When reassembling, it is not recommended to immediately fasten all the elements. This is due to the fact that you need to make the appropriate adjustment. It provides:

  • Checking all connections.
  • Installing the device in the back.
  • Engaging reverse gear.

Even the slightest misalignment of the camera causes the monitor to display the image at the wrong angle. Only after that all fasteners are tightened and the cladding is fastened.

The image is blinking

A less problematic option is when the image flickers. It can be related to the following points:

  • Lack of contact.
  • Damaged wiring.
  • Oxidation and overheating of the junction.

Repair in such a case does not include camera diagnostics. It takes much less time to check connections.

Blue screen

A common problem is a blue screen. In this case, markings can be displayed on the display. The reasons for the appearance of a blue screen can be:

  • Camera malfunction.
  • Lack of connectivity.
  • Oxidation of contacts.

connect, rear, view, camera, hyundai

It will not be possible to repair the camera on your own, since the design is complex, and there are no spare parts on sale.

2015 Hyundai Tucson Backup Camera Install

Diagnostics and repair

It is easy to replace the device, the new version costs 200, with parse 85. After disassembling the rear door and removing the camera, you can start diagnosing and repairing it. The recommendations are as follows:

  • The top board contains a pulse converter, the voltage of which is 6-3 V. On the reverse side, there is a linear voltage regulator, which converts the voltage of 1.8 V. The bottom board is connected to the matrix and forms a standard video signal.
  • Diagnostics involves checking the voltage across the capacitor. If it is absent, a voltage of 3 V should be applied to the capacitor, if the camera is working, then there are no problems with it.
  • The repair involves cutting the red and black wires. The converter is soldered directly.
  • The entire circuit must be insulated with thermal pipes. The wiring harnesses are secured with small cable ties. This eliminates the likelihood of signal loss.
  • Before direct assembly of the structure, the fasteners should be lubricated or replaced with new ones. This will make it easier to assemble the structure in the future.

After assembly, installation and connection are carried out in the reverse order. It will not be difficult to put the original product in a regular place.

Does not turn on

The chamber often does not work due to the appearance of strong oxidation. In this case, moisture can get inside the structure, which will also lead to its unusability.

If the problem lies in the appearance of plaque, then you can solve it yourself.

  • Dismantling of the casing. It hides the main fasteners with which the spoiler is fixed.
  • Removing the device. With long-term operation, corrosion often appears on the metal. Cleaning is easier if the camera has been previously dismantled.
  • Cleaning contacts. Removing plaque solves the problem in 70% of cases.
  • Disassembly of the structure. If the contacts were cleaned, but the image did not appear on the display, then there is a possibility of moisture getting into the structure. It is difficult to fix the situation with oxidation of the board tracks, but it is possible.
  • Cleaning of internal elements. The plug inside the chamber can also be cleaned of plaque.

Self-cleaning can significantly reduce costs.

How to remove the camera

If the view camera has stopped working, you can restore its state yourself. This requires:

  • Sealant. It is required in order to exclude the possibility of moisture ingress. Too high humidity causes oxide and corrosion.
  • Several screwdrivers. They are required to remove clips and other fasteners.
  • Pliers. The spoiler, into which the camera is built in, is fixed with special clips. They can only be retrieved using a similar tool.
  • Head 8.
  • Needle and tweezers. They are used to remove oxide from the surface.

In this case, the device does not display an image when reverse gear is engaged, so there can be many causes of the problem. In order for it to turn on, you need to follow the instructions below:

  • The skin is being removed. It is secured using 4 screws and plastic clips. Care must be taken with the clips, as incorrect loading can cause breakage. Not enough fasteners will cause vibration.
  • To gain access to the camera, unscrew the 12 nuts that secure the spoiler. 4 clips are also used for fastening, it will be difficult to pull them out. After releasing all fasteners, you can remove the spoiler.
  • You need to change the camera of the view in the garage or on the street with normal humidity. Removal involves disconnecting the plug, after which the wires are carefully pulled out of the clamp. The body is secured with two screws.
  • In most cases, the element in question is covered with rust and debris despite the provision of good insulation. It is recommended to remove all rust from metal elements. If you removed the corrosion, then you can significantly extend the service life of the product.
  • The fastener of the device to the spoiler is removed, for which 2 screws are unscrewed. There are 4 small screws at each corner. The black casing is removable, you can see the contacts inside. In most cases, oxide appears, which becomes the reason for the lack of contact.
  • Oxide cleaning is carried out using a needle. Do not use cleaning agents, as moisture can damage the operation of the chip.

At the end, the chamber is reassembled. A special substance is used for sealing. It eliminates the likelihood of moisture getting into the structure, which becomes the reason for the appearance of oxide.

Typical breakdowns

A breakdown of the Hyundai ax35 camera can significantly complicate reversing. The reasons may be a factory defect, poor sealing, the appearance of a contact problem due to strong vibration. Some faults can be corrected by yourself, others involve the replacement of all elements.

There are several ways to solve the problems that have arisen. The most common are the following:

  • Checking and replacing the wiring that is responsible for power and signal transmission.
  • Checking the camera itself, replacing it with an original from Hyundai or a Chinese model.

Replacing and repairing a rear view camera Hyundai ix35 do it yourself

A reversing camera is an attractive option that makes reversing parking easier. When reverse gear is engaged, it displays an image with special markings on the head display. The camera may break down from time to time. Hyundai ix35 rear view camera repair can be done by yourself.

How to install and connect a rear view camera on a Hyundai Solaris sedan or hatchback to a regular place

Not all Korean-made cars are equipped with a standard parking video device. However, it is possible to mount it yourself. A rear-view camera is installed on the Hyundai Solaris sedan in a regular place located on the trunk lid instead of one of the license plate lights.

What can replace the original

Instead of the standard Hyundai Solaris rear view device, many motorists use a universal video camera. In order not to rip it off, use an internal fastening on a hairpin. This slightly increases the work time, but the result is worth it. Position it so that the screen displays a symmetrical image of the traffic situation behind the car. The protrusion above the license plate (“saber”) protects the lens of the video device from dirt and precipitation, and both plafonds of illumination of the license plate remain in operation.

The equipment connection is the same as that of a standard device. Another location of the rear-view camera Hyundai Solaris leads to its premature failure due to moisture entering the body and damage to the optics.

Functions and features of the standard

The standard video camera for Hyundai Solaris is a cover made in the form of a lamp with built-in optics. It is placed instead of any flashlight. It is easy to install, since the fastening and wiring are made in full accordance with the device being replaced. However, many drivers do not recommend this. There are several points that affect this decision.

When installing a rear-view video camera Hyundai Solaris, 1 room lamp remains in operation. If it fails, the license plate will not be highlighted, and this is a reason for the traffic police to stop the vehicle. Due to the fact that the lamps are installed away from the trunk lid axis, the image will be shifted to one side or the other, depending on the placement of the device, which negatively affects the quality of parking for drivers with little driving experience. This fully applies to the installation of a rear view camera Solaris hatchback.

How to install and connect

Installation of a standard device does not cause any difficulties, since for this it is necessary to dismantle 1 lamp and install the camera in its place. It is fastened with 2 self-tapping screws at the same points as the lamp. Connection to the vehicle’s on-board network (12 V) is carried out from the right block of aft lights. The reversing lamp is located here. The negative wire is connected to the housing terminal of the license plate lighting devices.

Mounting a universal video device instead of a standard Hyundai Solaris rear view camera requires a mounting hole. On the body of the device there is a threaded rod with a nut for fastening. The camera is designed in such a way that when placed on a flat surface, the lens is directed at an angle of 10-15 ° downward. This makes it possible to better navigate in the road situation and correctly determine the distance to the obstacle.

The wires are pulled into the trunk through a standard hole with a rubber plug. Due to the fact that the plastic elements of the interior are difficult to dismantle, the line is laid under the roof sheathing. To do this, remove the door seal and push the cable under the roof. If a monitor in a mirror is used as a screen, then the wires are pulled from above through the seal of the interior lighting shade. When connecting the display of the standard head unit, the line is drawn under the windshield pillar trim down.

If the driver has correctly set and connected the video system, then when the reverse gear is turned on, an image of the situation behind the car will appear on the screen, and the colored signal lines will show the distance to the obstacle.

On Hyundai Solaris, the installation of a camera for viewing and reviewing the traffic situation when parking will cost within 1,100-1,300 rubles and will not greatly affect the family budget. The presence of these devices makes parking the car easy and safe.

Malfunctions and repairs

The performance of the camcorder depends on the operating conditions and the quality of the installation. In some cases, jolting and vibration can fray the carelessly routed wires. Then the harness will have to be dismantled and inspected and searched for where the insulation is damaged. This can be avoided by laying the wires in the corrugated hose.

During operation of the device, moisture may get inside the case due to a violation of its tightness. The stock camera has a removable back cover. The body is disassembled, and the elements are blown with air and dried. The universal video device can be disassembled, although it is covered with sealant. The steps to restore functionality are similar. It is better if these works are performed by a specialist.

About the principles of purchase

Experts advise considering the following features of different types of cameras:

Restoration on “Hyundai IX35

The crossover is powerful and stylish, but when the rear-view camera “Hyundai” does not work, there is no need to talk about the normal functioning of the road handsome man. The device is mounted in a plastic molding near the license plate lights. The bottom of the molding is a landing area for a video camera. Wet weather and dirt do their job. moisture collects and leads to malfunctions, remaining in the case for a long time.

Another reason why the rear view camera does not work on the IX35 is corrosion and oxides. A good half of the part is made of aluminum alloy. It is highly oxidized. Most often this happens through and through. The electrical board becomes unusable, so there is no point in trying to repair something. Only replacement remains.

How to replace the camera on a Hyundai

If the rear view camera does not work on the Hyundai IX35, it is not necessary to install the original models, since it is not forbidden to use analog modifications. For this, it is important to select a product with the most identical properties. It is optimal to purchase a variant with a plastic case. The hermetically sealed unit does not corrode. The bottom point of the molding can be covered with glue and sealant, then water will not penetrate the fixture board. You can coat the housing with butyl rubber sealant. In some situations, the camera can be salvaged. To do this, it is disassembled, cleaned, dried.

Rear view camera does not work: reasons, how to identify a breakdown

If the rear view camera in the car does not work, there is no serious reason for despair. The situation is fixable. The main thing is to find out the reasons and deal with the problem in time. Let’s analyze the most frequent breakdowns and the possibilities of their correction using the example of “Hyundai IX35”.

The most common problems

The device can be built in different places: in the trunk handle, license plate light, in the cabin. The owners of the latter were more fortunate than other road users, since such cameras rarely break. This can be explained simply. in the cabin there is no influence of the external environment, aggressive chemicals from car washes. Why isn’t the rear view camera working? The main enemy of this device. water.

Liquid ingress leads to the inability of the camera to function normally, to distortion of the information displayed on the screen. Often, auto mechanics are faced with the problem of muddy pictures or an inoperative apparatus. The culprit for such incidents is the liquid that has seeped inside. What are the ways to fix the problem?

Secrets of adjustment

Having installed the device, you have to configure it. The task of the car owner. adjust the parking guidelines. To do this, you need a block about two meters long. There should be a distance of one meter from the rear bumper to the bar. The edges of the block should protrude from the sides of the car at an equal distance. Next, you need to get behind the wheel, turn on and off the side lights. The next step is to enter the menu and select your brand of device.

After activating the video camera, the steering wheel should be turned first to the right side until it stops, then to the left. On the screen, you must click on the mark “next”. The monitor will give out a rectangular outline.

After that, you need to use the regulation keys: you need to achieve the position of the bar exactly in the center on the display. The work ends with confirmation. A new disassembly will require updating the settings and doing the same manipulations. Which of the manufacturers takes pride of place in the popularity ratings?

Rear view camera typology

You can find a variety of video cameras on the market. At the place of installation, they are presented in several versions:

  • Devices of a universal type for installation do not require special conditions. Thanks to their simple design, they are easy to mount. Accessibility is a significant advantage.
  • Complete with license plates, the driver does not have to think about additional installation.
  • At the factory, standard devices are mounted in the car.

Instructions for dismantling and repairing the device

How to install a gadget on Solaris or any other model:

  • First disconnect the battery and open the trunk. You need to dismantle the luggage compartment lid trim, for this unscrew the nuts.
  • Next, you should disconnect the backlit cover. In Solaris, the right and left lights are the same, so the lens can be mounted on either the left or right. As a rule, cameras are equipped with special diodes, so if you do not want the lampshades to shine in different colors, in the second lamp you will need to replace the lamp with a diode.
  • Unscrew the cover and install the camera into it. If it is standard and is suitable for your car model, then you just need to press the lock on it. this will allow you to fix the lens.
  • Having done this, you will need to connect the power to the backlight. If you do not want to crash into the backlight, then the power cable will need to be connected to an idle light source, and then inserted into the holder. With this connection, the backlight will work when the side light is activated.
  • You will now need to route the power cable to the reversing lamp, which is located on the right-hand side on Solaris vehicles. In the connector itself, you will need to connect to the green wire. this is the positive terminal, and also to the black one. this is the negative one. There is also a red wire on the video cable, then it must be connected to the plus of the camera itself. This wire is very important because it will transmit the image to the display that you install in the cabin.
  • Next, you will need to lay the video signal cable into the salon. there is nothing difficult in this, you just need to remove the upholstery and pull the wire through the technological holes.
  • A monitor is installed on the center console (usually a control module is already built into it), after which a cable is connected to it. In this case, the display itself must also be connected to the power supply. When all the elements are connected, the device is diagnosed.

Description of the OEM rear view camera Hyundai ix35

Hyundai Solaris, ix35 and many other car models are equipped with rear view cameras. This gadget is a device that allows you to ensure the correct parking of the vehicle. In fact, this is a modernized version of the traditional parking sensors. The camera itself is mounted in the back of the car, and the image from it is displayed on a special monitor installed in the cabin, or on the screen of the car radio, if it allows you to read video.

  • directly the camera, usually mounted in the area of ​​the license plate;
  • a control module, which is placed either in the luggage compartment or in the passenger compartment;
  • depending on the model, the camera can be supplemented with touch sensors that are triggered when the car approaches an obstacle;
  • the monitor itself, installed on the center console of the car.

What to do if Hyundai ix35 rear view camera does not work?

Cars that are produced today have many different devices and devices designed to increase the comfort while driving. One such device in Hyundai vehicles is the ix35 rear view camera. For more information about what kind of device it is, what it is used for and how to install it, you can learn from this material.

Do-it-yourself camera installation photo gallery

Pros and cons of devices

Now let’s take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of devices.

  • The main advantage is assistance to the driver when parking. Thanks to a properly installed and configured device, the driver will be able to see obstacles located in the “blind” zone. And this, in turn, will protect the car from a possible collision.
  • Relative ease of installation. If you know how to hold locksmith tools in your hands, then the installation and connection process should not cause you any problems.
  • Possibility of installing a wireless device. Today, there are two types of gadgets on sale that differ in the way they are installed. they can be wired and wireless. Installing a wireless device will allow you to avoid laying wires and, accordingly, the need to dismantle the interior trim.

Fixing parking camera on 2011 Hyundai IX35 with eBay replacement

As for the shortcomings, there are not so many of them. Firstly, the disadvantages include the cost of devices. it may not be affordable for some motorists. Secondly, not every car owner will be able to properly configure the device so that it covers the largest possible angle (video author. Kolobok Kolobkov channel).