Rear view camera: how to connect to the radio with your own hands?

Today, a car is considered NOT a sign of luxury, but an ordinary means of transportation. If earlier not everyone could afford such a toy, now almost all families have an iron friend in the garage or in the parking lot. If just ten years ago the music playing in the car showed the status of its owner, now you will not surprise anyone with this. After all, modern technologies do not stand still. Every year they become more and more improved. Motorists can only keep up with them. So, now an on-board computer or a rear-view camera are very convenient devices, not only making life easier for motorists, but also reducing the risk of accidents and road accidents. Rear view camera (you can read how to connect to the radio tape recorder in this article). It is very convenient and practically into the device.

Installation locations

Rear CCTV camera. is a great device to help any driver to park quickly and safely.

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Such a tool can be installed in many places in the car. For example, in the mirror or wherever your heart desires. However, everything is not so simple here. Necessarily Considering that to install such a camera you will need a special adapter or wireless module. Do not forget that all signals will be transmitted with a slight delay. In a few seconds. However, in the real world, even this can cost life. Also, the presence of one more additional gadget in the car will focus your attention on it and distract you from safe driving.

A rearview camera (how to connect to a radio, you can find out in this article) has the greatest efficiency and comfort if it is connected to a car radio.

It is best to entrust the connection procedure to an experienced master. Such an operation will NOT take long and is relatively inexpensive. However, if you want to, you can do it yourself. The main thing before that. Read the instructions carefully and arm yourself with the necessary knowledge and tools.

Preparatory work

The rear-view camera (how to connect to the radio tape recorder yourself, many drivers are interested) is installed quite simply. The main thing. Understand general principles.

Before connecting the unit to the radio itself, you need to correctly install the camera. The first thing you need to do. disconnect the positive terminal on the battery. This action is taken for safety reasons, in order to be able to avoid a short circuit, which can subsequently lead to a fire in the car wiring itself. If you do NOT want to do this, you can simply disconnect the entire battery.

Trunk inspection

The rearview camera (how to connect to the radio tape recorder is described in this article, which means that any driver can try to do it on his own) has wiring, so it is very important to decide where you will lay it. Open the trunk and choose the best spot for her. It is best to run the wires along the wiring that has already been installed. But the “peephole” of the camera is best attached above the license plate or directly to the bumper. Experts advise NOT to install the camera on the rear window inside the passenger compartment. In this case, the picture will be very fuzzy.

Please note that you will have to worry about the wires in the front of the cabin. Therefore, we will analyze several panels in order to get access to the car wiring.

Under what condition the device will work

Please note that connecting a rear view camera to a radio tape recorder has certain nuances. Please note that the device will receive power only if you take it back. The rear view camera differs from the recorder camera in the duration of the working time. If the second device can work continuously, then the first. Maximum time. After that, it will turn off. In principle, this is logical. After all, the main purpose of acquiring such a device is to create simplified conditions for parking, and not for a full drive.

You have every chance to organize an excellent tandem of a radio and a rear view camera. But before that, make sure that your car radio is equipped with a special LCD screen. After you have completed all the preparatory operations, you can safely proceed to the connection process itself.

Tools you need for the job

In order to connect a rear view camera (Chinese radio or any other), you need to prepare some tools in advance. Namely:

  • Scotch tape or electrical tape;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Glue or sealant;
  • Keys and screwdrivers;
  • Fuse 0.5 A;
  • Sometimes a soldering iron comes to the rescue.

The first stage of installation

In order to connect the rear view camera to the Pioneer radio, you first need to install the peephole itself for observation. This is done for all cars in the same way. Modern machines have specially equipped “seats” for THESE purposes. If you find such a hole in your car, it will be enough to pull out the pre-installed plastic plug from it and insert the video sensor you purchased.

If your iron friend does not have such a hole, do not be discouraged. You can do it yourself. An electric drill or a drill will come to your aid.

After you have drilled the corresponding hole in the bumper of the car, insert the “eye” of the camera into it, fixing it with glue or sealant.

Now you need to properly route the wires from the video camera itself into the trunk. At the same time, take the black wire and stretch it to the ground of the machine. This is very easy to do with the most common bolt. The positive red wire must be powered from the cable belonging to the rear lights. And in no case do not forget to connect the yellow wire to the camera itself.

Connect the camera to the rear lights, remember to use the pre-prepared fuse.

The process of connecting to the radio tape recorder

After all the work with the peephole itself is completed, you can try to connect the rear-view camera to the “Pioneer” radio tape recorder. Continue to pull the cable from the trunk to the passenger compartment, while fixing it with tape or tape. Try to carry out this action in such a way that the yellow wire is NOT pinched anywhere and does not get into the fasteners. Usually, a maximum of three to five meters of material is enough to carry out all work with cables, the diagram will help to do the job correctly. It will be much easier to connect the rear view camera to the radio with its help.

Checking and setting

After completing all the work, you can connect the car battery and start the car. Now put in reverse gear. If a certain image appears on the screen, then you have completed all the work absolutely correctly. If there is, then experts recommend performing the following actions:

  • Go to the radio settings;
  • Select the “Camera” section;
  • Adjust all its parameters.

That’s all. The installation process is complete, which means you can enjoy the work you did NOT in vain.