How to connect a phone to a monitor or TV: simple ways

Modern smartphone, in fact, compact computer. It allows you to launch games, work with documents, play high.resolution video. A full.fledged PC smartphone is inferior only to the size of the screen. Even the diagonals of tablets are not enough to enjoy the picture in films. But this problem can be solved if you connect the phone to the TV or monitor.

Depending on individual preferences and connected devices, you can use several ways to connect. Among them we have chosen the most popular.

Cable or Wi-Fi?

For emergency expansion of the working surface, you can use a tablet, if it is not, then even a smartphone is suitable. In addition to this device, you also need the correct software.

The free Wired Xdisplay program Splashtop will cope with this task. You will also need a wired connection to the computer-it is best using the USB cable and the USB 3 port.0 (you can use USB 2.0).

It is also possible to establish a wireless connection using programs such as, for example, SpaceDesk Lee IDISPLAY. But the first program does not always work stable, but the second paid, so the choice is best made in favor of the cable.

How to connect android to the screen via wi-fi?

The procedure for output of the contents of the Android on the screen depends on the type of device to which the cell.

If the content is broadcast on the TV, then the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • In the phone settings Find the networks and turn on Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Go to the “Network” item on TV.
  • Find a suitable gadget (this will be the name of your phone model) and contact it.

Wi-Fi Direct function in a smartphone

Monitors, unlike the TV, do not have the ability to wireless. Therefore, they need to purchase additional adapters for them. Follow the above connection instructions.

Connection iPhone

In the case of Apple products, you also can not do without special adapters. However, in this situation, the usual MHL adapter is not suitable due to differences in the intenses. You will need a special device for the transition from the standard iPhone connector (Lightning) to HDMI.

How to connect your smartphone with computer without using data cable? Using same WiFi Network.

An alternative option is the use of special consoles that are designed for TVs. In the case of Android devices, any Smart-TV prefix is ​​suitable. Apple devices will need a branded console. Together with these equipment, you can use mobile applications, as well as synchronize the prefix with the phone to transmit pictures.

How to connect iPhone to TV

If you have a gadget on iOS or iPad OS, then Apple has a proprietary function for wireless TV connection. AirPlay. This protocol is similar to Miracast and allows you to provide flow data transmission between any compatible devices.

If the Smart TV platform does not support the AirPlay 2 protocol, then for broadcasting you can use the Apple TV company prefix. To transmit data, you must connect devices to a common network.

  • Open the “control point” on the mobile device.
  • Click the “Repeat of the screen” and select Apple TV or TV.
  • A four.digit code will appear on the screen. Enter it in the field that will show the phone.

You can disconnect the connection in a similar way by clicking on “stop repetition”.

connect, smartphone, monitor, computer

If the monitor is HDMI

In this case, you can connect in two ways:

Cable directly

To broadcast the image, you will need only the USB Type-C/HDMI cable. It looks as follows:

connect, smartphone, monitor, computer

To connect, you only need to connect the corresponding connectors of the smartphone and monitor with the cable, and then select HDMI as a signal source on the monitor. To do this, press the settings button and find the Input Control item (may be called Input Source).

Plus in connecting the phone to the monitor with a cable is that in the absence of an additional adapter, the quality of the picture should be better. If you connect the Samsung Galaxy 20 level device, this is especially true.

How to smartly share mobile screen to PC monitor screen with or without CPU.

Since the cable costs more than the adapter, many prefer the second option.

Connection through one adapter

You will need a standard HDMI cable (now almost everyone already has at home) and an adapter from USB Type-C to HDMI, which looks like this:

Insert a USB type-c adapter connector into the phone’s nest, and connect the adapter and HDMI monitor connector with cable. After that, select HDMI as a signal source (through settings, Input Control) on the monitor

How to connect a phone to a computer with a broken screen?

How to display the image from the phone to the monitor?

If the device is not equipped with an intense cable, you need a special adapter. There is no single standard for the output of video and audio signal to TVs today, so much will depend on the brand and the manufacturer of the smartphone, resolving the monitor and phone display, other factors. The most popular software technologies include:

  • HDMI. Does not require external power and has a free port of Micro-USB with the ability to connect the periphery. However, there should be a separate connector on the device case for this.
  • MHL. There are three types of such cables. The first combines HDMI and Micro-USB functionality, the second directly connects the HDMI TV output with the MHL phone, and the third is a combined option.
  • Miracast. No additional transmitters are needed to connect this device. The presence of a built-in Wi-Fi module is enough. The main thing is that this equipment is compatible with this model of a smartphone and monitor.

Now it’s clear whether it is possible to connect the phone to the monitor. However, those who are interested in whether it is possible to use the phone as a monitor, it is worth recommending to contact a special software equipment produced by manufacturers of smartphones for their devices. Although there are universal applications, for example, MyphoneExplorer, installed from the market.

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connect, smartphone, monitor, computer