be the mark “Yes”;

connect, modem, ipad, distribute, internet

Activate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on Mac or iPad, which will be opened with an iPhone;

To enable usual modem mode, you only need to enable the appropriate item on the configuration path. Modem mode, however, to enable intelligent modem mode, you need one condition: devices (iPhone and iPad or Mac) must be connected to one Apple ID in iCloud. That is, along the path of. iCloud on the iPhone and on the device to be opened by the Internet must be configured by identical account.

over, when using the smart modem mode, the IPhone mode mode itself can not be activated. iPad or Mac still see the “smart” point in the list of available networks. It looks like this:

Here you can see the charge level of the smartphone, the connection type (LTE, 3G, 2G) and the signal level.

Many users complain that the modem mode disappears after iOS update. In this case, you need to go to the settings. cellular communication. a cellular data network and register the APN settings in the corresponding section (data can be obtained from your operator). The solution of this problem is described in detail here;

In the absence of a connection, try to restart the devices, check the Bluetooth connection, heinity and log in to iCloud.

From now on, to activate the modem mode, you only need to select the iPhone in the Wi-Fi settings on Mac or iPad.