Most modern televisions are designed to be connected to the network. Thanks to this you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows on the big screen with your family, use the many functions of browsers on your device, and play video games.

But some devices are not equipped with this function. There are several ways to find out if there is Wi-Fi support:

  • Check the specifications of your TV on the Internet. It always indicates whether there is the possibility of connecting to Wi-Fi;
  • See your TV’s manual for more information. It will reflect the information about the availability of Wi-Fi;
  • Go to the settings menu of the TV itself. There, find the “Network and Internet” item and click on it. If there is Wi-Fi in the settings, then the device assumes you are connected to the network.

It is recommended to clarify in advance whether the TV has Wi-Fi. Ask the sales assistant if this is an important criterion for you when choosing a TV.

Instructions for connecting the Internet on your Samsung TV via Wi-Fi

To connect using this method, make sure that there is a built-in Wi-Fi module for signal reception. The exact parameters of the characteristics of the purchased TV can be viewed on the official website by entering the full name of the model in the search bar. The necessary information can be found in the Built-in wireless network support tab.

You need your home network name and password to establish a wireless connection. If you don’t know, ask your service provider for the information. When the TV is turned on for the first time, it automatically configures the TV system starts searching for Wi-Fi. You can easily connect your Samsung Smart TV to the Internet via a router.

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  • In the field that opens, enter the password to access the home network. To make sure that you enter the characters correctly, check the box next to Show Password;

After successful connection to the Internet, it is recommended to go to “Menu”, select “Support”, go to “Smart Hub” option. The function gives access to media content.

Samsung company is constantly expanding its production, introducing innovative technologies, improving the model range of TV devices. Even budget ranges are equipped with “Smart TV” technology. Each series is distinguished by small features concerning Wi-Fi connection.

All models of Samsung Smart TVs are marked according to the date of manufacture and the characteristics of the series, which are denoted by Latin letters.

TV systems of previous generations do not have a built-in Wi-Fi module. This means buying an adapter or connecting to the network via cable. The main problem in buying adapters is the individual compatibility of devices, each series requires an authentic device. You can also check the compatibility information on the manufacturer’s official Web site by looking at the corresponding table.

In case of signal instability or interruption of the previously established connection, it is necessary to determine the factors of failure. You can see information about the problem encountered in the “Network” section.

In the “Status” window, pay attention to the IP address and access channel.

In the suggested tab, click Save and run a Troubleshooting test.

You will be prompted for a PIN, which is a four-zero value. After that a complete reset of network settings will happen.

Connecting to Wi-Fi without DHCP

Manual setup of Samsung Smart TV WI-FI is performed by entering the data corresponding to the gateway address of the router, for example, During the setup, the following is entered:

After these manipulations the connection to the Internet is established and the TV will be able to quickly access the network of its provider.

After that you should eliminate the problems with the DHCP session, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the other gadgets, which are in the house and are connected to the Internet. To do this, the IP address of each device, including the TV in the adapter by MAC address.

Thanks to such actions in the work of gadgets no conflict situation will occur, and all devices will work flawlessly from the same router.

Ways to connect

Samsung can be connected in two ways: via wi-fi router or LAN cable, plugging it into a special slot on the TV. The second way of connection gives more possibilities at least because it transmits data at a higher speed than wi-fi.

However, not all Samsungs support direct connection, and it is much more convenient to use the Internet with a router.

The only disadvantage of wireless. frequent failures during the playback of the film. hangs or interruptions. Among the main reasons are weak signal transmission speed, as well as interference between a wireless device and a stationary TV.

Connecting via LAN cable

To connect the modem with the TV cable, plug one end of the cable into a special socket on the playback device,

To transmit network settings to the device, press the button on the router to start the DHCP server. It will automatically assign the right IP address and pass the DNS server and gateway. If this does not happen, you will have to write all settings manually. Please make sure that IP address you set during connection falls within the range of starting and ending addresses, programmed into the wireless LAN interface.

After completing all the conditions, we move to the Smart TV menu “Network” via the “Network Setup” button. Here you will see the information that the LAN cable is connected.

To configure the network we are interested in, click on the “Start” menu. After setting up the connection, click “OK”. Access granted.

If such an attempt to establish a connection is unsuccessful, you can try to configure the settings manually. To do this press “IP settings”, change the DNS from “get automatically” to “enter manually”, then enter the public address for domain names from Google. or

Check the functionality and restore the connection with the “Repeat” button. If the malfunction remains, while the router responds to signals, and you access the Internet from other gadgets, the cause may be hidden in the TV itself.

Connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi

If you have already installed a wireless router and configured the Wi-Fi settings, you need to check this parameter on the Smart TV first. Proceed as follows:

Now make sure the router is using DHCP and there is a connection. Do not forget that if you used a LAN cable to connect, the device will independently establish a connection with it. Unplug the cable to start the automatic Wi-Fi setup. Go to “Menu” “Network”, click on “Network settings”. Start searching for the router. If there are available devices, the list will appear on the TV screen. Choose your modem, click “Next”. When the connection is established, enter the code of the security key, which has been selected to protect the signal transmission via Wi-Fi.

If there are no claims to the network and the connection is correct, the TV will be connected to the Internet. The device will access the network thanks to the built-in Samsung Smart TV web browser.

If you have entered the parameters correctly, but the connection is not established, go back to the settings. Some of the main reasons for this are that the DHCP script is malfunctioning, as indicated by the notification on the device’s screen. The text warns that “connection broken”.

Other options of TV connection via Wi-Fi

There are other ways to connect the device wirelessly:

  • if your router supports WPS (look for the button on the wireless), then click on “Network Connection Type” WPS, press the “Next” button. Now hold down the WPS button on the router for 30-60 seconds. The connection will be configured automatically;
  • Using One Foot Connection technique (modem must support this function). Choose “Network Connection Type” One Foot Connection, click on the “Next” button. Place the wireless device at 30 cm from the device to establish a connection;
  • using PlugAcess technology. You need a blank flash card. Insert it into a special slot on the modem, watch the state of the indicator of the device. When the flashing stops, remove the card, insert it into the TV. Now wait for the network to set up automatically. This connection option is the fastest.

How to connect Wi-Fi to Samsung TV: step by step instructions

Almost all modern TVs use Wi-Fi, so you can connect your TV to the Internet. Smart TV is a TV set or set-top box with a built-in or optional adapter that allows the owner to use the Web on the device. With this technology on the TV you can watch YouTube videos and use other useful features. But many people have a question about how to configure Smart TV on a Samsung TV via Wi-Fi. The following instructions will help solve it in a few minutes.

Determining if the TV supports Wi-Fi

There are many ways to find out if your TV model has Wi-Fi support or not. The easiest one is to study its characteristics, which are listed in its passport. You can also check them on the Internet resources of consumer electronics manufacturers. To do this you just need to enter the model of your TV in the search engine.

If there is a “” or “Yes” next to “Wi-Fi”, then it can work with wireless networks. If there is no TV passport, and it is impossible to check its parameters on the Internet, you have to go to its settings. If there is no “Network” item, then you will need to buy an external Wi-Fi module to connect to the wireless internet. It is simply plugged into a TV port and adjusted.

How to connect the internet from your phone to your TV

Before the TV to connect to the Internet via phone, you need to prepare the gadget. In order to distribute the Internet from the smartphone, it is necessary to specify the necessary settings. To do this, go to the section devoted to networks. Next, you need to activate the option that allows the distribution of the Internet, turning the gadget into an access point. This can be done if the mobile service provider allows it.

It is necessary to take into account that during further work the traffic will be spent very quickly, so it is important to always consider the consumption of the Internet. It is best if the provider provides mobile traffic.

When installing the network, the user must set its name and set the security key. Having a password will prevent unauthorized persons from connecting to the newly created wireless network.


In Samsung Smart TV, in order to connect the TV to the smartphone, you must set the connection to the wireless network in the settings. To do this, activate the menu using the remote control. In the network settings section, specify that a Wi-Fi connection is being made. Next, you search for available networks. Of these, choose the one created by the smartphone.

The user has to click on it. In the corresponding window, you will need to specify the connection security key.

If using LG Smart TV, you can connect to the Internet in the settings. In the section that is dedicated to the network, you need to go to the list of available options.

In the “Network connection” section you specify the type of connection.

Then you will proceed to the list of available networks, selecting from them the necessary one. To connect, click on the desired line, then enter the security key.

Connect the TV to the smartphone on Sony perform the same way as for other TV models. Once the smartphone is configured to distribute the Internet, it actually creates its own Wi-Fi network.

If the TV has a built-in wireless unit, the connection is made through the settings. They need to specify that the source of the video signal is Wi-Fi, then select the network created by your smartphone and connect to it.

Android TV

If you use a TV with Android TV, you can use the Chromecast technology. In order to take advantage of this feature, you need to use a branded set-top box. Quality will depend on the model used. It can provide Full HD or 4K resolution. The connection is made as follows:

  • Buy a Google Chromecast set-top box. Connect it to the TV through the HDMI connector.
  • You need to specify the HDMI port as a signal source.
  • Connect to a wireless network.
  • You download the Google Home app to your smartphone. It is available for smartphones with Android or iOS.
  • The content must be run on your smartphone in a compatible application. An example of this is the browser Google Chrome.
  • You need to click on the broadcast icon.

After that, you can view the corresponding video in high quality on the screen.

You can see how the internet is streamed through your smartphone

Wi-Fi adapter from a router for a Smart TV without a built-in Wi-Fi module

If the TV is equipped with Smart TV, it is logical to have a built-in Wi-Fi receiver. However some models do not have it, which creates a deadlock: there is an application for working in the Internet, but the access to it is closed.

It remains the most applicable and convenient option to connect TV to the Internet without the built-in module. It is based on the fact that any router can be used as an adapter. To remedy the situation you can do the following:

  • Get a router. It is not necessary to buy an expensive network adapter, Totolink and Netis are recommended.
  • Set up the router in adapter mode. initially it can be set as a router or amplifier, for example. You can leave the amplifier, also bridge mode will do.
  • Connect the adapter and the Smart TV via a network cable.
  • Internet connection is established.

The point of this method is that router gets information from the main network and transmits it to the TV via network cable. It does not look cumbersome, but rather compact. all you need is a router and a network cable.

When starting Smart-TV for the first time, the device should by default prompt the new user to configure network access. Sometimes such notification is ignored when one wants to hurry up with tuning TV channels and calibrating the display. But to fully establish the connection you need to do the following steps:

Samsung Smart TV: How to Connect to Internet WiFi (Wireless or Wired)

  • Go to “Settings” with the “Settings” key on the remote control.
  • Open the “Network” tab (the icon in the shape of a planet) and then go to the “Network Setup” tab.
  • After opening a black window with manufacturer’s hints click “Start” (blue button).
  • Select “Wireless” from the general list and wait for the list of available Wi-Fi spots to appear.
  • Find your own router among the available spots, enter the password (8 character key) and wait for the download to complete.
  • Confirm to save the set parameters so that the device has access to the Internet.

The described algorithm is suitable only for the automatic configuration, and when you need the advanced version, you have to use the manual mode (enter the IP-address and SSID. the name of the wireless access point).