Create the connection of the tablet to the computer via USB without problems and delays

Good afternoon, dear readers of my blog! Today we’ll talk about what opportunities the connection of the tablet to the computer is opened through USB. On Apple devices with the iOS operating system, the computer will need to preinstate iTunes. Otherwise, the work between the devices will be simply impossible. All actions performed with the directory of the tablet on the Android OS are extremely simple and intuitive. Therefore, to master the work on transmitting information through a standard configuration cable will not be difficult. How to configure this type of connection, read below.

The USB connection cable always includes with the device. Carefully inspect the packaging box from the store and find it. Further, everything is simpler. we connect the computer and tablet via USB cord. Insert one end into the suitable connector on the tablet, the other into the slot on the system unit.

The next algorithm of actions will confirm the correct connection of the devices:

  • In the lower right corner of the PC monitor, the inscription “The device is ready for use” and “installation of drivers is successfully completed”
  • The inscription “Connection is successfully installed” on the screen of the mobile device “. Activate it by pressing
  • Below the tablet screen, the “Turn on the USB Drum” button appears
  • Go to my computer and find a new device by name
  • Click it with double pressing the mouse. All files saved on hard drives will open in front of you
  • Now you can easily copy information from a tablet to a computer and vice versa.

This method of connecting is the simplest and most reliable. It does not cause difficulties in any, even a novice user, t. to. File exchange with Android is very simple. In this case, the mobile device acts as a simple information drive.

Connection of a tablet to a laptop with Windows 10 OS

For successful transfer of files using Bluetooth, you need to conjure devices.

Launch Bluetooth on your tablet. You can do this simply by pulling the notification curtain and clicking on the Bluetooth icon. Or select the corresponding section in the settings.

connect, tablet, laptop

Turn on visibility. You can do this for a while, or for the whole time. Otherwise, you will not be able to see your device on a laptop.

Put the tablet and sit down at the computer. We need to search for all available devices. To do this in the popular Windows 10 you need:

Launch the Start menu and select “Parameters”.

Tablet Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus. How to Display Internal Storage on the Computer via USB [How to]

Click on the “Devices” section and find “Bluetooth” there.

After searching on the screen, the name of your tablet and the “tie” button, on which we need to click, should appear.

Next, we compare the secret codes and click “conjugation”.

After that, the setup of the laptop and the tablet should be successfully completed.

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How to connect a smartphone with PC via wireless networks

Wireless networks do not allow transmitting data too fast. But with their help you can connect Android to a PC or a phone on another operating system (for example, iOS) to a laptop by an order of magnitude faster. Make sure in advance that your computer has either a Wi-Fi module or Bluetooth. Otherwise, you will have to go in search of a cable.

Bluetooth connection

There is Bluetooth on almost any modern laptop. How to connect the phone to the laptop in this case? To use this type of connection, run the corresponding modules on both devices. PC and phone. Then, on a computer or laptop, start a search for devices compatible with it. Soon the device will be discovered and you will confirm the connection. Please note that the option that does not involve the use of access keys is preferable.

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Wi-Fi connection

Connecting a phone to a computer via Wi-Fi is the most popular type of device connection. And not surprising, because it takes little time and is quite convenient for users. But there are nuances. For example, you can not do without a Wi-Fi Rooter, Wi-Fi adapter or Wi-Fi antennas. And you also need to come to terms with the fact that the exchange of information will not differ in particular speed.

The simplest solution for how to connect a mobile phone with a laptop through Wi-Fi is to use a special mobile application. In other words, you need a program for connecting a phone to a computer. There are a large number of similar applications, therefore, regardless of your operating system, you will select the necessary option without any problems. If you have Apple, then your choice is certainly iTunes. Update Service, MyPhoneExplorer and other solutions are suitable for Android phones.

Appropriate applications work according to one principle. As a rule, after launch, such a program offers the user an address that needs to be transferred to the address line to PC. After that, the internal memory of the smartphone will open on it in the form of a folder.

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In addition to remote control, management and transfer of files, TeamViewer allows you to communicate through chat, voice and video calls, as well as web conferences. For private non.profit use of software is free. The paid version does not have a pop.up window with each connection, more than three controlled devices, several simultaneous connections and some other functions that are mainly necessary with professional and corporate use are available.

To connect the computer to the Android device, you must install on PC TeamViewer, and the TeamViewer Quicksupport application is on the device. After starting both programs, you need to enter the ID from TeamViewer Quicksuport to the ID Partner on PC and click. After that, it will be necessary to confirm access on the Android device in the window that opened there.

Tip: In case of breakdown of the touch screen, it is advisable to install the desired software in advance (to choose from), make settings, confirm access during the first connection and try control of the smartphone from the computer. This will allow you to delete certain files in which case and deviate with PC before taking the device for repair. If the settings were not prudently made, in the event of a touch screen malfunction, you can use Android Device Manager to delete data from a smartphone.

Airdroid is a multifunctional manager for managing a smartphone through the Internet or cable. There is both a downloaded program and a online version with a Web-intenses that does not require installation. In the first case, the connection is possible through the Internet, cable or Bluetooth, in the second. via the Internet. On the smartphone you will need to install the application of the same name. By default, some functions in the Airdroid version for Android are disabled. For example, remote access to the screen, remote control, contact management, etc. They can be turned on in safety settings and remote function.

To start using Airdroid, you need to register in the system and log in to the PC and smartphone. At the first connection on the smartphone, it will be necessary to confirm access in a pop.up window.

Applications for the correct operation of OTG

Sometimes the problem may not be how to open a USB flash drive on a tablet, but that the files do not throw. This is due to the automatic blocking of the system, whether Android or iOS. You can get around the lock using special applications.

There are several similar applications. The best is StickMount.

Now a separate folder with its name will be created for the external drive. You can throw files there. And also using the application you can figure out how to format the USB flash drive not through PC, but through a mobile device.

Now let’s look at each item in more detail.

Insert any device into the verified connector, in the serviceability of which you are sure (for example, a working flash drive or mouse). If the attached devices function, then the working connector is.

The wire should also do. connect a serviceable device through it (for example, a mobile phone).

Start this item if the first two reasons do not have soil.

connect, tablet, laptop

About available methods

In total, the tablet can be connected in two ways to the computer:

If you connect a tablet to a computer to throw photos or access to some files, you can use third-party applications, for example, the famous ES-conductor or Google Drive application. In the latter case, you can download the necessary files from the tablet to the cloud storage and get access to them from any device.

Android connection via USB port

The easiest way is to make a “external disk” tablet, which can be read from a computer.

However, most tablets require special utilities or drivers for such a “connection”. This condition should be excluded, since it is possible without software additions.

To do this, activate the special mode “Debugging of the USBOPITION” tablet Settings “can be found in the tablet settings.

In the dialog box that appears, click “OK”. The tablet is ready to connect via USB without any applications that the “conductor” allows, and only through its tools

This can be done when the memory card is extracted. If all the information is stored on it, just remove it and insert it into a device for reading memory cards on a desktop or portable computer.

Through the My FTP Server program

My FTP Server program is another way to connect a laptop to a gadget without wires. For this, first of all, the application is installed on a tablet or phone. After that, the following actions are performed:

On the main panel of the program is clicked on the “Start Server” button. After that, the corresponding window lights up with green light and instead of the inscription “OFF” appears the inscription “ON”.

Next, set a laptop or computer:

  • carry out the entrance to the subsection “My computer”;
  • the manipulator key located on the right side is pressed on the free field and the transition to the tab “Add a new element to the network environment”;
  • a new window appears and pressed on the “Next” button;
  • Copy the address of the network from the program and inserted into the appropriate line;
  • Login and password are entered in the fields, then drive the address;
  • click on the window “Next”.

After that, the “My Computer” menu appears, in which the new element is located.

It is opened and entered by the login and password into the corresponding windows. So you gained access to the gadget files.