How to connect a smartphone as a WEB-camera to a computer

Modern smartphones are capable of many functions. In fact, this is a whole personal computer in your. which helps to solve various everyday tasks and allows you to access the Internet wherever you are. However, at home, a smartphone can also be very useful. This article will discuss how to connect a smartphone as a WEB-camera to your personal computer.

0.1. Smartphone in webcam mode

The WEB-camera allows you to create a video connection with relatives and friends, who are far from you at the moment. At the same time, you not only hear the person, but also see him.

So, connecting a smartphone to a PC as a WEB-camera

Due to the fact that modern smartphones have the ability to connect to a PC Not only via a USB cable, there are two ways to use a mobile device as a WEB-camera:

  • By connecting to a PC via a USB port;
  • Via wireless Wi-Fi.

It should be noted that both methods do not require any special knowledge and “supernatural” settings from you. However, a wireless connection is more convenient. Your smartphone is not tied to the PC with a short enough wire and does NOT limit your actions. That is, with a wireless connection, you can install the smartphone in any place convenient for you, and even move around the room with it. At the same time, the data transfer rate is NOT inferior to the cable connection.

1.1. How to connect a smartphone as a WEB-camera via Wi-Fi

There are various applications for connecting a smartphone as a WEB camera via a Wi-Fi connection. For example, “USB Webcam for Android” and “Droid Cam”. As already mentioned. There are a lot of applications, you just have to choose, download and install. Most of them can be found in the free Google Play service. It is worth noting. you need a home network or a Wi-Fi module on a PC.However, today almost every home has a Wi-Fi router, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

All programs have one principle of operation. Therefore, whichever application you choose, you should follow these steps:

  • Download and install the application on your smartphone and PC;
  • In the program for video calls, select the installed program as a WEB-camera.
connect, smartphone, web-camera

This completes the connection. The smartphone will work as a WEB camera, and you can create video chats with friends and family.

1.2. How to connect a smartphone as a WEB-camera via USB

There are also special programs for making this connection. It is worth noting. What the advantage of this connection is that the smartphone will be constantly charged via USB.

So, to connect a smartphone as a WEB-camera, follow these steps:

  • On the smartphone, in the settings, in the “applications” item, enable “USB debugging”;
  • Launch the USB Webcam for Android application on your smartphone and connect it to a PC via a USB cable;
  • Download and install a client for a personal computer “USB Webcam PC Host”;
  • In the folder “C: ProgramFiles / USBWebcam” you need to run the client through the file usbwebcam.Bat.

How to make a webcam from a smartphone

If you did everything correctly, then, for example, in the Skype program you will have the opportunity to select the WEB-camera of your smartphone. It should be noted that the image will have a low frame rate.

How to connect a WEB-camera to a smartphone

Connecting a WEB-camera to a smartphone also does not require special skills and knowledge. To do this, you need a special adapter, the so-called USB OTG cable. You will also need to download and install a special application that will allow you to control the WEB-camera.

The USB OTG cable has a microUSB connector on one side, which connects to a smartphone, and on the other. input for connecting USB devices. You just have to connect USB OTG to your smartphone, as well as a WEB-camera to the USB OTG USB input. After that, you need to launch the application to control the WEB-camera. It is worth remembering that not all smartphones support such a connection.