How to install and connect a rear view camera to your Android tablet

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There are several ways to connect a rear view camera to your Android tablet. Depending on the characteristics of the gadgets, wired and wireless connections can be used.

Why is it needed

You can reuse an old but workable tablet.

With it, you can go online while parking, watch videos or listen to music if you connect the gadget to a USB modem and a car radio.

If your tablet is equipped with a cellular module, you can make voice calls. Another role of the tablet in the car. this is use as a navigator. Thus, it is not only possible to connect a camcorder and an Android tablet. this device will benefit the driver.

Selection of components

Before purchasing, make sure that the devices fit together. To connect an analog wired camera to your tablet, it must support USB On-The-Go mode. The video and audio codecs used by the camera must be installed on the gadget so that the proprietary application can function correctly.

Which camera to choose

The advantages of a wireless camera for Android tablet are high image quality and no need to lay cables or connect additional devices. Cameras with Wi-Fi probably connect to a tablet computer, not one that supports OTG USB. There are several disadvantages to such devices:

  • Signal delay caused by connection peculiarities;
  • Exposure to negative effects of second wireless devices;
  • High price.

A wired video camera is distinguished by almost zero latency between the real images and on the gadget’s screen, as well as being immune to external interference. But there are also disadvantages. this is the need for wiring around the cabin. And to connect an existing analog rearview camera, you need a USB video capture device that must be compatible with your tablet.

The latter must have a USB On-The-Go interface. In this case, it will be impossible to connect the cable for charging the computing device from the cigarette lighter without a special bi-directional adapter or a hub for OTG with an input for charging the tablet. It also needs to install a special application for video recording via OTG.

Which tablet is right

A pre-owned 7-inch tablet is suitable for installation in a car and use with a camcorder. To ensure proper performance, the amount of RAM of the device must be at least 1 GB. If you have Android 4.1 or newer operating system, the required applications can be installed from the Google Play Store.

On older devices, the software for the camera or tuner from the video input can be installed by connecting the gadget to the computer and downloading the APK file to the latest. Installation of the application in this way is carried out if the required program is available in the Play Store.


The 7-inch tablet, which works with the rear camera, can be installed in one of the sun visors in the car. A larger computer can be placed on a stand that attaches to the dashboard. If the gadget assumes wireless charging, then you should choose a holder with an appropriate charger.

Camera mounting

The easiest way to install is a camera mounted in a license plate frame. After dismantling it, the fasteners and seats should be treated with a penetrating grease to protect against corrosion. Then the accessory is placed, and on top of it. car license plate. If equipment with a wireless connection is used, then the transmitter should be fixed away from the rear speakers and wiring in order to increase the reliability of signal transmission to the computer. Accessories are powered by reversing lights.

How to install the tablet in the salon

To install a seven-inch tablet on the sun visor, you should equip a special holder there, which can be screwed on. The charger cable can be routed under the door pillar trim and car dashboard.

If the camcorder is connected with a wire, then it is necessary to use a USB extension cable no longer than 3 m. This circumstance should be taken into account when installing the devices. The special holder should be attached as securely as possible to the windshield or front panel so that the device does NOT fall or be damaged while driving.

How to pair devices

To connect the camera to the tablet in the car, you first need to insert the device’s tulip into the corresponding slot of the video capture card or TV tuner. Then the USB-OTG adapter is inserted into the tablet, and the plug of the video device is connected to its socket. After that, the application is launched to control the camera, which must be powered from the vehicle’s on-board network. The image will appear on the screen of the computing device. If a camera with Wi-Fi is used, then the gadget should detect the access point created by the device and connect to it.