Rear view camera connection diagram

If you connect the camera to the ZX lamps simply through a relay with clean power, then the relay bursts like crazy, and the camera does not turn on because the relay does not supply power! Connecting the camera to the radio tape recorder car radio display Connecting the video camera is possible only to radio tape recorders with a liquid crystal display measuring at least 3. 4 inches.

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Common mistakes when connecting a rear view camera

The cigarette lighter itself takes its brown negative wire from the same bolt on the body.

Diagram of connecting the camera to the display of the car radio. Connecting to the radio tape recorder. In order to display the image on the monitor of the car radio when switching on, the yellow wire must be laid through the passenger compartment and secured with electrical tape. The camera in traffic jams and in heavy traffic has also justified itself as a means of additionally preventing collisions due to an incorrectly selected distance by a vehicle. walking behind.

There are a great variety of models of rear-view video cameras. Wired camcorders are universal, they can be connected to all types of monitors.

The camera is indispensable in conditions of limited visibility or with a small space for maneuvering. On average, the cost of KZV on the market is as follows: 1.

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A cord with a tulip connector leaves the new camera. For such installation, cameras made in an oval body are suitable. Purpose and operation of rear-view cameras The function of this equipment is to facilitate car parking or reversing. If your radio does not have such a function, it is disabled or does not work correctly, then you will have to use the button to change the image. There is such a connection method when you need to crimp the wires and connect through the appropriate connectors. Therefore, a diode is needed for rectifying and a capacitor to smooth out the ripple, and only after them a plus is supplied to the winding so that the relay closes normally. Having experience in radio electronics, I drew personally tested rear-view camera wiring diagrams, which have already helped a lot of people. You can assemble such a ready-made module.

Consider the installation of a mirror with a built-in camera, as well as diagrams for connecting an external device to a monitor of a multimedia system. The size of the monitor screen, the quality of the resolution is suitable for work. The PWM controller sends rectangular positive pulses along the power wires to the lighting fixtures, which helps to detect burnout of the rear lights. As a result, the connected camera should not stand out from the overall picture. Monitoring the health of lamps does not apply to the cigarette lighter. so we take a clean plus from it, and a relay is needed to control this plus.
Features of choosing a rear view camera with aliexpress

Fault monitoring system lamp

Therefore, a simple delay is set to turn off the power of the camera. Installation methods: in the plafond of the standard license plate lighting. After collecting the entire system, carefully insulate the power wires, check that you have not confused anything in the connection system, and check the operability of the devices.

The disadvantage of the method is in possible interference that will not allow you to clearly display the image from the camera. If you did buy a camera with a different signal standard, use a converter. Rear view camera pinout for 3 wires Pinout for the rear view camera for 4 wires Pinout for the rear view camera for 5 wires Pinout for the rear view camera for 6 wires Here is the same kitchen as for 3, 4, 5 wires, the masses are simply displayed separately on each line. Signal transmission method.

Connecting a rear view camera to a computer

How to connect a rear view camera

At the moment, many auto electronics companies offer the services of their own technical centers for the installation of radio tape recorders, alarms, rear and side view cameras.

Often the cost of such work is quite high, which forces many car owners to install rear-view cameras on the car on their own.

Many people prefer to do this in order not to give large sums of money to specialists.

Rear view camera connection on Opel Astra J

The disadvantage of this method is the interference, which often prevents the normal transmission of the image. But the interior lighting also has lamp monitoring! It can even be a regular Android tablet.

The standard x-pixel resolution suits most ordinary drivers, increasing the image quality for the rear packing video camera does not make sense. We connect the black one to the mass of the battery, and the red wire is connected directly to the camera. You just need to connect the coaxial video cable. Firstly, it saves money, since there is no need to additionally buy a monitor.

As a spray, you can take a compact nozzle from any suitable car. However, technical progress continues to delight with more and more new achievements. The free connector of the video cable is connected to a special output of the head unit for searching, refer to the instructions of the radio.
How to connect a rear view camera and other additional equipment in a car

Installing a car rear view camera

Before starting any work on the car’s electrical system, evaluate your capabilities and knowledge in the field of electrical engineering.

If you are not sure of a positive result, it is better to seek help from a professional auto electrician or a service center.

If you decide to do everything yourself, first of all, disconnect the positive terminal on the car battery to avoid a short circuit and fire the electrical wiring.

All rear view cameras for cars, regardless of the installation location, are connected in the same way.

Power to the rear view camera comes from the reversing light.

I am very often asked how I installed the rear view camera in the car and connected it to the tablet. In order not to write the same thing to each separately, I decided to post all the information right here. At the same time I will tell you about all the subtleties of organizing the correct power supply of the tablet from the vehicle’s on-board network.

The article will be written in relation to the Nexus 7, as it fully supports otg devices and fast charging at the same time (using a Y-otg cable).

How to install Car Reverse Camera as Door PeepHole Camera || CCTV Camera

So, the firmware from Timur must be installed on the tablet (of all the firmware that I have tried, only it works quite stably and supports fast charging in otg mode).

The first problem I encountered after installing the tablet in the car was the extremely slow charging of the tablet in otg mode. Quite frankly, the tablet was discharging faster than it was charging. For charging, I used this 12 / 5V DC 3A voltage converter from the well-known Chinese site.

I’m not sure about the declared 3A, but it definitely gives out the necessary 1.5A. However, the tablet, which would have been enough and 1.2 A in order for the percentage of charging to grow steadily, did not want to charge into any one. I solved the problem like this:
– firstly, I shortened the cable between the 12/5 converter and the OTG cable of the tablet to a minimum (yes, I had an intermediate cable).
– secondly, in the settings, the tablet in USB-Host mode ticked the Fast Charge.

After these manipulations, the tablet began to charge quickly enough. Charging problems didn’t bother me anymore.

Now about connecting a rear view camera.

The process of installing and connecting a rear view camera is quite trivial. In short. you need to connect “” to the 12V plafond of the reversing lamp, and “-” to put it on the ground. Detailed guides are full on the drive and on YouTube. I will go directly to the connection of the components described above.

So. The camera is installed, the video cable (combined with the signal wire) is pulled to the place where the tablet is installed. Y-OTG cable is connected to the tablet, power is on. The tablet has the EasyCap Viewer application from the Play Market. Device and corresponding video input are selected in EasyCap Viewer settings.

Now we connect the tulip of the video cable to the corresponding socket of the easycap. The easycap USB plug is plugged into the OTG connector. At this point, the EasyCap Viewer will open in full screen mode on the tablet. And it will show us a black screen. We turn on the reverse gear. and instead of a black screen, you will see an image from the camera. We turn off the reverse gear and again observe the black screen.

At the moment, we have the following: the easycap device is constantly energized from the otg cable. Regardless of the presence of a video signal at the input, EasyCap outputs the video signal to the tablet. The viewer opens as soon as a video signal starts to arrive on the tablet via OTG. In order for the viewer to open only when we engage reverse gear, we need to make sure that the signal from the EasyCap goes only when we engage reverse gear. This is where a normally open relay and an additional USB cable come in handy.

We take our USB cable. Cut off the insulation. And we see that there are 4 wires inside: red, black and two others (usually green and white). We need a red wire (5V). We cut it and clean the ends. We put one end on the first contact of a normally open (open) relay, the other on the other contact. We connect our signal wire of the video cable to the control signal terminal. We connect the ground. We put our prepared USB cable between the OTG cable and the easycap USB connector. Now, when we turn on the reverse gear and a voltage of 12V appears on the signal wire of the video cable, the normally open relay will close its contacts, on which we have planted the easycap power wire. As soon as this happens, easycap will signal the tablet, the viewer will recognize the easycap connected to it and will open. Well, since the camera is working at this moment, we will see the image from the camera on the screen.

Reverse camera easycap android otg tablet

It should be noted that it is not necessary to use a relay. At the time of connection, I had a voltage stabilizer KREN 5A (12 / 5V) lying around, so having cut the power cable of the USB cable, I connected the end from the easycap side to the KREN 5A (5V) terminal. And I put the signal wire of the video cable on the KREN input (12V). The result is the same as when using a relay.

I hope, after reading this article, no one will have any questions about how to connect the ZX camera to the tablet.

The standard x pixel resolution suits most ordinary drivers, increasing the image quality for the rear packing camera does not make sense.

There is only one working option of connecting the camera power supply out of four. It can be either a separate mirror or an overhead panel that will be mounted on top of a standard reflector.
Rear view camera connection This is an important aspect. KZV can be installed in the trunk lid, license plate frame or in the rear bumper. Therefore, when connecting the video interface, you need to go to the Factory menu engineering menu and configure the way to activate the CAN bus or Rear wire. To connect a wired video camera, you will need to purchase a TV tuner that looks like a USB flash drive with a video input plug. Often the rear view camera is connected to the radio tape recorder. you should be extremely careful, as incorrect connection will cause damage. Most experts consider the most convenient way to power the video camera by connecting the power cable to the left rear lamp.

Connection methods

There are several ways to connect the camera to the monitor. To do this, you can use a standard tulip cable, which consists of six wires with three-color plugs.

The rear view camera can also be connected using wireless modules, for example, via WI-FI. This method is compatible with any video device that has a CVBS (“tulip”) interface. The picture from the camera is transmitted to the display of a tablet, smartphone or radio on the Android platform (version 2.2 or higher) and iOS (version 4.3 or higher). The connection is via WI-FI via 802.11 b, g, n with WPA2 encryption.

After the completion of the installation operations, it is necessary to check the operability of the device in various modes.

Setting up the rear view device

For the normal operation of our smart video device, it is necessary to carry out additional configuration and check for operability. Turn on the ignition before tuning. Next, we perform the following actions:

  • Turn on the radio by selecting the Settings mode.
  • Then go to the “cameras” section and select the value: “back”.
  • Using the buttons on the joystick, we adjust the Focus of the view in such a way that it is comfortable for the eye and corresponds to our preferences.
  • This completes the setup of our video device. You can proceed to its practical use.

It remains to remind you of the safety measures that must be followed during installation work.

Camera installation procedure

  • The work begins with the installation of the camera peephole. If the car has special places designed for planting the camera, then it is enough to remove the plastic plugs from there and place the video device in these holes. But such seats are not provided in all cars. Therefore, we will have to drill holes in the bumper. in the very place that we previously assigned for planting the video eyelet. We take an electric drill with a drill of the required diameter and get to work. Then we apply glue or sealant along the outside of the peephole and tightly insert the peephole into the prepared hole.
  • We pull out the wires coming from the camera, and we carry them to the luggage compartment. We attach the negative end of the wire to the ground of the car using a bolt, after having previously cleaned the hole for the bolt with sandpaper to ensure reliable contact. The plus wire is best connected to the power cable of one of your car’s rear lights. In this case, the power supply to the camcorder will occur simultaneously with the reverse gear.
  • Now, after connecting the video camera to the mains, we will pull the video cable through the car interior for subsequent connection to the monitor. In the event that the length of the wire is not enough, we will have to lengthen it according to the chosen route, trying to do it carefully and aesthetically so that the wire does not accidentally fall under the fasteners with the risk of being subsequently damaged.

Smart radio with a rear view camera: how to install and connect it in a car

When driving in a stream of cars, it is important for the driver to both look forward and see what is happening behind. When our car is equipped with a special video camera, which allows us to look back without turning our heads or losing sight of the road, our safety is increased several times. But not every car leaving the door of a car dealership to a new owner provides such a service. If the car does not include a rear view camera, which helps to reduce to zero the risks of collisions on the roads and when parking, the car owner can independently add such a function to the head unit, as well as install and connect it to a tablet computer, car TV, navigator, smartphone, rear mirror review.

Car camcorder

  • Front view cameras. They help to monitor the traffic situation in places where the visibility of the situation is limited, for example, when leaving and entering a gate, when turning around the corner of a building. The presence of this technique prevents damage to the car body. When the front bumper approaches an obstruction restricting visibility, the camera displays what is happening to the right and left in the direction of the vehicle.
  • Rear view cameras. Sometimes they have an external styling of the body that suits a specific car brand, but they can also be universal, suitable for any car model. The device has a special protective casing that protects from dust, dirt and moisture getting inside. It can have a backlight function, due to which the image does not lose high quality in any conditions, for example, during fog or in low light of the road. The main purpose of a video camera is to inform the driver about what is happening on the road from behind. The image from it is sent to the monitor installed in the cabin, looking at which the driver estimates the distance to objects behind the car.

Rear view camera body can be styled for a specific car brand

Several characteristics to focus on when choosing a rear view camera for our car:

  • Viewing angle. It can be 100, 120, 140 and 170 degrees. The higher the degree of the viewing angle, the wider and fuller the picture of what is happening behind will look. But the price of video cameras with a higher degree of viewing angle will be higher.
  • Camera screen resolution. This characteristic is directly related to the quality of the video image. Despite the fact that the technique only shoots what is happening from behind, the quality of the displayed picture is of no small importance.
  • Resistant to temperature fluctuations. This characteristic may affect the lifespan of your camcorder. Indeed, the weather conditions (wind, frost, heat, precipitation) largely depend on how long the selected gadget will last. That is, the body of the camcorder must be strong enough to withstand the elements.
  • How much does the camera weigh. In fact, no matter how much it weighs, this characteristic does not matter much, since all modern rear-view cameras are quite compact in size, besides, they have quite stable mounts.
  • Illumination range, its presence or absence. The presence of the backlight has additional advantages when driving on the road and when parking in low ambient light and in unfavorable atmospheric conditions. The backlight range is directly proportional to the back view of the painting. The farther the distance from the back object, the better it can be seen with optimal illumination.
  • The shape of the camera body. Also, when buying a suitable video device, you should pay attention to its shape. Based on this, we will choose where to mount it in the car. It should be noted that not all camcorder models are equipped with the necessary mounts. It may be necessary to make some changes in the places where the equipment is docked with the details of the body of our car.

Photo gallery: illustrative examples of video camera footprints

Monitor combined with a mirror

The display can be combined with a rearview mirror. While the system is off, the mirror serves for its intended purpose, reflecting what is happening behind the car. As soon as we turn on the reverse gear, the mirror immediately becomes a monitor on which the background image transmitted from the camera is broadcast.

Connecting two cameras

In addition to a rear view camera, you can also install a front view camera. It is desirable that the front camera has a sufficiently large viewing angle. The front camera will help the driver to safely taxi into the road from areas that limit the visibility of objects located on the right and left side.

Wiring diagram for connecting two cameras to a car radio at the same time. rear and front view