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TV is a very important device in the house of any person. Despite the fact that over the past 15-20 years, the TV receivers have changed a lot, the main control element has remained unchanged-the remote control. It includes with any device and allows the user to move between the menu items, choosing the necessary section.

However, over the past few years, the remote control has noticeably transformed. For example, complete with modern LG televisions with support for Smart TV is a proprietary PDU Magic Remote. A person who sees such a gadget for the first time can be pretty surprised by his minimalism and bizarre forms. Therefore, before starting operation, it is recommended to study all the functions of the control element.

Like any other remote control, Magic Remote connects to the TV using an infrared sensor. It is noticeable on the upper end of the device. With its help, the processes are controlled by the same. Now let’s try to figure out what kind of operations can perform Magic Remote from LG.

Firstly, this, of course, is turned on and off the TV. This function is the main and non.alternative, as well as the ability to change the volume and switch channels. This Magic Remote does not surprise at all. But at the same time, the remote control has additional functions that should be listed separately:

  • launch of the LG digital console (if any);
  • View a list of saved programs;
  • output of the virtual remote control to the screen;
  • activation of a voice assistant;
  • A special ring for convenient viewing websites;
  • transition to 3D mode (if the TV supports technology);
  • display of the list of connected devices;
  • quick transition to one of the available online cinemas;
  • Focusing and increasing the specific area of ​​the menu for more convenient navigation.

How it becomes clear from the listed list, the remote control has much more functions than it might seem at first glance. This is a truly advanced remote control, although the device looks extremely minimalist.

The number of accessible functions of the remote control directly depends on the TV model. The list of opportunities may differ from the one in the material.

Where is the Smart button on the LG remote control

Almost all modern TVs are equipped with a Smart TV function. Using this function, you can view videos, websites directly from the TV. T.e. The TV has become a kind of computer on which you can install applications, go to sites using a browser, etc.D. In this article, I will talk in detail about the Smart TV setting on LG TVs with the new Webos operating system.

Since when connecting a TV via a network cable coming from a router, it does not require special settings, I will dwell in more detail on connecting the LG TV to the Wi-Fi network.

Click on the control panel “Settings” button.

On TV, select “Network”-“Connection to the Wi-Fi network”

Next, select your wireless network and press the OK button on the control panel.

After that, it will be necessary to enter a password from the Wi-Fi network.

If you forgot the password from your Wi-Fi network, you can use WPS technology, for this, the menu where all wireless networks are shown, select-“Connection using WPS-RVS”.

After that, within a minute you need to press the WPS button on a Wi-Fi router.

It doesn’t matter which of the methods you used-input password or WPS, as a result you will connect to the wireless network, this can be understood from the checkmark opposite the name of the Wi-Fi network.

After that, you can start using the SMART TV function, for this, click the “Smart” button on the control panel.

At the bottom of the TV you will see a list of default applications. You can choose any and run it using the OK button on the control panel.

If you can add few installed applications, for this, click the “My Apps” button on the control panel.

On the TV screen, select the LG Store application.

After that, you will open all the applications that are available for your TV, select anyone and install it. Now the installed application will appear in the list of installed applications.

If for some reason you did not manage to configure the Smart TV on the LG TV, I recommend reading the article. solving the most popular problems related to Smart TV settings.

Will LG Magic Remote work with my LG TV (Smart TV)?

I would like to collect on this page a list of TVs that work with one of the two Magic Remote: AN-MR500, AN-MR600 remote controls. I think that old models can no longer be considered.

Also, I will also try to note the TV models separately, to connect the remote control to which you will need a special receiver An WF500.

Please note that compatibility information is not verified by me personally. Most likely, this is information from forums, reviews in online stores, etc. D. Those models in the compatibility of which I am sure, or information about compatibility in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on this article was left, will be highlighted.

I would be very grateful if you leave your review in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. If you have LG Magic Remote and it works great with your TV, then write about it. Information is useful to many.

[LG TV]. LG Magic Remote Troubleshooting Tips

AN-MR600 works with such TVs:

UF7590, UF7700, EG9600, EF9800, EF9500, UF7690, UF7600, UF9500, LF6300, UF8500, 43UF680, 42LF652V, LF630V

For these models you need a special adapter: 43UF640V

AN-MR500 works with such TV models:

These models need a special adapter: 43LF590V, 42 LF580V, 42 LB580V-ZB

Another great way to find out compatibility:

We go to the LG website, and find the model of our TV there. Open the Technical Design tab, and click on the Smart TV item. On the contrary, the “remote control” will most likely indicate the model that supports the TV.

Do not forget to leave reviews, tips and compatibility information in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Sergey TVs LG Smart TV Home »LG» Find the remote control in two steps: 1. 2. LG AN-MR18BA 3530 remote control.00 remote control lg an-mr19ba 3350.00 LG AN-MR700 3590 remote control.00 remote control for LG AKB73275605 440.00 remote control for LG AKB73275612 440.00 remote control for LG AKB73615302 440.00 remote control for LG AKB73615303 440.00 remote control for LG AKB73615306 440.00 remote control for LG AKB73615307 440.00 remote control for LG AKB73715601 380.00 remote control lg akb73715601 (original) 1330.00 remote control for LG AKB73715634 380.00 remote control for LG AKB7371569 380.00 remote control for LG AKB73756502 440.00 remote control for LG AKB73756503 440.00 remote control for LG AKB73756504 440.00 remote control for LG AKB7375659 440.00 remote control for LG AKB73756564 440.00 remote control for LG AKB73756571 440.00 remote control for LG AKB73975757 380.00 remote control for LG AKB73975761 380.00 remote control for LG AKB74115502 (original) 690.00 remote control for LG AKB74455401 440.00 remote control for LG AKB74455403 440.00 LG AKB74455403 (original) 1490.00 remote control for LG AKB74455409 440.00 remote control for LG AKB74455416 440.00 remote control for LG AKB74475401 380.00 remote control for LG AKB74475404 380.00 remote control for LG AKB74475472 380.00 LG AKB74475472 (original) 890.00 remote control for LG AKB74475481 380.00 remote control for LG AKB74475490 380.00 remote control for LG AKB74915324 380.00 remote control for LG AKB74915325 380.00 remote control for LG AKB74915330 380.00 remote control for LG AKB74915346 380.00 remote control for LG AKB74915365 380.00 remote control for LG AKB75055702 380.00 LG AKB75055702 (original) 890.00 remote control for LG AKB75095312 / AKB75375611 380.00 remote control lg akb75095312 / AKB75375611 (original) 1100.00 LG AN-MR400 5500 remote control.00 dongl LG an-MR400D 1850.00 LG AN-MR500 (AN-MR500G) 5500 remote control.00 LG AN-MR600 4500 remote control.00 LG AN-MR650 3490 remote control.00 LG AN-MR650A 3350 remote control.00 LG AKB75675303 (original) 1330.00

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Smart LG Smart TVs are represented in the catalog by non.original and original models. At the same time, you can buy remarks for SMART LG TVs as a regular type, with a diode, as well as a remote control (LG Magic Remote), operating through Bluetooth. But before ordering the goods, make sure that it was selected correctly. To do this, we recommend listening to our tips.

How to find a remote for Smart TVs LG?

The most accurate and simple way is to find according to the model of the native remote control. If you have a regular remote control, then you can find the name of the model on the body under the LG logo. If you are the owner of the Magic Pult-on the back side, under the cover of the battery compartment. “Magic” remote controls do not change each other, so carefully compare the appearance and functionality to the identity. You can also find the remote control according to the model of your Smart TV LG. To do this, look for its model on the TV housing, and then find possible options for it. To find the desired remote control on our website “Poltmarket”, enter the exact name of the model in the search line, choosing a search by a remote control or a model of equipment. If you could not find the right device, write to us. We will try to answer as soon as possible and find your remote control.

The basic principles of our online store

On the online shelves of the Poltmarket online store, there are a considerable number of original and non-original models of remote controls. Both originals and analogues are identical in functionality and appearance. You can also find special remitter remote controls that are produced in other buildings and may vary slightly in functionality. They are necessary only when the above.mentioned models cannot be found. Each product card indicates reliable and relevant information on the presence of the remote control. Before entering the online video, the remote controls are additionally checked for stable and correct performance. Delivery is possible in any part of Russia and abroad. So that you will soon receive your device, we send orders daily, on weekdays. To ensure safety during transportation, each remote control is packaged in a bubble film. You can pay either in cash (upon receipt) or on prepayment.

Android 2.2 Other versions of LG TV Remote. a program for managing the SMART LG TV with the ability to output and display on the screen of personal media derivatives from your mobile device. The program works on the local Wi-Fi network. Telegram-каналсоздателяТрешбоксас инсайдамиразработки Поддерживаемые модели: LM9600, LM9500, LM9400, LM8600, LMG860, LM7610, LM7600, LM6710, LM6700, LM6690, LM6610, LM6600, LM6450, LM6400, LM6300, LMG620, LM6250, LM6200, LM6100, LM5900, LS5800, LS5750 LS5700, PM9700, PM6900, PM6700, PM4700 Main characteristics:. continuous viewing of the air channels on the mobile device (supports LM9600, LM9500, LM9400, LM8600). HOLD CHANTS CONTACES. access to premium CP and MyApps NEW. Management. Management. Management. Management. Management. Management. Management indicator using a touch panel. light input of text from a smartphone. Attention! Version 3.0.36 is compatible with Smart TV released since 2012. Telegram channel-breeder Treeshoksasus. Insaidams Last change: November 8, 2015-22:39 7 Products Fast Viewing the remote control h-132499 LG tvs Black company from Perm, Delivery (tomorrow)

How to connect and use the LG Magic Remote remote control

Smart TV (Smart TV) or Smart Television. a function that is found in most modern TVs. To facilitate the management of the device, LG produces a branded remote control. Magic Remote.

For the very first TVs from Smart TV, you need to buy it separately. But the latest models (starting from the 7th series) are sold with two remote controls at once. ordinary and Magic Remote. We will talk about the advantages of the device, models, compatibility with TVs, using the “magic” remote control, as well as the most common problems that may happen.

general information

Magic Remote is a multifunctional electronic control device for SMART function of LG TVs. They can switch the channels, call the main menu. the remote control can do everything that does the usual remote control.

  • gyroscope. the cursor on the screen moves when moving the remote control in space;
  • a wheel like on a computer mouse. for the convenience of viewing sites;
  • Voice Search. now you do not need to print requests in the search line, press the buttons to switch to the desired channel.
  • transmitter. Bluetooth;
  • frequency range-2400-2484 GHz;
  • transmitter power. 10 dBM;
  • Power consumption. 300 MW.
  • Works on two AA type batteries. Action radius. 10 m.

Reference! The latest models of Magic Remote for LG Smart TV support the function of gesture management.

Review of functionality

Let’s get acquainted with the buttons (look from top to bottom):

  • The inclusion/off badge. everything is clear here;
  • STB PWR. turning on/off the console LG (if it is connected to TV);
  • buttons from 1 to 9. for entering characters and numbers;
  • 0. digit or gap;
  • List. archive of saved programs;
  • AD. a virtual remote control will appear on the screen;
  • and. with a triangle in the middle. sound control;
  • P with the upper and lower arrow. switching channels;
  • crossed out the speaker. shutdown of sound;
  • Microphone. to use the function “Voice Teams”;
  • “House”. the main menu;
  • gear. settings;
  • a wheel (you can twist and press). an analogue of a computer mouse;
  • Circle with arrows. navigation;
  • Back. return to the previous point or exit from the menu;
  • Guide. television program;
  • wire with a plug. a list of conjugated devices;
  • Additional buttons (on the sides of Input)-a call of an online cinema (in Russian-speaking versions usually IVI);
  • red, green, yellow, blue. these buttons can be assigned for yourself, for quick access to certain menu items;
  • Text. turning on/disabling subtitles;
  • T.OPT. control of the teletecst function;
  • Live Zoome. Focus and an increase in a separate image site on the screen.
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Attention! The first models do not have a zone with numbers. Full functionality is available on the latest versions-MR600-650A.

To buy the Magic Remote remote control for LG TV, you will have to study information about the compatibility of the devices. If it is included, there are no problems. In other cases, first of all, you need to find out the year of release of the TV. Naturally, it should be supported by Smart TV.

List of TV models and remotes suitable for them:

  • AN-MR300-LED LCD and plasma TVs 2012.
  • AN-MR400-Smart TV 2013.
  • AN-MR500-TVs 2014.
  • AN-MR600-TV 2015. (UHD 4K. UF7700, UF8500, UF9400, UF9500, LCD. LF6300, OLED. EF9500, EG9600, EF9800).
  • AN-MR650-All TV 2016 with Web OS 3.0 (except UH625-603V, LH604V, LH590V, LH570V).
  • AN-MR650A-TVs of 2017.

A new AN-MR700 remote control is supplied with models of the Signature line. For TV LG 2018, you need an-MR18BA, and for 2019-AN-MR19A.

The very first versions of the device is difficult to find. They are mainly sold in online stores from Chinese manufacturers. But it must be borne in mind that problems may arise with the connection of the non.original remote control.

connect, remote, control, magic

Attention! PDU LG Magic Remote are incompatible with TVs of other companies.

Connection, registration and setting

To use the remote control, you need to connect it to the TV. How to do it:

A notice of registration of the remote control. If there is no message, turn off, turn on the TV again and repeat the procedure.

How to use a remote control to manage the functions of “smart” TV? To do this, call the cursor. Just shake the device or turn it right. An arrow will appear on the screen, which will move behind the movement of the hand. If the accessory is not used for a long time or lies on a flat surface, the cursor disappears. For repeated activation, you need to shake the remote control.

The cursor can be configured for yourself. Here’s the instruction:

  • Click on the “house”, the main menu will open;
  • select “Settings”, then “installations” and “pointer”;
  • set the desired parameters: speed, shape, size, leveling.

With the first three settings, I think everything is clear. But alignment allows you to move the cursor to the center of the screen when shaking the remote control.

Advice! To make Magic Remote as a regular remote control, press any navigation button (arrows circle). The second option is to squeeze the “house” and back.

Here you can download the user guide for the model of the 2019 sample remote control.

Possible problems

It happens that it turned out to be connected to the remote control, but it performs commands incorrectly, or after some time completely stops working. In this case, you need to tie the remote control to the TV again. How to do it:

Connection to the LG TV and control from a smartphone

  • Make sure the phone and TV are connected to one router. If you do not have the opportunity to perform such a connection, then you can try to connect them via Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Install the LG TV Plus application on your smartphone. It can be found without problems through a search in Google Play or App Store. In the TV settings there is a QR code for loading this application (see the following points below).
  • In the Smart TV menu, run the “connection manager”.
  • Select there “Smartphone”. “TV control” (use the phone as a remote control for a TV). There will be a connection instructions and a QR code for phones on Android and iPhone. If you have not installed the application yet, then just turn on the camera and enter it on the desired QR code.
  • After installation, start the LG TV Plus application on the phone.
  • A PIN code will appear on the TV screen.
  • Enter this code in the LG TV Plus application on a smartphone. In my case, this is iPhone.
  • After that, the smartphone will be connected to the TV and in the application all the functions to control the TV will be available. I will tell in more detail about these functions in the last chapter of this article.

Through Wi-Fi Direct

You can connect a smartphone to the TV directly. And after that, the connection in the LG tv plus appendix. I did not check the work of this function when connecting via Wi-Fi Direct. Yes, and you are unlikely to use this method. But it should work.

You need to go to the TV settings, in the “Network” section-“Wi-Fi Direct” and connect the smartphone to the TV.

If the phone does not see the TV

  • Check the connection of the TV and phone to one router.
  • Turn off the TV for 10 minutes (completely, from the outlet) and reboot the smartphone.
  • LG TV Plus works with TVs that were released after 2014. If you have an older TV, then it will not work to control the smartphone through this application.
  • Make sure that the LG Connect Apps function includes in the TV settings on the Network tab.
  • Update TV firmware.

Magic Remote remote does not work. what to do in such a situation?

What to do if your magic remote control is Magic Remote (also known as the Jedi’s remote control or Majik Mawshn) from the LG TV stopped working? No need to panic, our instruction will help you!

We understand the problem

If you take the remote control in the hand and wave, then usually a pointer appears on the TV, which can be controlled by movements. But what to do if the pointer does not appear, how not to shake this remote control?

The remote control can refuse to work for a huge number of reasons and it is not necessary that it has broken or failed. The more complicated the technique, the more she has a chance to buff.

One of the main reasons for the problem may be ignorance of the instructions for the TV. Frankly, you read at least the main points before use? Most likely not, but believe me. there are almost 90% of your problems there lies.

Let’s take a look at the brief guide to the use of the remote control, perhaps this will push you to the right ideas (the remote control in the pictures is presented an old one, but nevertheless, the principle of work has not changed since then):

Possible reasons

If the instructions did not help above, let’s look at the main scenarios, having examined which you can understand what happened to the Magic Remote remote control.

Before you start, spend a simple test: bring the remote control to the digital camera (for example, the one in your phone) and click on any key. If at the same time you see a flashing light in the camera’s display. a working remote control (and the problem is most likely in TV), if you see nothing, the problem with the remote control.

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At the remote control, batteries sat down. when pressed on the buttons of the remote control in its upper front part, a red indicator should light up. If this does not happen, perhaps the batteries sat down (or they are not at all). Check (preferably in another device or using the indicator on the batteries themselves) and, if necessary, replace them.

  • Check the functions of the remote control. if nothing works at all. most likely the batteries sat down.
  • Make sure the batteries are workers.
  • The polarity of the installed batteries must be observed according to the signs on the remote control.

The remote control lost contact with TV (or has not yet been connected). This is one of the most common cases. The Magic Remote remote works through Bluetooth and in order to control the TV with it, you need to “introduce” them.

But even if you have already done this, TV can forget your remote control due to a failure or if you squeeze the Backhome buttons combination for some time-after a few seconds, the functions of a magic wand will stop working and there will only be the opportunity to use, like a regular remote control (only buttons). Naturally, pressing these buttons could happen by accident without your knowledge (for example, someone sat on the remote control fifth or children dabbled).

To connect the Magic Remote remote to the LG TV, you need to clamp the central button (wheel, it is OK button). If you did everything right, a moment later the following message will appear on the TV display:

Registration of a new remote control magic.

And after a few seconds, subject to a successful connection, you will see this message:

Registration successfully completed.

If something is still incomprehensible, watch the video in which there is an instruction to connect the remote control:

  • Make sure that there are no devices that can interferes (electronic devices, bright lamps, etc.) nearby or a remote control (even in neighboring rooms).
connect, remote, control, magic

LG Universal Magic Remote Tutorial-Pair Sound Bar and Amazon FireStick

The remote control was poured with liquid. this also happens. No need to panic, remotes, keyboards, phones, tablets and other devices very often take a shower from water, tea or other drinks.

If you immediately noticed that the remote control was filled, you need to quickly pull out the batteries, wipe it and dry it. If he was under the influence of a liquid for a long time or something was spilled, which just didn’t dry (beer, compote, etc.), then you will have to disassemble. If you do it yourself, you need to get to the microcircuits and clean everything thoroughly and dry everything.

The batteries flowed. not a very pleasant moment, not a single device is safe from this. If this happened, then opening the compartment for batteries you will see a white raid. In this case, even if you change the batteries to new ones, the remote control will most likely not work. As in the last paragraph, it will have to disassemble and clean it. By the way, For cleaning, I recommend using hydrogen peroxide (you just don’t buy alcohol anymore, but there is a raid from vodka and other strong drinks).

It is also worth considering that if the batteries flowed, then the option is possible to fail the remote control.

The remote control stopped working in a year and a half and whatever you do, nothing helps. This is a well.known problem that many buyers have encountered. There is an opinion that in the early versions of the remote control (2012, early 2013) there was a factory marriage.

To treat this problem, you will have to disassemble the remote control and solder. Read more about this here. If you yourself do not understand soldering, it is advisable to take the remote control to the workshop, providing them with instructions on the specified link.

The remote control slows down. In addition to a completely non.working remote control, there is still a problem when it works inadequately. the pointer moves with jerks, very slowly or unconditionally repeats your movements:

  • It can be, as a short.term glitch that is treated like this. leave the remote control for a few seconds so that the pointer disappears from the screen, then move the remote control again;
  • If it did not help, then it is necessary to re.register the remote control in TV (paragraph 2 of this instruction);
  • Change batteries if none of the two options above helped.

Connection and configuration

Nothing is difficult, you just take the remote control in your hand and click on the buttons for control. To enter the menu, you need to click on the gear. Also, when you take it, just move them to the right, to the left. After that, on the screen you will see a cursor that will move along the trajectory of hand movement. If you do not use the PU for a long time, then the course control mode turns off to reduce energy consumption.

  • If the remote control has stopped responding to your commands, then check the batteries first. You can try to approach the TV closer. If the problem is in nutrition, then just change the batteries;
  • Another option to re.connect bullets to the TV. Just come closer to the screen and stick the wheels until a message about the conjugation of two devices appears on the screen;
  • Turn off again turn on the TV;

In fact, the use of such a model allows you to control the TV is much more convenient compared to a conventional remote control, mouse and even a keyboard.

After all, besides the fact that with the help of LG Magic Remote you can easily type text. And the presence of voice control provides even greater functionality.

Although, like the Google assistant and other services using the voice, the system may not always correctly recognize the commands. you can avoid this, pronouncing the text slowly and clearly.

And also have to practice and to control the TV with gestures.

However, after the user gets used to using the capabilities of Magic Remout, he is unlikely to even imagine how you can use LG TVs without this convenient gadget.

connect, remote, control, magic

LG Magic Remote Connections and Functions

Using the LG Magic Remote remote control will noticeably expand the capabilities of this brand TV users. Especially those with the Smart TV function