Optional equipment

One of the main problems is throwing dirt and ice on the lens. Even a few standard systems are equipped with such a useful function as camera washing. If you are installing an accessory in the trunk lid of a car that has a rear window washer, cleaning is very easy. You just need a tee that will be implanted into the standard washer line in front of the rear window nozzle. As a spray, you can take a compact nozzle from any suitable car. Since the lens glass is small, there is no point in using a fan nozzle.

The second useful feature is the camera illumination, which in some models is built into the body. It should be admitted that in most cases the harm from this function is much more than the benefits. The backlight illuminates the camera lens, and as a result, the image quality does not improve at night. A glare problem can arise if a rear view camera is installed next to the license plate light. In this case, replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs can help. If this move does not solve the problem, you will have to tinker with the protective screen.


  • in the plafond of the regular license plate lighting. Many manufacturers make transition glasses that allow you to install the camera and keep the room backlight. If a parking assistant is installed on your car model in certain trim levels, then you just need to purchase such a lamp cover. At the same time, you can pick up a device even among universal accessories;
  • into the trunk opening handle, which is often made in a single body with a plastic molding above the license plate. The camera in a rectangular body can be easily fixed with ordinary screws;
  • attach to the license plate frame;
  • fit into the bumper. On some cars, you don’t even need to remove the bumper for installation. For such installation, cameras made in an oval body are suitable. You just need to make a hole in the bumper. For greater reliability, from the inside, the body must be placed on a body sealant or sealed with a glue gun. Wires can be routed to the interior of the car through the ventilation holes located in the luggage compartment.

Installing a parking rear camera

Reversing camera connection (classic). The camera connects to the reverse wiring: plus to plus and minus to minus. When you turn on the reverse speed from the reversing light, it goes to the reverse camera, and it sends a signal to turn on the monitor automatically, so no additional manipulations need to be done. The reversing camera is automatically disabled when reversing is disabled The camera is connected using a cord that is initially available on the wiring next to the camera or using a wire with a plug for which there is a plug on the wiring of the camera.

There are even wireless rear-view cameras (video transmitter and video receiver with a radio channel), then the connection will look like in the diagram.

Rear View Camera Mounting Methods:

  • into the socket of the license plate light or into the trunk handle or the place for the camera. no damage to the car;
  • camera in the frame of the number. the hole for the cord is not visible, as it is outside the frame;
  • a mortise camera. according to the principle of a peephole, it is convenient among parking sensors, in a lock cylinder or just a case;
  • on the pin. minimal damage, since the wire passes through the pin itself, invisible, installation with the pin up;
  • overhead. have a certain angle and minimum dimensions, often have a certain position for installation;
  • on a bracket. convenient in that you can mount in almost all places and change the angle of the camera and rotate the image.

Please note that all cameras are usually powered from 5 volts, there is a voltage stabilizer in it and gives 3.3 volts to the camera itself, for some this stabilizer can withstand 12 volts, but this is rare, it usually burns out. On ordinary Chinese cameras powered by 12V from a reversing light, a 5 volt stabilizer is sealed in a plastic fork for power and a tulip wire, in the camera itself there is also a 3.3 volt stabilizer.

4-wire rear view camera pinout

Rear view connection diagram

Isn’t a camera a great way to make parking in tight spaces easier? Do-it-yourself installation of a rear view camera will not take you much time. Consider the installation of a mirror with a built-in camera, as well as diagrams for connecting an external device to a monitor of a multimedia system.

Replacing the rear view camera. instructions

Like any other electronic device, these camcorders sometimes burn out (especially if they are powered constantly). Then the replacement actions will be as follows:

Cut off the standard harness from the camera, closer to the camera. It will be in a shielding braid, prepare the braid for soldering with another same braid from the new camera.

A cord with a tulip connector leaves the new camera. A long cord is attached to it, which should stretch all the way to the screen itself. We will not need all of it, since there is standard wiring to our screen, to which we are connected. Cut off the connector with a small piece from the long wire and clean it. There will be a central core inside the braid. We’ll need both.

We solder the wires of the cut-off standard harness to the new camera:

  • Yellow on the regular one. to the central vein, cut by a new camera.
  • Braid from standard to braid from a cut new camera
  • Black on standard. to the negative wire on the new camera (usually black)
  • The red from the new camera must be connected to the positive wire supplying the reversing light (green with a white stripe)

We turn on the ignition, put the automatic transmission selector in position R. If there is an image, everything is done correctly.

Installing Reversing Camera with 12 volt relay

If you power the camera from the reversing light, there may be ripples on the screen when you turn on the camera. you will have to connect it from the supply plus through a relay. Disabling it is mandatory, because if you constantly supply 12V to the video camera (for example, from the license plate light), then sooner or later its voltage converter will burn out.

Do not forget to carefully solder and insulate everything, preferably by heat shrinkage. It is advisable to cut the cords with a margin so that you can quickly replace the camera in the future without disassembling the casing. Before cutting the cords on a standard camera, you need to be sure that it is inoperable. The issue of fixing a new camera is purely a locksmith’s and is solved without problems. It is better to take an infrared camera. it “sees” better in low light.

5-wire rear view camera pinout

Common mistakes when connecting a rear view camera

The cigarette lighter itself takes its brown negative wire from the same bolt on the body.

Diagram of connecting the camera to the display of the car radio. Connecting to the radio tape recorder. In order to display the image on the monitor of the car radio when switching on, the yellow wire must be laid through the passenger compartment and secured with electrical tape. The camera in traffic jams and in heavy traffic has also justified itself as a means of additionally preventing collisions due to an incorrectly selected distance by a vehicle. walking behind.

There are a great variety of models of rear-view video cameras. Wired camcorders are universal, they can be connected to all types of monitors.

The camera is indispensable in conditions of limited visibility or with a small space for maneuvering. On average, the cost of KZV on the market is as follows: 1.

Fault monitoring system lamp

Therefore, a simple delay is set to turn off the power of the camera. Installation methods: in the plafond of the standard license plate lighting. After collecting the entire system, carefully insulate the power wires, check that you have not confused anything in the connection system, and check the operability of the devices.

The disadvantage of the method is in possible interference that will not allow you to clearly display the image from the camera. If you did buy a camera with a different signal standard, use a converter. Rear view camera pinout for 3 wires Pinout for the rear view camera for 4 wires Pinout for the rear view camera for 5 wires Pinout for the rear view camera for 6 wires Here is the same kitchen as for 3, 4, 5 wires, the masses are simply displayed separately on each line. Signal transmission method.

Rear view camera connection diagram

If you connect the camera to the ZX lamps simply through a relay with clean power, then the relay bursts like crazy, and the camera does not turn on because the relay does not supply power! Connecting the camera to a radio tape recorder car radio display Connecting a video camera is possible only to radio tape recorders with a liquid crystal display measuring at least 3. 4 inches. When you engage reverse gear, you need to launch the application, and the camera will display the picture behind the car. If such a move does not solve the problem, you will have to tinker with the protective screen. The capacitor smooths out the pulsations of the lamp control, allowing the relay coil to close the relay. Due to the impulse current monitoring the health of the lamps, the relay clicks quickly and does not turn on! Stick to these rules and you will get a very useful and stable helper. There are also controls. white or brown, but this depends on the manufacturer. What to do if the installed camera does not work or is unstable? Interference in the power supply gives the control of the operation of the lamps when the engine is running. Features of connecting a rear view camera through a video interface Camera activation.

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A cord with a tulip connector leaves the new camera. For such installation, cameras made in an oval body are suitable. Purpose and operation of rear-view cameras The function of this equipment is to facilitate car parking or reversing. If your radio does not have such a function, it is disabled or does not work correctly, then you will have to use the button to change the image. There is such a connection method when you need to crimp the wires and connect through the appropriate connectors. Therefore, a diode is needed for rectifying and a capacitor to smooth out the ripple, and only after them a plus is supplied to the winding so that the relay closes normally. Having experience in radio electronics, I drew personally tested rear-view camera wiring diagrams, which have already helped a lot of people. You can assemble such a ready-made module. Consider the installation of a mirror with a built-in camera, as well as diagrams for connecting an external device to a monitor of a multimedia system. The size of the monitor screen, the quality of the resolution is suitable for work. The PWM controller sends rectangular positive pulses along the power wires to the lighting fixtures, which helps to detect burnout of the rear lights. As a result, the connected camera should not stand out from the overall picture. Monitoring the health of lamps does not apply to the cigarette lighter. so we take a clean plus from it, and a relay is needed to control this plus.
Features of choosing a rear view camera with aliexpress

Rear View Camera Wiring Diagram

Rear view camera connection on Opel Astra J

The disadvantage of this method is the interference, which often prevents the normal transmission of the image. But the interior lighting also has lamp monitoring! It can even be a regular Android tablet.

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The standard x-pixel resolution suits most ordinary drivers, increasing the image quality for the rear packing video camera does not make sense. We connect the black one to the mass of the battery, and the red wire is connected directly to the camera. You just need to connect the coaxial video cable. Firstly, it saves money, since there is no need to additionally buy a monitor.

As a spray, you can take a compact nozzle from any suitable car. However, technical progress continues to delight with more and more new achievements. The free connector of the video cable is connected to a special output of the head unit for searching, refer to the instructions of the radio.
How to connect a rear view camera and other additional equipment in a car

Even a few standard systems are equipped with such a useful function as camera washing. Connecting a rear view camera with your own hands requires basic wiring skills, experience in disassembling several elements of the interior and body. For example, in our assortment for this purpose there are voltage converters for 5.6 and 7.5 V, respectively. We install the camera in the backlight socket and connect the camera power to the reversing light. Now you know everything about the correct connection of the rear view camera.

Installing a relay on reversing Camera with a Diagram

The standard length of a meter for a video cable, meter. for a power cable may not be enough to connect a camera in your car model. When the rear camera is turned off, the relay is turned off and through contact 87a plus is fed to the button. Stick to these rules and you will get a very useful and stable helper.
How to Install REAR VIEW CAMERA Detailed Instruction