Universal USB Digital Television Tuner DVB-C / T / T2 for Windows and Android devices

The main task of the TV tuner (receiver) is to receive a signal over the channel and transform it to display it, in this case of the computer. This option can be extended thanks to the receiver model:

Such devices have several advantages:

Since Russia has moved to digital television format, this kind of receivers has become rather popular.

USB DVB-T2 Tuner for Computer

This is the simplest USB DVB-T2 / T / with a tuner connected to a USB computer to view digital television. It has a USB access to the computer, the usual antenna entry (IEC connector) Pribruda was acquired to drive the evenings during a business trip. There is no TV. There is one TV one, and those who want to see more than the received channels. Now you can watch what I want and when I want, without infringing against any interests. Attention traffic. First, look like package (sometimes interesting). Simple box with window under the tuner. From the sides, brief characteristics in the form of pictures and equipment. Rear brief characteristics and opportunities. Under the outer packaging is hiding another box. The tuner himself lies in a special niche. Everything else inside the box. The package includes:. USB DVB-T2 / T / C tuner. remote control. CD drive with drivers and user manual (in English). Antenna. We look at what is written on the store page.

Made a roadbreaker. Not everyone understands English:

Product Description USB2.0 DVB. T2 FM DAB HDTV Stick TV Tuner Receiver (DVB-T / T2 / DVB-C FM DAB SDR) For Laptop PC Computer Enjoy Advanced DVB-T2 / T / C Technology in Computer. With this USB2.0 DVB-T2 FM Dab Tuner TV receiver, you can enjoy original digital quality control and writing on your PC. You can watch TV in full screen mode or in the window. Shift Pause and Play live when used. Support VHF / UHF band and two-channel stereo sound performance. Enjoy promising DVB-T2 / T / C technology on your computer to watch and record in original digital quality on your computer Watch TV in full-screen mode or scalable window Use the switching time to pause and rewash TV broadcasts. Remove your favorite TV shows or plan future records. Can decode H.264 MPEG. 4 small and compact size, easy to carry Note: Please make sure your region can receive a DVB-T2 signal. Specification: Tuner Supports Television Standards: DVB-T2, DVB-T, DVB-C, VHF / DMB Stereo Range / Sound Dual-Channel Antenna Input: IEC PC Inteeis Connector: USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed) Recording Formats TV: MPEG-2 transport stream, MPEG-4, H.264 (AVC) System Requirements: Microsoft, Windows 7 or Windows Vista with the latest update package, 1 GB of Windows XP RAM (32 bits) with the latest service pack, 512 MB RAM Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz, Pentium M 1.3 GHz or similar AMD Athlon XP for HDTV: processor 2 GHz hard disk with min. 300MB free power (1 GB of free power) USB port 2.0 CD / DVD drive to install the software recommended: Internet connection To update software and activation in the package Included: 1 x USB2.0 DVB. T2 FM DAB HDTV Stick TV-Tuner receiver 1 x Remote Control (including Battery) 1 x DVB-T and T2 1 x CD Antenna with Application Drivers, and User Guide Auxiliary Equipment Only Not Included PC Tablets

Provided both options in order to exclude the outrage of one of the “half” readers who understand and not very English 🙂 The remote is the simplest. The battery among these usually goes complete. To exclude a self-discharge (in case of an inappropriate pressing when transporting) plastic insertion. Complete antenna differs significantly from the one shown on the store page (not for the better). Active part of fixed length. The store page is a bit different. with a “variable vector of traction” 🙂 Antenna plug of standard size. Here without comment.

Complete antenna with magnetic stand. Inside a small but powerful magnet. And here is the tuner. The size of the non-imminent flash drive. No control buttons and t.P., Nothing is not. On the one hand USB. On the other hand, the standard antenna nest. In case you can use any other external antenna (for example, from the TV). Look at what inside the tuner. The housing is kept on the latches. Everything is very compact (general view). You can be closer. On the one hand, Realtek RTL2832P chips are located, Panasonic MN88473 (demodulator), Rafael Micro R828D (tuner). On the reverse side there is MS memory and an IR receiver. Chip names are clearly visible (except one). The photo of the tuner microcircuit did at different angles (for those who want to consider to the beaks).

It’s time to watch that he (tuner) can. But for this, you first need to install the driver and the program from the disk. Installed Driver (FSC DVBT2_SETUP_160614.EXE) and programming program (FSC DVBT2_SETUP_160614.EXE). Nothing difficult. Multilingual driver. I choose Russian, click further.

When installing on an old working computer (I first decided to test on Windows XP) there was a small problem. In the manual black in white written: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8. I pressed “Continue anyway”. Everything fell fine. In installing the program itself (multifunctional multimedia application ASTROMETATVRPLAYER) no difficulties arose. The program is also Russified. All procedures are standard, I see no sense to describe in detail. Let’s remind. Pribluda was acquired to drive the evenings during a business trip. There is no TV. There is one TV one, and those who want to see more than the received channels. Now you can watch what I want and when I want, without infringing against any interests. The main experiments will spend on his travel netbook. Samsung NC110-A07 netbook enough ancient, for business trips the most: small and weighs a little more kilogram. On it and hold the main tests. After installation there was a problem with sound. Decided by installing sound drivers from a free package (Advanced_codecs). In the kit on the disk walked the user manual (Manual.DOCX). Detailed description and characteristics. everything is there. When you first start this picture.

Pluses of satellite TV on a computer

Before connecting the receiver to a computer, you first need to decide whether it is necessary for you? View satellite channels on the PC monitor has several advantages over standard TV use:

  • You do not need to download special applications to watch TV channels on the computer screen. The costs of large traction packages will not need.
  • View satellite television becomes possible even in remote settlements.
  • Comparatively easy system setup. How to connect the receiver to a computer, even newcomer can figure out in this matter.
  • Excellent signal level, good image quality.

Connecting the Prefix to the Monitor

This procedure has already become sufficiently known due to its ability to turn even outdated computer screen to a modern receiver to view TV. Some monitors of new models have integrated speakers, which makes them independent of sound output devices. If the monitor is used easier, you only need to connect separate columns for a comfortable viewing into a special connector on the console.

Next will be reviewed how to connect the monitor to a digital TV console.

In essence, the broadcast technology of ether does not imply connect the TV console to the monitor, initially the connection compatibility existed only with TVs. But, having the same connectors, both on new monitors and on digital decoders, why not try to create digital television on your computer display. For the correct operation of the console, you will need to connect to the power grid, the antenna that receives the receiver and the output device. monitor.

The table shows how to connect a digital TV console to the monitor to the monitor:

Depending on the existing connector, the best and high-speed cable variant will be determined by which the monitor to TV decoder will connect to the TV.

How to make broadcast with PC on TV?

To make the TV play audio, you will need a computer with Windows OS.

  • Open Chrome on your computer.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click still broadcast.
  • Click sources.
  • Click Broadcast Desktop Content.
  • Select the Chromecast device with which you want to broadcast content.

Selection top 3 best digital consoles for computer

Digital television prefix on a computer has various forms factors, but are still tv tuners in the form of USB connections. For example:

  • OpenBOXT2 USB-T2 / C- working only on Windows The device has stable operation even with low signal reception. With it, you can record the transfer to watch them later. Output resolution of channels 4: 3 and 16: 9.

DVB-T2 TV Tuner for Computer

View digital television on a computer or laptop can be implemented using DVB-T2 tuners. Industry and here do not forget us, as they say. the demand gives rise to a sentence.

Using TV tuner DVB T2, a digital television signal is received and its processing, on a computer. TV-tuner allows you to view and the most attractive, record your favorite TV shows with their subsequent playback. Also, using a TV-tuner for a computer, you can listen to the FM range radio stations.

You can select two main types of TV models. tuners:

  • External TV. tuners connected via USB port on a computer;
  • Internal TV. tuners in the form of boards that are installed inside the computer.

External tuner, this is usually usb TV tuner, that is, a USB connector for connecting to a USB port of a laptop or computer.

Included, external TV Tuner has: USB tuner, antenna, CD drive with drivers and software.

The advantages of a USB tv tuner can be attributed compactness, in a set with a laptop, you can view transmissions anywhere where there is a steady reception of DVB-T2. There is a separate subtype of external TV tuners that are connected directly to the monitor and do not require the use of computer resources.

Internal DVB-T2 TV Tuner for a computer is installed inside the computer’s system unit on the motherboard in the PCI slot.

TV tuner for computer

Included it can contain almost the same as an external USB tuner, but internal tuners have a normal RF. input for connecting a conventional antenna, which makes it more attractive to install into a computer, in areas with digital signal intransigent reception.

Software allows you to view digital TV shows, through the DVB-T2, the tuner for the computer, both on the full screen of your PC and in a small window, leaving the opportunity to work with other applications. Some models of tuners allow you to record a scheduled program to a computer without your participation. Also, some tuners are supported both analog and digital broadcasting.

Usually TV tuner DVB-T2 for PC supports Microsoft Windows operating system, but can work, from under Mac OS X, Linux or work with any operating systems. TV. tuners connected to the monitor can work with any OS

Pros and Cons Broadcast Tricolor on Laptop

We note the most obvious advantages in organizing broadcasting tricolor TV on a laptop.

  • When using the emulator, the best signal is available for mobile devices. However, this method of broadcast will allow to obtain high playback quality also on a PC or laptop.
  • Thanks to the possibilities, you get access to all channels included in the package “Unified”.

However, do not forget about the negative points associated with the selected connection method.

  • Need to make regular pay for connected packages.
  • If you get free access to broadcasting, the playback level is significantly worse. Thus, the image resolution is reduced, ripples and “trash” appears on the screen.
  • It is worth noting that the free connection requires additional equipment that has its price, also requires “keys” to remove locks.

Not in every house there is a sufficient number of TVs capable of satisfying the needs of each family member in watching favorite programs. Satellite television from Tricolor TV allows you to view channels on computers and laptops. This feature is available without damage to all connected television systems.