Smart Touch Control is a voice-activated remote control for Samsung Smart TVs

Smart Touch Control is designed for remote control of Samsung Smart TVs of 2013 and later models. The device allows you to control connected set-top boxes and Blu-ray players, to perform certain commands by voice. Remote control connection options depend on the TV model.

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Smart Touch Control for F-Series TVs

Smart remote control for Samsung TV

Like another similar device, the remote control for Samsung Smart TV allows you to turn on and off the receiver, switch and tune channels, adjust the volume and image parameters, program individual buttons to perform specific tasks and change their purpose. But the functionality of the “smart” device is much wider. the following options are additionally available:

  • watching streaming video;
  • listening to radio stations;
  • Internet search;
  • social networking;
  • Playing media from external media;
  • installing and configuring the software for various needs;
  • voice control.

To this end, the remote control has a button to launch the Smart Hub service, which concentrates all the Smart-functions of the TV. Further on the menu can be navigated in the standard way: through the arrow keys, the keys “” and “-“, as well as “OK”. But the above options do not limit the functionality of the devices in question. According to this feature we can distinguish several groups of remote controls.

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  • Among the “remotes” for Smart TVs, two-sided models with QWERTY-keyboard on the back side stand out. This feature allows you to enter text without difficulties, which are unavoidable when working with the onscreen keyboard. It is also important that pressing a button on one side causes the keys on the other side to lock automatically.
  • A model with a gyroscope. a hybrid of a remote control and a computer mouse. It tracks the position of the remote control in space, so you can move the cursor on the TV screen, open the desired menu items and run applications, just like on a PC. Other names for this kind of devices are remote pointer and an aerial mouse.
  • Many devices are equipped with a microphone for controlling your TV with voice commands.
  • New generation remote control models have a minimum of buttons and a touchpad on the flat part of the front surface, on which you can slide your fingers to move the cursor without having to lift the remote itself.
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How to choose, download and install a Samsung TV remote control app

At a time of rapid development of modern technology, common TVs are also evolving.

If in the past the TV set had only one function. broadcasting TV air, now it is a full-fledged multimedia device with many functions and Internet access.

Consequently, to fully control the modern Smart TV is no longer enough a simple remote, it is better to use special applications for management from your smartphone. But how to choose and install it, how to configure? There’s really nothing complicated about it. Below we answer all of these questions.

How to adjust the universal remote control to TV: codes, instructions

How to adjust the universal remote control for your Samsung TV? The universal control is increasingly used to contact home appliances because it is simple to set up and easy to replace in the event of loss or breakage. But not all users know how to perform debugging and what to do to start working with the TV. In this article is not only a guide, but also an alternative version of control technology.

How to connect a universal remote control Gal to your TV: codes, instructions

How to set up a universal remote is a fairly popular question, since remote control (RC) is an integral part of our lives. Such a device can control several gadgets at once: TV, projector, recorder, DVD player, home theater, TV receivers, Smart TV, various video, audio devices.

Setting up a universal remote control for your Samsung TV

There are two options through which it is possible to connect the universal remote control to a Samsung TV. manual or automatic. Note that any universal remote control (remote control) works on the same principle as the proprietary.

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Enable “Auto Search” in the settings, and dial “9999”. Do not release the last nine until the receiver is turned off. After turning on, the algorithm will be as follows:

  • point remote control to TV;
  • Press and hold “Power” button for 3-5 seconds;
  • Press “SET” and “Power” again;
  • enter the code;
  • save it;
  • exit. double-tap on “SET”.


First, take the remote control tool, and insert the batteries into it. Start it by pressing “Power” (usually the key is highlighted in red and is above the others). Then press “Return” and “Play/Stop” simultaneously, hold for up to 4 seconds and release. With IR port pointing to TV. After this action, a loading window will appear on the screen. this is the “Device Search”. In 1-2 minutes the TV will find the standalone remote control and request to connect to it. Enter the code and complete the pairing.

No code

Authentication without special code is possible if your TV-device has such settings. Then use one of the above options to connect, but skip the step of entering the combination.


Many people do not know how to configure the universal controller. You can use one of three ways to configure it.


The most reliable way to activate RC panel. Sequence of operations:


This method applies when the TV code is unknown. To do this:

Automatic search of the TV brand can take from 15 to 25 minutes. Next, the receiver can be reset and start using the remote.

No code

These controllers can pick up the correct code themselves. To make this happen you need to do the following:

After turning off the code will be picked up. At the end, press the TV button to save your settings.

How to set it as a universal remote control

One of the most interesting features of some Samsung Smart TVs. It is possible to set the remote control as a universal remote control. This allows you to control other devices connected to it.

  • Press the home button on the remote control
  • Then use the steering wheel to scroll to the left until you reach the “Source” option on the Samsung Smart TV screen.
  • Now select from the pop-up menu that you will see the universal remote configuration option.
  • Press the Start button and select the device you want to control with the Smart Remote (set-top box, home theater, or Blu-ray player).
  • After selecting, look for the brand of the device.
  • Then choose how you want to connect (optical connection, HDMI, etc.). Д.)
  • Click on Power-on test to see if everything goes as it should, if it responds, continue
  • Done, click Done, and you’re all set to use the Smart Remote as a universal remote.
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In this way, you can reduce the number of controls needed to control devices connected to your Samsung TV.

How to choose a Samsung remote for new and old TVs?

If the Samsung “remote” is out of order, it’s important to look up the model information on its front panel first. The model number can be on any part of the remote, or even under the cover. If there is no information on the remote control, you can read it in the data sheet of the equipment or in the manual of the remote control. First of all, you should not make a few mistakes:

  • throw away immediately a failed remote control, because it can help you to pick up a new one in the store;
  • You can find a manual for a specific model on the Internet to find a similar remote control.

If there is a need to buy a remote control for an old Samsung TV, and you can’t find a native remote control model, then you will have to choose a universal variant. There are not many criteria for this. It is important to pay attention to:

Upgrade Samsung Smart TV to Smart Remote Control. Activate and pair Smart Voice Remote Control

  • Before you buy, you need to determine that the remote control and the TV model fit together.
  • If there is a compatible remote control for a specific TV model, then first of all you should determine its ergonomics and whether it has certain keys with functions.
  • If the technique has backlit keys and customizable buttons, it will be much easier to configure the remote.